Loss of FBI Reputation Irredeemable: James Comey Will Resign

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Via The Daily Bell


Fresh proof the FBI’s Hillary email probe was a joke … Yet another surprise revelation suggests strongly that the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail mess was anything but a by-the-book investigation.  House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said he learned only Friday that the Justice Department gave immunity deals to Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and two other aides. That brings to five the number of Clintonistas who got a pass in exchange for testimony and/or information. -New York Post

The FBI’s erosion of reputation – taking place this very day and minute as a result of the Clinton email mess - could not have happened to a more deserving operation.

For 75 years, the FBI has terrorized the American public with increasing vigor and brutality. Much of the FBI “crimes” it focuses on – insider trading and the like – weren’t even thought to be criminal a few decades ago.

It is increasingly clear that the drug-dealing prosecuted by the FBI takes place at the highest levels of America’s political office. Enough has been reported (certainly in the alternative media) about Clinton/Bush/CIA cocaine or heroin dealings to generate what may be a believable profile of these operations.

When it comes to white collar banking crime, the American public is increasingly skeptical about the engine of the industry – central banks themselves.

Generally speaking, there are lingering and expanding  questions about whom is being prosecuted (for what) in finance, banking and drug crime.

When it comes to terrorism, there is significant skepticism, especially among alternative media outlets, as to whether incidents are being staged to give the FBI something dramatic to do.

And now come high-profile reports in major New York newspapers calling a  major FBI investigation a "joke."

But it is not the investigation that is a "joke" but the FBI itself. Somehow people seem to have forgotten the "hair evidence" fiasco that came to light in 2013.

Here from the Guardian:

In July 2013, the FBI admitted that the foundations of what it called “hair comparison evidence” – a technique that its agents had used in hundreds of criminal cases nationwide and spread through the training of state-based detectives potentially through tens of thousands of other cases – were scientifically invalid. A preliminary review of the FBI’s follicular flaws found that:


-Microscopic hair analysis could not scientifically distinguish one individual to the exclusion of all others.
-Statistical weight could not be given to comparisons to suggest a likelihood that the hair derived from a specific source.
-Expert witnesses should not cite the number of hair analyses they had conducted in the lab to bolster the idea that they could definitively state that a hair belonged to a specific individual.

Tens of thousands may have been put in jail mistakenly based on hair evidence that some in the FBI knew to be false. Exactly how many lives were ruined is not clear as the FBI has surely never published a definitive account.

In fact, this is part of the problem. The FBI is generally not held to account in any single aspect of its operations.

In bluntest terms, the FBI performs a function similar to that of the 20th century KGB. It creates high-profile "criminal cases" to reinforce elite memes. For instance, banking elites are currently fixated on creating a "war on terror." The FBI is charged with finding and arresting terrorists to buttress this narrative.

Almost all of the terrorists that the FBI has arrested in the recent past have significant questions attached to them. There are cases to be made probably for every one of them that the individual is either nor responsible for the incident or was incited and supported by the FBI in such a way as to bring the episode to fruition.

This is how Western democracies operate today. They are run primarily by banking interests that create narratives intended to drive certain economic and sociopolitical results. The primary enforcers of these narratives are intel agencies like the Mossad, CIA, MI5 and MI6 and of course the FBI.

The nexus of control probably resides in London's City and thus in a sense one can argue that the West is already under one functional umbrella when it comes to control.

The trouble with this system is that it is secret. The FBI for instance, masqueraded as anti-criminal operation for a long time. Today it defines itself mostly as a state-security facility.

The problem the FBI is facing has little to do with self-definition and much to do with credibility. The FBI like other intel agencies  throughout modern history loses considerable credibility if it is seen as an organ of state bureaucracy rather than an independent and unbiased entity of national justice.

Unfortunately for the FBI, this era of Internet information continues to be unkind to its reputation. Whether it is illegitimate hair evidence, terrorist suspects that are FBI supported or - now - a major investigation into Hillary's emails that seems to be compromised and corrupted at every turn, the FBI is reeling from endless public relations disasters.

Intel operations when they are seen as corrupt begin to resemble agencies of oppression. Once the authoritarian yoke cannot be justified, the public's mood can harden significantly. The FBI is currently in a delicate position. Its recent past provides little that is admirable and much that is questionable or illegal - including its furtive expansion abroad.

This latest disaster, featuring Hillary, is effectively stripping away the one argument the FBI could make regarding its broader behavior: It was making everyone equally miserable.

