Libyans Who Once Opposed Gaddafi Now Regret US-Led Regime Change

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Who actually benefits from American-led wars across the globe? The aftermath of American-led conflicts shows it is not the common people, though the military and politicians vow they are liberating and protecting them.

The Sunday Mail, Zimbabwe’s “leading family newspaper,” has published accounts of a number of Libyans who expressed regret over Muammar Gaddafi’s overthrow in 2011, despite the fact some of them even took up arms against him. As one said:

“‘I joined the revolution in the first days and fought against Gaddafi,’ former revolutionary fighter Mohammed, 31, said from the southern city of Murzuq. ‘Before 2011, I hated Gaddafi more than anyone. But now, life is much, much harder, and I have become his biggest fan.’”

In 2011, we were told Gaddafi was going to commit grave bloodshed against his own people and that as a result, the international community needed to intervene to protect Libyan civilians. This proved to be false, according to an analysis of statistics obtained by Human Rights Watch. Further, an investigation conducted by Amnesty International also found a number of claims against Gaddafi were fabricated, as noted by the Independent:

“Nato leaders, opposition groups and the media have produced a stream of stories since the start of the insurrection on 15 February, claiming the Gaddafi regime has ordered mass rapes, used foreign mercenaries and employed helicopters against civilian protesters.


“An investigation by Amnesty International has failed to find evidence for these human rights violations and in many cases has discredited or cast doubt on them. It also found indications that on several occasions the rebels in Benghazi appeared to have knowingly made false claims or manufactured evidence.”

The so-called “no-fly zone” the U.N. Security Council Resolution authorized did not allow for regime change, something NATO representatives further promised their Eastern counterparts would not happen. The resolution only authorized the coalition forces to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory. The resolution requested that the coalition immediately inform the Secretary-General of such measures.

What this “no-fly zone” actually entailed was a full-scale assault on Gaddafi’s forces to ensure none of his aircraft could fly within his own country’s airspace. It also meant anything capable of taking out a coalition warplane would also have to be destroyed.

All of these NATO bombs were allegedly intended to protect civilians.

Furthermore, a Libyan rebel commander went on record to admit his fighters included al-Qaeda-linked jihadists who had fought against U.S. troops in Iraq. These fighters, known at the time as al-Qaeda in Iraq, are now referred to as ISIS. It should be no surprise that ISIS now has a stronghold in Libya following the fall of Gaddafi.

Before the NATO onslaught, Libya had the highest standard of living of any country in Africa. This meant the people enjoyed state-sponsored healthcare, high literacy rates, and other benefits that come with living in a relatively prosperous society. In 2015 alone, the country fell 27 places on the U.N. Human Development Index ratings. According to UNICEF, there are now two million Libyan children out of school.

Consumers of corporate media might also be surprised to learn Libya had an inclusive and progressive democracy where decision-making was conducted at the local level. It was not the dictatorship Sacha Baron Cohen incorrectly portrayed in his film, The Dictator.

Regardless of one’s views of Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader was able to provide stability and good governance to the people of Libya. It may be the case that he was responsible for torturing scores of dissidents, but one should bear in mind that the United Kingdom would actually send those dissidents to Gaddafi, knowing full well they would be tortured.

Making this corruption even juicier, former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who essentially had Gaddafi assassinated, was actually under investigation for having accepted 50 million euros from Gaddafi for his election campaign.

Are we supposed to trust these corrupt politicians to protect the interests of civilians?

To the warmongers within the American political establishment, the destruction of the Libyan way of life was nothing but a (hilarious) game.

As stated by Libyan medical student, Salem:

“We thought things would be better after the revolution, but they just keep getting worse and worse.


“Far more people have been killed since 2011 than during the revolution or under 42 years of Gaddafi’s rule combined.


“We never had these problems under Gaddafi.


“There was always money and electricity and, although people did not have large salaries, everything was cheap, so life was simple.


“Some of my friends have even taken the boat to Europe with the migrants because they feel there is no future for them here.


“I would like to escape this mess and study abroad but I have been waiting a year for a new passport and, even when I do get one, it will be hard to get a visa because all the embassies left in 2014.


“So now I feel like a prisoner in my own country. And I have started to hate my own country.”

