Guns Sell Out In Charlotte As Local Police Refuses To Release Shooting Video

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With both a state of emergency implemented and the national guard deployed in Charlotte overnight following a second night of rioting, there was hope the mood in the city tonight would be less violent. That however, may prove optimistic now that the Charlotte police announced they do not plan - for now - to release a video showing the fatal shooting of Keith Scott by officers, and which that has sparked two nights of violent protests in North Carolina's largest city, the department's chief said on Thursday.

The video will only be shown to the family of Keith Scott, 43, who was shot dead by a black police officer in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Tuesday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.

The reason the video is relevant is because many of the protesters dispute the official account of Scott's death. Police contend he was carrying a gun when he approached officers and ignored repeated orders to drop it. His family and a witness say he was holding a book, not a firearm, when he was killed. "I'm not going to release the video right now," Putney told reporters, the morning after nine people were injured and 44 arrested in riots over Scott's killing.

As Reuters notes, Charlotte's reluctance to release the video stands in contrast to Oklahoma, where officials on Monday released footage of the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher by police after his vehicle broke down on a highway. That shooting is now the subject of a U.S. Department of Justice probe.

One potential reason for the unwillingness to play the video is that according to Putney, while the video supports the police account of what happened, it "does not definitively show Scott pointing a gun at officers."

As such, presenting the video would likely lead to further protests, state of emergency notwithstanding, and may have boiled over into violence and looting for yet another night.

Meanwhile, the local population is not taking any chances. As AP reported, a North Carolina gun-rights group says just because there's a state of emergency in Charlotte doesn't mean people there are unable to carry their concealed handgun for defense if they have a permit for one. Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone wrote Thursday in a memo to its supporters strongly advising them to carry these lawful firearms if they can't avoid being in Charlotte and surrounding Mecklenburg County. 

Valone points to a 2012 federal court ruling striking down a broad state law making it a misdemeanor for people to possess or transport any dangerous weapon outside of their homes within an area where a state of emergency exists. Grass Roots was a plaintiff in the litigation. Grass Roots counts 20,000 people among its members.

And while we doubt Grass Roots' plea for people to arm themselves was the catalyst, one implication of the surge in violence is that guns in Charlotte are selling out. As The Washington Examiner reports, the spike in social tension has led to a gun buying spree by locals worried about their safety.

At Hyatt Guns, one of the nation's largest, staff arrived Thursday morning after the second night of riots and encountered a line of buyers.

"First off, our prayers are with law enforcement this morning. People are afraid. They see lunacy in the streets being perpetrated by criminals and they are gearing up to protect themselves," Justin Anderson, director of marketing for Hyatt Guns told Secrets. He added that sales of self defense weapons has been swift this week, both in person and online.

"Sales last night were brisk. Most of the purchases were self defense shotguns and 12 gauge buckshot," he said. "We had people waiting at the door this morning who are looking at similar guns. People that were on the fence about buying a gun prior to last night are now making that purchase," added Anderson.

The store is not far from the downtown violence, but has regular security and is so popular among local police that it recently set up an online store for police. Which is why if one finds themselves in the middle of downtown Charlotte and things are going from bad to worse again, this may well be the safest spot in town tonight.

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Xatos's picture

If you can't afford a gun, just get a bucket of chicken and throw it one way and run the other.

44MagnumPrepper's picture

That's racist.  Everyone knows a basketball works better.

SWRichmond's picture

I just want to reiterate when the real fun starts and the two-way range opens in earnest be sure you're shooting the right targets. you should have already identified them.  Be very sure you remember who the real Us Versus Them contest is.  And just to be clear it ain't blacks and whites, and it ain't local cops.

And then find something evil and kill it.

Handful of Dust's picture

Where were da protesters for justice when this young UNC student was brutally murdered by two thugs while she begged for her life:


UNC Student Eve Carson Begged Captors to Pray With Her Before They Killed Her, Says Murder Trial Witness


Manthong's picture

If you do not have all of the guns and ammo you think you would need for the next 10 years or so by now, you might want to get real busy because when it’s too late, it is.

SlowBro's picture

I am just shocked, shocked that people would want to defend themselves from these peaceful protesters

Luck Dragon's picture

The synic in me makes me wonder if they're refusing to release the video of the shooting at this moment, because they're waiting for their Hollywood EFX team to finish adding a gun to the guys hand that was shot.

