Bakers Unite As Increasing Number Of Poor Greeks Can't Even Afford A Loaf Of Bread

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Almost a year after Greece surrendered into the arms of the international lenders and the International Monetary Fund and the austerity cuts started to affect people’s lives. One Greek explains the dismal reality of everyday life for many...

Did you know that there are people in Greece who cannot afford to buy even a loaf of bread at a cost of €0.60 – €0.70?


A bakery in our neighborhood was offering a bread at a special price for pensioners and unemployed. The special price was just half a euro.


At one point, I remember that more and more people were going to this bakery and asking for bread from the previous day for a couple of cents or even free of charge.


Two days ago, the grim Greek reality hit me again. I was at the bakery sometime at noon. All different kinds of bread loafs were waiting for customers, nicely set in order, one by one, next to each other.


Yet, somewhere, in a corner at one of the lower shelves there was a group of breads: several loaves, long and round, white and wholewheat,  a couple of baguettes.


“What are these?” I asked the baker and he answered “This is bread from yesterday, for the poor. We give it free of charge.”


He told me further, that he had 6-7 returning customers who come every second day for the bread from yesterday. Mostly elderly, pensioners. And “maybe 2-3 people per day,” people he does not know who just step in and ask for “old bread for free.”

The problem of poverty is not widespread only in Athens, where the cost of living is much higher than in the countryside.


Today, I read about the action of the Bakers’ Association in Kozani, in Northern Greece. Customers can buy extra bread for those in need, while the bakers will keep records of the “Bread on the waiting” – as they call their action – and give it to those who cannot afford it.


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Action Slogan: “Buy a loaf of bread or a bagel and let it wait for someone in real need”


“All 26 bakeries have joined the action,” the chairman of the Association, Dimitris Leoudis told the press.


Bravo to all bakers in Kozani


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Fireman's picture

There's the bread while the circus of the Pedophile Politburo of garbage in Natostan capital BrUSsel$ sets its reptilian eye on the next €uropeon victims.

Onward to the great flushing of bankster fiat filth and the political scum that serves it.

roxyNL's picture

Here is a video from the UK showing people waiting in a Tesco supermarket for food to be reduced (usually last good date)

Modern Scavengers, credit to the banksters and their fractional reserve system !

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Good on the Greek people for finding ways of helping their follow Greek, voluntarily -- without the Greek government acting as a middle man.  No doubt Tsipras is looking for a way to get involved in this somehow. 

That being said, I still have no sympathy for the Greeks as they value "being European" more than eating or taking care of the eldery.  Shame on them. 

mkkby's picture

Go to the banker and politicians houses at supper time.  If they have more than a day old bread, put ropes around their necks and head to the nearest lamp post.

Motasaurus's picture

So... I'm not the only one that thinks that "bread" looks like a penis, right?

NoPension's picture

The constipation site does not allow hot linking.


Stuck on Zero's picture

That Greek bread is not as good as our American bread. Greek bread expires after one day.  In America the loaves are all a week old and have three week expiration dates and still sell for $4.

Mr. Universe's picture

Yes indeed, real bread made with water, flour and yeast is far inferior to the modern American version loaded up with HFCS, yummy.

piliage's picture

I still have no sympathy for the Greeks as they value "being European" more than eating or taking care of the eldery

I spent some time in Greece this summer, and in my conversations it seems to have more to do with the fact that the Greeks trust the corrupt EU more than they do their awful corrupt Greek politicians. Hard to argue with that one, it's a choice between cancer and Aids....

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I've had the same conversation with a Taxi driver in Athens a few years ago. 

I then asked him the question, under which group of corrupt oligarchs was his family and his country better off.  Then came the inevitable "yes, but ..."

cheech_wizard's picture

My wife, whenever hearing the phrase... "Yeah, but" will immediately say "yeah-buts live in the woods". referring naturally to rabbits.

She has me doing it as well, as a conditioned response to the ingrained stupidity and excuse making of the great unwashed masses. Try it some time.

