FBI Raids Building In Elizabeth, NJ

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Just hours after a bomb explosion took place during a robotic attempt to disarm a home-made bomb after investigators uncovered five suspicious devices at a train station in Elizabeth, NJ, the FBI launched a raid at a building in Elizabeth.

Sept. 19, 2016: Elizabeth train station where device was found

Undercover agents and members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force were taking part in the raid in an apartment above a restaurant, roughly one mile from the train station. Bomb dogs went from car to car and trash can to trash can along a residential street. It was unclear whether they found any possible suspects, or if the apartment belongs to the named suspect, the Afghani-born, naturalized US citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami, or if he has any connection to the raid.

As Reuters adds, the FBI was searching a location in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Monday morning, the mayor said, after authorities detonated an explosive device left at a train station in the city, one of as many as five potential bombs found at the site.

"The FBI is executing a search warrant," Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage said on CNN. "They will be there for the next few hours, going through this location to find any evidence possible, whether it's in relation to this incident or the Chelsea incident."

The suspicious devices turned up in a backpack near the train station Sunday night. One exploded when a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it. The discovery came a day after an explosion in Manhattan injured 29 people and an unexploded pressure-cooker device was found four blocks away, although investigators would not say whether the incidents were believed to be linked.

As reported earlier, Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage said two men called police and reported seeing wires and a pipe coming out of the package after finding it in a trash can around 8:30 p.m.

Media at the scene reported hearing a loud explosion and smelling gunpowder at around 12:40 a.m. Monday after Bollwage said earlier that the Union County bomb squad’s robotic device indicated that the package could’ve been a live bomb. There was no report of injuries following the explosion. Bollwage said the FBI and state police would decide how to remove the devices.

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Ignatius's picture

Fear! Fear! Fear!

"Pump up the volume, pump up the volume..."

Jim Sampson's picture

What emails??? Hillary's what??? Just be scared!!!

Bay of Pigs's picture

It's going to get downright bizarre before we get to November, that much we can count on.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

I've very, very worried about the backlash against Muslim Americans after these incidents. Donald Trump and the 'alt right' will undoubtedly use these events to justify their Islamaphobia, and this will encourage extreme right wing groups to insult and harass Muslims. We have to resist the urge to blame all Muslims for this incident, and understand that it's a radical minority.



BrownCoat's picture

Keep drinking your kool-aid MDB. You are so out of touch with reality!

Dirtnapper's picture

Paid trolls have to earn their keep.



Alexander Supertramp's picture


Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority".


TeamDepends's picture

It is time to call a moratorium on responding directly to MDB. He has been posting multiple comments on threads lately and it is causing a log jam.

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) TeamDepends Sep 19, 2016 12:47 PM

Peopel that don't understand he is a sarcastic troll just trying to rile everyone up. He dominates every comment section on every article. Just delete his account and comments.

Bill of Rights's picture

" Extreme right wing groups " umm the heavily medicated, born and bred dope Democrat voters are ones doing all the killing ...retard.

TeamDepends's picture

Operation American Gladio has begun. Prepare accordingly.

DuneCreature's picture

I'm actually MORE worried about the budget at DHS.

Obomber must have cut the FBI false flag funding.

I mean, come on, just a little pipe bomb in a trash can for crying out loud!

No sobbing crisis actors? .. No amputees being pushed away in wheel chairs fumbling with their 'exposed bone' prosthetic limbs? No fake blood packets to add some gory realism? .. No heroes in cowboy hats?

These terrorist bombings are getting SUPER low-budget cheesy.

We the people demand more fearful scarier terror or we will insist the DHS be dismantled for non-performance.

They are never going to the Stasi wet dream checkpoint Grandma feel ups they want without some good green screen special effects and a body parts flying on CCTV as the train station fills up with toxic smoke as described by a choking and gasping Anderson Goober.

Live Hard, Terror Should Keep You Up All Night Not Make You Want To Change The Channel, Die Free

 ~ DC v2.0

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) DuneCreature Sep 19, 2016 12:48 PM

They need to save the real bombs and bullets for the election!

Bryan's picture

MDB, you are the personification of a "false flag".  lol

NoPension's picture

Are you not entertained??!!

I'm waiting for them to pull Hillary out of her drug induced coma, for a sound byte.

JRobby's picture

Good thing for leakers and hackers. A recent development in the info war.

Because while everyone is misdirected and "being scared" that's when evidence disappears"

chairman of the bored's picture

All this will help Trump,would it not??

Ignatius's picture

So many overlapping motives, who's to say?

"It's a big shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite."

JRobby's picture

You are anticipating their next move 

Rule: responsible party blames opponent(s)

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Red Herrings and False Flags

What Clinton Foundation? What crimes of the FBI? Now that the POTUS has announce that he "will take it as a personal insult" if black americans dont vote for Hillary, what about the crimes of POTUS.

