Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The "Intent" That The FBI Missed After Months "Investigating"

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Earlier this week, a twitter user named "Katica" seemingly proved the "intent" of the Hillary campaign to destroy and/or tamper with federal records by revealing the Reddit thread of Paul Combetta (aka the "Oh Shit" guy; aka "stonetear").  But what's most crazy about this story is that "Katica" was able to discover the greatest "bombshell" of the entire Hillary email scandal with just a couple of internet searches while the FBI, with unlimited access to government records, spent months "investigating" this case and missed it all.  The only question now is whether the FBI "missed" this evidence because of gross incompetence or because of other motivating factors?

Now, courtesy of an opinion piece posted on The Daily Caller, we know exactly how "Katica" pieced her "bombshell" discovery together...the folks at the FBI may want to take some notes.

Per the twitter discussion below with @RepStevenSmith, "Katica" discovered Combetta's Reddit thread on September 16th.  But while she suspected that Paul Combetta and the Reddit user known as "stonetear" were, in fact, the same person, she had to prove it...



...which she was able to do easily enough with a couple of extra searches.  First there is this FaceBook pic which refers to Combetta as "Stone Tear."



Then, there was this website thanking "Paul Combetta" who could be reached at "stonetear@gmail.com." 




And then there is Paul Combetta's Etsy account where his username was, yet again, "Stonetear."  The account has since been deleted.




And then there is this "stonetear" Reddit post where Combetta talks about why he loves living in Rhode Island...



...And wouldn't you know it, Paul Combetta just happens to own a house in Rhode Island.



And that's how one twitter user discovered the "bombshell" that has blown the Hillary email scandal wide open.  It took "Katica" just a couple of days to discover evidence that eluded the FBI's months of "investigations."  Perhaps the FBI should do some simple Google searches before they officially close their next case.

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She needs to be given Comeys job asap!

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Comey is a political appointee and made a political decision. Please don't expect 'justice' from someone running CYA for his boss.

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OMG just leave Hillary alone now would you? She's been cleared by the head of the FBI and the attorney general. The details of the case are too complex to understand - if these two senior statesmen believe that she is innocent, then I believe them. That's all we need to know. It's time to abandon this discredited case and start focusing on the future.

How People of Color Invented the Modern World

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The young women are deffinitely showing how to get things done.  Some more real capable young women at infoWars.

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This is one deadddddddd chick.

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Hillary is a criminal.  The US no longer convicts criminals, which is why uprisings and demonstrations are going to increase.


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MDB is so right.

We need to focus on a more progressive way of living.

Like this:


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President trump is going to mop up the floor with drugged up and dieing hillary.

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katica behind bars

problem solved

the bureau 

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Sometimes you can see a whole lot, just by lookin'

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...  the best part of waking up is opening your eyes ...

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Breaking news!... A freak accident has claimed the life of the Twitter user named "Katica".  The horrible accident occurred when Katica was very accidentally strangled by her keyboard cable while cleaning up the mess of cables behind her computer.  There were signs of a struggle as, apparently, her attempts to free herself only tightened the cable further, until, at last, she very tragically suffocated... but not before throwing her face violently into a wall in her death throes.  Sad... very, very sad, indeed...

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Why is the ClintonEmailgateScandal so HUGE?




"Emailgate is coving up something that nobody is talking about ... the biggest US Gov't in history."


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No matter what, Hillary will be Potus. http://bit.ly/1p1jKnr

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OCTOBER SURPRISE Comes Early: Clinton and Obama Revealed As Co-Conspirators, Irrefutable FBI Evidence Proves Cover-up Of Classified Info Exchanges



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Quick cue more distractions in 1, 2, 3

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I'd do her, but the picture is kinda small - so, I don't know after all.




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Crooked Comey and Crooked Lowrenta refuse to obey the law.

Freddie's picture

The entire govt is totally corrupt especially The Pentagram.  Trillion at teh Pentagram lost.   Top to bottom is totally corrupt.

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it was actually $2.3 trillion, israeli rabbi dov zakheim, the pentagon controller (!), was put in charge of running it down, rumsfeld announced the missing money to the american people on 9-10-01, the next day "something" flew directly into the offices of the investigation (of course rabbi dov was not there) and blew up the investigation.

p.s. dov also part owned and helped run the israeli company that sold "anti-hijacking" electronics to the u.s. airlines involved in 9-11 that let the planes be controlled from the ground no matter what the pilots or anyone else did.



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  If the body matches the face I would do her. I am a sucker for young blondes, or old blondes.

