Doctor Explains Why Hillary's 9/11 "Medical Episode" Is More Consistent With Parkinson's Than Pneumonia

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A few weeks back, Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist with 36 years of experience, gained notoriety by sharing his opinion on his website, Vidzette, that Hillary likely had Parkinson’s disease.

Now, Dr. Noel has posted a new video in which he explains how Hillary's behavior on 9/11 and the subsequent decisions made by her campaign staff and secret service detail are more consistent with Parkinson's disease than pneumonia.

Among other things, Noel points out that if Hillary actually was suffering from such a severe case of pneumonia that it forced her to literally collapse on a sidewalk, it's extremely unlikely that she could make a seemingly full recovery after only 90 minutes at Chelsea's apartment and feel well enough to great onlookers and snap a selfie with a child.  Per Noel, Hillary's recovery timing is more consistent with how long it would take her to ingest a dosage of Levodopa and wait for her Parkinson's symptoms to subside.  Noel also points out that sunglasses with dark blue lenses, like the ones Hillary wore this weekend despite the cloud cover, have been noted by doctors to help treat patients with major motion disorders such as Parkinson's disease.

With that preview, here is the full analysis:


And here is Noel's original video from August 29th:

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wisehiney's picture

It will be OK hitlery.

Trump's Philly speech just announced a tax credit for elderly care.

(hitlery blankly smiles and shakily nods her head)

FatTony7915726's picture

Pretty clear Hillary has her own medical clinic paid by the Clinton Foundation & her daughter Chelsea's condo is just a front:

"So I looked up a bit about Chelsa's New apt.:
[link to]

I discovered that it exactly shares an address with:

21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl
New York, NY 10010
[link to ]


SAME ADDRESS......SAME FLOOR…only One Apt. per floor."

Berspankme's picture

Previous owner of the building

847328_3527's picture

Trump has lots of plans for improving the lot for the middle class and we need it after Obama's destruction. He also has several excellent suggestions for small businesses which he said "are the backbone of America."


I like the guy. He's thinking of hard working middle class Americans instead of Obama's wall street bankers and mic.

remain calm's picture

Thumbs up Ted, watch your back.

Handful of Dust's picture

The chipmunk cheeks and weight gain are a sure sign of high dose prednisone use for ?? condition....Parkinson's? Tumor? Other?


But surely not pneumonia.

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Nice job, Tyler on the link to the good doctor. I posted it here several days ago. You guys should read the comments more often.

847328_3527's picture

She looks pretty sick to me. No way she's healthy enough to run this country. That's 100% for sure.

NoDecaf's picture

Doc needs a Kamikaze headband for his next vid.

Cankles don't play.

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I’m down with the Parkinsons diagnosis and decided her problem is probably not epilepsy.
What we know for sure:
1.  The claims of allergies, dehydration and pneumonia are bullshit.
2.  Hitlery and her medical team know exactly what is bothering her.
3.  The problems we see today have existed for years and are getting worse. Hitlery and her accomplices have been working diligently for a long time to defraud the Sheeple.  Their actions might be criminal.



Luc X. Ifer's picture

She takes lots of corticosteroids for battling inflamation - look at her body and face, she has the shape of a barrel and the head of a very fat pig due to acumulating tissue liquid - known main side effect of the corticosteroids.

Tipical formula for advanced Parkinson.






Nexus789's picture

Seems too ill to contest the election let alone be around for four years.

Transformer's picture

Youtube has pulled both videos, but here's another one by the same guy

Clashfan's picture

Subcortical vascular dementia explains it all more succinctly and precisely. She may also have had Parkinson's for a while or not, but the fall in 2012 produced a blood clot. SVD is deadly, and she's had it a while.

That was likely a double parading around who looked younger and thinner. Some point to finger differences and total lack of SS detail around her. The real SS detail was w/real Hitlery who likely died. If she did not die, why did the local ABC station publish and air an announcement to that effect?

Infowars has a clip of them contacting the source to verify that they did in fact report her death in "an unfortunate mistake," so...?