How about the fact that the US just violated ceasefire and killed 62 Syrian soldiers?

How about the fact that Hillary isnt well enough to remember she just said "bombings."


pods's picture

Bomb here>bomb over there.

Bomb here> Haitian Bribe/extortion

Bomb here> Hillary's a veggie

Actually the more I think about it, "bomb here" pretty much beats anything.

Guess that is why they are using them?


cowdiddly's picture

Why send in these corrupt idiots. They can't even find a freaking e-mail

gregga777's picture

J. Edgar Hoover could not find any evidence for the existence of the Mafia, either. Wink, wink, wink.

ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off).

CuttingEdge's picture

Comey has benchmarked the FBI as a fucking joke, about 6 levels down on the Keystone Cops.

onewayticket2's picture

There's a big difference between the Agents on the ground and the "agents" in DC.  if you know what i mean.

chubbar's picture

I don't have respect for any agent, DC or otherwise, that after having just watched his CEO commit perjury and obstruction of justice, straps his shoulder holster on and goes off to arrest someone for any fucking crime. Accountability starts at home and if they don't have the sack to stand up to their system when it is corrupt then they don't have any business holding others accountable for their crimes.

Bill of Rights's picture

Why would the FBI raid an abandoned empty building lol...just speculating of course as its all for show.

Boomberg's picture

Not an empty building, the restaurant downstairs had doughnuts.

earleflorida's picture

these nutjobs have safe houses scattered about in what is called a the arab neighborhood for access to the airport and nyc.

they have miniature bomb making factories where the basic bob making ingrediants are easily accessible without being labelled dual-use.

the nitogen and highly volitile elements must be mixed/prepared with extreme caution as to prevent fire or explosion giving away your location.

afghanistani's, pakistani's, and baluchistani's basically are the main characters/ of interest perpetrators.

the head`nutjob is very well educated, ... engineering in many fields of science and chemistry, and their networks are now global with sophisicated escape plans to go underground for months if not years and prepare for the next mission.


pods's picture

Hey, have you ever watched Fox News?

Just curious. lol.


earleflorida's picture

reminds me of a bag of popcorn (box of chocolates?) when at the movies threatre watching a thriller/mystery, when... at the end of the movie the villain/ plot is exposed as i fevorishly eat the last of my popped popcorn from a now seemingly empty bag--- too find, but... these strange kernals of truth,... that the finale in [?] both[?] its anticipations has been exhausted...[?] by its treachery.


pods's picture

I'm sure this was some Muzzie nut trying to kill some bums. 

No chance the FBI had a hand in this. <wink>

No truth to the rumor that Chertoff's company has a new line up of bomb proof trash cans either.........

Hey, we aren't talking about Hillary and whether she is alive, right?



Ignatius's picture

The strategy of tension, it's what's for dinner.

NoPension's picture

Hey everyone, tune in to MSLSD,
They have a pressure cooker, and an expert telling us how to make a bo...eh...eh...bangy thingy.

NoPension's picture

Holy shit, Batman....

The talking head babe on MSLSD just took extra time to clarify a Trump statement, in HIS benefit.
" Trump stated, the FBI knows who the bad guys are, but don't arrest them".

They pointed out, Mr Trump is speaking in general terms, and not specifically on this case.

She'll be fired this afternoon.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Pack up the family members, ship em to Gitmo.  That'll learn em.

E.F. Mutton's picture

That should be Holy Writ - if Achmed Jr. fucks up, the whole family goes back to Shitholistan

CuttingEdge's picture

Heres the problem with the refugees in the main - the whole family (women, kids and grandparents) are already in Shitholistan. That the majority of the young male migrants have zero parental control or guidance is a serious shitstorm recipe going forward, particularly for Germany. Hopefully Ofuckwit doesn't let too many more into the US before his pathetic and embarrassing 8 years is over.

NoDebt's picture

I always kind of thought they would feel at home in Antarctica.  It's like a desert, but with snow instead of sand.  

Drop coordinates:  0*E, 90*S


hairball48's picture

But, but , but....you'll pollute the South Pole!

j/k I don't give a shit.

joe6px's picture

Don't ship em in, that should learn us.


gregga777's picture

How did they identify Afghani-born, naturalized US citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami so quickly? Obvious. He is a member of the FBI/CIA False Flag Fear Team.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Duh.  He left his passport next to the bomb.

yellowsub's picture

Yes, they can survive plane crashes and explosions and look brand new as if they were just dropped on the scene after the fact.

Ignatius's picture

And he had $4700 stuffed in his sock and a plane ticket for Gaza.

drivenZ's picture

surveillance footage? fingerprints? bomb analysis? there was a cellphone attached to one of the bombs. 


it's been 60 hours since the Friday bombing in Manhattan. There are 35,000 NYPD officers and the state and FBI are obviously lending support.  I would hope they could figure something out in that amount of time. 

williambanzai7's picture

His pilot license was taped to the pressure cooker.