Syrian Army Claims It Shot Down Israeli Warplane, Drone; Israel Denies

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Just hours after the hard-fought Syrian ceasefire deal went into effect after sunset on Monday - a deal which even Washington has expressed uncertainty whether it will hold or not - earlier today the tentative peace may have been broken when a new counterparty emerged, after the Syrian army claimed it had shot down an Israeli warplane and drone flying over its territory, following an Israeli attack on a Syrian army position in southern Syria, state media reported.

SANA news agency said the warplane had attacked an army position at 1 a.m. on Tuesday in the southern Quneitra countryside. It claimed that it and a drone were then shot down.

According to security analyst Daniel Nisman, the Syrian statement claims that a manned jet and unmanned UAV were downed over Sasa area (btwn Damascus and Quneitra). He adds that while Israeli UAVs enter/hover in Syrian airspace, Israeli manned aircraft rarely need to risk entering airspace to attack targets.

As of this moment Israel is denying its planes were shot down, and the Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF said Syrian forces fired two surface-to-air missiles after an Israeli strike on a Syrian position last night. However, the missiles were nowhere near the vicinity of the Israel aircraft. The military added that all the Israeli jets had returned to base. More from the Jerusalem Post:

In response to Syrian fire crossing into the northern Golan Heights last night, the IDF air force attacked cannons belonging to the Syrian regime on the Syrian side of the Golan heights.  The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for every action on its territory and will not suffer any attempt to hurt the sovereignty of the State of Israel and its residents safety. Eli Malka, head of the Golan Regional Council responded to the fire saying, "There is no difference between spillover fire and intentional fire, a bomb is a bomb and poses a risk to human life."


"It is the responsibility of the Minister of Defense and the IDF to convey a clear message to all parties on the other side of the border that all shots fired in the Golan will be treated as firing on Israel and the IDF will respond by destructing the source of the fire," Malka added. The nationwide ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia came into effect in Syria on Monday evening, the second attempt this year by Washington and Moscow to halt the five-year-old civil war. The Syrian army, announced the truce at 7 pm (1600 GMT), the moment it took effect, saying the seven-day "regime of calm" would be applied across Syria. It reserved the right to respond with all forms of firepower to any violation by "armed groups".

In any case, the IDF is sternly denying the Syrian account, and the Israeli military said that none of its military planes were shot down by Syria, Reuters added.

According to the IDF, two Syrian missiles targeted their aircraft, but both missed.  Several hours ago, the Israeli Army claimed that a “projectile” was fired from the Syrian side. According to a military spokeswoman, the projectile was most likely not intentional, rather spillover from “internal fighting in Syria,” AFP reported. However, the Israeli Army struck Syrian Army positions in response. The Israeli Army said that its military targeted “artillery positions of [the] Syrian Regime in the central Syrian Golan Heights” in response to the “projectile.”

It is possible that the Syrian army is merely attempting to save face against ongoing Israeli incursions, and as Nisman adds, this (delayed) statement from Syrian MOD stems from a need to show some sort of reax to 4 Israeli airstrikes this week. Alternatively, if Syria indeed shot down a manned Israeli fighter plane, we will have a record for the shortest Syrian "ceasefire" yet.

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Sounds bullish for stocks.

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the IDF said Syrian forces fired two surface-to-air missiles after an Israeli strike on a Syrian position last night.

Someone sure is determined to keep peace from breaking out.

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"the Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF said Syrian forces fired two surface-to-air missiles after an Israeli strike on a Syrian position last night" -> "after an Israeli strike on a Syrian position last night"

Israel attacking the army of its neighboring country with impunity. A luxury only the country that has colonized the US can have.

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Well they are falling into the trap. Iran has furnished new soldiers and weapons and Russian artillery and jets have been supplied to SAA. Israel is going to learn the hard way

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I hope that Heb planes start falling out if the skies when they venture uninvited into another's airspace.


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My Syrian friends (Christian) who live and work in Bavaria are in constant communication with their parents in Aleppo and Beirut.

There is so much misinformation and propaganda out there ...

The female speaks to her mother in Aleppo on a daily basis via messenger and skype. Parts of Aleppo are liveable. Assad is not the bad guy he's made out to be. Alevit muslims are probably the most progressive types. The rest not so much.

Oh, and non-muslim Syrians know that there will never be peace among shit-for-brains muslims. They can only be ruled by military dictatorship. Nothing else can stop the radicals and keep the preachers in check.

France is now officially no longer a viable state. Threats and terrorist ploys almost daily. Beirut was once a very beautiful city... Paris will see the same fate.

Thousands of muslim refugee kids attending German schools for the first time this fall. Don't speak a lick of German and the schools are not prepared. These kids will stick with their kind and rule the school grounds, later they will rule the blocks and then the cities.

Germany is on a slow mo melt into 3rd world shit hole. Give it 30 years and thousands of Africans and Arabs coming every year by air, sea or land.

What does anyone think will happen?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) walküre Sep 13, 2016 5:25 AM

Soros said the West needs to fall in order to bring in world government.

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Germany is on a slow mo melt into 3rd world shit hole. What does anyone think will happen?

brown low IQ "EU" mongrels will be lead by the joos : the Kalergi Plan / Soros Leaks / Barbara divörsity Spectre

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I lived in Germany for a few years now and I will not be crying if Germany falls, there is little worth saving here. Germany is just a glorified Kindergarten not a State or a Nation.

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Germany is just a big a bitch state apparatus doing the bidding of israel, second to the us. Time for them to WTFU

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Have you offered to take in their kids for the duration of the war? War is no place for children.

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Wise Germons will move East

Mercedes and others in Russia now..and.more German business on the way East..