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MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is sickening propaganda. The Libyan people were liberated from Gaddafi’s tyrannical regime and now enjoy far more freedoms than they did before. Gaddafi had an absolutely appalling human rights record. We now need to do the same for the people of Syria, who are similarly suffering under the brutal regime of Assad. Assad’s human rights record is equally appalling, which makes Putin’s support for his regime all the more disturbing. One of our key foreign policy goals is peace and democracy in the Middle East, and liberating these countries from despotic dictators is part of this goal. 


Bill of Rights's picture

They are about as free as u believe you are.

Future Jim's picture

Can anyone seriously explain the reasons why the US did this?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Because he was proposing the use of the gold backed dinar.

wildbad's picture

yes, a threat to the real bosses..BUT


don't forget Billary's horrible conduct regarding her Colombian Bribefest while Secretary of state:

ufos8mycow's picture

No sympathy. Get in bed with the Clintons and you're bound to be f***ed at both ends whether you like it or not

wee-weed up's picture

Trump needs to bring this up at the debate.

adanata's picture


No point IMO; the public will not understand nor believe it. I was fascinated by the CIA led Libyan "rebels" who established a Rothschild led Libyan Central Bank before firing a shot. First time in history for that play. Of course, all the Libyan gold [to back that new curreny] disappeared. Funny. Do you believe the American public will ever figure out "our troops" are serving as a mercenary army on behalf of globalist banksters? I seriously doubt it. Dumb as stumps.

zeronetwork's picture

Libyan were stupid to believe in America. Even american don't believe in America.

oops's picture

That's because America's being wagged by Israel to get rid of all MidEast leaders they don't like.

beemasters's picture

Regret??? Really, what difference does it make now?

monad's picture

Ever been had, bee bee bitch?

HowdyDoody's picture

To paraphrase Fuckerberg - "they trusted US"


Mr. Universe's picture

It's not as easy as you might think.

Do you believe the American public will ever figure out "our troops" are serving as a mercenary army on behalf of globalist banksters? I seriously doubt it. Dumb as stumps.

I was talking to my Son yesterday about the "accidental, ooopps my bad" attack on the Syrian base, follwed by a ISIS ground attack. "Why would they do that" he asked? "Because the US created and sponsors ISIS" I replied. At that point he told me I was just plain crazy. Stupid? No, he has two degrees (first one was where he received his current programming) and when homeschooling him, I taught Mullins and Griffin for economics. It's not so much they are dumb as stumps as they are hard wired to preserve their version of the Normalcy Bias (i.e. that can't ever happen so it must not be true). A lot of folks are in for rude awakening real soon.

Trogdor's picture

Exactly.  Sarkozy let the cat out of the bag when he said that Ghadafi represented the largest threat to the FINANCIAL security of the world.  He was going to introduce a gold-backed Dinar which would have made it the only "real" money (currency) in the world and would have sucked a lot of wealth into the region.  This could have stabilized and possibly unified North Africa - which the globaldouches can't allow to happen. They need it Balkanized so they can loot and pillage the resources.

AldousHuxley's picture

Doesn't matter Gaddafi or was the high crude prices they were enjoying. 

US needs to be able to recover from banker's mistaken bets, so they need dollar to be backed by oil. Gaddafi wanted to price oil exports in gold.

Saudis and Iranians are next. Reality will settle in for the spoiled princes and clerics. 

AViewFromDublin's picture

The Rothscild Banking Crime syndicate and  Khazarian mafia's goal of a Greater Israel.

johnnycanuck's picture

Three main reasons were he planned to invest heavily in the African investment bank and Libya was about to take it's turn at the head of the organization thus threatening WB, IMF, Corporate investors etc.

Mo intended to ask for oil payments to be in gold instead of USD

He was also going to introduce the Gold Dinar as an African currency similar to the Euro and that would have severely cut into French interests in their old Colonial countries and reduced use of USD.

