Trumps Slams "Totally Politically Controlled" Fed, Sees No Rate Hike Until Obama Has Left

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"The Fed is being totally controlled politically," exclaimed Donald Trump. Interest rates will remain low until January 1st, Trump went on, "because Obama wants to go out with no stock market disruptions." The stock market "will remain at artificially high levels," until the end of the year.

"If it was a choice between the right decision and a political decision... The Fed would choose the political decision"


"The Fed has become very political... beyond anything I would have thought possible..."

Two minutes in: (apologies for sound quality)


And while there are those conventional "Keynesians" who will loudly proclaim that you have to be insane to be hiking rates as the economy is sliding, we will ask: with the Fed having prioritized capital markets over the economy for over a century, perhaps it is conventional thought that is wrong, and it is time to try something that may work, because ZIRP, and whatever the Fed is doing, clearly is not.

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knukles's picture

What was that executive order number 1110110 or something?
Lemme see here

tapping foot, finger to lips, staring at ceiling

cheka's picture

but vaunted independence

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Beware, Trump. Your pain and humiliation will be great when Dearest Lord Hillary flays your wrinkled orange skin upon the altar of Lovely Ashtoreth. Long live The Dearest! May the All Seeing Eye of Providence soon witness your ultimate victory!

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If imitation is the best form of flattery, you are seriously fucked in the head, lad.

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Earth to the Donald….

It was born in a series corrupt political and financial maneuvers in 1913.

It is corrupt in its political and financial nature to the core

It exists now only to enrich the politicians and wealthy, allow the government to borrow unlimited amounts at little expense and pass the burden and costs  on to the populace.

In other words… IT IS AN F’N CENTRAL BANK!

(And they are getting ready to pass their $Trillions of worthless “assets” up to the IMF along with every other corrupt central bank on the planet…just like the all of the money center banks did in 2007 under Hank Goldman Paulsen, then Ben Shalom Bernanke and Mario Goldman Draghi through 2011..

It's called “recapitalizing all the bad debt on the globe” in preparation of a one-world monetary order.)


LawsofPhysics's picture

yes, but, fiat is fiat is fiat...

Everything that has transpired has been well documented, there most certainly will be retibution!

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Hmm, Trump doesn't get the true nature of the FED. The FED is not at all political, it is running the debt ponzi to the max before the inevitable, ultimate Bust, and collapse of the US dollar as world reserve. The politics of individual political leaders does not matter.

The core nature of the FED is corruption and theft.

The FED needs to be put down like the rabid organism it is.

Remember that the first act of the newly formed post-Ghaddafi Libyan goverment was to create a Central Bank.

adanata's picture


Yes, of course it's a F'N CENTRAL BANK... but I know from years of personal experience...even with well educated individuals who respected my opinions... you cannot say that and be understood by The Sheeple. They absolutely do not "get it" in the form of a face punch and the media would crucify him. You have to take them there

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FreezeThese (not verified) adanata Sep 15, 2016 2:03 PM

Didn't his businesses [still operating] benefit from their low interest rates? Tall Tale Trump


If the shoe fits I s'pose

new game's picture

most wealthy are intertwined to the point of "not an option" when fully informed of the consequences

of disbanding the fed and moving to sound monetary policy.

He will be educated soon enuf, and then silence on the mater.

the fed is the PTB. period. and this is to die for stuff...

nothing will change til bloodshed.

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FreezeThese (not verified) new game Sep 15, 2016 5:20 PM

Punt next week and go for two in Dec sans Trump victory

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I believe it.  And it tells you one thing. They're scared.  Trump is going to win. Then the real battle begins.  I don't think they'll try to whack him. To many ways to be exposed.  But they're gonna try to sabotage his agenda. They're gonna let the recession hit hard next year. I'm glad he's starting the messaging now.

Trump just discussed the FED malfeasance in front of an audience 1000 bigger than Ron Paul ever reached.  And he is going to end up in a position to actually do something about it unlike Paul.

crossroaddemon's picture

You think POTUS can... like... DO something?! You're an idiot. That position is CONTROLLED. And yes, if he strays too far off course they'll cap his ass or frame him for something. There is NO chance for change within the system.

NihilistZero's picture

Regan, JFK and Teddy Roosevelt all fought the money power and scored victories.  I'm reasonably cynical, but every now and again good things do happen.  Only idiots cry about what can't be.

scintillator9's picture

Don't forget about Andrew Jackson.

The very bad man who owned slaves and killed Native American Indians. <This is sarcasm>

He got our national debt to ZERO, and has also been criticized for creating one of the worst economic depressions because of how he routed out the banks.

Here is a nice hit piece on that:

Coincidentally, he was the first president to have an assassination attempt on his life.


any_mouse's picture

Right. Just coincidence.

Is he the figure on FRN that is to be replaced by an angry black woman?

The bankers have long memories and bloodlines.

Zoomorph's picture

There is NO chance for change within the system.

An obviously wrong statement. Change is all around us. Go spew your bullshit elsewhere.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Rick Newman is another Fed ass-kisser.  Wonder if he's one of Steve Liesman's drinking buddies ...

The Fed is aware of all that and has judged the risk of raising rates to more normal levels to be worse than the risk of keeping them super-low ... if you’re the Fed, you don’t get to play rhetorical games. You have to make what you think are the least-bad decisions and let the critics fire away.

