This 40 Sq. Ft. New York Apartment Could Be Yours For $450 Per Month

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Ever feel like you just don't have enough space to entertain guests or otherwise enjoy your New York City apartment?  Well don't complain to this guy.

Meet Jack Leahy and his 40 square foot apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  According to the New York Times, Leahy pays $450 per month for his pad, or $11.25 per square foot.  The apartment is 9 feet in length and 4.5 feet wide which is just enough room for a twin-sized futon mattress.  And standing room is not included throughout with the ceiling measuring only about 5 feet high on one end of the apartment. 

NYC Aparment


While $450 per month may seem like a bargain to most New Yorkers we think Leahy may have been taken for a ride.  We found some "nice" 700 square foot pads just across the bridge in Greenwich Village for $9.25 per square foot and they even come with a bathroom.  Though we suspect Leahy's not too worried about the math, he's just "happy to be in New York."

“I think I was happy to be in New York and that I actually had a place,” Mr. Leahy said. “It was just kind of comical. It is comical. Whenever I show people where I live, they always laugh.”

NY Apartment


Leahy also loves hanging out with the 7 other "artists and creative types" in his building which is fantastic news given that he shares 1 kitchen and 1.5 bathrooms with them.

He awakens many mornings to the sounds of experimental theater: strange clanging, performers speaking in gibberish, chants. The space is ovenlike in the summer, cozy in winter.


And though he doesn’t see much of them, he likes his quasi-roommates: seven other artists and creative types who live in the warren of more traditional rooms at the back of the building. “Though I’m always jealous when I see them sitting on chairs in their rooms,” he admits.

We're not contractors, but something tells us that Leahy's apartment may not meet all of New York's building codes (e.g. the need for two exits in case of a fire) and he may have just sacrificed his living space for his 15 minutes of fame.

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pachanguero's picture

dumb fuck...move to ALASKA and be free!

Wulfkind's picture

This instantly reminded me of this passage for William Gibson's "Neuromancer" in 1984.

 "Case had rented a coffin here, on a weekly basis, since he'd arrived in Chiba, but he'd never slept in Cheap Hotel. He slept in cheaper places. The elevator smelled of perfume and cigarettes; the sides of the cage was scratched and thumb-smudged. As it passed the fifth floor, he saw the lights of Ninsei. He drummed his fingers against the pistolgrip as the cage slowed with a gradual hiss. As always, it came to a full stop with a violent jolt, but he was ready for it. He stepped out into the courtyard that served the place as some combination of lobby and lawn. Centered in the square carpet of green plastic turf, a Japanese teenager sat behind a C-shaped console, reading a textbook. The white fiberglass coffins were racked in a framework of industrial scaffolding. Six tiers of coffins, ten coffins on a side. Case nodded in the boy's direction and limped across the plastic grass to the nearest ladder. The compound was roofed with cheap laminated matting that rattled in a strong wind and leaked when it rained, but the coffins were reasonably difficult to open without a key. The expansion-grate catwalk vibrated with his weight as he edged his way along the third tier to Number 92. The coffins were three meters long, the oval hatches a meter wide and just under a meter and a half tall. He fed his key into the slot and waited for verification from the house computer. Magnetic bolts thudded reassuringly and the hatch rose vertically with a creak of springs. Fluorescents flickered on as he crawled in, pulling the hatch shut behind him and slapping the panel that activated the manual latch."

beemasters's picture

If you can live there and be happy, you can practically live anywhere.

Personally, I prefer 2 acres of free land in Canada:

CPL's picture

That's a good deal.  Work at a COOP and get a piece of some of the prettiest country in the world.  One of the challenges we've got in the rural working areas of Canada is the demographics of age.  All the kids move to cities and don't come back.  That type of deal will attract the right type of young people to move and build something/start a family to become part of a community.  Plus Cape Breton, good fishing and hunting, its just a really nice with tonnes to offer place and the people of the sea are just super nice with great sense of humour.  For less discussed and showcased opportunities that usually get overlooked, Saskatchewan has had one running for a while.