There was also the attraction of  opportunities to plunder the country's assets, including a sizable amount of gold Ghaddafi had stored in the country. I believe the US relieved them of that; for safe keeping of course:)

jfb's picture

I read once that destabilizing Libya was important if you wanted to destabilize Egypt beside, e.g. a backdoor to create chaos in Egypt. I can't remember if it was in the Yinon plan althought, the 3 other reasons that someone else gave here are plausible

DuneCreature's picture

Lots and lots of MIC money to be made blowing shit up and then rebuilding it.

When you can raid a treasury full of gold bars and establish a fiat central bank within days it's a double bonus.

Good info here, FJ.:

How The West Destroyed Libya

Live Hard, Money Is Usually What War Is All About, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

DuneCreature's picture

Chock full of good intel, it is. ... Not what Anderson Goober told you about Libya is it?

That is the stuff we should be getting from our media but never will as long as the CIA and warmongering Zionists run the shitshow we get to see on MSM.

Save that video. .. It will be scrubbed off the Internet one day soon.

Live Hard, We Need A Free Press Again, If We Ever Really Had One To Begin With, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

HowdyDoody's picture

Look at this video (caution sound level very high) following Gaddafi's capture shortly before he was murdered.

Note at 0:06 a well-built guy, cropped hair, white T shirt, yellow earpiece in both ears, sunglasses, frag anti-personel RPG over right shoulder. He moves in close to Gaddafi, ensures people don't get between him and Gaddafi. He starts to move away at 0;22. He  looks back at Gaddafi just before finally leaving, and is caught full side view of the face at 0:28-0:29 (step through frames).

He is a US SF /CIA, probably taking a video of Gaddafi to show that he was captured - probably for Clinton's personal enjoyment.

Look at this video and Clinton from 16:22 onwards - she looks at something on her cell phone and says 'wow' ... 'unconfirmed' ... 'unconfirmed' reports that Gaddafi has been captured.


DuneCreature's picture

Howdy, HowdyDoody,

(Your handle puts an involuntary smile on my face every time, BTW)

Thanks for those two video links, which do not make me smile.

Yep, I could write a 100 page post about how utterly evil we Americans have become just allowing this to go on in our name.

My disgust at our behavior has been growing for years and I'm ashamed to admit I worked in a tangent and remote manner for MIC in the past.

The AA weapons mounted in brand new pick-up truck beds? .. I mean, COME ON. Things like that aren't makeshift 'rebel- freedom fighter' kit. That is STATE sponsored, heavily funded weapons of war. You can't even figure out how to properly fire and maintain something like that without professional training. ... CIA training and lots of it! .. And you heard the Moraritys talking about how the new trucks where shipped into Libya on transport ships. This wasn't some kind of grassroots uprising there. It was a US backed, provisioned and trained INVASION FORCE! ...Nothing BUT!

I could go on and on and on, but I won't.

The leadership that gets jammed down our throats here (A free election process, my ass) are scumbags. They are thieves and murders and we peeps get to eat the world's hate for their actions.

I'm not preaching at you HD. .. You and I are on the same page. ... I am posting this to clue in the ill informed. .. Thanks for helping me put the word in America's face.

Live Hard, You Can't Shut Down What You Don't Know About, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


HowdyDoody's picture

I smile at your sig every time.


mpnut's picture

No one said being free is EASY.  It's HARD, but you need to strive to make it better.  This is why Dictators get the best of people, because they rather settle until it becomes unbearable and complain. Once they have been relieved and free, they found out that they have to work harder to enjoy that freedom and say these stupid comments.

WTFRLY's picture

Uh no, before Gaddafi's death, Libya had the top economy in Africa and a sensible system of returning that benefit to all Libyans. Don't be a shill for the Joo World Order.

Dormouse's picture

Libya under Muammar Gadhafi was a Direct Democracy, like Switzerland. Now it's a shithole. People are far worse off after the cackles of his bayonet enima.

putaipan's picture

i'd seen vietnam as a kid. iraq and afghanastan as a grown up .... it was libya that fucking ripped out my heart about who we were.

putaipan's picture

that and hearing the media beating on the drums of war leading up to it .... including amy goodwin/democracy now.

Lumberjack's picture

Libya had one of the great wonders of the world....


All we have is Flint Mi.

nmb's picture

Sorry to spoil your beautiful Western fairy tale, but these are real facts taken straight from Clinton's emails. It has nothing to do with propaganda unlike the Western mainstream media narratives.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

You are sooo wrong about all of that. Soooo wrong!


bobbbny's picture

Who wants to be liberated next?