I'm not sure they can keep it a secret much longer, but it sure looks like they plan to.

Clashfan's picture

This vid will show how the news was posted and yanked (at about 4:45).

I disagree w/Owen Shroyer about the fakery. He doesn't understand her illness.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) FatTony7915726 Sep 14, 2016 1:15 AM

Good Work here, FatTony7915726 .

Thank U.

I mean that. Spread-the-Word[s].

Cheers X-

abrar.morghulis's picture

I thought my work was done but then Tyler Durden posted a quack's assertion that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's Disease.   Disinfo on a so-called anti-disinfo-site must now be countered. 

Dear Tyler, here's a hot tip: stick with finance.

Why don't you do something useful like a story on WTI's EROI/dt as it relates to NIRP? 

Or do topics like that not generate enough clicks for the obnoxious asian-dating site ads you keep running?

Mental status rapidly declined over past 24 hours.  Arousable by loud
voice commands, but immediately lapses into stupor without further

MAP failed to improve with further increase in norepinephrine.   
CPP < 50 despite increase of ventilatory rate in an effort
to decrease ICP.  

Cererbal perfusion disturbances were observed on repeated

Diffusion-weighted imaging - cytotoxic and vasogenic edema
as well as neuronal damage

EEG - not utilized due to continued benzodiazepene infusion

Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy.  

Hillary Clinton talks to CNN's Andersoon Cooper via phone

Audio is the spoken voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton. However the quick chat with
Anderson Cooper was scripted and rehearsed which is why it sounds canned. 

Remember, "This is CNN."

Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with
4:1 nursing 24/7.  She also has a team of physicians representing practically every
medical specialty.   There are no other patients anywhere near her secure care setting.     

She is dying of Sepsis.   She is on broad-spectrum "big-gun" antibiotics to treat
the pnenumonia.  However she is still severely immunocompromised and the antibiotics
are not anticipated to be curative.   The pneumonia has continued to worsen and cause
further damage to her lungs.  
She has been trach'd and PEG'd. She is on ventilator support with high FiO2 at low
tidal volume.   She is receiving nutritional feeds through her PEG tube.  She was
able to speak and spoke over the phone with Mr. Cooper with the aid of a Passy-Muir valve.  

Agressive fluid resucitation in combination with vasopressor support were successfull
in making her hemodynamically stable for the time being.  She is conscious and partially
oriented.   However, vasopressor support is now maxed out and fluid resuscitation is
already leading to third-spacing.   APACHE scores indicate extremely high mortality.  

Efforts to keep her oxygenated with mechancial venilation is causing further damage
to her lungs.  ECMO is not an option.    Her acute lung injury is expected to progress
to ARDS, to multisystem organ failure, and then to clinical death. 

Palliative measures have been recommended but have not been accepted. 
Advance healthcare directive stands.  Designated agent for medical decisions
refuses DNR status. Agent demands full code and complete and total heroic measures.

She will never be allowed to be seen in the public eye again, even on television.   
Expect a closed casket ceremony due to the third-spacing.  

"Dr. Drew" says he is "gravely concerned" about Hillary Clinton's
health and her healthcare on his recently canceled television show.
Physicians don't use the word "gravely" lightly.   When doctors use the
word "grave" or "gravely" they mean "death" is most likely outcome.
Dr. Drew was ordered by CNN executives to retract his statements
but he refused to do so and was fired for it.
Dr. Drew said that the type of blood clot Hillary Clinton developed
is so exceedingly rare that it is proof alone that something is severely
wrong with her "coagulation system."  While he is right, he did not elaborate
what could have possible caused her coagulation system to so dysfunctional has to
become life-threatening. The medical term for that problems with human
"coagulation system" is Coagulapathy.
So it is a fact that, Hillary Clinton, who is known not to have
congenital coagulapathy, has acquired coagulapathy at an advanced age,
severe enough to cause a rare and exotic, life-threatening, thrombotic
event known as cerebral thrombosis of the right transverse venous sinus.

