Media Furious: "We All Got Rick-Rolled" By Trump

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Whether you support Trump or not, you have to admit he's pretty amazing at making the media dance along to his tune all while providing hours of complimentary media coverage.  But Trump's latest stunt has really stirred the mainstream media into a frenzy with CNN's Jake Tapper declaring "we all got Rick-Rolled" by Trump and Politico's Glenn Thrush tweeting "this is a f--king disgrace."

It all started this morning when Trump sent the following tweet alerting the media to a "major statement" at his new Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.


While the media was expecting Trump to make a statement about the "birther" issue and take questions from the press, what they actually got was 30 minutes of endorsements from decorated military generals and medal of honor recipients.  Finally, at the very end Trump made the following statement about Obama's citizenship and left the event without taking questions:

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it.  President Barack Obama was born in the United States.  Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong again.”

The mainstream media, who were all salivating over the opportunity to divert attention from the myriad of Hillary scandals by instead attacking Trump at a live "press conference," were furious when they realized they had been played.  The outrage set off an amazing tweet storm from the liberal press...

CNN actually cut their coverage of the event with Jake Tapper declaring that Trump had pulled a "political Rick roll."


Meanwhile, Politico's Glenn Thrush was furious that the cable networks had allowed Trump to "hijack them for free airtime" calling it a "f--king disgrace."



Former New York Times reporter, Jim Roberts, and CNN's John King admitted that the media got "played."



Meanwhile, MSNBC scrambled to put out new fires (sorry, plumes of smoke) around Hillary after Trump claimed that “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy."


But, at least one journalist disagreed with MSNBC's attempt to distance Hillary from the "birther" rumor.


Isn't it fun to watch all the dancing? 

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buzzsaw99's picture

that's like a whore filing rape charges after the check bounced.

Tom Servo's picture

the corrupt media just got pwned...


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

...and were left with a burning sensation in the anus.

knukles's picture

So what's wrong with any of that?
It's the Amerikun way.

Press ... The Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!
By Jove Watson, I've found it!

WordSmith2013's picture

There is something very BIG going on with this move!


Why did Donald Trump mysteriously change his position on Obama’s foreign birth and certificate?
NotApplicable's picture

Because it's always the case that candidates campaign on the left/right extremes during primaries, then move toward the "conventional center" for the general election.

847328_3527's picture

Americans freak'n hate the media and moar and moar Love The Donald.


Every time the [hated] left wing socialist fascists bash him, moar Americans fall in Love with The Trumpster.

bamawatson's picture

where i grew up, we were embarassed when we got fucked over; we have enough courage strength focus to Remedy the affront.
we have way too much pride and self respect to commence whining and squalling
good lord who are these creatures

Son of Loki's picture

The media esp npr is so out of it one has to wonder how they stay on the air. This week they were preoccupied trying to explain away USA Olypmpi athletes using drugs "with the doctors permission" thereby exempting them from the drug ban. Russian hackers dug into the Olympic medical files and released this startling well-hidden secret.

Yes, the USA athletes who have been bashing Russians and Chinese for being "druggies.'

I'm really looking forward to seeing these doctor-approved drug users on the cereal boxes.

Report: Hackers Reveal Simone Biles’ and Serena and Venus Williams’ Medical History

“After detailed studying of the hacked WADA databases we figured out that dozens of American athletes had tested positive. The Rio Olympic medalists regularly used illicit strong drugs justified by certificates of approval for therapeutic use,” the site read. “In other words they just got their licenses for doping. This is other evidence that WADA and IOC’s [International Olympic Committee’s] Medical and Scientific Department are corrupt and deceitful.”

The Fancy Bears hackers, believed to be Russian, released downloadable medical records on their site targeting Simone Biles, Serena and Venus Williams, and basketball player Elena Delle, The Atlantic reports.

espirit's picture

Bring back just reporting of the news, like in the olden days.

Presstitutes of late are paid to be whored out as they have shown, and shouldn't regect being screwed as a result.

We Deplorables don't need political prejudice spoon fed us by journalism majors.


Vote Trump, vote often.

ufos8mycow's picture

Dear God,

LOL! Thank you for Politics 2016.



thesonandheir's picture

So was this a good move then today by the Trump campaign? Genuinely asking from an outsider.

Mr. Universe's picture

Good move for giving the media the reaming they deserved. Bad move if you don't want your car to suddenly accelerate into the nearest Palm tree.

tc06rtw's picture

 I’ll say it again…
  This election will determine whether:
      Trump  is smarter than  The Media
      The Media  is smarter than  Trump

Ness.'s picture

You're all missing the forest for the trees regarding the circus of the day's lastest news cycle, in my opinion.  not discounting how funny it's been to watch.  Trump most certainly took the MSM for the ride they all deserved. But in a mere 45 minutes..  he took the ammo from the #birther gun BS, exposed the MSM for the worthless TMZ cocksuckers they are, got a free commercial on Friday afternoon, and at the same time (the most important part) gaining support from more of the US Generals that Obama has been gutting for 8 years.  We need those guys on the side of Liberty.  Trump or not - i'll stick with anyone in the Military the Obama admin thought was a threat.  Speaks volumes.


any_mouse's picture

In Nevada it is illegal for registered prostitutes to make an accusation of rape.

bamawatson's picture

even against a registered rapist ?

