The Status Quo vs. Donald Trump

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Unless something dramatic happens (certainly possible in this election), I believe Donald Trump will win the 2016 election quite easily, and I believe this victory will be driven by the resentment vote. Forget card-carrying Democrats and Republicans, they will vote along party lines. The key to this election is, and always has been, independent voters. I believe the following chart from Gallup tells you all you need to know about who will decide this thing:


By definition, most of the 43% of Americans who identify as independents have serious misgivings about the two-party system and its so-called “luminaries.” As such, both Trump and Clinton should be battling aggressively for this key voting bloc. Unfortunately for Hillary supporters, only one of them is. The other candidate is rallying the status quo from both parties under one large, oligarch-funded tend of cronyism, militarism and business as usual. Earlier this week, I highlighted how the resentment vote against mainstream media would play a key role in tipping the scales to a Trump victory (see: The Death of Mainstream Media). Today, I want to look at how the resentment vote also targets the two-party political oligarchy.

Taking a step back, it’s become clear to me that many members from the corrupt status quo of both useless political parties are making a huge calculated error by coming together so publicly against Trump. By rallying so aggressively and passionately around Hillary Clinton, the worst of the worst from America’s oligarchy have succeeded in the impossible. They have made a billionaire reality tv star look like a counter culture iconoclast.

When Trump first ran for President, I looked on incredulously as he attempted to portray himself as an anti-status quo stalwart. As someone raised in New York City, I literally grew up with this man’s face plastered all over the papers. In my particular corner of the planet, he was more ubiquitous in the media than the President. Yet as we stand here in September 2016, less than two months away from this momentous national election, the man has remarkably morphed into an anti-status quo symbol in real life. How did this happen?

The incredible irony of the situation is that in its failed attempts to make him unacceptable, mainstream Republicans have made him palatable. Trump couldn’t convincingly turn himself into “outsider” on his own. He needed help, and he has received it in droves from the GOP establishment. Meanwhile, the most pathetic part of it all is the fact that these so-called “conservative thought leaders” and politicians still don’t understand how absolutely despised they are by the general public. They think their “stand against Trump” hurts him, when in reality it just makes him grow stronger and gives him the street cred he never had before.

As an example of what I mean, let’s take a look at some excerpts from yesterday’s Politico article: Clinton’s GOP Supporters Expect Something in Return:

Republicans backing Hillary Clinton want history to reflect they didn’t help Donald Trump win the White House. But that’s not the only reason they’re bucking their party’s line.


Access, appointments and influence over a Clinton administration’s policies is the just dessert that a growing slate of conservative policy wonks, Capitol Hill veterans and former GOP administration officials say they expect for endorsing and in some cases raising money for the Democratic presidential nominee.


And they’re already getting it. From messaging help delivered by Clinton’s communications team to direct and regular access to senior staffers and in-person meetings to discuss policy and strategy, Republicans who have abandoned Trump say the Democrat has given every indication that the GOP view will be reflected in her administration.


After she is sworn in, these Republicans say, they expect positions in a Clinton administration that go beyond the one or two seats that are typically reserved for opposition party experts in any White House that aims to win bipartisan support and cast itself as a solutions-oriented bridge-building operation. Indeed, while Barack Obama hired Robert Gates and Ray LaHood to run his first-term Defense and Transportation departments and George W. Bush tapped Norman Mineta to lead the DOT, many Republicans this cycle envision GOP voices sprinkled throughout the upper echelon of a Democratic administration.


Still, Clinton’s team isn’t shy about its efforts to win over some of the very same people responsible for policies that their party has run against in previous presidential election cycles, including former George H.W. Bush White House aide Brent Scowcroft and former George W. Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.


John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, and Leslie Dach, a former Walmart executive who worked for both the Clinton and Obama administrations, have taken the lead on the GOP recruitment effort by tapping more than two decades of contacts the two men developed in moving back and forth through Washington’s revolving doors. They’ve been identifying and wooing potential Clinton supporters from different GOP policy, political and business circles, and several Republican defectors who have gone public with their endorsements say the campaign has been quick to swoop in and help them publish and distribute statements and op-eds declaring support, to coordinate media interviews and assisting in wider Republican networking efforts.

As you can see, a Clinton Presidency will be a grotesque amalgamation of the worst revolving door crooks in the Republican and Democratic parties. Oh, and John Podesta’s brother gets paid $140,000 a month by the Saudis.

