Trump Surge Continues As Latest LA Times Poll Reveals Millennials Aren't Hillary's Only Problem

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Yesterday, we highlighted Hillary's growing "Millennial Problem" pointing out that her support among young voters seemingly collapsed at the same time she took her 9/11 "stumble" off the sidewalk (see:  "Hillary's Growing "Millennial Problem" Forces A Reset").  In fact, the collapse is reflected in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, which shows Clinton's lead has now been reduced to the smallest margin since the DNC.



But, according to the latest polling data from the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll, Millennial voters aren't the only demographic hurting Clinton.  First, the overall daily poll, which tracks 3,000 U.S. citizens from around the country, shows Trump opening up a massive 7-point national lead, his largest since the DNC.

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll


And, as we mentioned yesterday, the LA Times poll confirms a Trump surge with Millennial voters.

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll


But perhaps evening more shocking is the Trump surge among black voters.  After polling at basically 0% for the past several months, the latest data suggests that Trump has surged to over 20% as Hillary has tanked.

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll


Meanwhile, Trump has also surged with people having a high school education or less...

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll


And male voters, in general...

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll


While his support from female voters has improved marginally as well.

USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Daily Tracking Poll

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Amy G. Dala's picture

This is what panic looks like.

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

Yep.  The media are inflating the polls for Trump in an effort to make his voters more complacent.  I wonder what things would look like in an actual unbiased poll.  I'm guessing Trump is way up and that's probabaly due to people who won't admit they support him.  The level of being told to your face that you are a racist, xenophobe, islamophobe or homophobe is quite high these days.  One of my employees told me he was outright called a racist to his face.  Funny thing is this guy escaped Hungary back in the 80's and is a legal immigrant/proud citizen.  He has a very interesting perspective on things.

duo's picture

Resisting the destruction of your culture and identity is racism, you know

I M DeMan's picture

Hillary and the DNV will just become more bloodthirsty desperate so I think Trump is right when he warns all Americans to be careful---be careful of Hillary tearrists also backed by soros and the deep state.

I'm looking forward with amusement to the media article this week twisting the news and/or simply concocting moar lies. The sheeples are easily propagandized they are so "stupid" as Obama's pal, Gruber, calls them.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Don't be surprised to see something very bad happening next months, most likely around the moment when it would be obvious Hillary is behind and racing towards losing the election. Then something very bad would happen and  I'm sure I don't have to tell you folks why and what.

SafelyGraze's picture

there problem is there are too many male voters

Kelley's picture

You win the stupid prize today with your bigoted man hating comment.

NoPension's picture

r/K theory.

It was linked by a hedger.

I shit you not, I admit, I don't possess the skills, to provide the link with an iPad. ( yeah, yeah, it's probably so easy).

THIS explains everything.

Someone, help out here.

AnonymousConservitve, Stefan Mulinoux, Bill Whittle.

OverTheHedge's picture

I know the link you mean, but can't find it. However, I have this: which might be what you need, or at least close. I am very proud to announce that I learned a new word from this: "cisgender". Google it if you aren't familiar with this magnificent new form of SJW lunacy, but you might want to throw things, I should warn you. Maybe I am just an innocent amongst internet giants here, but I was shocked that there is a new noun required for those people with the misfortune to be born normal.

ejmoosa's picture

I believe the movie Idiocracy clearly explains what we see happening today.  

It's a Numbers Game and the intelligent just are not reproducing in sufficient numbers to outnumber the dumbmasses.

Upswaller's picture

Well Ernesto, you need to get on the stick and make some babies.

adanata's picture


I don't think the media is "inflating" polls for Trump; I think you were right when you said he's already waaaay ahead but the media ain't gonna make Trump voters complacent. On the contrary, they're going to be emerging from every corner of the country... because, among other things, and being herd animals and all, he's got the momentum now. That "deplorables" crap was a godsend for him. How funny is that?

Creative_Destruct's picture

Heard something from the libtard socialist Canadian comedian Samantha Bee (formerly of the leftist "Daily Show")  that was actually quite funny regarding Hillary's stupid "Deplorables" gaff:

"She's the only woman I know who can trip over her own dick!"