Saskatchewan will grant tax breaks/exemptions to any company that starts up a Research and Development (R&D) company in Saskatchewan with access to grants, not loans.  As long as the company is incorporated under the Saskatchewan provincial government.  Or any existing company that does transfer over to incorporate in Saskatchewan (basically forklift the head office to the province and switch incorporation).  The way it's orchestrated it effectively grants any private sector R&D work tax free status for ten years and there are some allowances on relocation for international employees/owners to obtain citizenship with the companies that move to Saskatchewan.

Anyone that's interested might want to get an accountant to look it over, the one pager above gives highlights, but the benefit relocation program guide book is about an inch thick and has a lot of meat in it.  There are also programs with the Cree business development groups that overlap to add a bunch of other stuff like marketing/etc if the HQ is built in conjunction with tribal partners of first nations.  Any case consult an accountant and lawyer to figure out the details, because that's what they do.

J S Bach's picture

How can anyone "be happy to be in New York"?!  It's such a polyglot sesspool of humanity and cosmopolitan jewry.  Ugh.  And then to willingly squeeze your existence into 40 sq ft.  That may be good for cockroaches, but not people.

Ray1968's picture

I'd put money that he's a liberal Democrat that is way too willing to tell us how we should live our lives. Go have fun with your "artsy" friends while you spend 90% of your time at the Starbucks down the block.

Mroex's picture

Ray, you can bet every damn dollar you have that he is. He will preach to us the religion of climate change and how we are all going to die very soon if we do not live the way he does. Carbon footprint, smart growth and sustainable living are the mantras of his religion. The horros of driving and eating meat will be weel preached to you by him. This douch nozzle will most likely vote for Jill Stein now that Bernie got punked for the shill he is

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Mroex Sep 18, 2016 9:58 AM

He grew up humming the mantra: "Live simply so that others may simply live."

(and perhaps: "Death to Nature", or "Earth: Humans Only!" )

CPL's picture

I would agree but there's a reason places like jew york city exist.  It's for the bounty and experience.  

During the 90's I bunked in a shit hole in Brooklyn.  It was so small you could turn around in the place and find yourself.  If you used the floor bathroom you had to knock first.  If someone replied 'come in', you didn't.  If you dropped a kleenex in the place you've have wall to wall carpeting while literally eating off a dime.  Any dates that came over usually had the option of sleeping with me or standing on the street.  The roaches complained it was too small.  It was a small dumpy shithole...for 1400 a month.  

For a young bachelor techie with lots of energy and never at home, perfect.  It really was just a box to put crap in and lock up.  And the only reason people go to town is the money is pretty good.  You budget for beans and toast, save everything and sensibly leave to go home with your booty.  Do that for a couple of years and you've got money to buy a house somewhere surrounded with green with maybe a little water nearby and not full of wacked out jews.

beemasters's picture

"All the kids move to cities and don't come back."

To attract those city kids, first you may have to change "Saskatchewan" to "Pokemmon Kingdom". At least, work with Nintendo to get those mythical creatures move to your rural area. Just a thought, but I'm not sure if they are the right kinda kids you are after. :)

dynomutt's picture

What kind of world do we live in where serfdom is sold as a way to be happy away from the terrible world?

Huckleberry Pie's picture

Have nothing agaisnt these type of people and wish them success, but... an "artist" actually sells something.

Twee Surgeon's picture

There's nothing new about this, check out the classifieds in Reno or Vegas under Rentals / other. Probably lots of other places too.

It's called a Sleeping room. I knew a guy who used to spend the winter in N.V. working in the casinos and would head back to his dome home dream in Alaska in the spring, he'd been doing it for years.

He slept in the room and kept his stuff in the room, locked the deadbolt and went to one of his two jobs, eat in the casino, Eat real good, drink cheap and sleep again, the showers down the hall. Plug in the T.V. and coffeepot, motel fridge, radio. $75 a week 20 years ago. Blackjack and booze on the rare day off, maybe a girlfriend in the works for phase B of the master plan.

