Princeton Professor: "Something Shocking" Will Happen Next Month In The Presidential Race

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While some have been holding their breath in ancticipation of what the next batch of dramatic revelations from Wikileaks' Julian Assange, Guccifer2 or some other "Russian" hacker may be, many have already thrown in the towel, saying there is little that can further surprise the population in a presidential race that has already surpassed all expectations for dramatic developments, unexpected twists and turns and sheer shock value.

However, if what Princeton history and public affairs professor Julian Zelizer wrote overnight on CNN is accurate, the best, or rather worst, is yet to come.

In an op-ed, the professor writes that "as September comes to an end, presidential-election observers are beginning to wonder if there will be an October Surprise. In a campaign where the unexpected has become normalized, both parties -- but particularly Democrats -- suspect that the next month could bring a shocking revelation." 

The notion of an October Surprise gained widespread popularity in the 1980 election, when Ronald Reagan's campaign feared that President Jimmy Carter would announce a resolution to the Iran hostage crisis only weeks or days before Americans went to vote. While Carter was in fact working on an end to the crisis, irrespective of the election, the Iranians did not release the hostages until after Reagan's inauguration.

Indeed, the "October Surprise" is a staple of presidential elections: some examples listed by Zelizer include what he dubs the "the most dramatic incarnation of a political surprise" which took place in 1968, specifically on October 31, when Johnson announced that he would undertake an immediate bombing halt against the North Vietnamese in the hope of reaching a peace agreement. The announcement sent shudders up the spine of Republican Richard Nixon, whose campaign had promised that as president he would bring peace.

Then in 1992, with just a few days left in the three-way presidential race between President George H.W. Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton and independent Ross Perot, former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger was indicted for having lied to a prosecutor during the Iran-Contra investigation. The indictment brought back memories of scandals in the Reagan administration to which Bush, as Vice President, had been associated. The news certainly hurt Bush, though most agree many other factors were responsible for his defeat, including the economic recession.

Another example, highlighted by Paul Joseph Watson, involves the 2004 appearance of Osama Bin Laden in a videotaped message a few days before the presidential election in which he all but urged people to vote for Senator John Kerry, which was later acknowledged by both George W. Bush and John Kerry as the deciding factor behind Bush’s victory in that year’s close election.

Which brings us to 2016, when according to Zelizer, "the October Surprise is more likely this year than others simply because this has been a campaign where every week has revealed a new surprise. Donald Trump has already made this one of the most unpredictable races in American politics. His strategy is to constantly do what nobody thought would be done, to make statements or throw out accusations once considered out of bounds."

The Princeton professor points out that while Trump's very nature invites shocking and dramatic revelations, there is also the fact that "the two leading candidates have intense unfavorable ratings. This means there are many organizations, politicians and individuals who don't want to see one of these two candidates win. If the polls continue to tighten, this will greatly increase the incentives for political activists on both sides to do something that will sway the electorate their way."

To be sure, there is much material, both official and "hacked" that can be used against either candidate to generate a last minute change of public opinion.

But it doesn't have to be premeditated "surprise" or leak: Zelizer writes that a "national-security crisis" may unfold in the coming weeks and that both Clinton and Trump would "have to adjust their campaigns" to deal with an event that “could have a dramatic effect.”

"In an age of terrorism, the possibilities for a dramatic event always loom large. The national security threat that Americans now face is one that is highly unpredictable since we are not dealing just with adversarial state actors or even organized terror networks but lone wolves who can cause injury, death and chaos at any time. Regardless of its origins, the bomb that exploded in New York on Saturday was a painful reminder of the kinds of fears and dangers with which we must live."

The professor concludes by noting that by now it is clear that both candidates are extremely skilled in the art of political warfare: Clinton, because of her many decades of experience in different roles in politics, and Trump, because of his time in the media spotlight, are quite comfortable going after each other in ways that might give other politicians pause. In the final weeks, it will be time to unleash absolutely everything they have on the other.

Which perhaps means that "a calm final month would probably be the biggest shocker of all" but Zelizer does not buy that, and instead says that we should all hold on to our seats. For many reasons, "the odds are pretty good that something shocking will happen next month."

And with that all eyes turn again to Putin, pardon Julian Assange and/or the countless citizen journalists who have made the most mudslinging presidential election also the most entertaining one, for what promises to be a dramatic crescendo with just a few weeks left until the fateful November 8, a period which as Clinton stated earlier today "the next 50 days will determine the next 50 years"

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Will crazy legs drop out?

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This whole election is like something out of a great peyote run.

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I'll give you LSD, but not peyote. Anything this concentrated and titrated and unnatural has got to be acid.

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I hear he likes Charlie's "sheen," if you know what Corey Feldman means...

This could be a gross divorce.

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So much for that move.

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The October surprise is an emergency 'Save HRC' FOMC meeting with a rate cut.

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The October Surprise does not involve HRC.

However I think that the Wiki people have evidence that old Bubba took flights to Lolita Island as a perk for helping his billionaire buddy AND the emails will indicate that he was choosing his own 14 or 15 year old "slave for a day."

Even the most ardent Dems can't defend that one.

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The Saint (not verified) johngaltfla Sep 20, 2016 7:03 PM
"Something Shocking" Will Happen Next Month...

I hope it has something to do with a cattle prod and Hillary Clinton.


