Edward Snowden Warns, Whatever You Do, Don't Use Google Allo

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Google Allo, the new “smart” chat app launched on Wednesday, is ‘dangerous’ and should be avoided, according to whistleblower Edward Snowden, because it will "record every message you ever send and make it available to police upon request."



As RT reports, Allo, designed to unseat chat pack leader WhatsApp, promises to deliver quick conversations with features like; “Smart Reply” that can guess your answers and respond to messages with just the tap of a button, and “Google Assistant”, which answers your questions and helps you search for things directly in your chat.

How does Allo plan on predicting your every word and witty emoji, you ask? “The more you use it, the more it improves over time,” which basically means they’ll collect and store as much of your data as possible and then use artificial intelligence to guess your replies.

However, the efficiency of time-saving typing may end up costing customers their already compromised privacy.

When Google first announced the introduction of Allo earlier this year they, too, had planned end-to-end-encryption in “Incognito Mode” and assured they would only store messages transiently, rather than indefinitely.

However,  it now appears that Google won’t be doing that after all. Wednesday’s announcement revealed Google plans to store all conversations that aren’t specifically started in “incognito mode” by default.

As Snowden pointed out, last year every single one of the NSA and FBI’s 1,457 surveillance requests was granted by the US foreign intelligence surveillance court… and Allo’s stored data (i.e. your data) will be fair game too.

In contrast, all of WhatsApp’s chats are encrypted and unreadable - although they did announce last month that they will now be sharing your contacts and who you talk to with Facebook.

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Bryan's picture

"record every message you ever send and make it available to police upon request."

As if that's not already happening?

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Bryan Sep 25, 2016 7:36 PM


wee-weed up's picture

I would think ALL messenger apps do the same thing. And not just to police, but to all the gov't alphabet agencies.

oops's picture

So it's not enough they turned us into Pavlov Dogs, ugh?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

If Open Whisper Messenger is so great, then why does the App ask you for access to everything on your fone, i.e. Device & App history, ID, Calendar, Contacts, Location, SMS, Phone, Photos/Media/Files, Camera?

Are you NUTS to allow this?  I do NOT believe that "Edward Snodwen" truly endorses this (https://whispersystems.org/), when he ALLEGEDLY says "Use anything by Open Whisper Systems".

mofreedom's picture

I think I'll have some soup for dinner.

While our finers eat our babies kidneys.


roxyNL's picture

The matrix is watching you !

Paul Kersey's picture

Two mornings ago, something called "google custom" took control of my chromebook. All my thumbnails (favorites) became thumbnails for Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc. Every google search sent me to some commercial sales site. It was a nightmare breaking its hold on the laptop. It was classic malware.

glenlloyd's picture

why I won't use chrome....

RAT005's picture

Switched to Firefox and quite a few problems went away. 

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

If you have an x64 OS, use Pale Moon.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Pale Moon is noticeably slower than Chrome/Chromium.

Rik Haines's picture

I use Cyberfox. Real kinky shit.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

I will try Cyberfox if they come out with an AMD 64 version for Linux. Don't bother with Vivaldi. Slow as hell.

SaintInix's picture

I've been using K-Meleon. It's pretty snappy, and works for pretty much every site I go to.

It's default search engine is Duck Duck Go.

Mozilla worries me a bit, and my old Stand-by Opera is slow as balls anymore.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

Use Linux instead of Chrome. It is free,and has n o spyware. certain versions such as Linux Mint are almost identical to Windows, and there are versions that have the same look and feel as Mac.

Make your statement about your freedom, and this is one relatively easy way.

BennyBoy's picture


All of the alphabet spy bureaucracies have copies of Hillary's 30,000 missing emails.

Will she support one of these spies to release the bleached emails?


AVmaster's picture

Ummm, snowden, ur cool and all but, anything that leaves your households' walls is automatically up for grabs...


The perception that we have some kind of privacy outside our walls is hysterical...

BeerMe's picture

No it's not.  But then again I purposely bought a "dumb" TV.

Nobodys Home's picture

So did I.  Samsung admits it!...even records your conversations and sends them to a third party....

ChargingHandle's picture

You simply do not connect the WiFi during your drug deal in front of your samsung smart  tv then after you get lifted and bang your lady, you connect the WiFi back up and stream netflix. Problem solved for you.

glenlloyd's picture

precisely why I dumbed down my mom's 'smart' Samsung TV. Sorry, no internet connection for you....

AnngeloJamaica's picture

wELL THEN you must still be laughing.  

sessinpo's picture

Actually, the perception you have privacy at ll is hysterical. Law enforcement have long used heat signatures to spy on people through walls. I'm sure there are other tactics used.

tricorn teacup's picture

Insulation with a foil backing should block heat imaging very effectively.

ebworthen's picture

Edward Snowden - American Patriot and Hero.

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

Exactly... once again, Snowden repeating himself to the 'Snowders'.

Snowden, thank you for what you have done! Now if you have nothing new to say, which we know you don't, just get yourself a nice Russian wife, change your name for Sergei and fuck off son.

nmewn's picture

New people "come of age" and understanding everyday, it cannot be pointed out enough how corporations AND the Deep State manipulates information gathering for their own purposes.

So...fuck off.

Or is there an app for that? ;-)

junction's picture

If you listen to Alex Jones, the only things that disappear permanently are little children seized by the satanist rulers of the NWO, kids ending up as sacrifice victims to the secret rulers of the United States.  No one would think that Kissinger and Obama are monsters, right?

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) junction Sep 25, 2016 9:00 PM

Alex Jones also believes the Arabs run Hollywood

Nobodys Home's picture

Question..where is Israel?......Smackdab in the middle of the ME!

Question...Do israelites sound similar to palestinians? .....aghhhplegmshlameckelshalom

Question..What's the difference in their tribes?

Arabs (jews) do run hollywood.

Tiwin's picture

Donald trump believes Arabs were the Dancing Israelis on 9-11

Rik Haines's picture

That's why Michele pushed so hard to have every child fed programs. :)

GreatUncle's picture

No one would think that Kissinger and Obama are monsters, right?

Nope lizard people a better term.

JTBfromtheWL's picture

This will make sexting so much easier!

AnngeloJamaica's picture

Well then, if one realizes they work for you, this party is over, Next time they come to you UNDER COMMERCIAL JURIDSTICTION, THROW THE CONSTITUTION AT THEM AND TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF.  

toady's picture

Yes, it's already happening. Snowden is great, he's really doing gods work for the 80 IQ crowd, but anyone with half a brain knows that the internet is a part of the surveillance/tracking wing of the police state.

NoDebt's picture

This is different from every existing app how?


thecondor's picture

BBM is the best messenger. Encrypted.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

I refused to watch Broke Back Mountain, and it wasn't encrypted very well at all.

DuneCreature's picture

That's some funny shit, RS!

Made my evening.

Live Hard, Unencrypted Humor Is The Best Medicine, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

It will cut down on the paperwork getting your information to the authorities. Don't you want to save trees? I know I don't.

Zest's picture

same shit, different name

wisehiney's picture

Thanks again Mr Snowden.

FX223's picture

I believe that Google is late to the game with recording everything and handing over to "athorities"...I assume they have access to every message I write here and know exactly who and where I am.

Oh and nsa thanks a lot for the glinting phone.

Bill of Rights's picture

Record this Fuck off......



LetThemEatRand's picture

Didn't the Google guys put "Do No Evil" on their first private 747?  Should have been our first clue that maybe they were full of shit.  I would Google "do no evil corporate jet," but I'm sure that would just put me on another list.