Hillary Is Secretive, Abusive Because of Psychic Scarring

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She wasn’t always like this … No, Hillary Rodham Clinton was once willing to share her deepest thoughts and feelings, as she did in a 1993 speech on “the politics of meaning,” delivered as her father lay dying, in which she said the country was suffering “a sleeping sickness of the soul,” and urged her fellow citizens “to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being in the 20th century.”   – Politico

This article attempts to convince us that Hillary is secretive and abusive because she has been psychically injured during her long career of public service.

But there are so many instances in Hillary’s past of ways she has deliberately injured others that it is difficult to believe such acts are mostly the result of ongoing injured feelings.

On its surface, therefore, this Politico article is jaw-dropping in terms of its thesis and argumentation. But there is probably another reason for its dissemination as well: More on that below.

From a surface standpoint, we are aware that she has been more than ordinarily abusive to others working with her or reporting to her. It has even been suggested that Vince Foster killed himself because of her relentless denigration when he worked at the White House as Special Council.

But another reason has recently circulated once more for Foster’s supposed suicide: He was devastated by the Waco massacre, which Hillary supposedly had a hand in triggering.  See here.

It is hard to believe that Hillary pushed for the cold-blooded murder of 80 individuals including women and children because of personal psychic scarring. Supposedly, Waco was impeding the momentum of the health-care overhaul she wanted to pursue.

Perhaps Hillary was so mean in the White House because her husband was having numerous outside affairs. But the way she chose to handle these affairs was not necessarily to confront Bill but to intimidate the women by means fair and foul to ensure they did not talk.

Right from the beginning of her White House tenure, Hillary was malicious and manipulative. She fired the personnel of the White House Travel office and tried to jail individuals with phony charges of corruption. She did this because she wanted her own people in charge of the office, which generated lucrative fees.

When Hillary and Bill left the White House they stole a lot of furniture and silverware, and eventually had to give some of it back.

These are just some of the issues surrounding Hillary that seem to indicate that her behavior is not the result of psychic scarring but something more profound and even wicked.

The Politico article is firm in its thesis and analysis however:

[As a result of her speech] she was roundly, relentlessly ridiculed, most infamously in a New York Times cover story, titled “Saint Hillary,” by the late Michael Kelly, in which she expounded at even greater length on her personal passions, unaware that Kelly would use them to mock her for high-minded earnestness.

In those interviews, the public Hillary Clinton was altogether different than the one the public sees today: less guarded, more candid, far more eager to embrace the “larger message” she’s so often criticized for lacking now.

When Kelly suggested to her that she was “trying to come up with a sort of unified-field theory of life,” she responded in what he described as “excited” tones: “That’s right, that’s exactly right!”

“She is, it develops in the course of two long conversations,” Kelly wrote then, “looking for a way of looking at the world that would marry conservatism and liberalism, and capitalism and statism, that would tie together practically everything: the way we are, the way we were …

This is a good explanation of Hillary’s fundamental approach to politics and life: She wants to marry “capitalism and statism” together.

In other words, the animating drive of her adult life was to create lasting fascism and impose it on America.

She is not so far from doing so.

Presumably, in the process of realizing her dreams for the larger society, Hillary was able to justify actions most would find reprehensible.

That’s one way to look at it. Another is simply that she is a venal and manipulative person who has a sociopath’s gift for doing as she chooses without concern for the results.

In any event, it is very difficult to marry her many malicious actions with psychic scarring based on people’s unkindness.

There are many in this world exposed to worse who do not act the way Hillary behaves, and thus it is very hard to take this Politico story seriously.

But as we suggested at the beginning of this article, there may be other reasons to publish this Politico perspective.

First, we have to realize that as ridiculous as this Politico article seems it is by no means alone. There are pro-Hillary articles published on a regular basis that are nearly as illogical and naïve-seeming as this one.

It is fairly clear to anyone who pays attention that the Clintons are part of a larger corrupt system that is dedicated to removing or diminishing nation-states in order to create stronger global governance.

Part of this system involves putting into place destructive mechanisms that undermine the military, politics and even the media.

It is this last point that is important to note here. Hillary’s political campaign has forced the worst kind of biased and inaccurate reporting out into the open.

