US To Provide Israel With Record $38 Billion In Military Aid

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While the US relationship with Saudi Arabia can be described, perhaps courtesy of the latter's donations to the Clinton campaign, as one of preferential treatment when it comes to arms deals, observed most recently a month ago when the US approves the sale of 130 Abrams tanks, 20 Armored vehicles and various other equipment to Saudi Arabia for $1.2 Billion, when it comes to America's other "anchor"mid-east ally, Israel, the relationship is even simpler.

As Reuters reported overnight, the US and Israel reached an agreement on a record new package of at least $38 billion in U.S. military aid and the 10-year pact is expected to be signed this week.

In a major concession by Obama, whose relationship with Netanyahu has been rather contentious in recent years, the deal represent the biggest pledge of U.S. military assistance made to any country. As for Israel, the country will agree not to seek additional funds from Congress beyond what will be guaranteed annually in the new package, and also to phase out a special arrangement that has allowed Israel to spend part of its U.S. aid on its own defense industry instead of on American-made weapons, the officials said.

In other words, a win-win for, drumroll, the US Military-Industry Complex, which is about to benefit from some $38 billion in taxpayer largesse, as Israel receives funds which will then promptly be refunded in the US to buy weapons so that the various wars in the middle east can continue indefinitely, with the blessing of Uncle Sam, of course.

As Reuters reports, Israel’s chief negotiator, Jacob Nagel, acting head of Netanyahu’s national security council, arrived in Washington overnight in preparation for a signing ceremony with U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice, according to one source familiar with the matter.

Nearly 10 months of drawn-out aid negotiations have underscored continuing friction between U.S. President Barack Obama and Netanyahu over last year's U.S.-led nuclear deal with Iran, Israel's arch-foe. The United States and Israel have also been at odds over the Palestinians.

The Israel negotiator decided to rush and conclude the arrangement with Obama, who leaves office in January, rather than hoping for better terms from the next U.S. administration, according to officials on both sides. A deal now allows him to avoid uncertainties surrounding the next president, whether Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump, and to give Israel’s defense establishment the ability to plan ahead.

Needless to say, for the MIC, a deal sooner than later is even better.

Obama's aides want a new deal before his presidency ends, seeing it as an important part of his legacy. Republican critics accuse him of not being attentive enough to Israel's security, which the White House strongly denies. Israel has long been a major recipient of U.S. aid, mostly in the form of military assistance against a backdrop of an ebbing and flowing conflict with the Palestinians and Israel's neighbors, as well as threats from Iran.

The deal specifics

The 10-year aid packages underpin Washington’s congressionally mandated requirement to help maintain Israel’s “qualitative military edge” in the region. According to the MOU, at least $3.8 billion a year in aid, up from $3.1 billion annually under the current pact, would be provided to Israel. Netanyahu had originally sought upwards of $4.5 billion a year. The new package for the first time will incorporate money for Israeli missile defense, which until now has been funded ad hoc by Congress. U.S. lawmakers have in recent years given Israel up to $600 million in annual discretionary funds for this purpose.

And while officials say Israel has agreed not to lobby Congress for additional missile defense funds during the life of the new MOU, the wording is likely to be flexible enough to allow exceptions in case of a war or other major crisis. In other words, US taxpayers may and likely will be called upon soon to provide Israel with even more weapons. Barring a last-minute snag, the new agreement is expected to be officially rolled out this week, one source close to the matter said. Another source familiar with the negotiations confirmed that the signing would be "in the coming days".

Finally, demonstrating just how farcical the role of the US commander in chief has become, the deal will not be signed by Obama or Netanyahu, who have had a fraught relationship, but instead by two of their senior aides, in keeping with the way the two governments have formally sealed previous deals of this type.

As Reuters adds, Obama and Netanyahu will both be in New York next week for the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, and officials have not ruled out the possibility of another entirely symbolic meeting on the sidelines: it is clear that despite "tensions" between the two leaders, the relationship between the two countries was never in jeopardy.

