Elon Musk Reveals The Spaceship For Colonizing Mars - Live Feed

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Having found his earth-based inventions and investments somewhat constricting. not to mention cash-burning, at this moment Elon Musk is speaking at the 67th annual International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, an annual gathering of engineers and scientists devoted to tackling the grandiose and technical questions shaping the future of space exploration. Speakers this year also include NASA’s Scott Kelly, who spent a year at the International Space Station, and Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon.

The event is most notable because for the first time, Musk will describe his long-anticipated plans for how to colonize Mars.

For those gathered today at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, an animated video showing SpaceX's new rocket - known as "Big Falcon Rocket" - presented in the clip below, provides a sneak peek of this ambitious initiative.

It was not immediately clear how many trillions in taxpayer subsidies, or follow-on equity and convertible offering the project would require to be brought to completion, although we do salute Musk's vision.

* * *

Here are some of Musk's initial comments:

"What I really want to achieve here is make Mars seem possible," he says.

Musk says there are two fundamental paths for humanity: We stay on Earth forever until an eventual extinction event or we become a multi-planet species.

Musk says he wants to create a "self-sustaining city" on Mars.

Musk says using traditional methods to get to Mars would cost about $10 billion per person. Musk argues that if we can decrease the cost of going to Mars to around $200,000 per ticket, or about the average cost of a house in the US, more people would want to go.

Musk says that eventually there will be an extinction-level event on Earth. (Surely he means, beyond the "sixth extinction" that humans are currently bringing about.) But Mars is just as likely to be hit by an asteroid, proportional to its size. And when the Sun engulfs the Earth, Mars won't be far behind.

"Early Mars was a lot like Earth," Musk says, comparing the two planets. "It's a little cold, but we could warm it up."

Musk says it would be "quite fun" to be on Mars, since it has 62.5% less gravity than Earth, which would allow humans to lift heavy things.

Musk has been successful is in the way he characterizes huge problems and the ability to address them. Need an atmosphere? Yes, we can adjust that. Need it warmer? We can warm the planet, just like we have Earth.

And so on.

* * *

For those interested, watch him live below, while a live blog of the event can be followed at Bloomberg and Reuters.

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1980XLS's picture

Enron Musk is a Space Cadet. Anybody following him is an imbecile.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

"Mars ain't the kinda place to raise your kids, in fact it's cold as hell"

nuubee's picture

Musk keeps solving the wrong problem with 1960s technology. Getting to mars was technologically solved with the moon landings. In order to make it viable to live there, what humans need is reliable, constant, electrical generators, meaning nukes in space and on Mars. If you have a small, easy-to-use nuclear power plant that you can assemble or take with you on an interplanetary trip, there's almost nothing you can't do with the resources available.


Make electricity on Mars, and people will go. Until that happens, we're just camping out there for the lulz.

bamawatson's picture

am sad for humanity
what have we become
who are the creatures who idolize this demented fraud ?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I will never buy a car from this geek.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


As a tax payer, you will buy a trip to Mars, for someone else.

Musk says using traditional methods to get to Mars would cost about $10 billion per person. 

Ghost of Porky's picture

Tim Cook wants to colonize Uranus.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Launch

Lumberjack's picture

No, but these up and coming folks offer seriously low cost launch platforms.


I hope they kick Elons ass.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Appropriate the announcement was in Mexico. Poorly assembled, exploding rockets are exactly what you will get from Musk.

Manthong's picture

If what I have read is correct, sustained zero or very low G and the high radiation of space is not very physiologically friendly.  

I would not want to take that trip without a 2001 Jupiter ship (but I might not want the last rev of HAL).


beemasters's picture

"Musk argues that if we can decrease the cost of going to Mars to around $200,000 per ticket"

If it's one way ticket, we should start a crowdfund to send Hillary, Soros and all their crooked friends to Mars, and oh, plus one ZH volunteer to blow up the spaceship there.

N0TME's picture

Cool, but I like the Leonov myself and no HAL

msmith9962's picture

I smoked a 19 lb brisket for 18 hours over the weekend.  I gotta say, I and I think the friends/family who enjoyed it were way more impressed/enthusiastic about it than this.  Plus the time and money invested probably got a way better return.

NoDebt's picture

I'm just glad it's being done by a private company without wasting taxpayer dollars.

(Yes, THAT is sarcasm, ladies and gents)

any_mouse's picture

Musk sounds like the Onion.