Now, as the Hillary fiasco continues to bleed into the mainstream media (and there are many reasons it is doing so) FBI execs face the worst of all worlds. The difficulty is not one that can be fixed via blackmail or using the famous FBI files as leverage against "enemies."

The problem is simpler and more profound than that. More than half of Americans adults believe Hillary ought to have been prosecuted for her recent email misdeeds, but the FBI claimed there was no case. Unfortunately, information now trickling out shows that the FBI was careless with immunity and did not do a thorough-enough job of investigating available evidence.

In other words, it purposefully botched the job. Even worse for the FBI is that Hillary's case is a political one, which means it will receive extraordinary coverage- and the flaws in the "prosecution" will be painstakingly delineated.

What will begin to emerge is the profile of an agency protecting the most powerful of American citizens. The ramifications of this public perception are not tolerable to the FBI.

The FBI can get away with many things but not with being seen as less than evenhanded. Strip away the faux mask of judicial blindness and the reality of the FBI as a brutal enforcer of elite authoritarianism comes clear. That above all else is not tolerable. It spells the end of the FBI as a functional police force. Stripped of rhetorical justification, it has nothing but intimidation to fall back on. And that's not enough, not ever.

For this reason we suspect FBI director James Comey - who has a prior relationship with the Clintons - will have to resign. The FBI is going to have to cast its recent actions as aberrations in order to survive.

Conclusion: Perhaps the easiest way to survive while retaining at least shreds of critical credibility is to blame the mess on a single individual who perverted the actions of an otherwise reputable facility. That doesn't sound comforting for Comey but it may be the easiest way for the FBI to recover in the short term. In the long term, given the FBIs exposure to a variety of Internet truths, probably nothing can save it - in its current form anyway.

See more at TheDailyBell: Hillary's Broken Trust Is a Media Catastrophe

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Wow72's picture

Dont forget the DOJ, even worse? There is no "Justice" in this country, its about money.   If there was Justice the Bankers would be, at the very least, behind bars.   There is no justice, its lost and people really dont understand what "JUST" is.   Very scary place in time.

The Department of "Justice" has become a contradiction in terms.

SmittyinLA's picture

The FBI has always been known as a gang of political douchbags, and Comey was hired with the understanding he'd resign at some point, or offer to - like he did with GW, the guy is a player pining for a federal position for life

DemandSider's picture

Corruption is so systemic in The U.S, especially among the finance sector, that we don't even recognize it as corruption. Just research the petrodollar nexus of power with The U.S. Department of Offense, military contractors and banks, and The Sharia Wahabbi Saudis That Did 9/11, or why oil tankers are registered in Liberia and Panama and other tax havens. Basically, if you can't afford American justice, you'd better be a good littlle sheep, or you may become one of the 2 million or so slaving in the prison labor camps strewn across the U.S.


Closing Panama Tax Haven Will Require Fighting the Most Powerful Lobby In the World- "Michael, we want The United States to be the next Switzerland. How can we get this criminal capital into The United States?" -YT
Dr. Bonzo's picture

For 75 years, the FBI has terrorized the American public with increasing vigor and brutality.

If you examine the caseload of the Fabricated Bullshit Instigators you find the overwhelming majority of successful prosecutions they bring forward aren't the result of good-old-fashioned gumshoe work, but the result of bullshit plea deals produced by legion of informants. When you peel back the layers of the onion even more, you find many times Fabricated Bullshit Instagators' CIs themselves are at the heart of the crimes their criminal suspects are accused of committed or plotting to commit. Without its legion of toady informants and criminal conspirators, Fabricated Bullshit Instigators is a toothless kitten spitting up hairballs.

DarthVaderMentor's picture

The damage to the FBI reputation and image is real, significant and will last for a long time, if ever repairable. Aside from the sudden and unexplained rising number of retirements among the experienced agents and support personnel, the number of tips and assistance from business and the public has plummeted. They are having trouble recruiting as well. I've heard from various sources at least several members of the public have refused to shake Comey's hand and in one instance a very senior retired military officer turned his back on him in an official function. 

Buster Cherry's picture

Every FBI employee, from Comey to the janitor, should resign.

It is now a treacherous enemy of the Peoole.

Cabreado's picture

FTR, I suggested (here) many months ago that Comey's only way out to preserve his integrity was to resign.
I recall a whole boatload of red arrows.
Made me rethink what the commentariat here was all about.

DirtySanchez's picture



Word going around FBI headquarters is Comey has resigned himself to spending an eternity in hell; in the 69 position with J. Edgar Hoover on top.