NoPension's picture

My favorite is " yeah,"

FrankDrakman's picture

My mom used to say "Ya-but, ya-but - what do you feed it? Yettuce". Shut us up quick.

dark fiber's picture

Yeah ok, I understand the Greeks (well sort of).  But why did they admit Greece in the Eurozone in the first place? Greece had always more or less resembled a third world state.  More to the point, why was Greece ever allowed to join the EU?

piliage's picture

That is a very interesting question, and, rumor is, it involves US/NATO access and flyover rights/logistics to the Balkans from Izmir (NATO 6th Allied Tactical Air Force) through Greece traded for EU membership status during the Bosnian war.

The Greeks made a bargain, and got a good deal it seems. Heck, the US even gave them Goldman Sachs [spit] to cook the books.

Gosh, imagine, yet another thing the Clintons fucked up...what the hell has that woman ever touched that didn't turn to absolute dog shit?

New_Meat's picture


"...what the hell has that woman ever touched that didn't turn to absolute dog shit?"

Well, Bill for one ... oh ...

Killdo's picture

no country resembles a 3rd world country more that the US - with all the tent cities, homeless everywhere, shitting on sidewalks etc. Greece looks wealthy in comparison

Escrava Isaura's picture

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the population growth exponential function and that life is totally dependent on energy that’s depleting while these brainwashed and stupid as a human can be are distract by economic and/or religion ideologies.

So Haus-Targaryen ”shame on them” is appropriate, in my opinion.



Killdo's picture

fundamentally they don't trust each other (as described in Michael Lewis' book the Boomerang)

Greeks are a perfect example of how you can screw fearful people with no confidence.That's why Greeks need that label 'European'

They have no confidence and they distrust others because they are heavily abused/brainwashed by priests in Greek public schools. At the same time they are ashamed of it but have no balls to do anything about it.

My Greek friend (who has a PhD from Cambridge and  has never been religious) does not complain when his children are forced to pray before entering a Greek public shchool every morning. He was too ashamed to tell me about that enforced praying but his kids did. I asked them how they feel about it - they were not happy and I can imagine how that affect their trust in their parents (they have heard many times from their parents' conversations that the parents are not religious - especially the mother - yet she also lets her kids be abused with enforced prayers ). 

Just one of the reasons why Greeks are beyond hope - too divided, pretty lazy, no balls whatsoever and heavily brainwashed about their invisible master they need to fear from a very early age. All that and they are also taught that Greeks are actually the least religous nation there is. And Greeks believe it all


GreatUncle's picture

@Haus - They made their choice so to speak and now must accept the consequences of their choice.

Now you can see this coming, Greek new bailout in a few weeks, going to be a trillion euros. The Greek are good for it and Draghi will stipulate it is for the creditors again. Money handed over, oh make your promises on reform because you are now the money launderer for the money changers. Money hits Greece and handede over to a more worthy cause ... Deutschbank. /SARC Greece is the first bad nation as in a bad bank.

Katos's picture

You say " the Greeks asked for it:? I don't think the Greeks asked for anything.  Just like in our country,  your vote means nothing. The entrenched political bloodsuckiers make these deals and pretend to give the PLEBES a voice. Sadly, the decision was made long before the vote.  I'd bet a million dollars right now that TTP passes in all the countries, regardless of the hundreds of thousands who are protesting against it. In the past, the elites at least gave people enough to live a fairly decent life.  Now their greed has gotten to the point where they would just let everyone starve to death. Soon everyone will realize that they have nothing to lose,  and then all hell is going to break loose?

MarketWizard's picture

The Greeks voted to leave the EU, their PM screwed them over and reneged on his promise!

piliage's picture

No. Not true. The Greeks voted against the last austerity plan of the troika, but they absolutely overwhelmingly wanted to remain in Europe (and on the Euro).


WTFUD's picture

What i don't hear is that the quality of bread is woeful in these supermarkets, EVERYWHERE in EUROPE with few exceptions, maybe Italy. Tasteless due to inferior in-house grains. The bread also goes stale more quickly than it used to. To get decent bread you must go to a specialist baker or delicatessen.

Here's an idea Greece, form a small local coop, buy the flour directly from the farmers market and FFS make your own.


any_mouse's picture

Wait until your bread never goes stale, never gets moldy. Welcome to GMO bread.