Is-Be's picture

Zerohedge at its finest.

Occident Mortal's picture


The media LOVES Trump because ratings.

Manthong's picture

Politico is  " a f--king disgrace."

monad's picture

The Tree of Liberty beckons. Always.

espirit's picture

Consider that honorable men were disavowed by the media as the center of attention to promote their distaste of Trump says enough.

MSM, cough, puke, gag, expire leeches. 

OverTheHedge's picture

I would think that "The Media" are going to be slightly peeved, and will be anti-trump / pro-Hilary from now on.

So, business as usual.

Of course, next time they slant anything, he can call them out on vindictiveness bias, so does this give him even more control?

I don't think I am ever going to be the kind of person capable of thinking in circles like this, but it is fun watching from the outside.

In answer to Russel Crow: yes, I AM entertained.

jeff montanye's picture

the media gets wrought up by this actually not untrue statement (that kind of military testimony and endorsement is a major statement) but takes the body not quite double and the greensboro appearance that didn't get onto the cellphones supposedly there in stride?  

presstitutes insults hard working girls.

seriously, that greensboro appearance is highly fictional.  check this out you will not believe they released the video it is so clearly fake.  larry silverstein's explanation of "pull it" was more convincing.

at the end hillary points to a spectator that is shown to be a giant american flag behind her.  hillaryous.

SixIsNinE's picture

nice avatar modification

have a nice Saturday

New World Chaos's picture

Those reporters trashed Trump's lobby on the way out!

Typical leftists.  They will throw a tantrum, fuck up your shit, and say it's all your fault for triggering them by saying something that's half true (as opposed lying for the sake of their pwecious feeeeewings).

In other news, Hillary is now campaigning for herpes acceptance.

Best election ever!

MissCellany's picture

One of the most delicious aspects of Trump's media pwning today is that for once, he did NOT take questions at the end.

And the presstitutes are freaking out that he didn't.

For heaven's sake, why? It's only what Hillary has been doing since January or earlier.

So Trump's move shows them up as the hypocrites they are in that sense as well.



Antifaschistische's picture

the role of the MSM is to destroy Trump...when they feel they have lost out on that opportunity, they feel ripped off.

the role of the MSM is to promote Hillary...and when they miss that opportunity they are confused and lost.

espirit's picture

...also mad little bitches.

Cry into your Twit.

Killdo's picture

the only people I know that like $hitlery are Hollywood gay producers (actually anyone gay I know) plus old spinksters and a few retarded actresses

CuttingEdge's picture

Shouldn't that be "old sphincters"?

monk27's picture

All these media guys are pissed because Trump is simply smarter than all them, added together and squared. However, that's not Trump's fault...

jeff montanye's picture

he certainly has a clear genius for self publicity.

hillary, not so much, at least not the good kind:

Oh regional Indian's picture

The press has never really had a golden, olden days. They have always been presstitutes...

Read's from a LOOOONG time ago...

froze25's picture

Obama is the son of Frank Marshall Davis,  known communist pornography artist who took pics of Obama's mom. Look at Obama side by side with him and tell me he isn't his son.

Trump played then like a fiddle, best part is its documented that Hillary in her quest for power started the whole thing. Her failing memory made this all possible. Trump 2016

scm's picture

So thump holds a press conference to announce he's flip flopped his position AGAIN.

Typical thumpaganda bullshit, and the morons praise him.

espirit's picture

So yoar foar the #TheMoarWoarHoar?

Just Checking

WOAR's picture

Hey, don't drag me into this. I like MOAR WOAR when it actually leads to tangible goals that will benefit (most) people, or bring necessary changes to the system as it stands.

Hitlery just wants to burn the world so she can be Queen of the Serfs, which is megalomaniacal.

scm's picture

Not everyone anti thump is pro Hillary. Some people still have brains.

joe6px's picture

It would be laughable if ILLery didn't start the whole birther question in the first place.  HRC is incoherent and untrustworthy.  Master play by Trump.

jeff montanye's picture

yeah, maybe pretty typical, fool the media into covering a long line of heroes praising you.

you know what isn't typical propaganda, in fact i've never, ever heard of it before?

hillary's use of the body double sunday and greenscreen for the greensboro "rally" thursday:

FIAT CON's picture

Anyone smart enough to play the media for the fools that they have become deserves an applause regardless of what team their on.

FIAT CON's picture

Anyone smart enough to play the media for the fools that they have become deserves an applause regardless of what team their on.

FIAT CON's picture

Anyone smart enough to play the media for the fools that they have become deserves an applause regardless of what team their on.

Creepy Ass Crackers's picture

Frank Marshall had sexual relations with a 17 year old girl named Stanley. Let's not forget that bastard Zero is a product of statutory rape. Smh

Burticus's picture

Kenyan Usurper (and amateurish fraud "birth certificate" on the Black House web site) exposed!

joe90's picture

And here is his step brother's response when asked this very question (towards the end but its worth watching the whole thing).

11b40's picture

Every hack that makes anyone in power look bad is now the Russians fault.  Putin did it!

Wow!  That Putin guy can do just about anything, can't he?