  Maybe it is the hair but check the pic from her twitter page - https://o.twimg.com/2/proxy.jpg?t=HBhZaHR0cDovL3d3dy56ZXJvaGVkZ2UuY29tL3... Did her acct get hacked or is the wonk eye a joke aimed at illary?  Maybe it's just the hair covering part of the pupil.

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She won't be interested in your pencil dick, NoVa.  Out of necessity YOU will stick to internet porn and Kleenex.

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Katica cheated. She was fed the info by the side that wants Hillary gone. We had all those rumors of agents that would leak the details if they thought there was a coverup. Does Katica happen to know any disgruntled agents? Or know someone who knows one?

Hillary is toast. She's as good as gone.

fleur de lis's picture

She's not gone yet and there and she has too many vested interests who want her in.

They will do what ever it takes to get her over the top and they don't even care what happens to her afterwards.

They will be running the show anyway.

auricle's picture

No way the FBI could have found that out. It's not legal to intercept private US citizen internet information. Besides, who would want to? Everyone knows this is a witch hunt(no pun intended) setup by the alt media and nazi republicans.  -MDB

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Kattica! Kattica! Kattica!

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i want you to be correct.  I so do.  But, methinks your are wrong.  The bitch has a lock on it in November.  The fix is in.

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Why They Won't Make Jokes About Hillary Clinton... | JEFF DUNHAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9jhD_W0p1o
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Relax, and check out this internet poll URL:  http://www.isidewith.com/poll/801555698

In particular pay attention to the web page interactive map.  It all Trump from sea to shining sea.  With small pockets of Hillary supporter like the peoples republici of Berkley. 

Its over 6M votes with only one vate allowed per IP addresss.  Much better statistics than any phone poll used by the biased MSM.  And lots of other issues voted on by the "people".

And we haven't even had the first debate yet.  Can the wicked witch of the west handle 90 minutes one-on-one with the Donald?  (Flopping around on the floor doesn't count)  It will outdraw Monday night football-if she even shows up.  That's the real debate:  will she show?

fleur de lis's picture

I agree with you .

There is no way she would survive the FBI hounding her if far more powerful interests want her in.

The FBI couldn't ticket her car.

WhackoWarner's picture

deals will be made.

Deep state does not go away quietly.  Nobody will mop any floors with any Clinton Cash.  Obama will play golf.


The dismantle will be slower than the building of the edifice of entitlement.  Trump?  i do not think there is enough to protect any return to freedom.

Grassy knoll anyone?  LIZARDS do not go quietly. 


After all Dimon 'i am doing God's work" is being challenged.  Think these idiots will bend?

GRDguy's picture


Dimon just another Blankfien-type sociopath. (Just keeping the record straight.)

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) GRDguy Sep 23, 2016 11:16 PM

Different gods, same club. Blankfein and Dimon are members of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with Bill Clinton and George Soros. See member lists at cfr dot org.

HedgeJunkie's picture

Fuck Hillary.

I'm hoping he can overcome the deep state before they deep six him.

What we should be doing, other than bitching on ZH, is deep sixing the deep state.

Anyone in DC goobermint, after ten years, should automatically be tried as a traitor and immediately shot on verdict.

We really need a government of amatuers doing their best to be Americans.

This professional class must go.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Mr Comey......you sold your soul......I hope it was worth it.


Cause that's all your ever gonna get.


One more thing....


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illary is guilty as sin and sick as a dog.

Thing is, it's better for Trump for her to see election day and for her to lose like the loser she is.

If she kicks the bucket or had been imprisoned, leftists would have an easy route to incite riots against "undemocratic" elections.

Also, when Trump is president, he'll be able to lock her up at his leisure. Had she been indicted, double jeopardy might have shielded her.

Regardless of his intent, Comey did Trump a favour.

August's picture

Thank you, Africa!  Especially for science and mathematics.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Just posted to Stephen Colbert's YouTube video mocking Trump by mocking the speech pattern of a White Southern Lady:


After you clean up her sentence structure, she's correct.

But hey! When you are so intellectually superior that every time you touch something with your social philosophy it  goes to He11 in a Hand-basket, why remember the quote from, "I, Claudius:" "Isn't it more important what a person has to say, then how they say it?"

Or to put it another way,  when did the Universe appoint you with your pathetic grammar and Internet spelling the Gold Standard for educated discourse?

As for the Great White Boy Hope - Colbert - if he was caught in the midst of the violence on the roadways, I suppose his dumb white a$$ would just sit there, until they pulled him out of his car and beat He11 out of him like they did the White man in the underground parking lot . . . ?