Homer E. Rectus's picture

I'm not so sure a law enforcement agency can't continue to operate with only intimdation and no respect as an even-handed enforcer of the law. America is a nation of men now, not laws, and the KGB survived a long time that way. Word has it Putin may start the KGB back up, giving it more authority than the FSB has currently. 

robnume's picture

The FBI was started by a criminal thug named J Edgar Hoover and continues to operate as such today. This is an ongoing "culture club." In the twenties it was "communist anarchists", in the thirties it was "communist kidnappers" and workng class "public enemies" like Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, John Dillinger and the Barker Gang, despicable though they were, they were hardly a menace to other working class folk. In the forties it was the Nazis, regressing back to the "commies" of  post world war and on into the fifties, et. al. C'est plus ca change.

Usura's picture

The case of Edgar J Steele is clear evidence that the FBI is corrupt and rotten to the core:



An eloquent podcast on the matter can be found here:



HoserF16's picture

Let me say this again: you want a good laugh? Go to the FBI's official website and read their "Mission Statement"

Wingnut6799's picture

"Mission Statement"......Window Dressing for GP eyes.

Herdee's picture

Certain elements within the banking sector work directly with and for the CIA. New York banks launder billions for government operations. That's the reasoning behind why most thought that they had immunity to engage in other unscrupulous activities. If any of them even mention anything about the drug money being used for government operations worldwide, they'll be assassinated. The government doesn't prosecute its' own low lifes, it merley fines the operations that these people work for. Nancy Reagan briefly bumped into the government operations and was disgusted by it because it went against all the hard work she was doing against drug abuse. These are inner government animals that are out of control and will overthrow foreign governments through billions in bribery. John McCain is one of the major ringleaders behing inner government corruption schemes. In the Ukraine operations they openly used billions through supporting NeoNazi elements within the military and even brought in Chechen rebels that operated side by side with the Nazi elements in fighting on the border of Russia.These elements within the American shadow government know no bounds when it comes to destruction of countries.They openly use foreign governments such as Canada,Great Britain and France to help them with their insane,dirty work. They even used Canada's former Prime Minister Stephen Harper to pay a visit to the new American puppet regime. The CIA Director even paid a visit himself.Victoria Nuland was used as the incompetent cookie distributer to Nazi sympathetic troops and it was trhough her communications that everything was discovered. As we know,at the present time it has resulted in $19 Trillion of Obama deficit spending and well over $100Trillion of unfunded liabilities going forwars.Currently,the corrupt system openly manipulate stock and bond markets in one last attempt to hold up their corruption scams. Today, the latest effort for the inner/shadow American regime is to destroy Syria.The CIA wants to get its' hands on Iran so that it can bring in nuclear missiles on Russia's south border and on China's border as well.The goal is constant war, an endless war that is created by a so-called war on terror where the CIA creates its' enemies.

MonteChristo's picture

If Trump is elected, my question is just how he will prosecute the widespread corruption that has become so profound in Washington, DC? There is not a single branch of the executive branch that is not corrupted. The judiciary in the higher courts has also lost all credibility. Where do you go when even the peoples representatives, with exceptions, fail in their responsibilities and lack the necessary courage? Thousands of DC bureacrats should be going to prison, or fired with loss of any retirement benefits.

mabuhay1's picture

Yes, the FBI has been politicized and can not be trusted to do its job when it comes to political corruption or crimes by the Wallstreet elite, but its greatest failures have been in the never ending War on Terror and the War on Drugs. 

In the case of the War on Terror, the FBI has ignored real terror attacks, both before and after the fact, and at the same time has manufactured fake terror plots that it then stops just in the nick of time, in order to make the FBI look like it is actually doing something worthwhile.

And in the case of the War on Drugs, the entire law enforcement community has been compromised by the enormous amounts of money in play.  They get paid in two ways, once by the drug trade for support of their operations, and then again in the seizure (forfeiture) of the cash and property of the small fry they catch in their "War on Drugs."  In addition, they get to seize and keep any stray cash they find, no matter its true nature, just because they can make a spurious claim that it is "Drug Money."  As a matter of fact, these cases are framed with the money as being the defendant in the case, not the monies owner, who is not even considered a party to the seizure.

I personally witnessed the repeated smuggling of drugs in Florida, which I reported.  The response was always that the police would respond and investigate, but no one ever did.  The only thing that stopped the smuggling activities was that the person at the receiving end in Florida was murdered in retaliation for his brutalizing a woman.  When the police arrived to investigate the murder they were "shocked" to discover large amounts of drugs, weapons, and communications equipment at the location.  What a surprise.  

