"This Is An Absolutely Corrupt Process" - Clinton's Deleted Emails Won't Be Released Until After The Election

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One month ago, we reported that the State Department announced some good and some bad news for transparency advocates was disclosed, when Hillary Clinton's former employer said it would release all of the deleted work-related emails that the FBI recovered from Hillary Clinton’s private system, eliminating the possibility that the messages will remain secret. The State Dept had "voluntarily" agreed to produce non-exempt agency records responsive to Judicial Watch's FOIA request. That was the good news. The bad news was that as we said, it remains unclear if the full set of emails would be released by the presidential election on Nov. 8.

Now we know the answer: no, it won't.

According to a new timetable set Friday by a federal judge, most of Hillary Clinton’s deleted, and then recovered, emails won’t be made public until after Election Day. As the WSJ reports, Judge James Boasberg on Friday ordered the State Department to finish processing 1,050 pages of material for release by Nov. 4—just a fraction of what could be as much as 10,000 pages of material. 

The farcical development, and latest confirmation of corruption at all echelons of US government, was revealed when the judge set the new timetable, which previously was expected to play out in the coming weeks, after acknowledging that the State Department was struggling to manage the burden of dozens of lawsuits and thousands of requests for records from Mrs. Clinton’s time in office.

In other words, because Clinton has been sued so many times for non-compliance with subpoenas, for destroying evidence, for purging servers, for crushing cell phones with hammers, and generally for hiding information, the State Department - with its thousands of government employees - is unable to provide the public with what may be the most important glimpse into Hillary's allegedly criminal activities: the not so arbitrary deletion of up to 15,000 emails.

According to the WSJ, the new schedule would push the release of most of the newly discovered emails past Election Day, at which point not even the most scandalous revelations would have any impact on the outcome of who is America's next president.

To be sure, some emails will be made public: the first batch, appropriately filtered to exclude any sensitive topics, is due to be released on Oct. 7, with two other pre-Election Day releases scheduled for Oct. 21 and Nov. 4. After that, the State Department has committed processing 500 pages a month.

The State Department says it has identified roughly 15,000 email messages to or from Mrs. Clinton that the FBI recovered and turned over to the State Department. Of those 15,000, about 9,400 have been deemed purely personal and will be excluded from release, according to lawyers representing the Department.  Another 5,600 emails were deemed work-related but State Department attorneys warned that up to 50% of those are duplicates of emails that Mrs. Clinton already turned over.

It is worth repeating: nearly 6,000 work-related emails were deleted by the same person who assured Congress that none such emails were purged, and only personal stuff was "BitBleached."

As the WSJ adds, department lawyers said they aren’t sure how many total pages the newly discovered emails comprise but that each email comprised on average about 1.8 pages, they said.

But while this legal travesty should infuriate all Americans, no matter if on the left or right, the one person most outraged was Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, the man single-handedly responsible for the countless of Clinton emails revealed in the past year (whatever happened to independent, investigative media), who said that “the American people could be deprived of this information at this essential time."

"this is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with,” Fitton said, blaming the department for the continuing delays.

As a reminder the either blatantly corrupt, criminal or merely grossly incompetent FBI closed its investigation into Hillary without recommending any charges, although recent Reddit revelations that Hillary's tech aide had sought outside assistance to purge her email server, provides some hope that some less corrupt government organization, clearly not the FBI, may actually get to the bottom of Hillary's ongoing email scandal. That said, having seen how the US legal system works, we are not holding our breath.

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You have to elect the old bag to see what's in the old bag.

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RIP William Jefferson Clinton August 19, 1946 - September 25, 2016

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They will be leaked soon enough. They are out there.

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Judge James E. Boasberg


Appointed by Barack Obama - 2011

On April 26, 2012, Judge Boasberg ruled that the public had no right to view government photos of a deceased Osama Bin Laden.

Appointed to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a term starting May 18, 2014. The FISA court has had 35,529 requests for electronic surveillance and denied only 12.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Good. The emails are a distraction from the real issues. Releasing them before the election would only give republicans more opportunities to smear Hillary and de-rail the election. This election so far has been completely disorganized, like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Let’s restore some sanity and start having real debates about real issues, like raising the minimum wage, fighting climate change and keeping healthcare affordable for millions of Americans. 



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Massive Betrayal of the American People: FIRE FBI Director James Brien Comey, Jr. — NOW ! ! !


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Fear not. Putin has the emails.

Lavrov will instruct John Kerry to choose between pulling out of Syria or facing President Trump.

Sam.Spade's picture

You don't think Putin is the only one with copies, do you?  Wikileaks might have them.  So might dozens of independent hackers.  They've probably been circulated around like porno pictures in a victorian brothel.  After this development, it's only a matter of time until someone decides to risk the wrath of The Deep State and publish them.

GreatUncle's picture

Clinton the 1st ever president to be impeached before even being sworn into office.

The election has had blanket instruction not to talk about Trump what do you think you were going to get?

Minimum wage ... bullshit you crushed the middle class locking all those blacks into the poor class because there is no progression to middle class no more.

Climate change ... ration energy per person, but an ever increasing population globally will eventually fuck the climate anyway.

Affordable healthcare ... not if the insurance companies are not prevented from charging what they want and why Obamacare is collapsing as a concept he legislated them to take the money from your pocket is all. Try unaffordable healthcare.

44magnum's picture

Judge James E. Boasberg, A german american?

Space Ghost's picture

I really hope Trump asks why her emails wont come out during the debate lol

he can ask so many questions to fuk her in the ass i really hope he takes the oportunities to do so. slip in a few phrases and statements that completely destroy her. 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Space Ghost Sep 23, 2016 2:41 PM

We know what's in there...snakes, rats, blood, bones, magots.

