US Slams Russian "Barbarism" In Syria; Moscow Responds Peace "Almost Impossible Now"

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Just three weeks after yet another "landmark" Syria peace deal was signed, the agreement is not only in tatters but the war drums are beating louder than ever before after the US slammed Russia's action in Syria as "barbarism," not counter-terrorism, while Moscow's U.N. envoy said ending the war "is almost an impossible task now" as Syrian government forces, backed by Moscow, bombed the city of Aleppo.

As Reuters reported overnight, the UN Security Council met on Sunday at the request of the United States, Britain and France to discuss the escalation of fighting in Aleppo following the announcement on Thursday of an offensive by the Syrian army to retake the city. "What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism," U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, told the 15-member council.

"Instead of pursuing peace, Russia and Assad make war. Instead of helping get life-saving aid to civilians, Russia and Assad are bombing the humanitarian convoys, hospitals and first responders who are trying desperately to keep people alive," Power said.

As reported previously, the September 9 ceasefire deal between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov aimed at putting Syria's peace process back on track effectively collapsed in what may be a record short period of time last Monday when an aid convoy was bombed. Russsia and the US have both accused each other of being the party responsible behind the bombinb.

"In Syria hundreds of armed groups are being armed, the territory of the country is being bombed indiscriminately and bringing a peace is almost an impossible task now because of this," Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told the council. Britain's U.N. ambassador, Matthew Rycroft, said on Sunday the U.S. and Russian bid to bring peace to Syria "is very, very near the end of its life and yes the Security Council needs to be ready to fulfill our responsibilities."

"The regime and Russia have instead plunged to new depths and unleashed a new hell on Aleppo," Rycroft told the council. "Russia is partnering with the Syrian regime to carry out war crimes."

However, any attempts to "rein in" Russia are doomed to fail as the country is one of five veto-powers on the council, along with the United States, France, Britain and China. Russia and China have protected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government by blocking several attempts at council action.

Unfazed by the logistical impossibility of the UN to actually do anything, Power said that "It is time to say who is carrying out those air strikes and who is killing civilians. Russia holds a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council. This is a privilege and it is a responsibility. Yet in Syria and in Aleppo, Russia is abusing this historic privilege."

As Syria's U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari began addressing the council, Power, Rycroft and French U.N. Ambassador Francois Delattre walked out of the chamber, diplomats said. "Any political solution can only be successful by providing the requisite conditions through intensified efforts to fight terrorism," Ja'afari told the council. "The real war on terrorism has never started yet. The advent of Syrian victory is imminent."

* * *

Earlier today, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said the US and its Western partners are trying to steer the world’s attention away from their airstrikes on the Syrian Army by accusing Russia of attacking a UN humanitarian convoy outside the Aleppo. "I would like to emphasize that the Americans and their Western allies, for one thing, want to distract public attention from what had happened in Deir-az-Zor,” Lavrov told NTV on Monday following the urgent meeting of the UN Security Council.

“When the humanitarian convoy was hit [outside Aleppo], we demanded that an investigation be conducted. [US Secretary of State] John Kerry, a good partner of mine, behaved the way he never has done previously. He claimed that the investigation might take place, but they know who did it, namely the Syrian Army or Russia, and that it was Russia's fault in any case,” he said quoted by RT.

Kerry appeared to be “pinned down by stark criticism from the American military apparatus,” Lavrov noted, which may indicate that the US military does not comply with its commander-in-chief’s orders.

“[President] Barack Obama always supported, as I was told, cooperation with Russia, and he confirmed it himself during the meeting with [President] Vladimir Putin in China. It seems to me that the military may not be obeying their supreme commander too much.”

Lavrov went on by saying that Washington is trying to continue finger-pointing at Russia and hold it accountable for what is happening in Syria. Such approach is counterproductive and leaves Moscow wary of the US-led coalition’s actions, the FM said, adding that there is no room for “100 percent trust.”