As long as there are large amounts of money to be made, drugs will be smuggled.  As long as the FBI is headed by a person who reports to politicians, the FBI will not be able to investigate political crimes.  And as long as Wall Street controls the politics of America, Wall Street will be immune to prosecution for its myriad of crimes.


DemandSider's picture

Harboring the profits of drug lords and other tax evaders in dollars is required in order to maintain a strong reserve currency for the parasitic banks' profits. The U.K. also does this. It's part of the Faustian bargain inherent in trade deficits ad infiniteum.

I Write Code's picture

Comey will make a great supreme court justice, don't you think?  All that experience, just like Hillary.

death2Tyrant-asauras's picture

dont forget that the cops stole more thru asset forfeiture than burglars did from us.


cops bigger thieves than the criminals they are to protect us from. 


as for the FBI, they lost all credibility long ago, with Mary Edgar Hoover and how he was blackmailed by the Mob because they had pictures of him taking it up the poop shute. from clyde.


and are all those people who were convicted because of invalid lab work, do they get a retrial and compensation?


the hiLIARY white wash is just the latest proof of the insanity of DC.

Silverfoot's picture

If I am ever again called for jury duty and the defendent is not a politician, I will vote for "jury nullification".  Those bastards write laws they don't follow.  Why should we?

dizzyfingers's picture

Nothing changes. There's just more of "it". All connected.  http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/northwoods.html

cat-foodcafe's picture


Comey is a CIA-paid political whore, from HSBC Board, a CIA op, sent to the Obama Machine to serve and protect the criminals and their felonious hyper-crime which never ends.  Comey won't resign, ever, even over the now near lifeless corpse of Hillary K. Clinton.  Comey is THE front man in the massive effort to protect and bail out the monster criminal activity of the elites and their handlers.  Why the hell would he EVER resign ?

This illustrates the now-fatal flaw in the U.S. Constitution and the Federal Govt. - the Executive Branch has total control and authority over the Justice Department.   FAGEDABOUDIT !

Gladi8tor's picture

The cabal has lost its power....Fbi has been outed and exposed

Dormouse's picture

Our justice system has been turned into a joke. And I mean literally as well, we can all picture that shit-eating grin on Bathhouse Barry's face when using his power to bring down the full weight of the legal system on someone—destroying lives, confiscating wealth, starving-out industries that He doesn't agree with because of some sanctimonious bullshit preached from his ideological pedestal. It's a fucking joke!

They have turned highly-respected, taxpayer-funded, independent-agencies into political weapons. Okay, maybe that's my own sanctimonious bullshit; many of these agencies had long been compromised and it took the Most Transparent Administration in History to expose them for the what they really are.

It's unbelievably disappointing to find out that, One: The FBI never intended to recommend any indictment, it was all a sham. And Two: The FBI did all the work anyway; tens of thousands of man-hours building the case, and as I'm sure we'll find out later—covering some of it up.

They never intended to do anything but did all the work anyway and played the Stupid Card.


You are criminals of the highest order. History will show you to be treasonous scum, I hope we all get to read about it before that.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Terrorists with guns and badges... state sponsored 'low enforcement' ... what a fucking third world toilet the United States is...

Instead of turbans our terrorists have badges...same shit, different pile...

the grateful unemployed's picture

the CIA tells the president what to do, the president tells the FBI what to do. chain of command

shovelhead's picture


HA. Hillary is slathering Comey with coco-butter while Huma gives him the happy ending tug. The whole point to these placeholder appointments is the influence you can sell when you leave 'public service'.

The machine, however, moves on it's own accord regardless of the cardboard cutout at the podium.

Arrest Hillary's picture

Comey admits to voting for a Communist .... later, he feared it would affect his security clearance .... Google it ?

are we there yet's picture

The FBI Elliot Ness was called untouchable. The present FBI is very 'touchable' by the Hillary crime cartel. Corruption to political forces is in all the federal agencies, none are independent anymore, and the public knows it.

death2Tyrant-asauras's picture

touchable?  more like a vast endless circle jerk.

atthelake's picture

There has to be an October surprise. I do not know what it will be but there, absolutely, has to be an October surprise. I hope DJT has his kevlar.

dizzyfingers's picture

Martial law is as likely as anything else. Maybe not in October though.

