Merkel Meets With German CEOs To Address 99.97% Unemployment Among "Highly Unqualified" Migrants

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It's been a bad couple of months for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose approval ratings have fallen sharply over her continued support of open-border immigration policies that have allowed over 1 million refugees to flow into the country since 2015.  Increasingly more Germans have blamed Merkel for the surge in refugee terrorist attacks over the past couple of months and have shifted their support to more nationalist-leaning political parties.  In fact, just a few weeks ago Merkel suffered a massive, embarrassing defeat in her home state to her nemesis, the anti-immigation AfD party (see "Merkel Stunned By Defeat To Anti-Immigrant Party In Her Home State").  Alas, despite calls from voters for a shift in Germany's immigration policies, Merkel continues to double down. 

One of the original selling points for accepting migrants from the Middle East was the apparent economic "benefits" associated with adding 100,000s of new, young consumers/laborers to the German economy.  In fact, the wave of new immigrants was sold as the perfect solution for Germany's demographic dilemma which is expected to see its working-age population shrink by 6 million people by 2030. 

While it sounded like a great plan, it doesn't really work that well if new migrants fail to find jobs and become economically productive members of society which, according to Reuters, is exactly what is happening.  Apparently, German companies have only been able to find jobs for about 100 of the 1 million migrants that have recently found their way into the country.

According to the latest figures from the German Labor Office, about 346,000 people with asylum status were seeking jobs in Germany in August.  With 100 migrants actually employed, that's an unemployment rate of about 99.97%


While a "good" start, we suspect Merkel planned be slightly further along by now in achieving her original goal of 100,000 new job opportunities for migrants. 

As such, yesterday, Merkel hosted a meeting with the CEO's of Germany's largest
corporations to see what could be done to find jobs for Germany's unemployed migrants that were, for the time being, still being supported by the German taxpayers.  Apparently, Merkel quickly discovered that it's difficult to employ people who can't prove their qualifications, don't speak German and have an uncertain immigration status.   

Many of the companies say a lack of German-language skills, the inability of most refugees to prove any qualifications, and uncertainty about their permission to stay in the country mean there is little they can do in the short term.


A survey by Reuters of the 30 companies in Germany's DAX stock market index found they could point to just 63 refugee hires in total. Several of the 26 firms who responded said they considered it discriminatory to ask about applicants' migration history, so they did not know whether they employed refugees or how many.


Of the 63 hires, 50 are employed by Deutsche Post DHL, which said it applied a "pragmatic approach" and deployed the refugees to sort and deliver letters and parcels.


"Given that around 80 percent of asylum seekers are not highly qualified and may not yet have a high level of German proficiency, we have primarily offered jobs that do not require technical skills or a considerable amount of interaction in German," a spokesman said by email.

Other companies cited that migrants are having difficultly meeting German regulatory requirements to pass a background check. 

Others among Germany's top listed companies, mainly in the financial or airline sectors, say it is practically impossible for them to take on refugees at all. They cite regulatory reasons such as the need for detailed background checks on staff.

But we thought everyone was being heavily vetted?  Surely if refugees can pass a "thorough" government screening they should have no problem with a quick corporate background check, right?

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Bokkenrijder's picture

These CEO's don't care, they need cheap canon fodder to operate the machines and production lines.

The bill for the 'collateral damage' (crime, unemployment, religious extremism) goes, as usual, to the taxpayers.

Big industry (CDU/CSU, FDP) and the left wing neo-communists (SPD, Grünen, Die Linke) get the advantages (i.e. cheap labour and a multicultural society), the others get shafted.

Gee, why oh why would AfD suddenly be so popular...?

Ghost of Porky's picture

Hey, Angie, I got a hard worker right here for ya.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Don't expect racist German CEOs to simply hire migrants. They're going have to be forced to create roles for these downtrodden people. But according to George Soros and other economic experts, migrants will add billions of Euros to the economy over the next few years, so it's worth it.



Haus-Targaryen's picture

While you are a good alter-ego of another poster here, I often times still want to punch you directly in the balls after reading your (MDB) comments. 