Anyway, the DOE Nevada Test Site must not know that Musk has Mars all figured out. The DOE will utilize the old nuke bomb test bore holes to test nuclear ionization power for traveling from Earth to Mars. I expect there will be a few failures before they get it right. Which might appear like underground bomb tests.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

We're going to Mars with a computer-generated image of a rocket! 

What an era we live in!

NoDebt's picture

"We're going to Mars with a computer-generated image of a rocket!"

Yeah, it's an upgrade from Carl Sagan's "Spaceship Of The Imagination".

(Please, God, let there be at least 3 people on this board who get that reference.)


JuliaS's picture

The day we discover Pokemon on Mars.

SafelyGraze's picture


saw the movie

matt damon gets stuck on mars

nations come together to rescue him

it's beautiful

the earth is just a big blue ball

we are all one people

us and china working together to rescue matt damon

there is a chain of command.

there is rule-of-law that extends to mars.

hell, it extends throughout all of space and time.

you can have the feeling of working toward something bigger than yourself.

no expense is too great.

even if it perhaps 100 trillion dollars.

it is worth it.

and it will bring us closer to the harmony of a single governance.

let's all work together toward that.


greenskeeper carl's picture

No there isn't. And I have no doubt we will continue to fund his hair brained schemes. And this seems like kind of a long shot. Shouldn't we try to go to the moon first? Doesn't he probably know that whole thing was bullshit, too? How he thinks we will go to Mars when the best we have done since the 60's (alleged) moon landings is like 400 miles above the earths surface is beyond me.

any_mouse's picture

Is it hare brained? or hair brained?

Hare might be a microaggression against bunnies.

Hair, a microaggression aganist the hair follicle challenged.

I'm going to my safe space.

Imagine, if the Old World had made only a few trips to the New World then never went back.

PTR's picture

I thought, according to David Sala/Corey Goode/David Wilcock/a few others, that technically we are already on Mars and have been for a few decades.

American Psycho's picture

I'm happy for my tax dollars to send a lucky SJW to mars.

American Psycho's picture

Even better.  Let's send all those BLM assholes who feel so oppressed on this planet.  Let's give them their own.  Now STFU.

Agent P's picture

Low blow!


(another thing he wants to do to you)

// //
Sokhmate's picture

Just FYI, Uranus has been renamed due to all the anus jokes. It is now called Urectum.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Rectum?  Damn near killed 'em!

JuliaS's picture

When he says "people will be able to lift heavier things", I think he's talking about the taxpayer debt burden.

Not surprisingly, the cost of a ticket is also roughly the cost of a house. So, if we all take out mortgages to go to Mars, we'll all be rich! Stocks will go to the moon... I mean Mars!

Quantum Bunk's picture

You are 100% right. The only miracle power source humanity has is nuclear. But the greentards have made nuclear unfashionable forver it seems 

starman's picture

Nuclear power plants need water!  Oops.

R2U2's picture

Moon landing, lol.


Sokhmate's picture

.. in a studio near you..

EnglishMajor's picture

What is this January 2004?  Is Musk just pulling the Mars card to try to distract us from his shitty cars and shitty rockets like Bush did with his shitty Iraq invasion?

SMG's picture

If Lockheed actually gets the compact fusion reactor to work, wow what different world it would be.





Freddie's picture

Ha ha.  Lockheed Martin has done such a good job on the F-35.     Well good at screweing American taxpayers out of $2 trillion.

malek's picture

Getting to mars was technologically solved with the moon landings.

I have difficulty to cope with that amount of stupidity.

For starters, how many oxygen tanks and carbon dioxide filters would they need to fly to Mars?
Because they had no air recycling facilities on Apollo capsules.

Nor water recycling, nor food growing.

nuubee's picture

You might try actually reading my full comment before making yourself look so stupid.

Freddie's picture

Hey Enron Musk - good luck with that Van Allen belt thingy.

NASA suspiciously lost most of the video tape from the moon landings.

This is just some that was left over.



Coca Cola wunderbra.

Stackers's picture

"We can warm it up" .... ok

Now what about the whole gravity thing ? Mar's is 38% of earths gravity.

And the complete lack of a magnetosphere thats keeps everything from being irradiated ?

Implied Violins's picture

He should create a line of Mars rockets and brand them, 'Fireballs.' Land enough of 'em and he'll warm that planet up all right...

lolmao500's picture

Shut up with real science.... people dont need to know that.

JuliaS's picture

Solar Freakin' Roadways!

mkkby's picture

Fuck science.  Some guy named "Elon" can just hire a cartoon artist.  Much easier for BLM chimps to understand.

No mars safe space?  You are white privilege racist.