"America Is On Our Side": Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists

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In a striking interview with German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer published today the German press including the prominent newspaper Focus, a militant jihadist commander said that US weapons are being delivered to Jabhat Al-Nusra by governments that Washington supports, adding that American instructors were in Syria to teach how to use the new equipment.

“Yes, the US supports the opposition [in Syria], but not directly. They support the countries that support us. But we are not yet satisfied with this support,” Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz said in an interview with Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper from the city of Aleppo. According to the commander, the militants should be receiving more “sophisticated weapons” from their backers to succeed against the Syrian government.

For those pressed for time, below is a summary of what the Al-Nusra commander said:

  • They are directly supported by the US
  • They received tanks and other heavy weaponry via Libya and Turkey
  • They got officers and experts from the US, Israel, Turkey inside Aleppo
  • The commanders of IS are led by Western intelligence
  • They are against cease-fires and aid deliveries
  • "The U.S. is on our side"

In the full interview, the commander notes that “The fight is difficult. The regime is strong and gets support from Russia,” the jihadist explained. Al Ezz said that Jabhat Al-Nusra “won battles thanks to TOW rockets. Due to these rockets, we reached a balance with the regime. Our tanks came from Libya via Turkey, joined by the [BM-21] multiple rocket launchers,” he said. 

"We will fight until the regime is toppled," he said, referring to Assad's government. Al-Nusra Front wants "to establish an Islamic state that will be ruled according to the Sharia law. We do not recognize any secular state."

The government forces have an advantage because of aircraft and missile launchers, but “we have the American-made TOW missiles, and the situation in some areas is under control,” Al Ezz added.

But the most stunning admission came when asked if the TOW missiles were initially intended for Jabhat Al-Nusra or if the group obtained them from the moderate Free Syrian Army, the jihadist clarified: “No, the missiles were given to us directly.”

 He also said that when Jabhat Al-Nusra was “besieged, we had officers from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and America here… Experts in the use of satellites, rockets, reconnaissance and thermal security cameras.”

Another dramatic admission: when Todenhöfer asked specifically if the US instructors were really present among the jihadists’ ranks and Al Ezz replied: “The Americans are on our side.”

He also said that Jabhat Al-Nusra has been paid for achieving specific military goals during the Syrian conflict. “We got 500 million Syrian pounds (around $2.3 million) from Saudi Arabia. To capture the Infantry School in Al Muslimiya years ago we received 1.5 million Kuwaiti dinars (around $500,000) and Saudi Arabia's $5 million,” Al Ezz said.

The money came from the “governments” of those states, not private individuals, he said.

One of the governments cited as a source of funds - Israel. “Israel is now giving us support because Israel is at war with Syria and with Hezbollah,” Al Ezz said. The West also “paved the way” for jihadists coming to Syria, saying that “we have many fighters from Germany, France, Britain, America, from all the Western countries,” the commander said.

In the interview, Al Ezz confirmed claims made by Moscow and the Syrian government that the militants had used the Syrian ceasefire, agreed by Russia and US on September 9, to prepare for a new offensive.

“We do not recognize the ceasefire. We will regroup our groups. We will carry out the next overwhelming attack against the regime in a few days. We have regrouped our forces in all provinces, including Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Hama,” Al Ezz said.

He said that Jabhat Al-Nusa would not let trucks with humanitarian aid enter Aleppo “as long as the regime [forces] are along the Castello Road, in Al Malah and in the northern regions.” “The regime must withdraw from all the territories, and we will let the trucks in. If a truck is going in anyway, we will detain the driver,” he said.

The idea of a transitional government in Syria is also not supported by Jabhat Al-Nusra, the commander said. “We accept no one from the Assad regime or of the Free Syrian Army, which is described as moderate. Our goal is to overthrow the regime, and establish an Islamic state in accordance with the Islamic Sharia,” he said.

As for the people who represent the Syrian opposition at the Geneva talks, Al Ezz said that “these people are weak, they’ve got a lot of money. They’ve sold themselves.”

“There are mercenaries in Syria, Alloush fights with Al Nusra-Front,” he said talking about Mohammed Alloush, a leader in the Jaysh al-Islam group, part of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) in the peace talks. “The group that was housed in Turkey and which was turned into the Free Syrian Army, used to be part of Al Nusra-Front.”

Interestingly, the al-Nusra Front commander also mentioned the UN aid convoy. Keep in mind that Todenhöfer, the first Western journalist to be granted access to the caliphate, conducted the interview ten day ago, before the attack. The commander said that the militants would not allow UN trucks carrying aid to enter Aleppo if the Syrian Arab Army does not withdraw "as required." "The regime must withdraw from all areas in order for us to let the trucks in. If a truck drives in anyway, we will arrest the driver," he detailed.

