Oil Fills "Huge Inventory Draw" Gap, Now What?

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OPEC over-supply, China interference, global growth lagging, glut growing, one-off inventory draws... Algos are panic-buying oil futures since the US equity market opened, but have just filled the gap from last week's DOE data spike... now what?


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Now what? Now..., we drink. 


To quote the walking dead.., "wht difference does it make?"

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Gartman has the answer, as always. Hedge accordingly

LawsofPhysics's picture

Just to be clear, we are talking about paper oil.

So, who give a flying fuck?  Tell us about the debt behind all that fracking!

Arnold's picture

If only it were that simple, eh?

medium giraffe's picture

indeed, but $50 no break no bueno.

Arnold's picture

The only $50 dollar oil I'm seeing any time soon is a couple of gallon jugs of Mobil 1.

adr's picture

Algos buying? 

Bullshit, it's the Fed buying for momentum ignition to save the fucking market from tanking today. 

Absolute bullshit going on. 

Arnold's picture

All part of the Super Service you pay for.

Wash your windows, Mister?