Bloomberg Supports TPP as a ‘Trade Agreement,’ But It Is Actually a Shift in World Power

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Help American Workers. Pass TPP … Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both said they will oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact between the U.S. and 11 nations negotiated by the Obama administration and signed in February. But their views shouldn’t matter much, because the issue should never get to the next president’s desk. Congressional consideration of the agreement has been delayed long enough. Congress should vote on the bill — and pass it — before the year is out.  – Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg wrote an editorial boosting the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP. This is just one of three “trade agreements” that are putting in place a 21st century global sociopolitical and economic structure.

Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire and he understands the benefits that the upcoming structure will bestow on a relative handful of people including himself.

And so he supports these agreements.


Anti-trade sentiment has made it fashionable for candidates to oppose TPP. But while a vocal and energized faction of voters on the left and right advocate protectionist measures, most Americans — including majorities in both parties and among independents — believe more trade is good for the American economy.

So do nearly all economists and a large majority of the business and agriculture communities.  Global trade opens up new markets to American businesses, creating new opportunities to grow. In fact, the U.S. actually runs a cumulative trade surplus in manufactured goods with our 20 trade agreement partners, and we’ve long run global trade surpluses for services and agricultural products.

This sounds fine but it has little to do with what is actually going on.

In today’s other article (here) we track the downfall of the dollar and the eventual insolvency of the world’s economy.

This is not happenstance or coincidence. The world is being prepared for a great fall, probably the worst financial catastrophe in history because it will truly be a worldwide one.

And the trade agreements didn’t just happen to get written. They are a map to a future that could be more fully realized post-catastrophe.

The crash and the reorganization of the world’s financial and industrial structure are happening at the same time. Insanely, it’s being planned by a very small group of banking elites.

In fact, these trade agreements, as has been mentioned before, are restructuring the world’s judicial system and the way that nation-states relate to corporations. Post “trade treaty,” corporations are going to have the upper hand.

Of course, today’s corporations are illegitimate, as we have been pointing out here. They achieve their massive size because of proprietary intellectual property rights, corporate person-hood and monopoly fiat central banking.

Absent these artificial factors propping up corporations by force, multinationals would subside.  In fact in the US before the Civil War there were no multinationals and a scarcity of millionaires (here). Businesses were mostly modest-sized holdings, often individual.

The future unfortunately seems clear enough. First the world is likely to undergo a tremendous financial catastrophe. Then these trade agreements will provide the basis of a new world order.

That order is something we can call technocratic fascism. The world will be run by a few multinational corporations and their rarefied leadership.

Only the “best and brightest” will work for this corporate structure. This is what we will be told anyway!

But there is no “best and brightest.” And absent judicial force, there are no modern corporations.

Bloomberg in his editorial wants us to believe these trade treaties are actually about trade. But they are part of a reshaping of the world.

It is certainly comforting to imagine that what’s going on is simply a confluence of unrelated events. But it’s not. These treaties, the emergence of the IMF’s global SDR currency basket and other happenings are all related.

Step back and comprehend that the BRICs – a Goldman Sachs concept – have been raised up over the past decade or so while Europe and the US have been torn down.

This is important because the world’s economy must be evened out if it is to become “one.”

It hardly seems that way of course with escalating military tensions between Russia, China, NATO and the US. But these military tensions are likely phony.

If the West was really intent on confronting China, would the US-controlled IMF be actively soliciting the yuan?

What’s going on is planned. And the intention is to further centralized global governance.

Conclusion: Bloomberg’s TPP editorial treats the treaty as an economic event. But that is just a masquerade for a much larger and more malevolent reality.

See also: The US ‘Recovers’ While a Global Financial Catastrophe Looms

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JailBanksters's picture

That's not surprising as, the TPP is really about the Jewish Corporate takeover of the Planet.

And Bloomberg is Jewish


I look forward to all the automatic bot down ticks for highlighing the Facts

Willard J Clinton's picture

Why is this treasonous little elitist tribesman  extolling the "virtues" of a corporatist-fascist trade deal that's apparently so toxic to the liberty and prosperity of the masses that it's locked up so the public can't see it?  No wonder Bloomberg and other thieving little globalist vipers like him are busy scheming to disarm the public.