Negotiators working behind closed doors had all but completed the new package several weeks ago. Ironically, the announcement was quietly put on hold as objections were raised by a key pro-Israel lawmaker, Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, who had called for an even more generous and less restrictive aid package.

While U.S. congressional approval is needed each year for disbursement of the aid to Israel as part of the annual budget process, little opposition is expected in Congress, where support for Israel’s security is strong. It is unclear if the American people, and mostly taxpayers, share the Congressional enthusiasm to spend their money on weapons to be used for some far away war, with suppliers of the weapons collecting all the funds. At last check $38 billion amounts to a little over $100 for every American man, woman and child, money which would surely boost inflation quickly if handed out to Americans to be spent on US goods and services domestically; it would certainly result in less death and destruction.

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Took Red Pill's picture

Do we get any say in this?

Momauguin Joe's picture

And still they mock David Duke. 

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Oh yeah....and thanks for shooting down that missle for us... didn't hear about that?

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It's just a reward for 9/11 and for helping with the coverup. Dancing Israelis not withstand(Dance)ing?

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And no, the people will have no say in this.
Be thankful you get to "choose" your president. Now, shut up.

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"and also to phase out a special arrangement that has allowed Israel to spend part of its U.S. aid on its own defense industry instead of on American-made weapons, the officials said."

There you go.  That's your reason right there.  Welfare for warfare.  We just want to supply both sides.

beemasters's picture

Let's get one thing clear, the reason that Israel needs this is not because they have no money or can't afford to buy the weapons. It is to tie the US to any crime they will commit. It serves as an assured protection.

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Only shocking to a small % of Americans  ... internationally,  Israel is considered the 51st  state.

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Am I the only one that is sick and tired of my Tax money being shipped over seas to any country including Israel while our infrastructure is deteriorating? While our Schools aren't teaching things that children need to be strong adults? While our vet service members commit suicide at a record rate? While almost half the country is on food stamps? I am I alone here? I work, You take my money and give it to Non-US-Citizens and foreign Govt's. Total Bull Shit.

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oops (not verified) froze25 Sep 14, 2016 8:45 AM

Israel is behind every problem and terrorist in the Middle East.

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Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Terminal chaos in almost every Middle Eastern Muslim nation and not one word in your average daily news about Israel or it's complicity. Crickets. They are ISIS; that's their dog in this race.

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Sorry, I do not care what you say, or how correct your little blurb may be; I refuse to upvote Aristotle of Greece, Gargoylian, bleu or whatever your 31 flavors happens to be today.

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Don't worry about the US. It can easily be moved.


fleur de lis's picture

Think of it this way.

With all the heaps of money donated to a highly advanced nation with no accountablility as to where it is going, there's bound to be lots left over for fun and games.

So with all that disposable income Israel can put on Transgender Beauty Contests.

Not that I care about the contests, but if they can afford wild spending for such fun and games they really don't need more money from American taxpayers. 

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Will payment be in form of a check or a few large pallets of Swiss Francs?

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Unconscionable.  That cancerous country uses all of the powers of usury, lies and deception to keep the world's nations at each other's throats while they chutzpahtically extort billions in free cash from their favorite goy zombie slave state.

One of Hitler's greatest quotes from Mein Kampf:

“While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks."
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Nice post! I need to read Hitler's famous publication myself. I'm in a lifelong process of cleansing myself of government led mis-education. I call it de-institutionalization. General Patton was right at the end of WWII. To paraphrase... we defeated the wrong enemy.  

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...and he may have been murdered.

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Why was Meyer Lansky extradited from Israel?

Because it was "heatbag".  "Adj., A person, place, thing, or activity which attracts undesirable attention, particularly in relation to police attention to drug use."

It would have exposed their entire "haven for white collar criminals" if they allowed him to stay in Israel, unprosecuted.  He was already known by absolutely everyone to be a gangsta.

J S Bach's picture

Read the "Stalag" edition.  It was translated into English by a National Socialist pre-war and is the purest* version available.  Remember that this was written 25 years BEFORE the establishment of Israel - showing the prescience of Hitler.

(* - meaning it is unadulterated by politically correct annotations and mistranslations.)