In turn, Moscow will push for a detailed investigation into the attack on the humanitarian convoy, the minister said. The US and the West are not coping with their obligations on combating the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Lavrov said. “It is clear that the West, led by the US which runs the anti-IS coalition and, as they put it, Al-Nusra Front in Syria, do not cope with their obligation.”

* * *

Meanwhile, as the peace process has completely fallen apart, the bombing campaign of Aleppo has resumed. According to the WSJ, Syria and its Russian allies pressed an assault on Aleppo amid what the United Nations called the most intense bombing in years of warfare there, and residents said hundreds of civilians have been killed since a cease-fire fell apart last week. The surge in deaths came as a spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon over the weekend cited reports of “bunker buster bombs.” The bombs have left large craters in the rebel-held part of the divided city, Aleppo residents said, and caused shock waves felt blocks away from the point of impact.

A man walks on the rubble of damaged buildings after an airstrike on the

rebel  held al-Qaterji neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria September 25, 2016

Rebels and opposition leaders blamed Russia, Syria’s key ally, for the bunker-buster bombs. The Russian Defense Ministry didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. “The first time one struck, everyone thought there was an earthquake,” said Muhammad al-Zein, who helps oversee hospitals in the rebel-held part of Aleppo. “But the next day another one hit and we realized it was not an earthquake.”

President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to retake all of Aleppo and the offensive was the latest indication that he aims to win the war militarily despite repeated efforts by the U.S. and Russia to reach a lasting cease-fire and a diplomatic solution. Syrian state media reported that the army on Saturday seized control of an area north of Aleppo city called Handarat Camp. Within hours, rebels said they had retaken the territory.

With the Syrian war once again front and center, and this time the possibility of a Chinese intervention - on the side of the Assad regime all too real - the recent warning by a Syrian politican that World War III has started in Syria suddenly does not appear too far fetched.

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If you want to see "Barbarism"....go to Chicago.

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" “America will not go down alone”...humanity cannot afford another total collapse, we cannot survive another “Fall of Rome” – for these Romans will scorch the Earth for good. The state is set. Refugees of color in the shooting gallery, they take the place of the Jewish people for a new holocaust. Islam is the enemy, so are Russia and Vladimir Putin, and the Chinese are a colorful enemy too. American “exceptionalism” is a reality, only not a positive descriptive. We are exceptionally stupid, exceptionally callous, exceptionally selfish and greedy, a nation with one intention – to eat it up, wear it out, and use it all – we might as well go on and admit it." - Phil Butler,

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Any words coming from the mouth of Skeletal Sam Power are essentially the exact opposite of the truth.

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Now we are here: I start to believe more in the russians than in the us

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@SamanthaPowers black kettle

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I'm calling for the arrest of Samantha Power for incitement for general war and for war crimes.

There, I said it.  Mrs. Sunstein is a threat to the peace of mind of the King.

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The US should really stick militarily to the only thing its good at - droning wedding parties.

Is there anything more barbaric than that, Power, you cunt? Maybe supplying white phosphorous to the Saudis to use on Shiites in Yemen?

I guess when you own the media, you can get away with mass murder.

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Peace is never impossible if the former KGB agent is prepared to air ALL the dirty laundry that he has on his opponents for the world to see. If not, Putin is just trying to make himself out as a helpless victim. We all know he is not. He is playing chess.

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Which side initially "broke the treaty"?    Oh, I thought so.

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They need to ramp it up into a full blown conflict asap.  They know once Trump is on scene,  he will broker a deal and pull the US out faster then you can say 'manufactured war for UAE/Qatar pipeline'

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I used to think that Hillary was the ugliest, most contemptible smelly twat on the planet.

Well, she has some big time competition..

She calls herself Samantha Power, but is the alleged wife of a Zionist Communist operative.

Why are these people so horrid looking?


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Politics is for those who desire power and money above all else, but lack the intelligence or charisma to get it non-violently.  Hence the plethora of repulsive criminals.

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lance-a-lot (not verified) Zadig Sep 26, 2016 12:00 PM

Strange that when there was no Israel in the Middle East, there was peace and the US had no enemy.

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says hi

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Speaking of drones....