The most “prestigious” publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times as well as the country pre-eminent thought magazines such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic regularly issue article that almost anyone capable of reading can debunk.

We would argue this is not by accident. The other day (here) we made the point that it seemed Hillary’s elite backers were desperate to ensure her election. We hypothesized that her ability to lead the US into war was seen as most valuable.

It is fairly clear that the world’s economic system is worsening and that central banking actions are undermining whatever shards of solvency are still apparent. Consider this thesis as viable and then accept that it is being buttressed by reports such as the one just issued by Gallup (here) showing that Americans hold mass media in lower respect than ever.

We would argue that these two results are not unrelated. American mainstream media is being torn down on purpose along with the political process to further raze democracy and weaken the West’s functionality generally.

Conclusion: The world and specifically the West are being prepared for a major change that will feature a diminution of local authority in favor of global governance. Within this context, articles even as terrible as this one in Politico are no accident. They are designed to polarize the population and increase mistrust of mass media reporting. It is fortunate, therefore, that we have the opposition of ‘Net news.

See more at TheDailyBell

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Joebloinvestor's picture

I call BS on the article.

She was born fucking evil and will go out that way.

Never indicted or prosecuted, but still EVIL.

gregga777's picture

hil–LIAR–y Rotten "Shaky" Clinton is a pathological LIAR because of psychological SCARING, not scarring. From a very early age every time she looks in a mirror she sees the soul of the female NSDAP SS (Nazi German Schutz Staffel) death camp guard from which she was reincarnated. That would psychologically SCARE anyone.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Sep 18, 2016 1:30 PM

Or should could just be a biological psychopath like all the other power seekers.  Normal people don't seek power over others.

steveo77's picture

Obama has "brokered a deal" to fly nuclear waste from Europe to USA.

And they started it today.  

It is described to be the biggest operation of its kind.    We don't know if they are doing 10 flights or 1000 flights.

What could possibly go wrong?    This seems almost beyond belief.


giggler321's picture

Probably doesn't help having a husband dicking around with bimbos - as ZH put it, STILL

brushhog's picture

Alot of psychopaths have reasons, terrible childhoods, emotional scars, etc. Those people need help, but we dont make them president.

SheepDog-One's picture

So the best they can come up with now is 'OK OK Hillary is damaged goods, she's mean and secretive and enjoys hurting others, but hey she used to be pretty nice way back when'....yea whatever she can fuck off.

mary mary's picture

Rose Law Firm and the Mena drug smuggling and killings were while Bill was Governor of Arkansas, before he and Hillary got into the White House.  Other incidents, too.

jharry's picture

Crazy people can't control themselves and make terrible decisions.  Maybe she's BI POLAR?

gregga777's picture

All anyone needs to know is that hil–LIAR–y Rotten "Shaky" Clinton has a soul blacker than an NSDAP Shutz Staffel (Nazi Germany SS) death camp guard.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) gregga777 Sep 18, 2016 1:31 PM

Hey they were just following orders.  Sheesh.

gregga777's picture

They were all volunteers. They were willing to do anything to avoid service on the Ost Front (Eastern Front).

Sokhmate's picture

I read it "Capitalism and Satanism"

willwork4food's picture

This was an excellent article. Hits the points square on.

XWeatherman's picture

Politico points up a before and after Killery.

After what:
Selling her soul to the devil?
An operation to remove a tumor from her brain?
Late stages of syphilis?
Late stages of Partkison's disease?

GRDguy's picture

Some snakes (sociopaths) are simply born snakes.

It's your job not to be bit by them. Just like hiking in the desert.

KuriousKat's picture

Officer Krupkee she don't need a shrink she needs a year in the pen!

west side story



add; This is the kind of defense used for folx facing Deathrow and life sentences.


GreatUncle's picture

Nice to know why I am so radicalised ...

Skiprrrdog's picture

Wake me up when she receives some much deserved PHYSICAL SCARRING...