From ABC News:
"Dr. Keith Black, head of neurosurgery Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles,
said he was 'surprised' by Clinton's diagnosis. 'If I were her treating physician,
you would have to ask, why did she develop a thrombosis. A very unusual event
following a concussion without a skull fracture.'"
He agreed that the condition could potentially have caused a brain hemorrhage
or stroke and been fatal.
"Assuming it was a follow-up MRI, that probably would not have happened for
regular people," he said.
"I suspect a lot of other people have poorer outcomes. I would call her lucky."
Her doctors are using warfarin (coumadin) for anti-coagulation. Coumadin is
used as rat poison.   That is official word from her current personal physician.
Her physicians are also using armour thyroid for hypothyroidism instead of the more
commonly prescribed levothyroxine which is also telling.   That is official from
her official treating physician.
Dr. Drew insinuates Hillary Clinton’s doctors are stuck in the dark ages
of medicine.   Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton has
access to the best healthcare money and power can obtain.  She has the best
doctors, better than Dr. Drew even.   If those doctors put her on warfarin
they had very good reason for doing so as opposed to use of safer
anti-coagulants which are widely available.   They selected warfarin
because they are aggressively treating her with warfarin not to provide
stroke prophylaxis but to treat Provoked Coagulapathy induced by Malignancy.
Her INR is being checked daily and warfarin or coumadin dose is adjusted
accordingly as the cancer spreads.   She is on a diet that delivers a
controlled amount of Vitamin K as well, given that she is on coumadin. 
To be kind to Dr. Drew, if he knew the full story of Hillary Clinton's health
condition he would not have criticized her care so cavalierly.   He would
have known that her doctors had no choice but to treat this severe provoked
coagulapathy with coumadin.   Coumadin is the best choice in her case since they
can regularly monitor "coagulability" (blood's willingness to form clots) with
a simple test called an INR and adjust coumadin dosage accordingly.   As the cancer
spreads they will have to increase the dose to maintain efficacy.  However, they run
the risk of causing a hemorrhagic stroke to occur if her blood becomes too thin.
Coumadin is a double-edged sword with what doctors call a "narrow-therapeutic index."

What that terms means is the difference between a therapeutic dose and a toxic dose
is small.  The medication itself is dangerous and difficult to control even with the
best medical care.  
Dr. Drew probably finds it impossible to believe that her doctors would not disclose
the cancer diagnosis but he is not taking into account that Hillary lies about
everything and uses proxies including her own doctors to lie for her. 
Beware the video below. Be highly critical of the narrator's conclusions and
interpretation. He is obviously not a physician.   But certain facts are revealed
that are important findings nonetheless.  These findings are easy to misinterpret.
Please pay close attention to the video below and do not get easily distracted by
speculative commentary.
Signs and symptoms.
1. Brief alterations in movement, rhythmic movements, head turning,
exaggerated eye and mouth movements
2. Motor tics
3. Chronic coughing, throat clearing, hoarseness, dysphagia
4. History of concussion brought about by fall in 2012
5. Weakness and fatigue
6. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  However, that's perfectly
common for politicians seeking high office.  And compared to her
opponent she is actually less narcissistic.
7.  Concerning drug abuse. No evidence whatsoever been reported. She is a
closely observed public figure and that says it all. She has thrived
throughout her long career. What if contributing factors are side
effects of medications, legally prescribed by her physicians. Also
consider as contributing factors side effects from medications which
are administered to her directly with no documentation.  See video:
8. Autism spectrum is apparently wrong diagnosis. There is no evidence
of autism spectrum at all. Quite the opposite.  She has excellent
interpersonal and communication skills.
9.  Psychosis does not sound right. Psychosis should not to be
confused with brief episodes of cognitive dysfunction and lapses in
memory which Hillary Clinton is now experiencing.
10. Mysterious public high-profile disappearances and frequent
absences during the last stages of the campaign trail. For example,
she walked off-stage in the middle of a nationally televised debate
and did not return for 5 straight minutes.  She likely
is seriously ill with so little stamina. She suffers from fatigue
and malaise. And she knows every time she is seen in public there
is high risk that symptoms of her underlying pathology will aggravate
publicly and be recorded on audio and video. So public appearances
are very carefully stage-managed and the number of those
appearances are kept to an absolute minimum.
Could Hillary have experienced an aura indicating imminent onset
of seizures requiring immediate emergency administration of
benzodiazepenes off-stage during her sudden televised disappearance
in order to arrest the oncoming break-through seizures? Bright camera
lights and intense noise could have triggered enough visual and auditory
stimulation to cause  break-through seizures despite, presumed
yet undocumented, anti-convulsant therapy. For the record, her
official physician claims Hillary is not on anti-convulsant therapy.
Only warfarin and armour thyroid have been officially confirmed.
11. Lesion at base of tongue - Definitely not syphilis.   Appears
to be perfectly circumscribed, possible result of punch biopsy or
surgical resection.  Here is a URL link to a photo of her
accepting the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States
at the Democratic National Convention. If the following URL
is down by the time you read this use Google to find the original
image and other images which are similar.
12. Possible unintentional self-admission. Hillary admits that
her brain may have “short-circuited.”