I hope there's pitchforks, torches, a length of rope and a lamppost in this conniving little fuckers not so distant future.....

robnume's picture

Fuck Michael Bloomberg and the "horse" he came in on.

Mroex's picture

This part scares me a lot Page 12 Paragraph 4


"4. The Parties recognise the importance of facilitating access to genetic resources within their respective national jurisdictions, consistent with each Party’s international obligations. The Parties further recognise that some Parties require, through national measures, prior informed consent to access such genetic resources in accordance with national measures and, where such access is granted, the establishment of mutually agreed terms, including with respect to sharing of benefits from the use of such genetic resources, between users and providers."


Okay what the fuck do these ghouls consider as a "Genetic Resource" and what do they consider "access" to allow?  This whole Section 20 (Environmental) bothers me

hooligan2009's picture

bayer AG has bought Monsanto, so now you have te possibility of foodstuffs, genetically modified with chemicals AND livestock.

uhland62's picture

We in Australia will be affected by TPP, so I believe it could relate to a new cancer treeatment that is made from a rare bush in tropical north Queensland. We discovered it, we developed the treatment but then we 'must share the benefits' with those who have deep pockets and have not contributed, probably creaming off completely and leaving us to pay 'epi-pen type' prices. 


What can we do if we find the TPP not satisfactory in 10 years time? After all the FTA with the US of 2004 has not delivered any benefits for Australia. The TPP, TTIP, and CETA are attempts to bring half the world under US rule. As Obama said, 'we must write the rules' i.e. power grab, but we don't trust him or his cronies.

He's most welcome to come back to us if he's got good rules to sell and a contract with an exit pathway. We see with Brexit how difficult exiting is so let's see the exit strategy.

SoDamnMad's picture

Well dont expect the TTIP to go anywhere and CETA is in trouble. Europe is ready for it and if you think last week's rally in Germany with 300,000 is all there is  then you have a big surprise coming.  Everybody hates at least one part of it and wil rally to the death. Brussels will get burned to the ground or at least every representative will get burned alive when they depart the aircraft in their home country. The internet is a real bitch when the truth comes out.

There is at least one video out where an MP wants to view it's content in Brussels and has to go to a special room with only 15 minutes of access time. No camera, no electronic device but only a piece of paper and a pencil. That regulation ALONE pisses everyone off (Europe's version of "you have to pass it in order to find out what is in it").

GoinFawr's picture

I wrote the following 'Modest Proposal' in 2013, since then Canada's newly elected Haircut's 'Liberals' have signed the TPP. I suppose I can't really blame them though, since pols practically everywhere, elected or otherwise are being forced into signing these 'agreements'; a consequence for any nation carrying an exponentially increasing national debt because in Canada,

"The Conservative and Liberal gov'ts, both, are too close to the banks." - Jack Layton

A Modest TPP Proposal:

Tired of having to go through all the hard work of actually producing a good or performing a service to accumulate your wealth? Or maybe your company’s ‘worth every penny’ CEO wearies of endlessly consulting with democratically elected governments constantly legislating that your profitable but polluting industry be responsible for cleaning up this, and denying it permits to do that?

Well relax, the TPP has your business model covered. Now what were once egregiously irritating and expensive setbacks at the hands of some godforsaken backwater’s dirt-munching, treehugging politician/judge alleging they’re imposing some ridiculous ‘mandate from the masses’ will become TPP levers at your disposal. Populist democratically imposed rulings against your company now can be employed to catapult your balance sheet deep into the black later, perhaps even without your labour ever having to turn a shovel! Play your cards right and to make your mark you won’t even need employees at all anymore, save a few connected international lawyers and your own good eye for an opportunity.