Some regional of Russia today is more real Germans blood than Germany itself 

I am half Swabian/Boii, half Rus and know many still pure German families

My Lady is one, her family bankers were invited by Great Katerine

and kept to own close people all the passed time. She is pure blond German.

Volga Germans ...Red Terror was terrible upon those regions

Very many Germans in Siberia also, Stalin removed multitudes far away from the war front...

Former Governor of Tomsk Region is full German

Most friends we have siberia regions.Novosibirsk and near are German or Don Cossack, know their ancestory well..

they are Engineers, IT, Physics skills...very many Lady Engineers

Khazkhstan is very many Germans also...another Stalin transfer





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Guess what. The Germans in Russia during those years were no different than the Jews. They segregated themselves, took administrative jobs and were real pieces of shit from the viewpoint if local population. Huge percentage never even bothered to learn Russian, even those born there.

Stay the fuck out of Slavic lands and fight to save your own homeland.

Do you really think that any of the Slavs have affection for the Germans after WWII?? They have respect for German engineering and technology. 

If Germans will not fight for their own homeland, then why would any nation want to accept them in large numbers?? So that they change the character of it and make it weaker so that the same shit happens there???

The Slavs(and Romanians and Magyars)  have stood between the Muslim hordes and Europe for over a thousand years.  They will stand for another thousand if Western Europe does not stab them in the back (which they are doing).

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The best post I have ever seen on ZH.

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Ya well, if all they got is a drone, doesn't mean much.  Not with their defense budget. 

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Not like the Golan Heights belong to Israel anyway

blue51's picture

Maps in Israel show it as Golem Heights.

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please Tyler make an article on the following: "AirBnb is now a PC enforcer and will die handsomely, accordingly"
AirBnb now has to FORCE the Hosts to be politically correct and take muslim dindus or be kicked out for discrimination?!?

and Barcelona is hunting them down:

this is going to destroy this unicorn "perceived value" just BEFORE their IPO, all the nice places will just move to another VIP App with better discrimination rights
like the negro- bnb

this is stock market news we need to circulate fast!

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Uber is just about done as well. Just because it has a catchy name, a website and can be IPOd, doesn't mean it has to be a viable business. Why would anyone in the hospitality or transportation business continue to comply with .gov rules and regs when the business could be run so much easier. I'm surprised .gov has not shut these companies down already. Nevermind the double standard. We will all live in our cars and be nomads soon. Try and tax and regulate that .gov.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

the problem is EVERYBODY can start an UBER-esqued app or website

they do not OWN any ideas, it is just shared economy + internet + payments

if governments start fucking any app, all the users jump to the next one and the old one is forgotten in days

their perceived value should weigth that accordingly

BarkingCat's picture

The few times I needed to get a ride somewhere and checked prices Uber was not any cheaper than a cab.

Most of the time I just use a Town Car service.

In Seattle Uber wanted $65 to take me to the airport. Taxi was $50 and Town Car $55.

For the extra $5.00 I will choose a nice ride intead of a fucking Prius that most taxis in Seattle use.....and who knows what will showup for Uber

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It's like shooting yourself in the foot with a shotgun when you sprint for a living

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Can you even begin to imagine what the jew zionists would be saying if a Syrian plane bombed the IDF.

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Sep 13, 2016 3:18 AM

You can count on Zionist to do two things;

1.  Murder.

2.  Lie.

Pigs are looking to grab that Syrian land.  So obvious.   I thought Iran was going to nuke these sociopaths.

silent one's picture

1. Murder

2. Lie

3. steal.


That just about sums them up.

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Hamas is really super in comparison, you're right.  No one would EVER opt to live and raise children inside Israel over Syria or any other Sharia dictated area.  Good luck with your goat fucking and bagged women.

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I'm conflicted. Those planes represent my tax extortioned $$$. Fuk it, let the SAA sort them out!

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What's Syria doing occupying our land anyway?

This is Greater Israel dammit.

We know because God gifted it directly to us eastern european ashkenazi "jews".

Says so right here on this 2000 year old papyrus.

And if that ain't proof, I don't know what is.


HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

yep the chosen tribe needs no divörsity

goys must submit to their god given position: ass up

GRDguy's picture

They only think they're chosen; Abraham lied, and they believe him because it's so profitable to do so.

Raul44's picture

I wish Assad didnt gave up away that gas...

nightwish's picture

There is justice in this world hallelujah

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Every Arab country has their own version of Bagdad Bob, can't fault them really, everyone needs a pick me up



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And the US has the State Dept. spokespersons and a laundry list of propagandists from the stink Tanks to the main stream media.  Wolf Blitzer for example.

Martian Moon's picture

Truth is a rare commodity in times of war

Arab states do not have a monopoly on lying, but they are pathological about it, they lie for the sake of it, even if the truth would serve them better

As for the US, when your wealth no longer stems from productivity, but in keeping the faith alive in your particular fiat currency, you'd better keep the preachers of the faith well fed

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How does this work?

Achmed the terrorist pops a mortar round into a deserted area of the occupied (Syrian) Golan Heights then calls his Isreali contact with the coordinates of the Syrian army post he wants attacked?

In other news,

"The United States and Israel have reached final agreement on a record new package of at least $38 billion in U.S. military aid and the 10-year pact is expected to be signed within days, sources close to the matter told Reuters on Tuesday."

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It made my day!

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It's simple. Israel is lying, and the Syrians are telling the truth.

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the idf can only win wars where their opponents can only throw rocks and shoot bottle rockets. i bet the jews are crying to uncle samberg to beat up those bullying, antisemitic syrians.

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No Israeli jets were shot down. Signifigance is that Syria has gained added confidence since the "peace deal" of Kerry with Russia.

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shoot down all idf planes, and the bases...

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i want to see f16 pieces

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The zooish nation may trigger world war and
doom upon themselves
bible has already predicted that