"Oh shit, he was reading a book that was black, it wasn't a Glock in his hand..."

Manthong's picture


That doesn't sound very black to me.


“WTF is a synic [sic]?”

Someone with a robot fetish?


oops's picture
oops (not verified) Manthong Sep 22, 2016 9:37 PM

The American CURSE is on hyperdrive.

Calmyourself's picture

Swedish term for a spelling Nazi..

dunce's picture

A typo, look at your keyboard. Sheesh, tough crowd.

Ignatius's picture

I posted the other day about dashcam/bodycam footage, etc., and was roundly downvoted.

Evidence, people, evidence.  Enough with the stories.

P.S. it's "cynic" with a "c".

Manthong's picture

Geez, this is not typing or English grammar class…

Give the guy a break… he probably feels bad enough about the little mistake.

Like Obama’s Marine “Corpse” or “Cominsky Field”.

Oh…wait a minute there… Obama or the Clintons do not need to feel bad about being complete idiots because they have an ignorant (and bad grammar) media to cover for them.

And the standards must be much lower for the leaders of the free world.


Ignatius's picture

I hear ya, but I ain't doggin' the guy.

Just don't want a fellow ZH'er to embarrass himself.

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture



Dey rilly aught to turn on dat spel cheker by deefault.



Manthong's picture

My first car was a 1959 Studebaker Lark station wagon.

I paid $50.00 for it.

I was able to haul a good chunk of the bands stuff as we went from garage to garage blasting all three chords of “Gloria” all over the neighborhood.

The great thing about the Studebaker (until I blew up the engine on the expressway, little pieces of rods blowing out the oil pan) is that like the $50.00, 1961 Rambler Classic I replaced it with is that the seats folded full back down (pre-purchase requirement at the time).

That was when drive-ins were the place to go and only thing to worry about were the “necker checkers” or the “f*ck truck”.

That having been said…

Sac, your text editor here is a POS.. not even as good as the $50.00 Studebaker…  it has never worked  and for crying out loud, if you do not want to fix it just put a simple text box there and let everyone just compose in their posts in their own app.


Boris Badenov's picture

Didn't see your post but it got me thinking because I had to guess. I personally think that any footage, if it exists, should be public immediately. Nevermind that it could taint the jury pool and find him guilty. But the footage in and of itself is not evidence. If somebody had a gun, well, get the gun, right?  No that;s not good enough, he may be licensed to carry a gun (a few people are, I hear). 

These cops should put out a memo, "Proper Procedure for not getting SHOT when dealing with us".

macholatte's picture

he may be licensed to carry a gun


doubtful... he was a felon.  If he had a gun, it was illegal and he might have been trying to hide it.


Trial by television is ALWAYS a bad idea.

All evidence whould be protected until trial.

The instigators of the riots should be jailed.




pickupthatcan's picture

Malum Prohibitum laws are meant to be broken.

I see Charlotte burning as a good thing. The two biggest gangs (corrupt pigs and dindus) going at it. I hope they kill each other until there's no one left on either side.

Joe Mama 3's picture

Fuck your ho ass !!!!!!!!  If the dude was not an escaped convict, he should have every right to own a gun, felon or not. Please do the world a favor, and take out as many as possible when they come for your guns !!!  Since " Convicted Felons " won't be able to help.

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) Joe Mama 3 Sep 22, 2016 6:40 PM

I agree, if someone is declared unfit to own a gun, then they should be locked up. Otherwise, citizens not in prison should have full constitutional rights. It doesn't make any legal sense to prohibit certain rights like owning a gun or voting for felons. They are either citizens or not. There is no in between. It is especially egregious when non violent felons are prohibited from owning guns. Prohibiting voting, even while in prison, is wrong. There is no justifiable reason despite what some may try to put forth.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) scsherman Sep 22, 2016 8:27 PM

I agree as well. Once someone has served their sentence they ought to be free to rebuild their life, in every respect, including the right to own a gun. It is double jeopardy to punish someone that has paid their debt to society by not allowing them the right to self defense with a gun. Ditto for not allowing them to vote. Those prohibitions only cause more resentment and hostility and make it more difficult for the person to reintegrate into society.