Nowadays this is where the big money lies: in proposing  grossly environmentally/financially destructive start-ups that you have no real intention of ever bringing to fruition (see, you have a conscience after all! Who knew?).  Simply go through the motions, make all the initial calls and then, once the purposefully loathsome plan runs up against the inevitable brick wall of public outrage, as intended, you proceed to make your case before your fine group of friends at the opaque, unaccountable TPP tribunal, who have been handpicked to ‘hear you out’. True,  they are answerable to no other beings on the planet, perhaps excepting those who worship Mammon; but that's just like you! Note: it behooves you to bear in mind their support when you make it to the judges’ side of the table.

So does it matter that three quarters or more of the affected nation’s population don’t want you to open up shop in their country? Does it matter that they have had widely popular legal checks in place for decades in order to balance industry with sustainability and responsibility? Heck no! In fact, so long as someone representing them signed an international trade agreement sometime somewhere at some point, the more the people of the targeted nation are against your repulsive idea the better because in turn that means that in all likelihood there will be vast reams of regulations and legalities making it ever so difficult for your company to turn an unmitigated profit at the expense of everyone and everything else.

So let it be 100 percent of the hoi poloi against you! Be bold: design your business plan to target the destruction of a sensitive ecosystem of some endangered frou-frou that is protected by their precious constitution. Or you could simply fashion a proposal that targets the health and welfare of the citizenry itself. In fact, the more outrageously horrific the damage to be caused by your ruse the better. It may seem counter-intuitive, but greater public resistance will actually serve to increase your bottom line thanks to your colleagues at the TPP’s unelected, unaccountable, and otherwise inscrutable tribunals.

How? Because, darn it, you could have made that money, if only that population of self interested plebeians had allowed you to externalize enough of the costs for you to easily extract the wealth you so richly deserve. Really, it’s their own fault for electing representatives that refuse to recognize  just how far beyond regulation you really are, and for such insolent transgressions you and your TPP tribunal friends are entitled to hold their entire economy hostage until the selfish population pays you whatever amount it is you feel they owe you.

You can’t lose, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Don’t believe me my skeevy-hearted, avaricious little friend? Such opportunities sound too good to be true to such a high personage as yourself in possession of an indubitably superior business acumen? Well, quit being so cynical; get off your spotty behind and start pretending like you’re actually trying to do something. If it doesn’t pay out the first time, fine; try and try again. Indeed, if your team is slick enough all you will ever really risk is the legal fees, and the return on a single tribunal ruling in your favour could cover such costs for a lifetime of litigation. Heck, who knows? You may even end up goading some of your more usefully ignorant, or otherwise pocketed, ‘authorities having jurisdiction’ into accepting the unacceptable, so allowing you to proceed with your unconscionable but immensely profitable enterprise;  it’s win-win!



Honestly, I wrote that as a joke, I had no idea anyone would actually try to pull it off! And yet:


"A Canadian example is the U.S. quarry company, Bilcon, whose application to build a quarry in Nova Scotia was rejected by federal and provincial environmental review panels. It sued and a NAFTA arbitration panel ruled in its favour. Bilcon is seeking $300 million (an appeal is pending) for lost future profits -- many times the potential profit on an actual investment that it will never make."

So how is that co's name pronounced, anyway? You can't make this shit up!

Above from:

DontWorry's picture

It will be a catastrophy for most, and a victory for a few


Crash2012's picture

The TPP could be voted on and passed in the lame duck session.


However, since there are several 'dictatorships' involved in this deal, there is a simple escape clause that states that 'any leader can leave the agreement with a simple written notice'.


This agreement CANNOT be altered in any way by congress, and is only subject to a simple up or down vote, per the TPA (fast track). Even if it passes, the next US President could toss it all into the trash can on Jan 21, 2017.

falak pema's picture

Stiglitz says it best : a trade deal for the US corporates made by the corporates and promoted by their crony payslaves in Congress and the WH....a good example of inverted totalitarianism so rampant in neoliberal USA!

Consuelo's picture



If I didn't know any better, I'd say this piece has 'Brandon Smith' written all over it...


In any event:


"It hardly seems that way of course with escalating military tensions between Russia, China, NATO and the US. But these military tensions are likely phony."


If that were truly the case, you'd be talking about a scripted piece of choreographically-inspired genius of a performance unlike the entire Milky Way Galaxy has ever seen before, let alone this lowly planet by itself...




