The Complete A To Z Of Nations Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's "Hubris"

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In an email sent to his business partner and Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Leeds, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote of Hillary Clinton, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term was an unmitigated disaster for many nations around the world. Neither the Donald Trump campaign nor the corporate media have adequately described how a number of countries around the world suffered horribly from Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions.

Millions of people were adversely harmed by Clinton’s misguided policies and her “pay-to-play” operations involving favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

The following is a before and after recap, country by country, of the destabilizing effects of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State:


Before Hillary: In 2009, more and more nations began recognizing the independence of this nation that broke away from Georgia and successfully repelled a U.S.-supported Georgian invasion in 2008.

After Hillary: Clinton pressured Vanuatu and Tuvalu to break off diplomatic relations with Abkhazia in 2011. The State Department pressured the governments of India, Germany, and Spain to refuse to recognize the validity of Abkhazian passports and, in violation of the US-UN Treaty, refused to permit Abkhazian diplomats to visit UN headquarters in New York. The Clinton State Department also threatened San Marino, Belarus, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Somalia, Uzbekistan, and Peru with recriminations if they recognized Abkhazia. Georgia was connected to Clinton through the representation of Georgia in Washington by the Podesta Group, headed by Tony Podesta, the brother of Mrs. Clinton’s close friend and current campaign chairman John Podesta.


Before Hillary: Under President Nestor Kirchner and his wife Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina’s economy improved and the working class and students prospered.

After Hillary: After former president Nestor Kirchner’s sudden death in 2010, the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires became a nexus for anti-Kirchner activities, including the fomenting of political and labor protests against the government. Meanwhile, Clinton pressed Argentina hard on its debt obligations to the IMF, also crippling the economy.


Before Hillary: Bolivia’s progressive president Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous Aymara leader, provided government support to the country’s coca farmers and miners. Morales also committed his government to environmental protection. He kept his country out of the Free Trade Area of the Americas and helped start the Peoples’ Trade Agreement with Venezuela and Cuba.

After Hillary: Clinton permitted the U.S. embassy in La Paz to stir up separatist revolts in four mostly European-descent Bolivian provinces, as well as foment labor strikes among miners and other workers in the same model used in Venezuela.


Before Hillary: Brazil’s progressive presidents, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, ushered in a new era for the country, with workers’ and students' rights at the forefront and environmental protection and economic development for the poor major priorities.

After Hillary: Clinton’s authorization of massive electronic spying from the US embassy in Brasilia and consulate general in Rio de Janeiro resulted in a “constitutional coup” against Rousseff and the Workers’ Party government, ushering in a right-wing, CIA-supported corrupt government.

Central African Republic

Before Hillary: Under President Francois Bozize, the CAR remained relatively calm under a peace agreement hammered out under the auspices of Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya.

After Hillary: In 2012, Islamist terrorists of the Seleka movement and supported by Saudi Arabia conducted an uprising, massacring Christians and riving Bozize’s government from power. The CAR became a failed state under Clinton’s State Department.


Before Hillary: Ecuador began sharing its oil wealth with the people and the economy and the plight of the nation’s poor improved.

After Hillary: Clinton authorized a 2010 National Police coup against President Rafael Correa. The economy soon plunged as labor disputes wracked the mining and oil sectors.


Before Hillary: Under Hosni Mubarak, Egypt was a stable secular nation that suppressed jihadist politics in the mosques. The jihadist-oriented Muslim Brotherhood was kept at bay.

After Hillary: After Clinton’s 2011 “Arab Spring” and the toppling of Mubarak, Egypt saw Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood elected president. Immediately, the secular country began a process of Islamization with Christian Copts experiencing repression and violence, including massacres. Morsi’s rule resulted in a military coup, thus ending Egypt’s previous moves toward democracy.


Before Hillary: The nation was a peaceful country where German culture, as well as religious freedom and women’s rights were guaranteed.

After Hillary: Clinton’s “Arab Spring” eventually resulted in a flood of mainly Muslim refugees being welcomed into Germany from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Today, Germany is wracked by Muslim refugee street crime, unsanitary and harmful public health habits of migrants, sexual assaults by migrant men of women and children, increased acts of terrorism, and a diminution of German culture and religious practices.