Finally, in case there is still any confusion, the commander openly confirmed that Jabhat Al-Nusra “are part of Al Qaeda."

“Actually, we were inside one group together with the Islamic State. But the Islamic State has been used in accordance with the interests and political purposes of the big powers like America, and the group has drifted away from our principles. Most of the IS leaders are working with intelligence services, and it’s now clear for us. We, the Jabhat Al-Nusra, have our own way,” Al Ezz said.

The interview with Jabhat al-Nusra’s commander was taken at a stone quarry in Aleppo on September 17 by Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger journalist Jurgen Todenhöfer on his seventh trip to war-torn Syria.

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offwirenews's picture

I'm about 10 deep so far because of that globalist criminal during this debate. Those fake smiles and constant lies.

I think markets are bouncing since the globalist criminal didn't cough or fall over. But seriously she looks like she is robotic and about several hours past her bed-time.

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Anyone who doesn't know this already....must be an American.

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After all this time, those who don't know the machinations of the US government, are people disconnected to the point of autism.

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This is the easist way to test the new timing on our new grenades, in milliseconds.

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We make the same mistake over and over and over again:

Don't listen what politicians say: SEE WHAT THEY DO!

Talking to you Obama!  

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Oh come on. This defies credulity. There's no way this "source" isn't an Iranian or Hezbollah plant. Don't get me wrong, I don't think for a second that what is written here isn't true. But this has psy-op written all over it.

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Motasaurus Sep 27, 2016 12:05 AM

Good call. It is a psy op. Because the truth is worse. way worse.

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Billy the Poet's picture

We make the same mistake over and over and over again:

Don't listen what politicians say: SEE WHAT THEY DO!


The mistake is in paying any attention to them whatsoever. Just some people walking around telling you what to do with no valid authority other than the guns and prisons with which we provide them.

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All this chaos favors IS-rael-IS. http://goo.gl/l6d22d

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I feel triggered every time I read or hear the word israel, jew or zionist, is there no safe space for me?

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lol...yes...a story never to be seen in the Amerikan "Jounalistic" media, ever! 

Es ist verboten!

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When I talk to fellow Americans, I have to remind myself that about 20% are on illegal drugs, 20% are on legal opiates, and 20% have alcohol or other issues, including mental due the daily psych war conducted against them. Some cannot accept that global oligarchy controlled government would support Al-Nusra child killers to get a pipeline through Syria and hopefully break Russia's natty gas position in Europe. Some ignore that Frau Mutti and other Western pols allow unlimited migrants/colonists to appear Muslim friendly because they need the Kingdom of Saudomy to keep pumping below cost so Mario can keep printing Euro/Dollars without the price of gas skyrocketing. The West is defenseless spiritually in doing business with Islamists who are very heavily spiritually armed (however much I may disagree). I fear for 8thGenMO.


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it appears that the copyright suppressors have taken this video down.  web censorship is kicking into high gear on youtube, twitter and facebook.  the war is on.

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Copyright claim by Cyber Servers?

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Yeah, they are probably the same 'company' that produced John McCain's jihadist beheading videos.

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"Someone" doesn't seem to like the video. Todenhoefer published it on his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/JuergenTodenhoefer/ He asks to share the video, so much for "copyright claims".

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They should have put copies on other servers. Duh!

And why oh why does ZH not download it immediately, make it available via File Sharing with its bloggers? Tyler? Hello?

junction's picture

Dare Call It Treason? The American  propaganda machine, including Lester Holt, is silent.  I stopped looking at the debate and will only return to it if Holt tells the contenders they have to submit to a surprise drug screening test.  The type many job applicants have to take.  Both Trump and Clinton would walk out.

conscious being's picture

What's up with Lester Holt anyhow? How come he or some network dude he reports to, how come they get to set the agenda? Who annointed them?

The way it should work is each contender gets so many minutes, 10?  to make their case and then they respond to each others openning statements, followed by rebutal and so on. Why does American democracy require an aparatchek to lead the wona-be leaders? Fact checking? Fact check Killary about what were we doing in Bengazi, Lybia that got the ambassador killed? Why were highly classified documents on your wide-open email server? Why did she destroy Lybia and butcher Gaddafi? Was that a success?

Will The Donald persue any of the above questions during the debates? Probably not. DT has been given NoGo zones.

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"America Is On Our Side": Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists


It's so fucking obvious by now...

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Looks like he will be the next to be droned for telling Hitlery's dirty secrets.

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This is Moon Of Alabama's translation, no? Credit where credit's due.


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King Tut (not verified) Sep 26, 2016 9:28 PM

Assad should declare sovereignty over every square inch of his country and at his behest Russia should blast the shit out of EVERYTHING

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Of course, but that would take balls.