20 Sleeping rooms grandfathered into a two story wooden house, do the math. the landlords had (may still have) abundant clientele, you had to call around to find a 'room'. That particular joint was pulling in $1500 a week or $6000 a month, the landlord certainly had the extra attendant hassles but it was mostly working white boys and they took most of their bullshit downtown, the sleeping room was communally sacred, no bullshit land.

I expect those places have mostly been shuttered on code violations or some, save you from yourself safety nonsense but I'm sure a few remain.

Just guys starting out or starting over, I expect they are now called the homeless and doing the tent camp thing, or not.

I never saw any problems in any of those places, not so much as a cop visiting for loud music or a drunk or crackhead, nothing. The renters kept the home pod as sacred space for winter survival reasons. No place to take a lady but if you just want to work up a grubstake for the next step, it worked out pretty well as far as I could see. For them and the casinos that pay shit wages for most of the non-tip gig's. Not Ideal Homes kind of living but not everyone has or needs that suburban, leave it to beaver, pipe dream, as a goal, until they do.

bigkahuna's picture

I have no problem with these guys. They are living and working the best they can - which is a lot more than a whole bunch of "unemployed". All they need is a YMCA or gym membership for physical fitness/hygiene and the world is their oyster.

s2man's picture

my friend's brother would backpack in the rockies all sprint/summer/fall.   in the winter he would go down to a down,  get a crap job and apartment.   Sleep on the floor and save his money.   come spring,  he was off to the mountains again.   worked for him.

RAT005's picture

Plus a shared bathroom + a shared kitchen so it is more than 400 sq. ft.  15 minutes of fame ended and maybe a few of the apartments that are serving these people will be taken away by housing gov.  Only there to help.

Skateboarder's picture

Wow at the prescience in that "Neuromancer" passage. Thanks for sharing - it's definitely going on the list of to-reads.

Also, little does Jack know that he's getting a roommate next year... for the same rent... if he's lucky.

In the second picture you see his humble transporation, a skateboard. On top of the board you see a helmet, presumably his health insurance plan. Never trust a guy who wears a helmet while skateboarding on anything other than a bigass halfpipe.

Wulfkind's picture

Neuromancer is a must read.  Gibson coined the term "The Matrix" for cyberspace which of course was ripped off by the Wachowski Brothers ( ...errrr....sisters now since they became girls ) for the movie "The Matrix".  And oddly enough one of his short stories, "Johnny Mnemonic" was made into a movie with Keanu Reeves playing Johnny just a couple of years before Keanu played Neo in "The Matrix".

There is also a scene in Neuromancer of someone uploading their conscieness into the Matrix which was ripped off in the Johnny Depp movie "Singularity"

Neuromancer is one of the few sci fi novels to win the Triple Crown of Sci Fiction, The Hugo, The Nebula and the Philip K. Dick awards all in the same year.

Still holds up well after all these years.

tmosley's picture

They didn't become girls. That's impossible. Instead they simply realized the truth...

They had no genitalia...

hardmedicine's picture

plus ONE Tmoseley  PLUS ONE

AngrySparky's picture

Gibson coined the term "cyberspace"... I had the Commodore 64 game based on the book... you seem to be a Gibson fan, have you watched the documentry interview on him called "No Maps for these territories" ?

Platinum's picture

I had the DOS version. Love that Devo track on the intro. "Some things never change" How apropos.

PC Speaker

C64 version

Cassette version

Wulfkind's picture

FASA produced a table top game in the 80's called Shadowrun.  HEAVILY inspired by Gibon's Neuromancer (Gibson even said he could have sued them but that's not really his style) it combined cyberpunk with fantasy.  It too was rather far seeing for its time describing a world of megacorporations, the rise of the La Raza and Aztlan culture, the death of Europe and the USA and the rise of China.