13. Pneumonia
Likely due to immunodefiency which is a side of the effect from the radiation
that is being used to treat her malignancy.  It should be noted that
Hillary Clinton is at an advanced age and she is immunodeficient.
This is not "walking pneumonia" or pneumonia from dyhdration.   

14. Sepsis leading to Septic Shock
In the following video we can see Hillary Clinton collapse.      She likely lost
consciousness due to collapse in her blood pressure which was due to shock.
Once her blood pressure dropped she fainted.  This type of fainting is called "syncope"
which is just a medical term.
From the article:
Syncope, also known as fainting, is defined as a short loss of consciousness and
muscle strength, characterized by a fast onset, short duration, and spontaneous
recovery. It is due to a decrease in blood flow to the entire brain usually from
low blood pressure. Some causes have prodromal symptoms before the loss of
consciousness occurs. These symptoms may include lightheadedness, sweating, pale
skin, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and feeling warm, among others. Syncope
may also be associated with a short episode of muscle twitching. If a person does
not completely lose consciousness and muscle strength it is referred to as presyncope.
It is recommended that presyncope be treated the same as syncope.


Photo of "handler" (guy with diazepam auto-injector) and a nurse who is
quite obviously checking Hillary's Clinton pulse.   

In the following video we can see Hillary Clinton collapse.      She likely lost
consciousness due to collapse in her blood pressure which was due to septic shock.
Once her blood pressure dropped she lost cerebral perfusion pressure and fainted. 
Fainting this way due to sudden drop of blood pressure referred called "syncope" by doctors.
From the article:
Syncope, also known as fainting, is defined as a short loss of consciousness and muscle strength,
characterized by a fast onset, short duration, and spontaneous recovery. It is due to a decrease
in blood flow to the entire brain usually from low blood pressure. Some causes have prodromal
symptoms before the loss of consciousness occurs. These symptoms may include lightheadedness,
sweating, pale skin, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, and feeling warm, among others. Syncope
may also be associated with a short episode of muscle twitching. If a person does not completely
lose consciousness and muscle strength it is referred to as presyncope. It is recommended that
presyncope be treated the same as syncope.  So syncope explains why they had to load her body in
the Secret Service van.   By the way that van is not standard Secret Service vehicle.  It is is
specially configured as an ambulance disguised as a Secret Service van.  

So it should be plain now what you see in the video.

Her pulse is constantly monitored.  See nurse checking her pulse in this photo on 9/11/16.  
Also notice that Hillary Clinton's "handler" is standing right behind her.

Why is her pulse so important?    Well if someone is at risk of going into shock, elevated pulse
or tachycardia is the first indication of presyncope or of a full blown syncopal episode.     
Her nurse was monitoring her radial purse not just for pulse rate but also to check for what
is called a "bounding pulse."    Notice the way the nurse is measuring the radial
pulse.   The nurse is checking the quality of the pulse not just pulse rate.
It is also worth noting that Hillary Clinton's skin color has a certain pallor
or skin discoloration which is consistent with sepsis due to poor blood perfusion
of the skin which again is itself is due to the plunging blood pressure.