By embracing Clinton, these Republicans say they’ve also gained an easy entry point to communicate with the campaign’s senior brass on both policy and political tactics. Come 2017, they hope their campaign access translates to a new Clinton administration.


Some of the Republicans backing Clinton say the bar isn’t exactly that high for the Democrat when it comes to their specific policy issues too. Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House who endorsed Clinton last month, said he’d like a promise from the Democrat that she wouldn’t increase taxes. But most important, he said, was for Clinton to keep pushing on Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, and not to pick someone with a more liberal track record.


Clinton’s left flank is paying close attention to the Republicans’ rising stock too, and they are threatening to blast the Democrat should she win and then govern with anything less than a progressive mind-set. An early warning of just how close they’re watching:


Critics of free trade and fracking ripped Clinton earlier this summer after she put a Democrat — former senator and Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar — into a job leading her transition efforts.

Ooooh, they’re “threatening” her once she’s already in there. Could Democrats be more pathetic?

Of course, useless politicos from both parties lining up behind Clinton is just the tip of the iceberg. Wall Street financiers are particularly into her. Recall the following from the post, Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly:

Hordes of industry executives will descend on the city to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president and renew close associations that vexed the Democratic standard-bearer throughout her primary battle with Bernie Sanders.


Blackstone, one of the nation’s largest private equity firms, will hold an official reception in Philadelphia on Thursday featuring its president, Tony James, sometimes mentioned as a possible Treasury Secretary in a Clinton administration.


Hedge fund managers and top Democratic donors including Avenue Capital’s Marc Lasry and Boston Provident’s Orin Kramer will also be on the scene as will Morgan Stanley executive and former top Clinton aide Tom Nides. Executives from Citigroup, JPMorganChase and other large banks will also prowl the streets and bar rooms of Philadelphia.


The financial contingent will be in an especially good mood following Clinton’s selection of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.Kaine has shown a willingness to fight for regional bank relief from the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. But more than that, he’s not Elizabeth Warren, the potential VP pick that long had Wall Street terrified.


Republicans with ties to the financial industry will also be there, a sharp contrast to Donald Trump’s convention in Cleveland, which Wall Street largely shunned over fears of the GOP nominee’s populist agenda on trade, immigration and Wall Street reform.

So who’s “with her.”

1) Neocons and other notorious Republican crooks.


2) Wall Street oligarchs.

Does this matter? Of course it does. The problem for me is I don’t like who Trump surrounds himself with either, particularly that bully-thug Chris Christie. I also can’t support him because he fails on several key issues that are most important to me (see video below for more).

But this isn’t about me. This is about the American voter, and the more time passes, the more I understand the motivations of the vast majority of Trump supporters. It isn’t xenophobia or racism, it’s a vote against the status quo and the way they’ve strip mined and destroyed this country. It’s a FU vote and a major gamble, but it’s not as irrational or hateful as you might think.

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sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

It's also a rejection of the domestic and foreign policies of the last eight years.

38BWD22's picture



Clinton Crime Family Foundation contributors are going to be pissed when they know their bribes will do no good when Trump wins...


JRobby's picture

If people really understood the billions that are made off of a couple of million in bribes they would drop to the floor dry heaving and shitting in convulsions.

This is why "that stuff goes on all the time" is the bleet of the imbecilic status quo craving sheep that will happily be bulldozed into a pit like a pile of feces.


Escrava Isaura's picture

JRobby: Imbecilic status quo

No quo. Code.

Enigma Code: Morality, Free will, Culture, Religion and Sexuality (a few unmentionable facts)

Our lives are essentially fiction based. We read fiction novels and prefer to watch fictional dramas on stage and screen; we readily believe advertising and political propaganda, and most people place implicit faith in some form of religious, economic or political creed. So culture serves as humanity’s Disneyland, a gaudy fantasy world that is specifically designed to keep us ignorant of the fact that it is our genes that call the shots, not our cortical neurones. As a byproduct of genetic evolution, all life is energy dependent and rigidly bound by the laws of thermodynamics. Consequently, species that harvest either too little or too much energy risk summary execution via the normal processes of Darwinian selection. Our species is no exception. Thanks to our extraordinary talent for technology we harvest vastly more energy per-capita than any other animal of our size. And given our global population and our current per capita rate of resource consumption, we now need three times more surface area than this small and very finite planet possesses. In short, our species is now grossly unsustainable and we are asset-stripping this cosmic Camelot in order to maintain our artificially inflated standard of living. To put it bluntly, we are on the edge of energy bankruptcy and evolutionary decline: perhaps even extinction.


espirit's picture

Classic Krieger Fail.