RUSSIA CONFIRMS: UN convoy explosion was a US diversion

"According to effective reflective surfacing, the aircraft was identified by our air control systems as an unmanned aerial vehicle of the Predator type. This aircraft flew into the residential area of Urum al-Kubra where the automobile convoy was several minutes before its explosion. The drone then left after around 30 minutes."

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Must be losing again. They always take the rhetoric up a notch when their cannibal scum lose another battle.

researchfix's picture

"Must be losing again."

Yes. Next step is Mutti and the Holland man flying to Moscow. Translation: More than 100 CIA, NATO and other shady operators encircled.


Itinerant's picture

Indeed. Whenever western powers jump into the fray with their humanitarian concern you know some BS geopolitical point is at stake. Arming all these crazies who have been shelling the Syrian army for years is of no humanitarian concern -- only when their crazies might be pushed back does humanitarianism suddenly overwhelm them ...

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Peter Jennings/Bosnia all over again. Hope that Canuck is rotting in hell.

Akzed's picture

What if Putin doesn't want to fight? No problem.

(I just read CoD's this summer!)

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More US propoganda and lies. I don't know why Russia doesn't just finish the job and eliminate ALL the ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda etc elements in Syria no matter who they involve on the ground. In fact, they should have finished the job before trusting Washington and pulling back earlier.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

There is still the fear the propaganda will become effective if they are too bold.

FireBrander's picture

"why Russia doesn't just finish the job and eliminate ALL the ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda"

By slowly "eliminating" ISIS, Russia exposes, to the world, that ISIS is the creation of, and is backed by, the United States.

Russia is holding the truth in front of the worlds face...and it's going to keep holding it there for as long as possible in the hopes that people SEE IT, ACCEPT IT, and ACT UPON IT by rejecting the USA and it's policies; Russia is attempting "regime change" in Washington.

philipat's picture

Problem is, very few people are really aware of the truth so they continue to get away with it, aided and abetted by the MSM. I was watching UK TV earlier (Sky = Fox =Murdoch) who wheeled out Lord Owen, an ex Senior UK Gov Official who opined that "Red lines" had been crossed in Syria because Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people, so he should be removed. He MUST know better, this is all part of the propganda onslaught. But because so few people understand, they continue to get away with it, despite growing numbers who are now better informed via alt media.

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The UN inspectors said years ago the "gas attacks" weren't carried out by Syria's Army but by America's "Rebels". Also they had evidence of trace chemicals, not the mixed result a "victim" would have been exposed to but the precursors, on the clothing of people in the refugee camps. This was all swept under the rug by who exactly???

philipat's picture

Yes I know that, which is why it is so digusting and disgraceful that Gove Officials on BOTH sides of the pond keep repeating these lies in the MSM. The reason they do is that it is orchestrated propoganda AND they know that most of the sheeple will go along out of totasl ignorance.

X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) poeg Sep 26, 2016 11:22 AM

MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Report shows it wasn't the SAA that gassed the people in Ghouta:

“Possible Implications of Faulty US Technical Intelligence,”

Possible Implications of Faulty
US Technical Intelligence in the Damascus
Nerve Agent Attack of August 21, 2013

Richard Lloyd
Former UN Weapons Inspector
Tesla Laboratories Inc.|Arlington, VA
Voice: 509-979-3995; e-mail:
Theodore A. Postol
Professor of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Voice: 617 543-7646; e-mail:
Washington, DC
January 14, 2014

*The authors concluded that sarin gas “could not possibly have been fired at East Ghouta from the ‘heart’, or from the Eastern edge, of the Syrian government controlled area shown in the intelligence map published by the White House on August 30, 2013.”

“This mistaken intelligence could have led to an unjustified US military action based on false intelligence. A proper vetting of the fact that the munition was of such short range would have led to a completely different assessment of the situation from the gathered data,” the report states.

Manthong's picture

“This mistaken intelligence…  false intelligence.”

..sounds pretty STUPID to me. 



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Why, by the global banking cabal, of course.