Meantime, http://canadafreepress.com/article/fbi-didnt-recommend-indictment-against-hillary-for-breaching-espionage-act FBI didn’t recommend indictment against Hillary for breaching Espionage Act, because it would expose Obama.

According to FBI files released on Friday, Obama on June 28, 2012 communicated by email using a fake name with Hillary’s private unsecure email. And as such, they knowingly passed classified information between each other outside of secure proper government controls. As a result, they are both guilty of breaching the Espionage Act and both Obama and Hillary should be going to jail.

Berspankme's picture

Resignation? Fuck that. Trial for treason is better and a very public execution. We are not going to get the country back with pussified solutions. This fucker needs to burn

TheReplacement's picture

Still, if not for Comey and the FBI, we would not all be well aware now that President Obama committed the exact same crimes as Hitlery.  We would not be aware that the coverup if to protect Obama, not Hitlery as we all imagined.

exomike's picture

I was unaware they had a reputation to lose.


blown income's picture

I was proud back then as a "civilian"  to having worked with the very proffesional and kick ass men and women from the Bureau


I did my part in trying to weed out corruption! and so did those agents!


This shit stinks to high heavan!

Spigot's picture

There are some who do serve well, many who serve poorly by choice, others who are just criminals in suits with a badge.

Much of what is prosecuted is small change up to those who are not tight with powerful interests.

Once you are tight with people in power you are immune. RICO is everywhere.

Federal agencies many times are just the enforcers who keep small criminals from being a threat to the larger criminal operations of the powerful. Kind of a way to make sure the little criminals do not pose a threat to the well established criminals.

Kidbuck's picture

They swear an oath to the Constitution and don't have have a clue as to what the constitution means. Who that goes to public schools does? They are good Germans loyal only to preserving their paychecks and pensions.

iAmerican2's picture

Their loyalty is not to the Constitution, and God, our named Sovereign.

They of the CIA/FBI/NSA are Roman Catholics and their loyalty is the "the real Anti-Christ's" pedophile homosexual priesthood of Babylon at Vatican Hill we came to America in express covenant with the Creator, God Almighty, to escape. 

exomike's picture

I was talking to my FBI guy and he argued with me using logical fallacies. When I told him what he was doing he didn't think using logical fallacies was a big deal. Of course he did graduate from Auburn.

GreatUncle's picture

Comey resigning fixes fuck all.

The crime still stands - to fix it you have to go back and do it properly and not going to happen.

So the legacy going forward is the FBI is corrupt and will always be corrupt or do you put it right?

HowardBeale's picture

FBI logic

  1. Problem:To get from point "A" to point "B"
  2. Resources: Five vehicles, any one of whch is sufficient
  3. Process: Glue vehicles to ground.
  4. Result: Declare "Mission Impossible."
Rakksan's picture

Boston office of the FBI was in bed with the Bulger Crime Family for over 20 years. They also blew the chance to prevent the Boston Marathon massacre by not keeping an eye on Tamerlan Tsarnaev as advised by Russian Secret Service upon his return to the USA. The FBI has become career,paycheck civil servants. Who do they serve?????  I live in the Boston area and can't say about other US cities.

shutterbug's picture

The WHOLE FBI is a joke. Such an large and important "investigation" and they haven't done anything right.

Interviewing Hillary without under oath, giving free-pass-out-of-jail to everybody around Hillary, not informing Oversight committee when asked, and not cross-checking answers who WERE UNDER OATH given to Congress against the answers received by FBI.


You'r an FBI agent?? Please SUICIDE and do the USA people and the rest of the world a favor.

pparalegal's picture

And Obama's Just-Us Dept. lawyers caught lying to federal judges in California, Oregon, Texas and Washington. But corporate media does the ostrich with dollars stuffed in it's ass feathers while squawking Kardashian!!...Jenner!!...look over here... 

inosent's picture

Great article. But Comey will never resign.

1033eruth's picture

100% He's already proven he will help protect the Clinton Crime Family.  That's a resource for the Clintons, same as the attorney generals protecting Obama and his agenda.  

They know, public criticism can't hurt them.  They're IMMUNE.  What can the American public do to stop it?  That's exactly right, nothing.  


METAVORE's picture

How about the fat turd that was shat from the dark side of the FBI? You know, the one that confiscates cash from innocent civilians with no charges and then marches in lockstep at the funerals of their 'brothers' who get taken out by snipers. The DEA should all be lined up against a wall and given the Kim Jong Un antiaircraft blast. These bastards live to steal and cheat and bully. What a screwed up country.