Mortality of septic shock is significantly higher when it is left untreated
for more than 7 days which occurred under Hillary Clinton's care.

1. Oropharyngeal Cancer diagnosed and treated with partial surgical
resection of the base of her tongue in conjunction with targeted
stereotactic radio-surgery.
2. Coagulapathy caused by Oropharyngeal Cancer which has metastasized
to lymphatic nodes.
3. Early-onset Vascular Dementia caused by aforementioned Coagulapathy
4. Complex partial seizures and/or abcence seizures caused by small
infarcts or lesser ischemic damage to her cerebral vasculature;
vascular damage itself is caused by aforementioned Coagulapathy
5. Hypothyroidism as a side effect of radiotherapy.

6. Immunodefiency as a side effect of radiotherapy.

7. Pneumonia as a complication of Immunodeficiency.

8. Sepsis and septic shock
9. Acute Lung Injury which appears to be progressing to ARDS.    

10. Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy.  

11. Putative Brain Death - Patient too unstable for apnea test. 
Awaiting confirmation from SSEP and possible nuclear medicine study.  

Death no later than October 12, 2016.
Version: GnuPG v2











Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) abrar.morghulis Sep 17, 2016 12:04 PM

"She will never be allowed to be seen in the public eye again, even on television... "

Incorrect prognosis, doctor!  Like Lazarus, Hillary has arisen from the dead and appeared at a public event in North Carolina on Sep 15th, much to the great relief of Time-Warner/CNN and her other sponsors at the Rockefeller/CFR.

Janet Shalom Bernanke's picture

From the Director of 'Dead Man Walking' comes a block-buster fall movie,  "Parkinson bitch stumbling"  at a theater near you on November 18.



thesonandheir's picture

I think it's worse than that, she's caught an STD from Bill.

Berspankme's picture

Like Bill has had a feel of that in the last 30 yrs

abyssinian's picture

No one cares what she has, just die already! 

cheeseheader's picture

+1...Can't we all be spared the half-hourly medical updates on the world's most disgusting person?


Let's just wait till the funeral, and then call it a day.  Huh?

Antifaschistische's picture

the painful irony in your that truly, no one cares.  Even those closest to her hate her.  But she is a host.  And there are many parasites.  THey want her in the White House...and they don't particularly care if she's in a 4 year coma...they know, there's still something there for them.   It's the modern day Praetorian Guard (except the guards can be weak and fat) protecting the Emperor even though the masses know she's evil.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"THey want her in the White House...and they don't particularly care if she's in a 4 year coma...they know, there's still something there for them."

Thats it right there.

Jim in MN's picture

"When did you stop infecting your wife?"

Oh, for the spousal debates.......

duo's picture

Worse than that, she's one of the aliens from the movie "They Live" (1988).  It's a movie that probably couldn't be made today.  Worth downloading.

Plot:  construction guy finds a pair of sunglasses that lets him see ailiens (all the rich and powerful), and their subliminal messaging.

Xanadu_doo's picture

+ 100 for the THEY LIVE ref...

Slight clarification: THEY LIVE is a John Carpenter movie from 1988. More importantly, "construction guy" is Rowdy Roddy Piper from pro wrestling! A true classic.

JuliaS's picture

The syphilitics seemed tremendously dignified—erect, eyes straight ahead. I saw one stand on a curb at the corner of  Meridian and Washington Streets one time, underneath an overhanging clock which my father designed. The intersection was known locally as "The Crossroads of America". This syphilitic man was thinking hard there, at the Crossroads of America, about how to get his legs to step off the curb and carry him across Washington Street. He shuddered gently, as though he had a small motor which was idling inside. Here was his problem: his brains, where the instructions to his legs originated, were being eaten alive by corkscrews. The wires which had to carry the instructions weren't insulated anymore, or were eaten clear through. Switches along the way were welded open or shut.

