Washington Mall Shooter Caught: Suspect Is 20 Year Old Turkish Immigrant

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Following last night's shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA mall, when an unidentified gunman killed 5 then managed to slip away from authorities for nearly 24 hours, moments ago the Washington State Patrol tweeted that the shooter has, after a daylong manhunt, been captured.

The man was arrested without incident, and is in custody, said Sgt. Keith Leary, of the Washington State Patrol.

Below is a photo of the arrest courtesy of Q13fox

As reported early this morning, the suspect fled the Cascade Mall after the deadly shooting at Macy’s. The motive behind his shooting is still not yet known. Authorities have not identified the victims, but local media said they ranged in age from mid-teens to mid-90s, and included a mother and her daughter.

While the police previously described the mall shooter as Hispanic, the suspected gunman, Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor, Washington, is originally from Turkey. Police said he was taken into custody without incident in Oak Harbor, some 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Burlington where the shooting occurred on Friday night.

Police described Cetin's demeanor when apprehended as "zombie like," and said he was unarmed.  According to his facebook profile, Cetin was born in the Turkish city of Adana, but the police described his status as that of a "legal, permanent resident" in the United States.

Several photos of Cetin's Myspace page were released on twitter, suggesting he had a fascination with weapons:

Some more of his facebook pictures:

And then there was this odd tweet from January 2015:

... followed by this one from April, 2015

Police said what motivated Cetin's rampage remains unclear. The FBI said while they had no indication the attack was a "terrorism act," it could not be ruled out

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But he felt like he was spanish

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Aren't most teen males, mass shooters, fascinated with their guns?

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Adana as in the Islamic State megahub in Turkey where they send the joo-hadists into Syria?


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This is why you should never allow turkroaches into your country.

They have to go back.

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a hispanic turk... interesting...


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Greetings from the religion of piece.

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Le suspect s'appelle Arcan Cetin. Il habite Oak Harbor (là où il a été arrêté). Il a 20 ans et serait originaire de Turquie.

I can practice a little French:

The suspect's name is Arcan Cetin.  He lives in Oak Harbor (there were he was arrested.)  He is 20 years old and originally from Turkey.

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God Damn!  I just lost that $20 bet with a friend.  I was POSITIVE that his name would be "Patrick Seamus O'Brien" because that picture of the suspect was racist.  It made look all muzzie middle easternish.

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$10 says he was mad because white girls wanted nothing to do with him.

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You SEE, you conspiracy nuts!!???! Just like the mainstream media said: "Hispanic!" They always speak the truth in these kind of matters, because lying about ethnicity or religion could play directly into the hands of a certain Donald J. Trump. Objectivity and impartiality always comes first with the mainstream media.


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Another time when a ZH reader nailed it (Uncle Tupelo):

This is way I keep coming here.


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He was a bagger, guess this was a five bagger

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I had to laugh at the picture of the goat on his facebook page. I see that he was assimilating well.

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Allahu la Vista, Infidels!

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That's right, Hollywood says white girls are only allowed to bed black men.  


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A Muslim and a Hillary supporter. Wow. Guess America wins again. Need moar refugees and radicals.

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thus his choice to go to the make up department at Macy's....you could be right.

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I can practice a little French too:

The suspect's name is Anus Cretin. 

There, fixed it for ye. 

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Perhaps Hillary, npr and the other media distorters can drag out that Khan fellow onstage again to explain this mystery of a "Hispanic Turk."

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From his tumblr http://arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47.tumblr.com/post/135455598458/say-su...

translation of the term used

Definition: "Glory to God" -- this phrase is often used when praising God or exclaiming awe at His attributes, bounties, or creation. It can also be used as a phrase of exclamation (ie. "Wow!"). Pronunciation: sub-han-Allah. Alternate Spellings: subhanallah.

user name arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47

archive going back to November 2014 http://arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47.tumblr.com/archive

his youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/xxArcan96xx

Riga's picture

A friend of Arcan's on tumblr tagged him to see

"My main dude Abu bakr al big daddy" http://meowfraulein.tumblr.com/post/122904253216/my-main-dude-abu-bakr-a...

"my other dood" the 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran  http://meowfraulein.tumblr.com/post/124022857161/my-other-dood-ali-come-...

Arcan on his tumblr posted 2 pics of himself in his underoos and tagged the guy/fraulein above.


Riga's picture

some tumblr posts he liked include

Calling to ban all Muslims because of Daesh is the same thing as calling to ban all Catholics because of the IRA.

Serial Killers and Their Souvenirs
a compilation of gay sports photos 2 posts about Charles Manson https://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47
Riga's picture


Part of quote "He's been known to be violent towards girls too."