Note to Clinton Legal-House Servant and future Leavenworth inmate Loretta Lynch: Did you see a racially inspired hate crime, you know, along the lines of Polar Bear Hunting (deracialized as "The Knock-Out Game") or the racist cultural equivalent of shouting "Fire!" in a crowed theater with "What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? NOW!" as you watched the Black attackers reduced to the level of cheetahs jumping a wounded impala in the Masai Mara of Obama's Black ancestral half, Kenya.

The quantity of idiocy expressed by Colbert's audience is greater than the amount of anti-matter in the universe. If you find people being beaten within an inch of their lives, Black on Black murder, stealing everything in sight "because I'm protesting violence," Black Racist Hate Speech, Black Lives Matter only when George Soros will pay you off for only mattering when you can start a riot instead of construct a solution, and now, in the most blatant implementation of Orwellian DoubleSpeak, we have San Francisco State University building Segregated Black Housing touted as "Segregation is Inclusive," complete with all the Apartheid South caveats that other races can stay there if they want (wink, wink) as the basis for intellectual comedic interpretation, then let's see Colbert doing a bit about Hillary using BleachBit, or a dramatic scene of Hillary surviving her tale of landing in the Balkins under gunfire . . . hey, how about Colbert going back to Hillary in Arkansas telling everyone how she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary - just ignore the fact that she was 6-years old when he climbed Mt. Everest.

And of course, who can possibly exclude Hillary suffering from "walking pneumonia," and being unable to walk, or talk, or move, or control her skeletal muscles - sure, that would make for some raucous laughter!

Maybe Colbert can do a skit using a green screen to explain why the smartphones trained on her at a televised rally never show the background or her on the screen, or why all of the smartphones have an immovable picture that doesn't change as the smartphone is pivoted.

You see, the truth is you don't want to know the truth. You are racist pigs blaming everything or your stereotyped Whites, sexist fools who blame so much on her gender when the truth is that she is an incompetent tyrant who uses rants, fear-mongering, and PC hate-speech to destroy the lives of the women her promiscuous husband has raped, sexually assaulted, seduced a 21-year old starry eyed intern which would have gotten any other man thrown out of the executive ranks in a heartbeat, and can't explain why he dumped his Secret Service Protection Team at the airport so he could fly with a convicted pedophile on a plane nicknamed by its pilots as the Lolita Express to the pedophile's private island where he was surrounded by girls 12, 13, 14, and 15-years old whose own testimony is that they were paid to have sex with the pedophile's visitors.

Did Hillary do anything to protect those children from her sexual predator husband?

Seems Colbert can create something about Hillary waging her own private War on Women when those women stood in the way of Hillary hanging on to Bill's coattails for her dear political life.

But the real comedy hour-and-a-half occurs Monday, September 26th when Hillary has to stand on her own two-feet without the step-stool Podesta tried to get for her, no breaks allowed for coughing fits, no Broadway ear piece for answers and talking her down, no Secret Service agents turn EMTs with their automatic injectable Valium pens, no hulking agent acting as her psychological counselor calming her when she is unexpectedly rushed by PETA protesters, no "Gang of Three" to hold her up because she can't hold herself up on a concrete pedestal, no Dr. Lisa Bardack to take her pulse, check her neurological reflexes, and render medical assistance when Hillary can't move her legs and has to be dragged off the stage.

Yep, that's when Colbert will make the entire world laugh - at him . . . and at you. It's when you can take your totalitarian PC thought control and put it in a deep cavity on your backside, when you discover the overwhelming bulk of parents aren't going to allow you to make boys and girls share the same showers at school, when you awaken to the end of your racist hate-speech, and when you find out that people have tolerated you much more than you have tolerated others.

Don't miss the show. Hillary is going to be a million laughs, as Karma finally proves once again that you can cheat it's universal power, but ultimately, Karma is a beach where you drown, and are washed away forever.

HedgeJunkie's picture

I imagine, by now, the Colbert posters will have downvoted you by a million plus.

Consider my upvote a million at the minimum.

new game's picture

who, where, has contributed to modern society? simple stuff.

rusty 24" blades don't count...

Stuck on Zero's picture

The freedom fighters of the 21st century are battling it out in cyberspace and winning.

WhackoWarner's picture

Think so?  Long way to fly. 

jeff montanye's picture

it is a long way, but as Lao Tzu said, roughly, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

gutenberg invented metal moveable type for europe in 1457 or so.  the first newspaper appeared in 1605 or thereabouts.

we are picking up the pace.

thetruthhurts's picture

She needs to grab her passport and head to Russia...via China.  Maybe she can hook up with another guy on the run...

BennyBoy's picture


Katica now has federal "Whistleblower" status and will be prosecuted accordingly.


Arnold's picture

Perhaps, but I hear the zipper on a multi platform a BanHammer case being opened.