A Chart Which Peddles Fiction

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Do not, we repeat not, show this chart to President Obama... US Industrial production fell 0.4% MoM in August, its biggest drop since March. However, the 1.1% slump YoY in US Industrial Production - the 12th month in a row - is the longest non-recessionary slump in over 100 years...

Consider the following... America has never suffered a longer decline in US Industrial Production without being in recession...


Oh, and don't tell the stock market...


But apart from that "everything is awesome" and cynical, skeptics that see this historic slump as weakness are simply unpatriotic.

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101 years and counting's picture

"is the longest non-recessionary slump in over 100 years..."

who said we aren't in a recession?  once stocks are down 25%, the gubbmint will admit it.  they cant let the peasants know they should be selling stocks until they are already getting killed.

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show that to Obama, he won't know how to read it... he will say " oh red lines, I love red lines.... 

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He was on Letterman or Leno and said that his worst subject in high school was math.  It makes him well suited for POTUS.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

The geniuses in the Marriner Eccles building tamped down volatility in the last 40 years, not just on the red stuff BUT ALSO ON THE GREEN STUFF. With the exception of 2009 when their shit came flying apart there is almost no red BUT ALSO ALMOST NO GREEN

Prepare yourself with the 3 metals: lead, gold and tin (cans of food)

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Just quit the lying and call it what it is, a Fucking Depression.

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take away the ebt cards, welfare, and housing subsidies...and the depression would be obvious to EVERYBODY

for the past several years growth in national debt has eclipsed growth in gdp, with our big fat government raking an ever larger share of privately produced wealth off the table each year

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

once stocks are down 25%, the gubbmint will admit it

The government will admit it only after Trump takes office - that way Trump can be blamed for it!

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The coming great depression is more and more visible every day. Prepare yourself. http://www.truthjustice.net/economy/the-160-to-1-gold-silver-ratio-every...

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If not for food stamps, the soup lines would be visible everywhere. But anyone speaking truth is peddling fiction. And the whistle blowers are persecuted, prosecuted and incarerated. 

The MSM is full of useless cowards, and the whistle blowers are courageous heroes. 

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oh come on now, what on earth do we need industrial production for, we have the greatest innovative financial products the world over and you can become rich rich rich if you buy these.  Physical trinklets are so 20th century !

E.Shackle.Ton's picture



The implication, everything is just fine.

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N0bama and his wookie wife are laughing all the way to the bank.  How's it feel Hope and Changers?  Hope you like sleeping in the festering, stinky bed you and all your progressive, libtard, on-the-dole, voter friends made.

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There's a lot of fiction being peddled today, retail sales, Empire Fed, and now this. We're not in recession until the Fed admits it. This recovery is strong, the boom is right around the corner, and Obama is the magic negro saviour we all wished for! Off to the promise land where the path is paved in gold and green shoots sprout up everywhere!

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That's it, you're on the kill list!  Remember, it isn't even safe to go to the bathroom alone anymore!  :D

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If you like your industrial production, you can keep it. I promise.

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The Real Brainard Bloodbath Beckons
by David Stockman • September 14, 2016


"There are 210 million American of working age between 18 and 68, implying about 420 billion potential labor hours per year. That’s based on the idea that every adult is potentially capable of contributing 2000 hours per year to society’s need for work and production. However, according to the bean-counters at the BLS, only 240 billion labor hours were actually supplied to the US economy in the most recent year."

"In fact, the resulting total of 180 billion hours of unmonetized potential labor implies the actual “unemployment rate” is 43%. So, yes, we do have some slack!"

John Williams' Shadow Government Statistics http://www.shadow stats.com says unemployment, as calculated as it was before the Feral government defined away the problem, is ~23%.

The Feral government says unemployment is less than 5%.

Whom do you believe? The LYING PLOTUS (Pathological Liar Of The United States) Barack Hussein Obama? LYING Hillary MacEvil Clinton? The LYING government? The LYING Feral government's organs of state propaganda (mainstream media & entertainment oligopoly)?

Kidbuck's picture

Jobs be for chumps, gimmie more tats, dope, hos, and free shit.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

David Stockman is one of the few people with reasoned arguments that present TRUTH. 

Everytime he presents TRUTH, he is crucified by MSM.

All recent data is suggesting that MSM are lobbyists for SATAN and his DEMONS.

spanish inquisition's picture

Obama- "ZH, thank you for the heads up. We will go back and add in missing seasonal adjustments."

J J Pettigrew's picture

The Fed tries to PUMP and smooth out the cycles...

but cycles are NECESSARY...and all they have done is create one big massive PROBLEM

Seasmoke's picture

The Greatest DEPRESSION.  Is here NOW. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Look asshats, if you want people to be productive, DO NOT simply give them free shit!!!!!!

Note; this applies to the average joe as well as corporate CEOs!!!!

Ignorance is bliss's picture

Is Social security considered free shit? How about disability?

larz's picture

You pay into SS your entire working life.  Disability is an insurance model you pay premiums for

Pgg1507's picture

It's probably nothing.

ejmoosa's picture

If the FRB ran the morgue they'd be spraying the bodies with cologne and proclaiming

"Nothing Dead Here...move along!"


We've been in a recession for a long time. 

QE and Easy Monetary Policies are the cologne of choice.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

longest non-recessionary slump in over 100 years...


Somewhere in DC, unicorns are farting rainbows.

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The charts are deplorable.

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Deporable basket of peddled fiction.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

Now is the time for a rate hike. The would fix all or problems

nakki's picture

Thank God we don't produce anything in America anymore or else this might be a real problem.

Snaffew's picture

so America just supplies servies like facebooking, facetime, instagram, searching on the web, talking on the phone and listening to music.  Ain't this country great?  No wonder we're number one in the world!  We don't do jack shit and we are great at being dysfunctional politically, economically, and socially on a domestic and global scale.  YEAHHHHH!!!

Kprime's picture

don't forget we tweak and twit, that's worth billions

silentboom's picture

Yes surely a sutainable model.  Don't forget waiting your table and mixing your drinks.

aldol11's picture

are the actual data coming from some branch of governemnt?

if they are, the situation may be worse than depicted

monad's picture

Check the transportation sector numbers.

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Industrial production tanked in 1934 and there was no recession that year. Oh wait. lol.

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Producing lies,terror and oppression doesn´t count?

Kprime's picture

production is so yesterday, it's an old dusty relic.

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The economy is not sick, it just has a cough.

Kprime's picture

when merika catches pneumonia...the rest of the world,  umm  farts.