Riga's picture


Posted to his Myspace "you in the mirror". Someone mentions it looks like something ISIS would post.

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The Turk Muzzie "beaner" is guilty as sin. Cold-blooded garden-variety murder IMHO.

I don't want to dampen the happy mood this morning, but there are missives at sgt report about Hillary and the Hammond Ranch "connection" that you need to peruse if you have not done so already.

Also, another article by PCR about the "likelihood" of WWIII happening very soon (if the world doesn't get its act together).

Happy surfing.

risk.averse's picture

Calling to ban all Muslims because of Daesh is the same thing as calling to ban all Catholics because of the IRA

ah, yes...one of the favorite come-backs of the Muslim extremists. Its a refrain I've heard too many times. Only problem, of course, is that the conflict in Ireland/Northern Ireland (or the "Troubles" as the locals there called it in understatement) had about as much to do with religion as it did in the American Civil War. The conflicts in Ireland go back hundreds of years to the time the English conquered the entire Irish island and then followed up by transplanting, over the succeeding centuries,  tens of thousands of mostly-Protestant landless Britsh peasants from across the Irish Sea and dumping them onto the stolen land. In all this turmoil (and the Irish Famine) Catholicism was the glue that held the native Irish together. The native Irish got most of their island back in 1916 but the Protestant majority in the northern provinces held out and stayed loyal to the British Crown. They then excluded the untrustworthy Catholics from all the key jobs in the Civil Service. Yes, the IRA was staffed by people of Catholic ancestry but many of these were hardly God-fearing church-goers. "Cathoiic" and "protestant" were labels by which the rebels and the loyalists identified themselves. The Troubles were about land and power, not religious intolerance. During the Troubles, the British MSM perpetuated the myth of religious intolerance because it suited the British State.

Islamic terrorism also has land and power as some of its aims but they are secondary compared to the Jihadist imperative to eliminate the godless and bring glory to Allah. The Koran is their inspiration in a way that the Christian Bible wasn't for the IRA.

Old Dirty Bastid's picture

Beautiful synapsis of the "Troubles". I have a loathing of the Orangemen, the original ones ate my uncles back in the day...

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Looks like both tumblr accounts are his.

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Soon to be released from the white house:  "Let's not rush to judgment.  All we know at present is that a white Turk has committed yet another hate crime with an automatic (sic) weapon..."

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"This is why you should never allow turkroaches into your country."

The same could be said for Americans. Look closely at any bad shit going on in the world and more often than not, Americans (aka CIA/MIC) are behind it.


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So where we at here? Looks like, mass murderers voting for...

Hillary 2

Trump 0  ;-)

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Stop making sense, again. Upvote!

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I upvoted him too, even though he interrupted my football game !!!

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Those "Americans" you point out as the ones behind most of the militarized destruction & death of the old world order are "Americans" in name only. Those "Americans" of whom you speak with justifiable derision are part of a relatively small global cadre of bankers, businessmen & puppet-politicians who are striving mightily to establish a new hegemon of global-governance.The power of their "government" is seated in vast quasi-militarized interlocked bureaucracies of unionized bureaucrats.

The Euro-American-Japanese-Chinese bureaucrats may speak in different tongues but when it comes to "government" they ALL are learning to speak the same language. It is the intellectual class employed by the bosses of the new global hegemon who are teaching the bureaucrats how to talk. The bureaucrats listen and obey. They are following orders and are being paid well to do so. If you are not a bureaucrat or a cosseted client of the bureaucracy, you are their potential enemy. Being an "American" or any other nationality means nothing to the new breed of bureaucrat that is evolving under cover of "national sovereignty."

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Hahaha #NotAllAmericans are poisoned Skittles too. But certainly enough to fuck up your democracy.

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"This is why you should never allow turkroaches into your country.

They have to go back."

Not as long as they promise to vote Progressive. Those votes ain't cheap ya know.  The Middle Class paid millions to undermine themselves. So, they are staying.



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oh shut up with your stupid jew stuff

he is a turk

let me guess

a muslim

muslims do terror, that is who they are

don't blame jews for what muslims do

there is plenty of blame to go around, including you!

Liberal's picture

as a staunch liberal I wholeheartedly agree!

jews have nothing - N O T H I N G - to do with any ills of the world. so what if they have full access to the NSA? who cares if they've covertly terrorized our country? who cares if they've seized control of our country and are running everything from banks and media to government?

they're jews! most of them are liberals and they're our BFF! even if they stab us in the back a few times...a day.

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Amazing how some can switch a subject around to blame a people not even remotely involved in the actual crime that is being reported on.