847328_3527's picture


Germany’s Major Firms Have Hired Fewer Than 100 of Its 1 Million Refugees


Hans und Gretel will simply have to work longer and harder to support their Muslim invaders/conquerors.


eatthebanksters's picture

Ready, Shoot, Aim....failure is the socialist paradox...

BetaGap's picture

As those very specials said:


They are not here to work, they are Murkles guests. And guests do not have to work.


I would suggest to get a link between german military industry and those hardly qualified.

archon's picture

What's the problem, Angela?  Just give them free shit, and the problem will go away!

MalteseFalcon's picture

Why doesn't the German government create the jobs.

Don't they have a DMV?

Manthong's picture

The CEO’s can train them all.

With their inbred sub-90 IQ’s they can be street sweepers, bus boys, Zamboni operators, crash-test dummies (lots of cars made in the Fourth Reich), Merkel food testers, porn fluffers or many other necessary occupations in a decadent, but expanding police state.  

Stanelli's picture

"Hans und Gretel will simply have to work longer and harder to support their Muslim invaders/conquerors."

Well, it is the right of a victor in any war. The loser must pay tribute to the victor which implies some kind of slavery. And what we see in Germany is exactly that.

Troy Ounce's picture



But..but..but..on paper it sounds so NICE!

Offthebeach's picture


You will need to call ahead

They are kept in a small pickle jar his mother keeps above the refrigerator.

gmak's picture


Good one. You are such a funny guy /gal.

oncemore's picture

cretin, have you ever been to Germany?

Have you ever worked in any german office, factory, business?

Hve you ever delt with Germans?

If somebody is rascist, then US, Which CEO ist that rascist one?

U r a nice piece of zionsits shit.

Kayman's picture


You've gone from tedious dry wit to a so-called liberal- the kind that John Stuart Mill would puke on.

Uneducated immigrants are a net negative to a Western economy- get a fucking brain.


rmopf2010's picture
Highly Unqualified


Even German unqualified peolple all they can aim is a "mini-job", what an unqualified rapugee do ?

Can wash your toilets perhaps, or as these people are educated not even that most of them will do it correcly


MillionDollarBonus is an infiltrated comunist/socialist in zero edge,

but he will teache us all in this forum a lesson

he will create a big industry in Germany and will pay 5,000€ to all this undereducated rapefujees


Learn you suckers from ZH from MillionDollarBonus!


The guy which says my socialism is better than the others

Erek's picture

Do they even know what a toilet is?

mkhs's picture

I thought there was a post suggesting swimming pools.

cheech_wizard's picture

You are just one of the reasons I am getting my concealed carry permit. oh, and possibly a Coghlan's Folding Shovel.


Erek's picture

Have at it you sick bastard. If you are that hard-up use your hand. The horror of it all.

JRobby's picture

Untrue! Some are very good at bomb making but were instucted not to put it on their resumes.

Merkel really working hard on her legacy as the door approaches........

schatzi's picture

they need cheap canon fodder to operate the machines and production lines


Actually they can't use cheap labour. At least in Germany the high tech manufacturing industry is dominated by robotics that cover cheap labour. Highly qualified labour is needed, which is a bit of a challenge when you're an illiterate from the Hindu Kush. That's why immigration from the shittiest places of this world is never going to work, but Merkel is too damn stupid to realise.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Klar Schätzilein you have a point, but another great 'advantage' of these ehhh "refugees" or migrants, is that they can be used as leverage when it comes to lowering wages and benefits.

Trial balloons have already been floated in order to exempt these 'refugees' from minimum wage requirements.

schatzi's picture

That I can fully agree with. A hoard of unemployed puts serious pressure on low wage employees. Something I have raged about for ages. Merkels immigration plan hurts the poorest in Germany and Europe most. It is their social security cake being divided into smaller pieces, their schools, their neighbourhoods, their security and infrastructure coming under strain. The wealthy, the intellectual elite, that are morally masturbating, are hardly touched by any negative consequences, yet they get to decide for everyone else and when the poor rise up, they're called nazi scum.

Bokkenrijder's picture

"Merkels immigration plan hurts the poorest in Germany and Europe most."