Before Hillary: Greece was a nation that saw government safety net social services extended to all in need. It also remained a top tourist destination for northern Europeans.

After Hillary: The 2010 debt crisis emaciated the Greek economy and Clinton remained adamant that Greece comply with draconian economic measures dictated by Germany, the European Union, and the IMF/World Bank. Making matters worse, Clinton’s “Arab Spring” eventually resulted in a flood of mainly Muslim refugees being welcomed into first, the Greek isles, and then mainland Greece, from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Today, Greece, especially the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Symi, Rhodes, Leros, and Kos, are wracked by Muslim refugee crime, unsanitary public health habits of migrants, sexual assaults by migrant men of women and children, acts of arson and vandalism, and a diminution of Greek culture and religious practices.


Before Hillary: Under President Alvaro Colom, the nation’s first populist progressive president, the poor received access to health, education, and social security.

After Hillary: Clinton authorized the U.S. embassy in Guatemala to work against the 2011 election of president Colom’s wife, Sandra Torres. Colom was succeeded by a right-wing corrupt president who resigned for corruption and then was arrested.


Before Hillary: Haiti was prepared in 2011 to re-elect Jean-Bertrand Aristide, forced out of office and into exile in a 2004 CIA coup. The prospects of Artistide’s return to power was a blessing for the slum dwellers of Haiti.

After Hillary: Clinton refused to allow Aristide to return to Haiti from exile in South Africa until it was too late for him to run in the 2011 election. Under a series of U.S.-installed presidents, all approved by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Haiti is a virtual cash cow for the Clintons. The Clinton Foundation diverted for its own use, international aid to Haiti, and the Clintons ensured that their wealthy friends in the hotel, textile, and construction businesses landed lucrative contracts for Haitian projects, none of which have benefited the Haitian poor and many of which resulted in sweat shops and extremely low wage labor practices.


Before Hillary: Emergent multi-party democracy with a populist progressive president, Manuel Zelaya. Children received free education, poor children received free school meals, interest rates were reduced, and the poorest families were given free electricity.

After Hillary: Clinton authorized a military coup d’etat against Zelaya in 2009. Clinton family “fix-it” man Lanny Davis became a public relations flack for the military dictatorship. A fascist dictatorship involved in extrajudicial death squad killings of journalists, politicians, and indigenous leaders followed the “constitutional coup” against Zelaya. During 2012, Clinton ordered U.S. embassy in Tegucigalpa to work against the 2013 election of Xiomara Castro de Zelaya as president.


Before Hillary: Under Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq experienced small moves toward an accommodation with the Kurds of the north and Sunnis. Iran acted as a moderating political force in the country that deterred any attempts by Saudi-supported jihadis to disrupt the central government in Baghdad.

After Hillary: Clinton’s Arab Spring resulted in the rise of the Sunni/Wahhabist Islamic State in northern and western Iraq and Iraq’s plunge into failed state status. Shi’as, Kurds, Yazidis, Assyrian Christians, and moderate Sunnis were massacred by the jihadis in northern, western, and central Iraq. The Iraqi cities of Mosul, Kirkuk, and Nineveh fell to ISIL forces with non-Muslims being raped, tortured, and executed and priceless antiquities being destroyed by the marauding jihadists.


Before Hillary: Kosovo, which became independent in 2008, initially granted its Serbian minority in northern Kosovo and Metohija some degree of self-government.

After Hillary: In 2009, Kosovo increasingly became a state ruled by criminal syndicates and terrorists of the former Kosovo Liberation Army. The rights of Serbs were increasingly marginalized and Kosovo became a prime recruiting ground for jihadist guerrillas in Arab countries subjected to Clinton’s “Arab Spring” operations, including Libya and Syria.

Clinton pressured states receiving U.S. aid and other U.S. allies to recognize Kosovo’s independence. These included Pakistan, Palau, Maldives, St. Kitts-Nevis, Dominica, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Burundi, East Timor, Haiti, Chad, Gambia, Brunei, Ghana, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Gabon, St. Lucia, Benin, Niger, Guinea, Central African Republic, Andorra, Oman, Guinea-Bissau, Qatar, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Honduras, Somalia, Djibouti, Vanuatu, Swaziland, Mauritania, Malawi, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Bahrain, and Comoros. In the Kosovo capital of Pristina, there is a 10-foot-high statue of Bill Clinton standing over Bill Clinton Boulevard. Not far away is a women’s clothing store called “Hillary.”