"The game is set 62 years in the future, following a great change that has returned magic to the world. The emergence of magic, the outbreak of the VITAS plagues, the Computer Crash of 2029, the Euro-Wars, and the fevers for independence of Amerindian tribes, Chinese provinces, and everything else that came with the many struggles that ravaged Europe and Asia left the world's governments tumbling and falling. The United States was broken into substates. Monetary value was lost. The world had to rebuild, and rebuild they did, this time in the image of the megacorporations that seized power. Taking advantage of the laws that had been passed years ago, and using their newfound freedom, the megacorps began impressing their power on the failing governments. Before long the world was transformed. Boundaries were redrawn, and the political landscape was changed forever.

A basic premise of the setting is that as the world endured the string of state-changing events and conflicts, the political landscape fragmented and reformed. In North America, for example, some nations broke apart and reformed, as was the case with the Confederation of American States and the United Canadian and American States, while others became havens for specific racial or ethnic groups, like Native American Nations (the Native Americans having used their newfound magical abilities to regain massive tracts of land) or the Elvish principality of Tír Tairngire, which encompasses all of the state of Oregon. Some, like the California Free State, simply declared independence, while yet others became de facto corporate subsidiaries like Aztlan (the former Mexico), the headquarters of the Aztechnology megacorp. Despite the new role of megacorporations, many nations still hold considerable sway through economic, social and military means. For most people, “getting by” means taking advantage of whatever the corps or the government might bring their way."

Sega and Nintendo even did competing and vastly different versions of the table top game in the early 90's



Wulfkind's picture

No, AngrySparky, I have not seen that documentary.  Thx for mentioning....will have to find it !

Platinum's picture

Neuromancer is, by far, my favorite book. I remember reading it as a kid of about 10 years old or so. I found myself wanting to be in that world in a way, and find myself drawing similar parallels between Gibson's world and our current one.

All Hollywood knows how to do is rip off great works.

Curiously_Crazy's picture

Gday Skateboarder,

Yes it's an ok read but not all it's cracked up to be. I was slightly disappointed. 

Snowcrash on the other hand (by the same author).

YuShun's picture

Snowcrash was by Neal Stephenson.
Yes, it was excellent, as were some
of his subsequent novels.

balz's picture

Yep, summer-free at last!

Caledonian's picture

hahahaha thats garbage! new york sucks! enjoy your pen. dumbass!!

EmeraldWI's picture

Move and be free? Free to starve. Those with capital rule. That is the sad part of following the fiction of Ayn Rand as preached by the corporate paymasters.


VW Nerd's picture

Rob a store in Queens and you can get something similar for free....

The central planners's picture

That was a decade ago, now the only thing you will get its lead and copper on your back.

Huckleberry Pie's picture

I you are blac, you or your family recieves a sizable settlement.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Including a roomate named Barry who will make your every prison-sex fantasy come true...

balz's picture

Is the guy included?

williambanzai7's picture

The cage flats in HK are bigger than that.

Casey Stengel's picture

Reminds me of the rooms in the Lee Garden Guest House on Cameron Road. And it included a bathroom!

Never One Roach's picture

The damage is so severe they need a zoom lens to get it. What a weeny attempt to hurt people by some psycho.

On the bright side, nyc is lucky they have so many stupid tearrists.

Miss Informed's picture

The gang that couldn't shoot straight

jm's picture

Williamsburg. I could say so many things about his landlord.

And I'm sure he thinks he's a hipster

Creepy Ass Crackers's picture

This guy clearly doesn't suffer from Claustrophobia

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Sep 17, 2016 8:37 PM

In a New York minute

Things can get pretty strange

The central planners's picture

2% inflation rate "mandate" achieved.

ClownBaby's picture

I don't get the appeal of New York City.

Billy the Poet's picture

You'll notice appeal of the Big Apple if you slip on it. Ouch!

ClownBaby's picture

So horrible I actually did laugh a little