Maybe Obongo the Monkey King can take her to Kenya and get a couple of small dinner plates put in her earlobes...

geno-econ's picture

Disagree with Politico conclusion that we are moving towards Global Governance.  In fact we are seeing a rejection of Economic Globalism which has caused disparity of income, political corruption, unsustainable deficit financing, no growth,  wars, corporate tax evasion and no national loyalty.  The system is slowly breaking down despite bandaid  attempts to keep it going.  Hillary represents the past, Trump represents buffunery but appeals to those yearning for change one way or another.  So the election choice is going with Hillary in an effort to continue on a dead end course, or gamble with Trump who claims he will shake up the system, but with the danger of Trump becoming  another Nero,  more corrupt than Clintons or our Hero.   Tough choice for America

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) geno-econ Sep 18, 2016 1:35 PM

What's the choice?  Trump or World War 3.

It's not about wishing for a big daddy to fix everything, it's simply the desire to prevent armageddon before the oligarchs tip over the board when they lose the game.


The United States of America hates women en masse and wants to subjugate them to every form of discrimination that the press corps can muster. This is primarily due to the mental midgets in the Roman Catholic Church and their inherent penchant for sodomizing the rectums of children in the church. This defines power in the church as primarily homosexual, and psychologically at variance with heterosexual cultural norms. The prospect of female leadership frightens them due to the fact that women in leadership undoubtedly do not condone buggering children like Popes, Cardinals, and priests, do. This type of so-called 'leadership' in the Catholic Church lives in fear of women due to their rape culture which does not appeal to women who are largely victims of this form of institutionalized abuse at the hands of so-called 'men'. In brief, the USA is fundamentally run via patriarchy which is wholeheartedly seen as defunct in contemporary secular society apart from patriarchal enclaves such as the bumfucker church, and the queer as a three dollar bill sports leagues. America lauds aggression, rape culture, and discrimination of women, so that institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church can maintain the fags, queers, homos, and rapists, in the halls of power.

A woman like Hitler-y Clinton upsets that apple cart for many in the hallowed halls of power & administration of bureaucracy, but the prospect of a woman leading the USA is entirely intolerable for institutions like the Catholic Church which has relegated women to the netherworlds of child rearing & food preparation still to this day. Bottom line is that a woman president might do something about the rapists in the Catholic Church and they don't like that prospect whatsoever. Ergo, America is being conditioned by Catholicism to denigrate all women for any role they play outside of motherhood.

Kidbuck's picture

Utter bs. My family and I, and lots of my friends were alive in the 90s and our souls were just fine. That she willingly submerged herself in every counterculture perversion going from homosexuality to communism turned her soul to shit.

KuriousKat's picture
Joe Biden advises Hillary Clinton to 'open up, let them see your heart'


Its Gone!

cosimdm's picture

Funny how Politico today says Hillary did not start the birther controversy.  Poliico admits some obscure person in her 2008 campaign started the rumor, but COMPLETELY OMITS the part about how Sidney Blumenthal, her right hand man, flogged the rumor to all the press.

Politico is just another Clinton comic book.

shovelhead's picture

Nothing exotic here. Her narcissism is so pronounced that it leads her to a sense of entitlement far beyond her capability except that of a schemer. Bill's humiliations? Only matters if you care enough, and she doesn't. Her eyes are on the prize. Power confers wealth and vice versa, and if nothing else, she has learned to use it.

She deserves it and anyone who stands in her way will get crushed.

How she got there could be an amusing roundtable for the headshinkers, but sometimes Daddy's little Princess just goes horribly wrong.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Some people are just born mean, nasty, conniving, grasping, vindictive and all round rotten-to-the-core.

Hillarrhoid Rotten Clinton is THE Prime Example of that - which is what makes her so appealing to the "Usual Suspects".


Tenshin Headache's picture

Yup. Psychic scars or psychopath?

MotherAyahuasca's picture

I beg to differ with you in that some are born the nasty way that they've become....

If you were to really think/read about it, fucked up genes, heredity is <5% of the issue and environment (in which we all are currently living in and share) is the main culprit.


What child is born a bigot, socio/psychopath, thief, murderer, etc?  It's their immediate environment and society, hand in hand, that breeds that.

w a l k - a w a y's picture

 "What child is born a bigot, socio/psychopath, thief, murderer, etc? It's their immediate environment and society, hand in hand, that breeds that."