"I can't support him because..."


I can't believe I had to read the whole article to get to that last line.

Vote Trump, vote often. 

scm's picture

THUMP IS status quo.
He even admits it. Just listen to him.

macholatte's picture

I like Krieger but I’m not sure he would support any politician who had a chance of winning. So, one more time....

Somebody please explain to me in simple terms why Trump is not a really good choice for President.  Let me provide some counter arguments first:

1.  Hitlary is an extremely well documented liar and corrupt politician who should be in prison and not running for POTUS.  So that in and of itself “disqualifies” her except for the fact that the Blue Team Progressives, the RINOS, the 1%, the Banksters and the Oligarchs from every corner of the globe got her nominated and she is protected because of her political corruption.

2.  Trump cannot be bought.

3.  Trump is an experienced business man and a much better choice than a preacher (Carter) a pampered dunce (Bush II) or a dark skinned Marxist community organizer.

4.  People don’t like Trump’s tone.  So what! He’s from New York. Get over it.

5.  The only argument against Trump is that he’s “a bigot and sexist and racist” and all of that blather is totally undocumented and made up negative propaganda because the left cannot stand against the issues of political corruption, never ending war, failed domestic policy, etc. etc..



BeerMe's picture

Trump is going after the Fed.

oops's picture

The FED will install the next Potus. Those who control the Fed are the status quo.

Escrava Isaura's picture

2.  Trump cannot be bought.


If you show Trump the money, you can put Trump name in your building. So, your second statement is wrong.


Anyway, in my opinion, Trump Presidency will resemble Reagan and Nixon (huge deficits, protectionism, and lots of social spendings) and that what scares the hell of the democrats, because he’ll get away with.


Trump won’t be like Hitler (introduce a new currency and fight the bankers).


But, Trump will become a neocon as soon as he has to make geopolitical decisions. But not to worry, he’ll spin in a way that 99% of the population might think he’s saving the world and Russia is our enemy #1.


jeff montanye's picture

nah.  if he wanted to be bought he would have taken sheldon adelson's offered $100 million a long time ago.  i also doubt he will become a neocon since they have far better radar on this than i and they distrust him (that's why sheldon wants to buy him so badly).  also he's had a chance more than once to take an easy road by criticizing putin and he's never taken it.  that's a minority position in the u.s. i believe, but he's stuck to it.

scm's picture

Your points are opinions and have nothing to do with Liberty, the only thing they are is, "not hillary"

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Escrava Isaura Sep 15, 2016 7:53 PM

The Criminal is the ultimate insider.

macholatte's picture


If you show Trump the money, you can put Trump name in your building. So, your second statement is wrong.


Maybe you are confusing paid advertising for a legitimate business with the "pay-for-play" political bribes.

There is a difference. One of them is illegal, unless your name is Clinton.




Walt's picture

So start a trend - kill yourself.

bh2's picture

If elected, Trump should immediately establish a Trump Initiative Foundation and then refuse to allow it to accept any foreign-connected donations (including those from foreign-controlled domestic corporations). Oh, and have Ivanka run it. Chelsea can show her all the ropes, first hand.

Cynicles's picture

presidents are selected, not elected

jeff montanye's picture

again what makes trump such an opportunity.  he selected himself and then out publicized and out flanked the weak republican field.  you see the entire u.s. political establishment and media lining up for now seen as desperately sick and laughably duplicitous hillary.  i daresay some are suffering buyer's remorse.


lakecity55's picture

Fuck all this warmongering we do for the Zionists. Let them attack Iran if they want chaos. No more US Soldiers dead!

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) lakecity55 Sep 15, 2016 8:27 PM

Trump just picked zionist James Woolsey (PNAC, CFR, CIA) as his "senior advisor" on national security. Same as it ever was.

jeff montanye's picture

not a good sign but woolsey knows where the bodies are buried and if one (trump) could truly wield authority over such a person trump could have a powerful tool.  time will tell.

my best guess: mossad mole.

purplelama's picture

The last twenty eight years, you mean?

jeff montanye's picture

sixteen for absolutely, positively sure.  rememer it was 9-11-01.

Breathial's picture

"It's also a rejection of the domestic and foreign policies of the last eight years."


More like every shit policy since at least Reagan.