Is-Be's picture

The most interesting fact that your posts have is that they are are always at the top of the comments.

You always manage to get in first. Frontrunning much?

I would say that you are a professional. 

BabaLooey's picture

"The Libyan people were liberated from Gaddafi’s tyrannical regime and now enjoy far more freedoms than they did before"

PROVE THAT STATEMENT (hint - you cannot)

"Gaddafi had an absolutely appalling human rights record."

PROVE THAT STATEMENT (hint - you cannot)

"One of our key foreign policy goals is peace and democracy in the Middle East, and liberating these countries from despotic dictators is part of this goal."

As the late John McLaughlin would bellow; WRONG!

The REAL goal is UN-ENDING WAR, TO SATISFY THE M.I.C. - and de-stablize - PERMANENTLY - the region, and to "defend" the petro-dollar.

So slink off into a corner

newbie vampire's picture

"This is sickening propaganda."

You are 100% correct !

President Obama n The Hitlery said the Libyan people wanted Democracy.   And she brought Democracy to them including the fringe benefits of falling bombs, bullets and Eu & US sponsored headchoppers.

I dunno, some people are never satisfied.

Yen Cross's picture

   My name is MDB, and my sister blows Rinos in our basement so I can afford to troll Zero Hedge.

  Beat _it>>>>

AlNiko's picture

I used to think that moronic characters like MDB  are offsprings born out of incest (eg, Bill-Chelsea).  Not anymore.  These are algos fed with word/phrase search capabilities.  Because even the offsprings could end up thinking once a while.

fleur de lis's picture


I have never before replied to your comments as I always found them to be on par with obnoxious, know-it-all teen truants on a street corner.

This topic involves DC, EU, and NATO sadistic scams that have destroyed a highly functioning society and plunged an entire nation into anarchy and carnage.

It is no place for comments from a punk like you.

They have no freedoms now at all, not even the freedom to bury their dead.

They do not have the freedom to wake up in the morning an expect to survive lunch, that is if they have the food for it.

They have to forage for food like street animals.

DC, EU, and NATO "leaders" should suffer the same fate that they so gleefully inflict on others.




ejgej's picture

Are you kidding me? I have enough to laugh for next week

aloha-snackbar's picture

Yes but these people like Sadam are what kept the animals in thier cage. The most despotic leaders on the planet have all been American. Bush x's 2 and the Clintons and of course lets not forget Obama. The fuckers murder with impunity. Propaganda? 911 moron. The US is the best at bullshit and lies. They are the robber barons of the world. They almost single handidly corrupted the entire planet with their fucked up ideals. Even a half wit living in America that knows a pinch of wolrld history for the last 100 years understands this. Pull your head out of your ass or better leave it in and go back to your shitty morphed dream state of ignorance.

larz's picture

Hillary's record speaking for itself

Laddie's picture

I well recall footage of Khadafy being RAPED in his anus with a bayonet by the Clinton-Obama LIBERATORS.
It was something. Religion means virtually NOTHING today, whether Moslem or Christian. Sorry to say that.

The USSA is a TERRORIST State. But most ZH readers know that already.

Peak Finance's picture

Must be something wrong with my brain.

I read the article 5 - 6 times over, and lo and behold, NO MENTION of OBAMA or HILLARY!

This "war" was their baby.

Of course I am sure that mentioning Obama or Hillaries name in association with these events voilates the authors sensibilities. 

I am also sure if Bush had done it, his name would be in this article every other word in BOLD



itstippy's picture

Brian Williams brought that copter back to the Tripoli green zone himself after the pilot was killed, flying at treetop level for 50 miles under heavy Libyan insurgent small arms and rocket fire.  Hillary rode bravely in the back, keeping the precious cargo of war orphans from panicking.   It makes one proud to be an American.

And you come along trying to rewrite history and destroy the legacy of their heroism.  Shame on you.

Peak Finance's picture

Red Arrowwed by Darius and his boyfriend

jm's picture

I suspect this is yet another Kremlin mouthpiece proffered by FSB Tyler.