The Greatest Slavery

"Slowly, slowly, as man progressed, he became aware of many kinds of slavery. Only recently in the West have we become aware that the greatest slavery is that of the child. It was never thought of before; it is not mentioned in any scripture of the world. Who could have thought ... a child and a slave? A slave to his own parents, who love him, who sacrifice themselves for the child? It would have looked ridiculous, utter nonsense!

"But now, as psychological insight has deepened into the human mind and its functioning, it has become absolutely clear that the child is the most exploited person; nobody has been exploited more than the child. And of course he is being exploited behind a façade of love.

"And I don't say that the parents are aware that they are exploiting the child, that they are imposing a slavery on the child, that they are destroying the child, that they are making him stupid, unintelligent, that their whole effort of conditioning the child as a Hindu, as a Mohammedan, as a Christian, as a Buddhist, is inhuman; they are not aware of it, but that does not make any difference as far as the facts are concerned. The child is being conditioned by the parents in ugly ways, and of course the child is helpless: he depends on the parents. He cannot rebel, he cannot escape, he cannot protect himself. He is absolutely vulnerable; hence he can be easily exploited.

"Parental conditioning is the greatest slavery in the world. It has to be completely uprooted, only then will man be able for the first time to be really free, truly free, authentically free, because the child is the father of the man. If the child is brought up in a wrong way then the whole of humanity goes wrong. The child is the seed: if the seed itself is poisoned and corrupted by well-intentioned people, well-wishing people, then there is no hope for a free human individual. Then that dream can never be fulfilled.


"Children are immensely intelligent, they just need a chance! They need opportunities to grow, the right climate. Every child is born with the potential of enlightenment, with the potential of becoming awakened, but we destroy it. This has been the greatest calamity in the whole history of man. No other slavery has been as bad as the slavery of the child and no other slavery has taken as much juice out of humanity as the slavery of the child. This is also going to be the most difficult task for humanity to get rid of it."
- Osho, the book of children | chapter 3 - Conditioning

Vuke's picture

Mother, you are absolutely correct. Proved by many, over and over.  The child is almost a blank slate, written on by all those he encounters.

wilson344's picture

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Emergency Ward's picture

I think sniffing gasoline would be just as effective.  Plus, you wouldn't have to mess with an email.

shovelhead's picture

Can he make you disappear?

I'll Email right away.

Wulfkind's picture

One word....and one word only describes Hitlery and her partner in crime Slick Willy......




Secret Weapon's picture

 Intending to create sympathy for HRC, Politico has instead made the case as to why she is unfit for office. 

RopeADope's picture

Politico also created a case for Clinton being on anti-psychotic meds. Medications which have long term side effects that resemble Parkinsons...

dlweld's picture

Yeah, the last thing you need in a leader is people being sympathetic, or feeling sorry for their faults - heck, Hitler had a tough go before he took over, made him what he was - we can feel sympathy for him - but it has no bearing on how one has to treat a crazy, dangerous outcome.

Also do we need someone who's been warped by reverses or bad experiences? - better to get someone strong and sane who can handle bad times without going ga-ga.



lakecity55's picture

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

willwork4food's picture

Is it just me or was The Daily Bell at one time just another boring half-wit news rag? Then ****poof*** all of a sudden they started getting it.

JailBanksters's picture


Hillary is an Abusive Psychopath because of her Secretive association to the Rothschilds and the Occult !!

GRDguy's picture

How else does anyone lie, steal and murder (indirectly) without going to jail.  

JailBanksters's picture

Be a Banker ?

Be a Central Banker ?

Be the Head of the IMF ?


Funny, they all have one thing in common, the Rothschilds

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

nothing to see here..greed, megalomania,sociopathy, now sick and desperate for her place in history...sad to watch, but still deadly due to her hubris and uncontrolled rage. in the end her last words will be:" It's just not fair"

Treason Season's picture

Speaking of psychic scarring Washington's blog has never covered the subject of MKULTRA which, if it became widely known, would lift the scales from many eyes.

doctor10's picture

Vince Foster was scheduled for deposition over the Health Care Task Force the day after he was found dead
That's all anybody needs to know as to the manner of his death.

As to the executioner....