Theta_Burn's picture

Ill go with the FU vote. with the added bonus that theres no way Trump can fuck things up worse than they already are..

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Sep 15, 2016 5:46 PM

This clown just can't wrap his head around the fact that Trump is a genius. The cognitive dissonance is too great.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Can the crowd be right? 

Omen IV's picture

"The Indiana governor rebuffed their attempts to get him to openly denounce one-time Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke; they also refused Pence's call to join him in pouncing on the “deplorables” line with Capitol Hill reporters.


the republicans want pence to take the Hillary word  - deplorable - and use it to justify her remark

they are despicable - amazing how this race is judged based upon the opposition

WTFUD's picture

David's uncles Randolf & Mortimer Duke weren't too impressed either.

reesemacgruder's picture

We should have known that family was trouble when they called Billy Ray Valentine a 'nl99er'.


KKK was an obvious choice once they lost their seat on the exchange.

DeusHedge's picture

The first line alone should be enough to excavate the downtrodden cause of liberty gone amiss by pr0n and sex addiction.. However, who said anyone was watching anyway?

kill switch's picture

I don't say this as a cheerleader,,, but in my best judgement, TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE and electoral college will have to comply.

38BWD22's picture



My *guess* is that by Sunday night (after Hillary's collapse and her minions' denials) we knew that Trump would win.  Perhaps not a landslide, but probably very convincing.

JRobby's picture

The Electoral College.  Where the fuck did they come up with that gem?

They just need to do thier honest best. Seems like a tough one for many people today?



lakecity55's picture

We have an electoral college because we are supposed to be a Republic,

Each state has a number of electors equal to their congressmen and 2 senators. My state has 8 congressmen and 2 senators= 10 electoral votes.

It was designed that way so that say if California had 200 million people and there was only 100 million in the rest of the US, California could not dominate politics by sheer numbers as in a straight-up democracy.

Also, Senators were elected by their State Houses. We should go back to that and scrap the popular vote for senators.

Hohum's picture

William Kristol didn't give in; he dug up a fifth party candidate.

MilwaukeeMark's picture

.... It's also a rejection of the domestic and foreign policies of the last eight years ....
Try 16 years

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

I'm willing to go as far as '92. The hubris in DC has increased exponentially since then.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

16 years?


Nixon normalized trade with China.  That took some planning.  so at least 50 years...  not to mention perhaps Kennedy was a good guy... 70 years...  factor in the U.S. went tits up in 1913 - thus the fiat systems... 100+ years...  but that was a result of Andrew Jackson's paying off the national debt... 200 years.... 

JRobby's picture

16, do I hear 24? 24? Yes! It's 24.

scm's picture

Make sure to come back here after he's elected so we can remind you just how much of the same old shit he really is.

WTFUD's picture

This revolving .Gov-Goldman-Blackstone-Buy-One-Get-One for half-price Office Appointment-Raid/Return is truly sickening.

NoWayJose's picture

NBC Evening news raked Trump with several false or exxagerated stories - you can tell they are worried!

JRobby's picture

The Comcast GE NBC? We can stop right here I think?

espirit's picture

Turn it off.

I get enough on my 30 min treadmill at the gym to make me fast until dinner.


And that makes me a Deplorable?

indaknow's picture

Hang em all Trumpster. I don't care what your policies are at this point.  If you flush the establishment on both sides you will be doing America a yuge service. It's time to take America back for the sake of the World.  Hang the Democrats and hang the Republicans just fucking hang them all. Rid this world of the billionaire club. Rid this world of the pc phonys. Rid this world of the globalists. And rid this world of the entitled class. But most of all rid this world of the fucking clintons. 

Imagine what 20 trillion dollars could have done for America instead of having everyone hate your fucking guts. Imagine if you actually helped the middle East instead of bombing the shit of them. Imagine spending your wealth on your own people rather than feeding all your resources to the military industrial complex. Imagine LINING YOUR CITIZENS POCKETS RATHER THAN YOUR POLITICIANS POCKETS!

It's time.  It's time for a new paradigm.  Its time for America to take back their Country.  For the sake of humanity it's about fucking time. 


JRobby's picture

Trump has really good policy ideas. There are details provided. You should research it.

Now if everyone did the same it would be a huge benefit.

FoodStampPrez's picture

LOLOLOLOL. Have you seen Trump's team of "advisors"? Bush-era neocon sycophants by the dozen. If you expect Trump to change the status quo, you are dreaming. The welfare/warfare state wins every time.