Bloodstock's picture

T P is toilet paper and all of the TPP, TIPP, is close enough so it all belongs in the shit house. 

The Gun Is Good's picture

Globalist Bloomberg can fuck off and die.

Oreilly's picture

It's my understanding that a great deal of what's included in the TPP is classified and not available to the general public.  So how does Bloomberg even know what's in it?  Another case of some are more equal than others.  Due to getting screwed time after time by trade agreements, I'm not for this one or any other one that is forced down our throat.  I'm especially not for something I don't even know what it is ... that seems like a no-brainer to me.

Xanadu_doo's picture

"It's my understanding that a great deal of what's included in the TPP is classified and not available to the general public.  So how does Bloomberg even know what's in it?" 


Great point. My guess is that Bloomberg knows WAY MOAR about what's in that bill than almost anyone in CONgress, or the president. (But maybe not as much about it as SorOS.)

skunzie's picture

"To find out what's in it, we'll just have to pass it"  Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare.  We all know how that has turned out.  Would this be any different, except to screw over everyone on a planetary basis? F U Mikey and the horse you rode in on.

hooligan2009's picture

details of tpp (trans PACIFIC partnership for 12 countires was signed earlier this year..see link below for nz law changes.

TTIP (TransATLANTIC trade and investment partnership is being negotiated in secret by unelected bureaucrats in washington and brussels, between the EU and US ONLY.


Scuba Steve's picture

Ass-pucker a little sore from Obamacare stuffing, huh?

hooligan2009's picture

remeber TPP is the trans pacific partnership and is (almost) already passed into law amongst the 12 pacific rim countries that are the signatory to it.

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is a series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. It is a bi-lateral trade agreement, meant to reduce the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, on food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations.

on the othr hand - ttp is this

hooligan2009's picture

tpp signedd early in 2016 - not yet in effect

TTIP however is top secret and cn be viewed by no-one but bureucrats.

ttip was not a stated objective in the electoral promises of either of the EU or US governemet that will be a signatory to it. It will overturn decades of trade and copyright law, evolving health standards, wage rates, banking laws, copyrights, food quality etc. nobody asked for it, noody will get to vote on it.

it works if the complete fuckwits negotiating the contents were perfect human beings with no ulteror motives or political beliefs and and that there is not now, nor ever will be, any smugglers, pirates or people that simply like short cutting stupidly drafted regulations to give people what they want at the price they want. something ike 3,000 european laws on trade ad 2,500 us laws will be simply thrown out, amended or invlidted.. by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

GreatUncle's picture

And why the EU has not a shred of democracy in it.

Oreilly's picture

I believe TPP was negotiated (this was a fast track authority given to the President) but was never approved by Congress.  Even though the deal was signed by President Obama, it does not have meaning until it passes both houses.  And it is still classified except for congressmen and staffers, so anyone who is all for it isn't doing it based on knowledge (unless they're in congress or elite enough to own someone in congress).  It was almost a done deal until it became an election hot button, and now it has no chance to be signed until 2017 (dpeending on who wins what in the November election).

hooligan2009's picture

hmmm...ok...there is this?

The 12 countries involved with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have signed the historic trade deal, Japanese economy minister Akira Amari has told reporters on 5 October. The deal has been years in the making, but there remains staunch opposition to the agreement, not least of all from the US political spectrum.


signed but nor delivered i guess

That is why President Obama has concluded negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership and will now work with Congress to secure its passage into law. The TPP is a trade agreement with 11 other countries in the Asia-Pacific, including Canada and Mexico that will eliminate over 18,000 taxes various countries put on Made-in-America products.

Bemused Observer's picture

TPP is dead. As are all the other trade agreements. Apparently Bloomberg hasn't awoken to the fact yet, but it is over.

In fact, instead of expanded trade, I think we will see more and more RESTRICTIONS as countries wise up and start looking out for their OWN interests again.

And I have a feeling that huge corporations will end up 'on the run'...going from country to country in a vain attempt to find a "home". But every landing spot will come with greater and greater tax burdens and regulations, and fewer and fewer protections, and the doors will start slamming shut against them.