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Russia is preventing the destruction of ISIS.  Twice now when the Syrian fighters had the momentum Putin has forced a ceasefire upon them and within the terms negotiated by RUSSIA the ISIS fighters were allowed to safely withdraw or regroup/rearm.  Putin simply wants the fight to continue.

This is why Putin does not prevent the west/Israel from bombing Syrian troops and bases.  It is why Putin removed more that half his air force fighters from Syria.  And why Putin forces these conditions upon the Syrian fighters (an absolute betrayal) is for his (and the Russian elites) gain in some way - it cannot be denied that it results in the continued destruction of Syria (yet another allie of russia destroyed) and the deaths of Syrian fighters that could have been avoided.

Who controls Russia's central bank - Not Russia.

beemasters's picture

"I don't know why Russia doesn't just finish the job and eliminate ALL the ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda etc elements in Syria"

Good question. Sometimes I think it's the people who are getting played out by political leaders - ie. the bad cop vs good cop. The costs of human lives have never been a factor. It's all a game of power play to them.

Life of Illusion's picture


and the results are restructured region for a reason

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Truer words were never spoken.

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America will say anything to keep Syria from regaining  Aleppo. Aleppo stands and the Shiite pipeline is on, Russia Iran are on and America is out.

America ruins the world to rule it.

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Those who lust for power would be content even if they ruled over piles of dead bodies, and burning rubble.

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Let's see, the US started every war in the mid east last 15  years, but Russia somehow initiating the Syria war. I believe that, not.

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Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein who wrote a book about decision making...

"People often make poor choices – and look back at them with bafflement! We do this because as human beings, we all are susceptible to a wide array of routine biases that can lead to an equally wide array of embarrassing blunders in education, personal finance, health care, mortgages and credit cards, happiness, and even the planet itself."

Apparently, his wife didn't read it; or has very poor reading comprehension...

Due North's picture

"Instead of pursuing peace, Russia and Assad make war"

I literally was unable to read any further.

hungarianboy's picture

I actually wanted to reply on her tweet but keep the honor to myself.

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so true Shemp 4 Victory, anyone else notice samantha powers sounds just like MDB. MDB could be a speechwriter for the state dept.

BullyDog's picture

Oxymoron = US talking about other nations and the word peace.


If you want world peace, then 3 entities must burn, DC, London & Israel.


Then let the rest of the world sort out their own problems.

DeadFred's picture

What's the over/under on when the first nuke pops off? I'm thinking two months but I often think things will move faster than they do. Inertia is a bitch.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Hopefully tonight during the debate.

Crash Overide's picture

You could throw in the House of Saud and the Vatican for good measure...

Always blaming the Russians is going to backfire miserably on Obama and friends.

The US citizens might have to start an armed revolution to stop Washington politicians from

starting WWIII, I bet the world would cheer to the removal of the criminals.

therealestg9's picture

Haha, as if an armed revolution could ever be successful. It is futile, they are too strong. Only in some black swan event would a revolution be even worthwhile.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

too strong?? all it takes is when military personnel says fuck you zionazi bitchez

FireBrander's picture

"Just three weeks after yet another "landmark" Syria peace deal was signed"


Read: "Just three weeks after yet another Obama Adminstration "SAVE" of ISIS in Syria from annihilation at the hands of the Russian backed Assad".


"...the US’ goal is not to destroy terrorism, but rather guide its growth along a specific, desired path...It has been, and still clearly is, the policy of the United States and its allies to use terrorism as a geopolitical tool. It serves the duel purpose of serving as a pretext for Western military intervention, as well as a mercenary force with inexhaustible ranks used to fight the West’s enemies where Western armies cannot intervene." - Ulson Gunnar

Blankone's picture

It is Putin/Russia who is brokering these betrayals of the Syrian fighters in favor of ISIS.  Putin has done this twice in order to allow the ISIS fighters to regroup, rearm and in some instances to withdraw without being attacked.

It is the same type of betrayal that Putin has done to the EUke fighters, twice.

It is no accident that Putin allows the west and Israel to bomb Syrian forces and military bases.