WTFUD's picture

I hear you! Been dealing with the same farmer for years ( thankfully in my jurisdiction in the EU the Pressure Groups are acutely hostile to Mosquito, recently bought out i think by Bayer, Germany ). Took a weekend bakery course and can now bake several of my favourite loaves , not just for my household but all the family and friends. In addition one friend makes excellent butter & cheese, another great beer ( mini/micro distillery ). We're now discussing a small farm for the chicken & meat, plus polytunnel's for fruit and veg & herbs ( the quality of wacky backy's improving also ). Now if we could just find the secret of a stable female brain then life would be a breeze. lol

Treason Season's picture

Only edible bread is Sourdough bread. All others = Leaky Gut

Core112's picture

Did you read the article? It's about neighbourhood bakeries, not supermarkets.

JohnGaltUk's picture

Just sent those links to some folks at work here in the UK, they were shocked

doctor10's picture

Its the Greeks fault they haven't retrieved their Drachma from the dustbin

they will need to decide how much longer they can afford to let Brussels buy off their leadership

This is so totally unnecessary

Just say NO!!

Core112's picture

Actually, they did. But their NO was ignored.

LetThemEatRand's picture

If bakers ran the world instead of bankers, we wouldn't need bankers.  But then again, what would we all do if we could not entertain ourselves with watching the Bernanke telling Mr. Yellen that long-term lower rates are good because Greenspan was right before he was wrong.  Give me a bagel, serf.

Panic Mode's picture

I'm more than happy to let farmers to run my country's banks, let small company entrepreters to run my country's economy, and let 5 year old kids to run my country's foreign policy. 

You'll be amazed by the outcome.

damicol's picture

That is precisdely the reason why President Trump will be the most successful President in history

SubjectivObject's picture

You're talking about that 5 year old thing?

Anopheles's picture

Except those people are never elected in a democratic system.  People always vote for the politicians that promise the most free shit. 

cowdiddly's picture

We have 5 year old children running foriegn policy NOW.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Im constantly amazed at the selfishness and arrogance of 5 year olds.  On the other hand, I think any 5 year old would have been better than W. Bush or Cheney. In fact Deez Nuts would certainly be better than that.


Deez Nuts

OliverAnd's picture

Let me get this straight...  they are giving away one day old bread?  Greece is rich.  I have not seen that anywhere in 'rich' North America.  

Sid James's picture

Greek bread doesn't come in plastic bags with preservatives that keep it fresh for weeks. Their freshly made bread goes stale in a day, like a proper baguette should.

Bastille Day's picture

We have a local Italian bakery that has amazing bread though it is almost $5 a loaf now.  It was up until a year best on day 1 and started going stale on day 2.  By day 5 it was unedible.  About a year ago. I noticed it was staying fresh for days.  I don't know what they added but their packaging still says no preservatives which I call bs now.

Wahooo's picture

A lot of the chain bakeries in the US have outlet stores where they sell the aging stuff, eg Hostess. And Dollar Tree has one-dollar bread.

OliverAnd's picture

'SELL the aging stuff'  These guys aren't selling off anything.  No money gain at all. Despite the crisis there are times, whether we admit it or not, where we wish we could be Greeks.  Humanity is rare now a days...

Twee Surgeon's picture

Try the day old bread store, buy one loaf, second is free. Try the Foodbank. They will load you up. Try an EBT card application, millions are approved.

OliverAnd's picture

That ain't exactly free is it? It's 50% off.  In Greece they have foodbanks as well. These are local businesses/bakeries with absolutely no money gain.

GreatUncle's picture

You got food banks, just like the UK followed with.

There you get more than just loaves of bread.

"Let the serfs eat tinned sardines".

OliverAnd's picture

They have food banks in Greece as well.  These are local bakeries giving away day old bread to people with need.  I have not seen any local bakeries do this in North America for those in need.

Mr. Universe's picture

Everyday our local supermarket bakery loads up a full shopping cart of old bread and it is picked up by a friend of mine who takes it to the local food bank. No they don't have much incentive to seek out where it might be needed, but if you ask, you might get different results.