- Kurt Vonnegut (Breakfast of Champions)

lasvegaspersona's picture

" He who knows syphillis knows medicine"

Sir William Osler

0Theorem's picture

It's not a bad theory. Levodopa for parkinsons, sure.


Valium IM (via pen injection) would have treated a seizure even more quickly.


All speculation. sigh.

NoDebt's picture

Somebody posted up a cocktail mix of drugs they call the "DC stand-up" inside the beltway on ZH the other day.  A fascinating mix of ups and downs that'll get anybody back on their feet right quick.  

847328_3527's picture

Hillary is in bad shape that's for sure. So what will the demons at the DNC try to pull to defeat the will of the American people? We saw how Obama ignored Americans by forcing Obamacare down throats even after polls showed over 87% of Americans against it and that's both Dems and Rep.

NoDebt's picture

Remember, wear lots of colors, move around a lot and take a lot of photos using your flash at the upcoming debates.  We'll induce a seizure in this bitch right on prime time national TV.


Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Could we EVER be that lucky?!

Pigeon's picture

That would be awesome. But I am wondering if she is even going to make it to the debates at this rate.

Killdo's picture

Reading about Hitlery suffering always cheers me up - it reminds me of that movie The Descent  - everyone told me it was suppopsed to be the scariest movie. There was nothing scary in it and  I loved  when all the stupid women got eaten by that Golom-like creature. This could be a new genre?

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

The DemocRats should be planning Hillarys funeral ... propping her up at this point is like watching the Democrats accelerate her death (kill her) - I guess it's just karma at this point.

Chris Dakota's picture

It's always karma, it is just being served up as an all you can eat buffet given the historic times we are living in.

BeerMe's picture

Seiures aren't a symptom of Parkinson's.  But her fall could have been from Parkinson's and lead to brain damage resulting in seizures.

Pigeon's picture

I have a friend w/ Parkinson's. We go hiking and as he becomes fatigued, even having been taking his meds all along the way, he will lose his balance, legs and ankles will go rigid and he has fallen a few times. When it has happened, it looks like that spasmodic - attempting to catch oneself, but the body will not cooperate.

It's a sad thing, though, not in Hillary's case. She deserves every bit of pain and suffering she gets - and more.

She seems to be quite a bit farther along in her disease than my friend. And he is going to get the deep brain stimulation operation soon. Why they haven't done that with Hillary? The prior brain damage. Seems unlikely that docs will drill into her skull and take the chance on inserting several probe/wires. Esp since she is on blood thinners already.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

They could be afraid of what might pop out.

tragus's picture

She had a clot in a vein in the brain causing a stroke of the temporal lobe of the brain that can cause seizures. Most of her symptoms are due to progressive Supranuclear palsy like Dudley Moore had. She is in early stages, but it is rapidly progressive.

RiverRoad's picture

Forget trying to pin it down to just ONE thing.  She's got a number of illnesses going on there and they all disqualify her from the presidency.  IMO her most dangerous issues (to us) are mental:  She's clearly an irrational, paranoid megalomaniac who also happens to be a pathological liar, and her actions become increasingly irrational by the day. 

The American people need some input from a few psychiatrists here....stat!


We Are The Priests's picture

We are predicting an upcoming epidemic of SPDS(Sudden Physician Death Syndrome). We were just at our local Lowe's and not a single nail gun could be found anywhere. Maybe the Fed should consider buying stock in SENCO and DeWalt.

socalbeach's picture

Levodopa side effects ( Her docs better give her the exact right dose before the debate.

More common:
Abnormal thinking: holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by fact
clenching or grinding of teeth
clumsiness or unsteadiness
difficulty swallowing
excessive watering of mouth
false sense of well being
feeling faint
general feeling of discomfort or illness
hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there)
hand tremor, increased
nausea or vomiting
unusual and uncontrolled movements of the body, including the face, tongue, arms, hands, head, and upper body
unusual tiredness or weakness