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oops (not verified) The Saint Sep 20, 2016 9:37 PM

Since W stole the elections, nothing is shocking. It's rigged, period.

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It should be a capital offense to knowingly pass on a STD.


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EXACTLY MY THOUGHT....GO AHEAD, just TRY to surprise me.   I don't think I have experienced the element of surprise in years.

Okay...well maybe that Brazilian diver doing the backflop.  That was funny.

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scsherman (not verified) knukles Sep 20, 2016 4:43 PM


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It's when SHTF and Obummer keeps his job.

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Chupacabra-322's picture

Killarney dies. Thank God. SHTF, Marshal Law, Fagot Nigger Jizz drinking Obama keeps his job. Lucerferian's continue to murder, rape & pillage.

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I shouldn't use a word like nigger because I think it degrades me and my reader. YMMV

He's clearly not a homosexual. If you've seen him up close you know what I mean. Otherwise, add "plague of madness" and I agree.

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scsherman (not verified) Antifaschistische Sep 20, 2016 4:45 PM

They could probably get by with her as a Wookie and could employ the Chewbacca defense again.

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It is like an excerpt from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

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Trump heart attack!  It's a trap!

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...without the fuzz removed.

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Donald Trump will call out the FED and give a speech about fractional reserve banking and how it enslaves people?


OT: Last week waiting at my wife's dentist I saw a guy reading TCFJI.  When he got up to leave I asked if he was enjoying the book. He thought I meant the book in general, until I commented how Griffin provides tons of supporting information.  He about shit a brick that someone else had read it. We talked about the Mandrake mechanism and other aspects.  
He seemed pretty relieved that there are other nutballs out there. Turns out 2 out of the 3 people in the waiting room were nuts. :)

Not sure if he will take my advice to read Mullin's work on the FED, but hey, it's a start.


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It's very possible the wookie will come out of the closet and reveal herself to be Little Richard in disguise.

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I met Little Richard once at a Shoneys restaurant here in TN. . I would much rather have him Prez then that tranny who lives with Obammy .
See how I did that .

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you're not supposed to talk to anyone in the dentists office out of concern for privacy

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Great story , lots of people waking up and fast. Eustace Mullins' books -all of them in fact are superbly written as well as being unrivalled when it comes to research. 

You can tell he was an Ezra Pound protege and if there had bern any justice he would have won the Pulitzer or even a Nobel prize himself. But we all know why that was never going to happen.


My favorite book by him is The Curse of Canaan..gobsmackingly brilliant and a book that brought me back to God. When I read that and their maniacal hatred of all things Christ - it absolutely convinced me that everything about Jesus and his minstry here on Earth was 100% authentic and real. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

This is a tactic of population control using a technique called NLP today to use preconditioned words and symbols through "association" to evoke emotional responses, subtle often imperceivable fear/flight/fight mechanism. It is mind control. Associating happiness with this product or anger and fear with this group or that group.

Schools are divided in their curriculum in two distinct world view paradigms including along societal class and social cast to destabilize the population from forming consensus other than what is designed. Of course once one is aware of the manipulation its effectiveness is diminished or even eliminated. At that point the control subject would question everything.

Trauma is the tool of the tyrant. It is at the heart of the modern Clockwork Orange Tavistock Institution's population and mind control and is nothing new to controlling populations.

The ADL is a product of the British Empire and a template created by Lord Palmerston of the Bank of England's Secret Intelligence Sector .
It is a template that can plug in any number of ploys under bigotry but the tactic is the same; antisemitism, racism , misogyny etc and use them against anyone that resists parasitism labeling them.

A provocateur in the employ of the planners creates the need for stricter control and thus consolidating power at the same time targeting
dissenters. Those complaining of deteriorating conditions are far removed from the conspirators causing the problems. They use red herrings to create false leads and trails to confuse the dogs.

That is the job of the provocateur is to discredit any group targeted as unstable, dangerous etc. then the ADL is used to demonize it further. Meanwhile its legislations that are really behind their actions are passed.

This is Orwell's Doublespeak and Doublethink where Peace is War, Slavery is Freedom. Censorship is Speech. You disagree with a woman you are a bigot, a person of a different race and you are a racist etc.

This is the formula:The first casualty of war is truth so speech becomes the enemy.

There is no coincidence that the ADL was formed leading up to the American Civil War which the British Empire was deeply involved with the financing both sides.

E, Mullins, page 255,

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Of course the article missed the October surprise of the 2008 presidential election (though it actually started in Sept).

"Someone" pulled about 50 million out of the money markets and that triggered the 2008 economic collapse (with Lehman in the wings), as Rep. Paul Kanjorski pointed out (

That someone, of course, had to have been Soros, IMHO.

walküre's picture

I think the original quote was "someone pulled 750 million out of money markets"... if it were 50 million, the banks wouldn't have failed

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I gave u an up.  Im \kinda bomed now.  Good presenation.  your right.  YOU ARE RIGHT.  Good post.

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Leave the Guiness alone.....

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And that article by that pseudo intellectual professor was the most captain obvious written thing ive ever seen in my entire fuking life. 


another concrete proof that college and college professors have the value of the shit that comes out of my asshole when i have a stomach virus 

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He'll be a great candidate for a position as dorm leader at the Georgetown Social Justice Dorm.

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