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Article doesn't say if the aid was 'loans' or 'grants'.  Grants don't have to be repaid.  But no country EXCEPT ISRAEL ever receives grants from America.

You could also call it... TRIBUTE PAYMENTS.  To the Tribe.

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"Am I the only one that is sick and tired of my Tax money being shipped over seas to any country including Israel while our infrastructure is deteriorating?"

No, you are not alone. We need to do something about it.

venturen's picture

But...we are the leaders in gender studies and diversity?

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That's how US buys "allegiance". 

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MOre like they are the third state of israel, canada being the second.

Puerto Rico is worst than Greece's picture

Why doesn't Israel drop a Nuke on Gaza or whatever and gets this shit over with?

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Why don't Israel accidentally trip the bomb in Isreal and get this shit over with?

Bonus: Weed save 38 Large too.

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Why doesn't the US drop a nuke on the Temple of the Mount, Mecca, and Medina and get this shit over with?

Standard Disclaimer: Let's not go there today. I've decided not to watch the world burn today.

michelp's picture

"Why doesn't Israel drop a Nuke on Gaza or whatever and gets this shit over with?"

This shit will NEVER be over until Israel owns the entire Middle East on their own.


dizzyfingers's picture

And then also everything else? :-)

blue51's picture

Exactly my belief also . As if they don't have an ATM card to the $Trillions being diverted from us . Where is 3-card Monty, Dov Z these days ?

Paul Kersey's picture

Corporate Deep State sticks American taxpayers with another $38 billion bill, and, once again, the military contractors (private industry war profiteers) make bank, while Israel extends its run as the most rewarded USG funded welfare recipient. How is this not "taxation without representation"?

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WTF were Mossad agents doing in the US, masquerading as furniture movers, in the first place?

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) VinceFostersGhost Sep 14, 2016 7:27 AM

...and thanks again for sinking the USS Liberty in 1967. didn't hear about that either?

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David Duke is right just about everything. The only people who mock him are those who never really took time to listen to him and buy crap from Jewish propaganda machine that obviously hates him.

prymythirdeye's picture

Never, slave....Know your role

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watch the defense stocks soar. Not just on this but we will appropraite in a similar way to our other allies (or quietly non allies)  in the mideast to keep a level playing field and then when trump gets in he has to restore our internal spending on defense. Think of it in "Greenspan put" terms. We know wars start if economies are bad. Keeping the spending going on an even keel keeps things going pretty much perpetually. If peace were to break out, the spending decline and our economy drops further. Now all we need to do is get the companies that benefit from this to pay taxes.

We give about the same amount to the 3 countries boarding Israel and they buy from mus.. Thats going to be 80 billion a year. The jobs report cannot afford this to stop.

Not to mention the portfolios of Congress.

lpierre1955's picture

just swallow and keep quiet, red neck!

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The United States government is a total fucking disaster...

Kids starving in our streets and were giving Israel $38 billion to kill people.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Actually yes, we do get a say in it, because the 10-year MOU between the US and Israel is not binding on the US from a budgetary perspective.

The US has a law called the Antideficiency Act, which bans agencies from spending money that hasn't been appropriated. Since Congress allocates money on an annual basis and not on a multi-year basis, the $3.8 billion per year in the MOU must be added to the budget each year during the hearing and markup process - and that's where the taxpayer gets his/her say in it.

The irony of the Antideficiency Act, at least as it pertains to this thing with Israeli defense, is that the Act was passed by Congress in response to the Department of Defense obligating funds it was not appropriated in an effort to force Congress to fund things that Defense wanted.  LOL

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remember, the debt ceiling issue comes up again in March. nothing has improved so a bi partisan group will be named and they will extend the debt ceiling until after the 2018 elections.

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WHY NOT? Its not like we arn't bankrupt or anything? Sure lets just hand out some more funny money. This is a joke.

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$12 a month from every man, women and child in the US for 10 years...I want in on that annuity.

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Another nail in Obozo's coffin. What an heritage he'll leave for the future generations...

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If only it were next to Truman's. May he rot in hell.

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Just another proof that Jews are parasites of white societies.