Unfortunately, the Russians don't have the balls to do that outside their border or next to their border.

I think that the real issue is the S-400 system. If it gets used, it will be quickly overcome by Israeli and American electronics, and then they'd have nothing. Which would collapse their arms sales to Iran and China. After that, it's regime change in Moscow.

Whereas if they were used at home or in Crimea, they could escalate things to tactical nukes, and force the West to back off. They don't have the option of using them on Syria.

If the RAF and the Syrian Army can't take Aleppo, it's pretty sad. Especially after all the hoopla of RAF's success in the early days. Why can't they cut off all Mil supplies to Aleppo? An army and an Air Force held at bay? Surely you jest?

conscious being's picture

Relax, they are taking rebel held, E. Aleppo right now.

TheReplacement's picture

Stop with the silly rationalism already.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Another dramatic admission: when Todenhöfer asked specifically if the US instructors were really present among the jihadists’ ranks and Al Ezz replied: “The Americans are on our side.”

He also said that Jabhat Al-Nusra has been paid for achieving specific military goals during the Syrian conflict. “We got 500 million Syrian pounds (around $2.3 million) from Saudi Arabia. To capture the Infantry School in Al Muslimiya years ago we received 1.5 million Kuwaiti dinars (around $500,000) and Saudi Arabia's $5 million,” Al Ezz said.

The money came from the “governments” of those countries.

And, BENGAZI was the breeding ground for the beginning of I CIA SIS. Armed, funded & trainied by Hillary. And, DT is not calling her out on her past Criminal Treasonist activities that she has not been held accountable for. Missed opportunities.

conscious being's picture

Missed opportunities or NoGo zone?

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It all started in some prisons in Iraq ....

TheReplacement's picture

This is intentional.  That is intentional.  Too bad DT miss those perfect opportunities...


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They received tanks and other heavy weaponry via Libya and Turkey-

signed love hussein and hitlery

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"America Is On Our Side": Al-Nusra Commander Tells German Press US Is Arming Jihadists


Only the democrat Hillary and obama voters don't know this......

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I still don't fucking get how people don't care much that the US gubmint runs ISIS... I mean, even libtards I explain the syria situation to using maybe three or four sentences believe me (short attention span, those, and condensing it that short isn't easy). Yet somehow... liberal dummies support all democrat wars and neocons support all wars so who care

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$20 trillion and climbing as we do this fucking shit all over the planet. Motherfucking politicians.

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trump should have hit that harder; namely, that Barry and his buds like Hitlery have driven up debt spending like crazy but none of it on Americans and almost none on blacks. Add that to all the jobs Obama has sent overseas and of course there's racial tension. Everyone of stressed out, not only blacks.

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Trump played it right.

No sense going over the heads of the plebes.

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Hard to beleive how far she's gotten despite how corrupt she is and hard she has bombed Muslims and then uber hypocritical by inviting Muslim Khan out on stage.

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Did she pull the ploy with the cripple?  I didn't see it if she did.  I am not sure what type of horror movie that we are living in but it's definitely some type of dark thriller genre.  Hithcock maybe... Our entire reality is turned upside down.  It's clear that there is nothing that they wont do.  It's like when Edison started electrocuting horses and elephants in public to try and destroy Tesla's AC technology.  I could see pantsuits doing that.  The insanity of these bastards knows no bounds.

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That captures the depravity and viciousness of what the swine are doing. It's unbelievable.

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I thought all we spend money on is blacks, illegals, and this obscenity of a war against Syria.

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Michael Savage's radio show was cut off nationwide today because he was talking about Hillary's health:




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This would ordinarily be considered treason. I long for the day when it is once again considered as such.

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"To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname a humanitarian mission; and where they make a wilderness, they call it Pax Amerika."

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But wars are not made by common folk, scratching for livings in the heat of the day; they are made by demagogues infesting palaces.

It is not necessary for these demagogues to complete the sale of a war before they send the goods home, as a storekeeper must complete the sale of, say, a suit of clothes.  They send the goods home first, then convince the customer that he wants them….

But the main reason why it is easy to sell war to peaceful people is that the demagogues who act as salesmen quickly acquire a monopoly of both public information and public instruction….  

The dead are still dead, the fellows who lost legs still lack them, war widows go on suffering the orneriness of their second husbands, and taxpayers continue to pay, pay, pay.

In the schools children are taught that the war was fought for freedom, the home and God.

HL Mencken

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

This whole thing stinks... our governments are all in it... this is so fuck-up, and it comes a long way, nothing new, remember USS Liverty... how can we fall for this cabal over and over...

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"USS Liverty"

Is that a dig on alcoholics?  It's probably not a good day for jokes like that.  All our livers are the USS Liverty now... unless people are too underemployed to destroy their livers, which would be a travesty.