Hal n back's picture

this is going to come down to vote early and vote often

PTR's picture

...and don't forget to rig the voting machine memory cards!

newbie vampire's picture

"This is what panic looks like."

This is also why you gotta get off your death bed even when you're dying.

sankol's picture

Clinton is skull-fucked unless she pulls a rabit out of her hat.

Bank_sters's picture

Shes more like to a loaf of bread out of her cunt.

ShrNfr's picture

Now, now, just because she can get a yeast infection...

Dormouse's picture

Dude, I live in the Bay Area and a few months ago there were local news reports of women making sour dough bread from their yeast infections. I threw up in my mouth a little just writting that.

Space Ghost's picture

ugh thats fkin nasty. i feel bad for the family members 

piliage's picture

I do generally like the flavor of Salmon on my sour dough bread, but in this case...

Skiprrrdog's picture

Ill never eat another sandwich again...

unrulian's picture

what are you gay? I'm eating every loaf in the house...and I. just drilled a hole in one special loaf

NoPension's picture

Double down.

Make tuna salad sandwich.

Offthebeach's picture

I bet your family tree looks like kudzu.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Thats not a loaf of bread... its Chelseas sister...

AsinineBovineFeces's picture

She's got something much more dangerous hiding in there.

Mr.Sono's picture

More like, out of her ass.

DavidC's picture

Personally I'm staggered that anyone with functioning brain cells can even CONSIDER voting for that evil lying woman.


NoPension's picture

That's the rub!

The "r" subset, ( rabbit people) brains are wired differently. They literally, not figuratively, don't see the world like we do.
They don't possess the threat detection we do.

It's in their best interest to bury their heads in the sand, and WE are a far bigger threat than anything that evil bitch will ever do.

The r/K basis of understanding, elegantly explains ( with no holes) how and why leaders all over the world are opening the doors WIDE to unwashed masses of Muzzie Hordes. ( even though, to us ,it's clearly suicidal)

Their brains are functioning. And those brains are telling these people EXACTLY what they need to do, to perpetuate their gene pool.

Really, its elegantly simple. ( in a fucking scary way!)

canisdirus's picture

The problem I have with the r/K theory applied to humans is that we seem to be far more fluid. After a generation or two, those immigrants become just like any other Americans. As such, the only thing we really need to do is keep immigration low and only allow the few in that will make this country better. The flood doesn't help anyone.

Zarbo's picture

<rocky j squirrel> But that trick never works! </ rocky j squirrel>

Mr.Sono's picture

I think the debates will decide. Let's see if Hitlery can even make it to the podium.

Duc888's picture



WTF difference does it make?  LOL All she does is lie, lie, lie.

newbie vampire's picture

"WTF difference does it make?  LOL All she does is lie, lie, lie."

It makes a helluva difference.   The Hitlery can lie even when her eyeballs are rollin outta control.

While the current squatter in the WH suffers from thin skin sensitivity.   He gits all upset and throws a tantrum because someone calls him a Putang Ina Mo.


Dormouse's picture

"I lose all bets to the bookies, you can't change fighters last minute."
—Brick Top
They are desperate to change the fighter or at least open the possibility. She's a dud! Maybe they would like to simply run the ideology against Trump (still lose) or maybe the ballot can just say TBD (D). The schadenfreude in me wants to see her humiliated, disgraced, dethroned, and publicly ridiculed by her own sycophant media. And all of her dopplegangers as well.

Scuba Steve's picture

Clintonistas wont allow it ... they know, they lose and the whole regime comes crashing down including jail time.

El Deguello !!

 (the cut-throat song)

Kelley's picture

Hillary has a pattern when she makes a major appearance. She comes out spackled and shiny with chipmunk like injections. Then as the minutes add up, her face and eyes show more and more anger. 

She is unable to maintain her initial facade. This happens in about ten minutes. A 90-minute debate on her feet could be her undoing with her sick liver doing back flips.

She can try codeine to quell her cough, but the risk is she'll look and act drowsy as she did the other day when she did a mini press conrference.

Cluster_Frak's picture

Trump is only one stroke away from winning.

BSHJ's picture

Between her skill at debates, the questions posed to each candidate and the bias 'reporting' that will happen, the debates WILL BE her rabbit in a hat....but not sure if it will help her.