And no one will care, because tons of smaller companies around the world will pick up all their business, and their patents and copyrights, etc, will become worthless as no one enforces them anymore.

There's no reason a competent tech company couldn't make their own version of the Iphone (for example), at a fraction of the price. And no reason they couldn't take considerable market share. Once companies like Apple lose their 'protector', they will be competing on that level playing field they have been so afraid of.

But the days of the global corporation are numbered. There is simply no reason to allow them to continue running rampant, and anyone who thinks governments and nations will just let this continue at their expense is delusional. The hammer WILL come down.

GreatUncle's picture

Correlation is?

Consumers with no money cannot buy the corporations masses of goodies no more hence there power weakens.

The banking cartel though a whole other matter ... will never go quitely into the night and cannt support a non consumerist society because where is the debt?

Fidelios Automata's picture

I don't believe that these international conflicts are all fake, even though much of what's happening is below the surface. Yes, BRICS is a Goldman-Sachs concept, but the animus of our "leaders" toward Vladimir Putin is real. They want him out of the way so pro-Western elements can take over Russia. That's why "they" had to get rid of Brazil's Roussef.

centerline's picture

first comes nationalism. then collapse. then the new order. in order to usher in a new order, chaos is going to be required. the changes are too broad sweeping and the time frame too short for crisis to not be needed. the waves of immigration and terrorism is all by design.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Post while you can, soon the U.N. takes the Internet....

putaipan's picture

suceeding national sovreignity and the rule of law to a supranational secret court? what could be wrong with that?

mtl4's picture

Keep those BREXIT votes rolling in folks, we're still counting.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Hitlery supports the TPP.

She is lying.

Please do not validate her lies.

t0mmyBerg's picture

I am pretty sure you are right.  She says she is against to try to get some of Bernies supporters but if she is elected she will work to pass it.  I wrote my congressman and said that even though I am a free trade person (was on the International Trade Journal in law school and clerked for one of the two most prominent experts on international trade in the US) I oppose TPP.  Another pass to see whats in it piece of legislation.  If Obama is for it you can be pretty sure there are some things seriously wrong with it.  The ability for corporations to sure countries is perverse.  Actually it coulr make sense but as done almost certainly will not make sense.

Also, if they are going to do furhter trade liberalization, do it through GATT, now WTO.  Not these multilateral mish mosh of deals.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Keep those BREXIT votes rolling in folks, we're still counting.

The British are in some kind of revery thinking that all they had to do is vote against the "block" and all would be well... Job done!...

Where is the organizations to shut down the British and American war machine in the Middle East and Eastern Europe?!!!  That biggest of oral sucking sounds is the one coming from Lady Liberty's lips wrapped around a Zionist/Saudi "pipe" that is spending all of it's wealth for energy it can no longer seize and control!  If they want real change they better stop the war(s) that will end not only the "lifestyle" they want back before 9/11 and 7/7 but more importantly their own existence!!!

It's too late for the U.K. just as it's too late for the U.S.

GreatUncle's picture

Do you imply the EU is the monster, the US elites via the CIA created the EU monstrosity and can see this happening, they will all jump ship into the EU.

It is their perfectly crafted government vehicle, no objectionable voice, you don't even vote for a president the commission is all appointed.

Serves the 0.1% rather well don't you think and totalitarian control.

Then you crush everything that does not fall under the EU superstate. All EU votes are worthless in everything the 13 appointed decide to do what the fuck they want.

The US constitution like mine will have to be smashed, Russia and China too for their government are not controlled.

What's the timeline? It has to be before the epic economic reset / event.

So who are the future 13, is their 13 dominant families, Rotschilds got to be one and GS too, but 13!

So Friday the 13th forever?

Manthong's picture

Fortunately, it’s dead in the EU and hopefully in the US after the elections.

Anyone who advocates for it in the largest economies there will likely be sweeping floors after the next election.

The Southeast Asians and Southwest Pacific countries on the other hand, are already pretty much under the thumb of the trans-national corporations.

Duterte might change the dynamic out thataways.