Higher Risk, Rising Rates, Weaker Peso... Blame Trump?

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If correlation is causation then there is only one 'thing' to blame for the sudden rise in interest rates, the tumble in the mexican peso, and the spike in volatility... Donald Trump's rising popularity.


As Hillary's odds tumble, the rising chance of a Trump presidency 'appears' to be making Mexican Peso holders nervous...


It seems that Trump's odds crossing 42% also triggered a spike in risk (though we note the plunge in Trump odds and spike in VIX around the Brexit vote)...


And interest rates are rising as 'Fed-Truther' Trump exposes reality in the Yellen's manipulation...


And of course, as Trump surges, so China tumbles...


Or is it all just coincidence?


Charts: Bloomberg

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Bush Baby's picture

Trump is the new Bush

Duane Norman's picture

100%.  They'd find a way to say he was wrong if he said the sky was blue. 

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

The sun got in my eyes. If they're just looking for an excuse to blame Trump, that one worked great for a few years in little league.

Pinto Currency's picture


This collapse was visible in July / August when Hillary was a 'sure thing'


Wasn't Trump.

knukles's picture

Trump is the New Obama

"He'll fuck things up worse than me"
                        -The Messiah

Pinto Currency's picture


Trump didn't lower interest rates to ZERO over 35 years.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

If Trump does nothing, you heard it  - sat on his ass and jacked off all day, he would be insurmountably better than every president since JFK.

JFK was THE LAST ONE to stand up to the banks, look where it got him!  Everyone stepped in line for the Bilderberger ass fucking after that, but not Trump.

If he crushes the Fed's credibility single handedly, he will be a literal hero for the ages.

baldknobber's picture

How did Jackie O hurt her wrist? She was helping Jack off a horse.   Oldie but Goody The only thing funnier than Dead Kennedy jokes is the Kennedy Myth

Infocat's picture

Trump can be blamed for EVERYTHING! He is Satan incarnate! Hillary said so! http://www.truthjustice.net/

ClownBaby's picture

Trumpo iso noto theo problemo.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Tribe in a panic over the goy golem come to pull the rug out from under this Ponzi casino.

buzzsaw99's picture

they are both psychos

Seasmoke's picture

Trump Up or Hillary Up. Gold still goes down. Now that's one thing The Tribe has not lost control of.

Clara Tardis's picture

Yea, I do look good in red, less so my trading account, I hate them this week, I feel like a mouse that a cat bats back and forth till she kills it..Thought I had a better grip on rigged casino plays--

Thebighouse's picture

So Trump is to blame for popping the bubble?

No....they popped the bubble on Bush so that dumbass in the replacement seat in DC could let the money changers have their ways.

This absolute misuse of debt has fueled the fantasy rise of the market.  It will be rectified by real market forces.  Not by the phd manipulating jackasses.

Omerta's picture

Shatter the bipartisan elite!

Atomizer's picture

Side note, release all the costs for CCTV. How many crimes have you been able to solve in 72 hours. 

What is the cost benefit analysis for this camera system. What is each brit paying per a mouth vs YTD annualized taxation income to support? 

Who is the company name which subsidized selling the United Kingdom cameras? I want to see the benefits in crime reduction. What is the initial cost to install, rental cost to lease at UK taxpayer. 

I live in United States. Break it down. Or all hell will break loose.. being polite. 

BeerMe's picture

It's funny watching the media stick up for the Fed.  Keep after them Trump!  End the Fed!  End the Fed!  End the Fed!

BandGap's picture

Wow, he has passed nothing, he has not had a government position, he just showed up and HE IS THE ULTIMATE POWER IN THE UNIVERSE.

Wait till he's in the White House. Best that this bullshit happen before he gets there, God willing.