Yes absolutely, and it's those poor and poorly educated masses that one day will vote for either left or right wing extremists and then history will have come full circle again. (Russia 1917 or Germany 1933)

Oh the irony that the politically correct elite that is desperately clinging onto power, is indirectly the biggest catalyst for political extremism and uses "never again" as their motto.

DogOfSinope's picture

But, but... according to aired MSM field interviews with refugees they are all doctors, playing violin or a classical gutar as a hobby?

I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

StychoKiller's picture

Is a "gutar" some sort of Middle-Eastern instrument?

mkhs's picture

Yes, it is made of a recently fornicated goat's gut.

Bumpo's picture

If only their were jobs for raping and behaeding

mkhs's picture

If only their job was raping and beheading?

SimpleJackBlack's picture
SimpleJackBlack (not verified) nmb Sep 15, 2016 11:41 AM

The world is so fucked at this point.

any_mouse's picture

Only a Marxist would fail to see the faulty logic in the headline.

The days of productivity gains from unskilled workers are long gone.

Maybe in a post collapse Europe?

Manipulism's picture

She should ask them for a job for herself.

She is also unqualified.

Antifaschistische's picture

Cyprus s a very short boat ride off the coast of Syria.  Cyprus needs money.  Pay Cyprus to house all these refugees.  

A. It's a short trip BOTH WAYS  

B. It's MUCH easier to provide aid when they're all in one freaking place.  International aid would be much easier.

C. It doesn't create a crisis for every damn country in Europe.

D. Cyprus is an ISLAND which makes it MUCh easier to serve with aid

DetectiveStern's picture

E. It would piss off the Turks too.

thesonandheir's picture

Why Cyprus? 


Syria is a country with nice weather, most of the refugees are from there and doesn't put undue strains on Europe resulting in popular anger and Islamic attacks on innocent people.


So why can't the US build a safe zone there?

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Antifaschistische Sep 15, 2016 1:23 PM

Good idea. There is one entire city that was abandoned. How hard would it be to fix it up? Great idea, but good luck getting Greece and Turkey to agree on anything.

chrsn's picture

Affirmative action will solve the problem just like it has in the U.S. [eyes roll]

Son of Loki's picture

Once the muslim invaders dig in, they'll demand "reparations."

If the Germans are lucky, they'll settle for a few German virgins to be sacrificed to the rapefugee gangs every so often.

Omen IV's picture

"expected to see its working-age population shrink by 6 million people by 2030"

why not pay women to have German Babies with provable lineage of both parents going back at least 100 years with 100,000 Euros paid 50,000 upon DNA proof the balance upon live birth

cheaper for transition for language skills if taught by parents  / DNA & intellect proven /  education and cultural assimiliation faster and cheaper

could have 5,000,000 births within 5 years easy !

TRUTH: refugees are a scam to dilute the Deutchland DNA --- no more no less

researchfix's picture

That´s against the plan. German babies are too intelligent. Otherwise you are right, of course.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Q. Where did you get your degree from Doc?

A. Some shithole degree mill in the desert. 

Q. Can you call me a taxi? 

A. Don't worry I can take you. 


bornlastnight's picture

Q. Can you call me a taxi? 

A. Don't worry I can take you.



Q. Can you call me a taxi?

A. OK.  You're a taxi.

debtor of last resort's picture

Move your BMW factory to Mexico and let them work, stupid treasonous cunt.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

they don't have to learn german - imposing a european language on someone is racciss.  fucking germans can learn whatever the fuck languages that are being spoken by the sex tourists.

and if they are not qualified for shit, they are sure qualified to rape - something that germany desperately needs - fighting sperm injection since their own dudes are pussies.

Gunter's picture

Hi Nutz,
you would not believe it, but some university professor suggested or better requested months ago:

All Germans should learn Arabic
All schools should teach Arabic from Kindergarten on
Some subjects like lets say biology or mathematics should only be taught in Arabic.

I kid you not. I am (still) here.

It has not been implemented yet since there are no teachers who speak Arabic and there are no Arabs who can teach mathematics or the like ..

That was months ago, but it did not stop there.

Last week another professor requested all Germans should attend evening classes to learn how to integrate.

Again I kid you not.

ipso_facto's picture

Ein volk.  (The purity is catchy.)

bornlastnight's picture
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!