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Those emails will be seen long before Trump's tax returns

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What makes you servant class peons think you are entitled to see anything? If you are lucky and work hard, you will get to live peacefully on a heavily guarded agricultural commune. If you insist on being a bother you will find yourself sucking Strontium 90 in one of our FEMA work camp mines. Work Hard. Live in peace. May the Eye of Providence shine upon Dear Leader Hillary.

Vageling's picture

Yeah... Work hard. Build a missle and have the "Sun of Socialism" shoot it in the ocean! That will teach em! Hail to glorious chubby leader. No moar love from China either.

BTW! Kim chubby Un is not pleased with your comradeship! His dogs are hungry and you're the meat. And your all seeing eye has an arrow in it so no help there! Beg mofo! Beg for a fema camp! 

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Is this your stand-in? This post lacks your usual wit and subtle satire, and is much too obvious.

Secret Weapon's picture

Paging Mr. Assange.  Put up or shut up. 

karzai_luver's picture

it's time for Julian to put up or shut up.


Creative_Destruct's picture

C'mon Wikileaks & Guccifer, times a wastin' !!

InjectTheVenom's picture

I'd rather...

>>>  let lobsters chew on my ball sac  OR

>>>  see Hitlery become POTUS

Evil Peanut's picture

Let's hope some hackers or wikileaks or someone can release the documents soon before the election - the people have a right to see how much of a CROOK and LIAR this woman is

Poundsand's picture

Those aren't very appetizing choices are they...  But yeah, lobsters on the ball sac.

Evil Peanut's picture

Let's hope some hackers or wikileaks or someone can release the documents soon before the election - the people have a right to see how much of a CROOK and LIAR this woman is

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That will get her out of the debates.  And garner tons of sympathy votes.

Another first for HRC: The first Widowed POTUS.

monad's picture

He was in Huma's way to be 1st lady. Shit happens. Around Clintons.

gregga777's picture

September 25th would ever after be a day for national celebration.

It would be even greater and a two 'fer if LIARy died the same day. It'd be a day of doubly delirious national celebration.

Bill of Rights's picture

You may win or you may not win, one thing is absolutely clear you will always be a corrupt loser of a human being every waking day. You've been exposed.

GreatUncle's picture

+1 And that really is the point you are known for what you are.

JRobby's picture

Idiot ass faced trolls vomiting shit out of their mouths.

BabaLooey's picture

YES! You win!


Here's what you've won!

*An all expense paid permanent vacation to Club Leavenworth - replete with your own luxury cell.

NO MORE PESKY EMAILS! DAILY exercise privys! DAILY cell inspections! DAILY ratburgers for lunch

*EpiPens - slightly used for tattoos on Bertha, Betty and Inga - your cell block lesbos!

*The DRUG CART - rolled to your cell daily, with generic lozenges of goo, to quell that nasty hack.

*HUMA VISITS - once every week! WITH! - a strip search afterward by a government employee, who will botch up your plumbing with their BlackJack.


*TOTAL ISOLATION - save for the raft of magazines, all now turned against you, now that you cannot order people killed.

THAT'S what you've won.


Cluster_Frak's picture

Just to be safe do NOT vote for Hitlery.

Salsa Verde's picture

Seems perfectly inline with what should be expected:  Why anybody would expect anything but Banana Republic corruption from US government institutions anymore is beyond me.


The_Dude's picture

US Gov:

Can process millions of illegals into the country each year.

Can generate millions of pages of bureaucratic tripe to destroy the economy each year.

Can snoop on billions of minute interactions of its citizens EVERY DAY!

Cannot process and publish 15,000 yoga pant emails in under 3 months.

The Bell Rang's picture

They will be released........Wiki leaks


Salsa Verde's picture

Sure hope Assange does another release this weekend just before the debate.

jakesdad's picture

I've been wondering if that's their play - drop a bomb late sunday/early monday so her team doesn't have time to spin/predistribute talking points to msm/mods...

Crash Overide's picture

Yeah Julian, you said you were going to drop a bomb before the first debate, Monday morning would be a good time.

JRobby's picture

Just to rattle her so they have to up the dosage to "brink of coma with a dose of speed on top, levels ya right out"

Big fun as 2 chambers of her heart explode on national TV  WORLDWIDE!

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If he had something that would actually matter he'd have been neutralized by now.

onewayticket2's picture

why not just grant Hillary immunity and be done with the charade.....

Mr. Bones's picture

Fascinating how efficient they are at deleting data they were compelled to protect, while being simultaneously inefficient at producing data that they didn't get around to destroying.

Things that make you say 'hmmm.'

Hal n back's picture

and another late friday release

Panic Mode's picture

Lets phone an old friend Assange.

Mike Masr's picture

Who needs the corrupt State Department when we have Julian Assange?

Julian we are counting on you to give us the October surprise we have all hoped and prayed for.

The emails that will sink this crooked, corrupt cunt!

gregga777's picture

I would not believe anything released by the US Department of State any more than I believe any other department of the Feral government or the Feral government's organs of state propaganda (mainstream media & entertainment oligopoly).

I'm just biding my time until WikiLeaks releases their mass dump of LIARy Rotten's emails and documents. After that whatever the State Department releases will be irrelevant.

tarabel's picture



Assange is angling for a deal. He's tired of eating arroz con pollo every night except Thursday, when the cafeteria serves arroz con pollo burritos.

So he's waiting to see who is likely to win the election and then he will run over to that side and accept their terms.

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Hope he takes the high road but four years of isolation will mess with your mind. 

monad's picture

This is material to her bid for the presidency.