Manthong's picture

interesting ... he might have had a gun.. likely because he was a scumbag ex-con...




dunce's picture

The police chief is black, the city council is black, the mayor is white which tells me the democrats have a lock on city government thus we should expect the same level of competency as Baltimore.

CheapBastard's picture

"... shotguns ... and ... buckshot..."


Good choices.

slicktroutman's picture

Exactly what I thought, they need time to alter the video.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I've been contemplating a G19 for a while now, I was in my local shop and he said he just got 90 in after them being out of stock for a couple months. I don't really NEED one, but after the recent boating accident, I guess it couldn't hurt.

pickupthatcan's picture

Pick up three or more if you can. G19s will always be in demand. Don't forget lots of extra mags too.

RafterManFMJ's picture

1200 rounds Lake City green tip, 500 .40 and 400 9mm arriving this week - - and I put it on a credit card!!! Lol.

Old Dirty Bastid's picture

I have both, but prefer the good old 55gr FMJ flavor. More destructive terminal ballistics than the steel pin 62gr IMHO. My favorite is the 69gr bullet, though. That's my max weight due to 1:9 rifling.

Manthong's picture

Just as an additional consideration…

Might I suggest that the good old  fashioned 680 gr .50 BMG works, too.

I goes pretty far, and if you use the Hornady Match rounds, even farther.

Manthong's picture

Old Dirty Bastid

Allow me to pay you respect …

You obviously have decent insight into ballistics issues.

Hell, I am willing to learn.

But, in my opinion, itty bitty people or game bullets at supersonic speeds have a place.

But bigger is better… especially at over 1,800 fps at a mile or so out,

One has a wider range of target opportunities..


beeeeeep's picture

I hate that that article made the gun owner out to be the criminal when all he really wanted to do is drive on home without getting mobbed, pulled out, and beaten.  Only in the UK where if you use a gun to defend yourself you are the worst type of person in the world insteadof you know the hundreds of people happily attacking innocent people.

brockhardman's picture

This is going to be fun.  Shouldn't take long.  Let's just start at the top (by attending the next Bilderberg meeting in large force) and begin hanging people from the trees at Bohemian Grove.  That will put an end to things quite rapidly.

August's picture

And if your neighbor is a "banker".... move.

economessed's picture

Totally agree with having suitable tools for your personal defense of life, liberty and property.  Which leads me to ask when i can expect to hear from you about defending my airspace with rocket-propelled grenades, or other variants of surface to air missles?  I'm becoming increasingly alarmed about the presence of black helicopters over my neighborhood.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


If this becomes an issue:

1) Make and use a well camouflaged thermal poncho.

2) Don't operate where there are no trees.

3) Avoid hospitals, wedding parties, places of worship, and schools.

4) Play offense and play dirty

Cloud9.5's picture

Price tends to be the limiting factor on having the toys you listed.  I should imagine that if one of the one percent had the need for such a thing, there is a private contractor somewhere who will provide it for him.  When a lowly box of 9mm will set you back ten bucks, I can’t imagine what something like a stinger missile would cost.  The plebian are priced out of the exotic weapons market by design. 

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) economessed Sep 22, 2016 6:44 PM

Model rocketry. A stinger missile isn't quite as complex as most people think it is. RPGs even less so. Anti aircraft artillery being the least complex. It is simply a shell with a timed fuse. There are already multiple variants of anti-aircraft systems to take out drones, but a a shotgun works well too.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) scsherman Sep 22, 2016 8:35 PM

Indeed. Had the opportunity to fire a LAW (light antitank weapon). It was a fucking fiberglass tube with a rocket inside and a plastic pop up sight and a rubber button you pressed to fire it. I had to holler "backblast clear" after looking to my rear. Pressed the button. Prayed it wasn't a dud that would go off on my shoulder. It wasn't.

A third-grader could have figured out how to use the fucking thing. The backblast out the rear of the tube might catch some folks by surprise. Actually saw a video of an ISIS fighter / Syrian firing something similar and the backblast got the guy behind him. Not the guy filming, another guy. Too funny.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Helium balloons with light cable.

neilhorn's picture

What about, "Defending your life with a bucket of chicken"?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Ask Leeroy Jenkins and his friends how that turned out.