And the least-bad decision now will prove to be the worst decision in the not-so-distant future.  The best decision would have been to let the economy correct while maintaining a steady money supply (not cutting, and certainly not QE).  The Fed never allowed the garbage and rot to be flushed away after the 2008 recession hit, which is a large part of the reason why we're in the current boat of malaise.

The Fed has a long history of making short-term "good" or "least bad" decisions that turn out to be long-term "terrible" decisions.  Just watch, this will be borne out in the next several months.

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 Ah no. Fiat controls politics. How fucking clueless can he be to have that ass backwards?

Arnold's picture

I have not considered the Federal Reserve political.

Hapless? yes; political? as much as they need to be to survive, I guess.

VWAndy's picture

Magic money took complete control in 1913. They own this mess.

Kidbuck's picture

Trump is clever. Is it a ploy to get Yellen to prove him wrong?

BennyBoy's picture


The FED has never sent back a congressional budget to be "fixed".

More debt, more better.


hedgeless_horseman's picture


Art of the Deal


This is war.

Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

The only deal will be the conditions of surrender, if any, and that will not occur until after one side or the other accepts that it is defeated.

Much blood and tears between that point and today, I fear.

War is THE racket.

CJgipper's picture

You didn't notice that "Art of the Deal" is a clever little twist on "Art of War"?

NidStyles's picture

There is only the war.


That is the truth of the matter. Tribes are always at war with each other for dominance. In this instance it's the Germans versus the Jews. It's been Germans versus Jews since the 1800's. Sure the other tribes spouted off occasionally to try and put their foot in the door, but it's nothing compared to the carnage the Jews and Germans have wrought upon each other.


Right now the Germans are winning, but the Jews aren't giving up. The loser of this war goes extinct. The Jews won control of many of the Germanic institutions, but they simply couldn't break the Germanic spirit, especially here in the US.


E.F. Mutton's picture

If she raises, it crashes on Barry's watch

If she doesn't, he looks correct


Son of Loki's picture

There's zero chance of her raising rates. China just released another gazillion RMB in credit fueling currency wars but the response is lower key then I thought they would be. I thought for sure things like PMs would react more strongly but seems like they are all focused on houses and RE throught out he world, for now. Houses and aprtments in many cities in China over 16% this month over last month. It's really crazy over there my friend says. Literally 100 people will fist fight over one 2-bedroom apartment that goes for $1.8 million in parts of Beijing. I guess that's why they flood to NZ, USA, etc.


When foreign gubmints start confiscating or taxing more hevaily, that may change.

spastic_colon's picture

so what keeps them from doing what they did last december/january and after brexit? all the central banks and tell them to buy the shit out of our market after they raise rates to "show" everyone how right they are.

seek's picture

I think it's pre-emptive ass-covering. If he wins, they'll fuck up what's left of the economy for sure -- Trump is making sure he's laid the groundwork to blame the correct parties, rather than him.

All for nought, unfortunately, as the MSM clearly is working for the other side. I can't imagine how shrill the shrieks will be once he's in the white house. They'll be blaming kids stubbing their toes on Trump before the inauguration speech is over.

Fisherman Blue's picture

But Jack Yellen will never fall for it. Why, because the FED is political.

blown income's picture

And when grandma jacks rates and Trump is President and they crash it 


Trump will say I told you so...and he will be right !


pitz's picture

How exactly can they raise rates without leaving people with mountains of worthless money?  The economy definitely isn't growing, so how can it pay interest?

booboo's picture

Debt that cost nothing that pays nothing is worth............

NihilistZero's picture

Exactly! All that's needed is the price discovery an creative destruction that the halted in 2012 to resume. We haven't had a proper correction since the NASDAQ burst almost 17 years ago!

theWHTMANN's picture

And where is Hilliary in all this?  Ironing her multicolored pant suits?


Heil Hitlery!

bamawatson's picture

ironing ?? hell she doesn't even wipe her own ass

who wipes hillary's ass ?

spastic_colon's picture

so if i'm the fed and we're playing trump's game, we raise rates in sept. and allow a small correction then ram the ES up everyone's ass until november elections; if trump wins then crash it so it looks like the markets hate him; if hitlery wins let it crawl until an "event" to blame it on.

heretical's picture

Many of us in Europe are looking at Trump and hoping he will set an example for our inept and treasonous politicians.

Manipulism's picture

Many, except the media liars.

Privyet_Jet's picture

And 99% of the (indoctrinated) youth

SHADEWELL's picture

I say DJT

Bravo, kick them in the cunt, call them out for the lying sack of shit thieving bastards that they are.

However, you should probably be wearing a bullet proof vest and helmet 24-7 at this point, they are going to take a run at you man, 

FBI, SS, HLS, Soros, pick your poison

you are stiking the nerve at this point



Iconoclast421's picture

Bulletproof vest wont help against polonium.

Boris Badenov's picture

Tally of current Politically Controlled agencies:

  1. The FBI
  2. The DOJ
  3. The IRS
  4. The Fed

Get to work, Mr. Trump.

Manipulism's picture

You should replace political with corporate controlled.

Politicans are serfs.

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Manipulism Sep 15, 2016 12:22 PM

albeit well-paid ones