Before Hillary: Under Muammar Qaddafi, post-sanction Libya saw a boom in urban construction and a new major international airport to serve as a hub for Africa. Plans announced for an African dinar, supported by Libyan gold holdings, to serve the needs of Africa. All Libyans received free education and medical care. There was a program for revenue sharing of Libya’s oil wealth with the Libyan people.

After Hillary: Clinton’s 2011 regime change operations against Qaddafi, which saw the Libyan leader sodomized, beaten, and shot in the head by U.S.-supervised jihadist rebels, resulted in Clinton laughing about the incident in the infamous, “We came, we saw, he died” comment. Libya became a failed state where Islamic jihadist terrorists vied for control of the country and Qaddafi’s arm caches were given or sold to jihadist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, the pan-Sahel region, and sub-Saharan Africa. After Qaddafi’s ouster, black African guest workers and their families were massacred by jihadist forces.


Before Hillary:  Malaysia, before 2009, was a religiously tolerant nation where Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus enjoyed freedom of religion.

After Hillary: In 2009, Najib Razak became prime minister and he began accepting bribes from Saudi Arabia that totaled some $2.6 billion with additional Malaysian public money in Razak’s personal bank accounts plus the Saudi cash totaling some $3.5 billion. Razak began allowing Saudi-influenced clerics to push for sharia law throughout Malaysia and Christians in Sarawak, Sabah, and Penang began experiencing Wahhabist repression. Clinton was silent about Malaysian persecution of non-Muslims. The reason may have been a reported several hundred million donation from Razak’s slush fund into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers.


Before Hillary: In 2012, Palestine was granted non-member observer status in the United nations. The 2009 Goldstone Report of the UN found that Israel violated international humanitarian law in its war against Gaza in 2009. Palestine was gaining more support and sympathy internationally and was successfully putting to rest Israeli propaganda disinformation.

After Hillary: Hillary Clinton rejected the Goldstone Report as “one-sided.” Clinton’s unbridled support for expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem and its silence on the dehumanizing Israeli blockade of Gaza, emboldened Israel’s theocratic right-wing government to further encroach on Palestinian territories and cementing into place an apartheid-like series of Palestinian “Bantustans” in the West Bank and an open-air ghetto in Gaza.


Before Hillary: The country under Fernando Lugo began lifting out of poverty the nation’s rural campesinos and urban workers. Paraguay also began a steady move toward democratization after years of military dictatorships.

After Hillary: Clinton’s 2012 “constitutional coup” against Fernando Lugo brought back into power the military-industrial oligarchy with the nation’s campesinos being forced back into poverty and repressive rule.

South Sudan

Before Hillary: Prior to independence in 2011, South Sudan, while rife with intra-tribal feuding, was relatively calm.

After Hillary: After being rushed into independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan, a special project of Clinton, George Soros, and actor George Clooney, descended into civil war and chaos. It beat all records in being transformed from a newly-independent state into a failed state.


Before Hillary: Syria was a multi-cultural and multi-religious secular state championing the concept of pan-Arab socialism and progressive policies advanced by Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser. Syria was not a safe place for jihadism.

After Hillary: After Clinton’s 2011 green light for the “Arab Spring,” Syria became a failed state where the Islamic State gained a firm foothold. Minority Alawites, Christians, Druze, and Kurds were massacred by jihadist groups aided and abetted by NGOs and other interests backed by Clinton.


Before Hillary: Thailand’s Red Shirt movement was a powerful force that demanded a return to democracy in Thailand and the restoration of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, ousted in a 2006 military coup, to power.

After Hillary: A Red Shirt protest in 2010 resulted in a bloody crackdown by the Thai military. Clinton remained silent about the Thai army’s killing of protesters and the mass arrests of Red Shirt leaders. U.S. military assistance to the Thai government was continued by Clinton. When Thaskin’s sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, became prime minister in 2011, Clinton began working to undermine her and her government in a manner not unlike Clinton’s subterfuge against Rousseff in Brazil and Cristina Kirchner in Argentina. When it comes to women leaders, Clinton only tolerates conservatives who kow-tow to the United States. The pressure against Yingluck eventually resulted in her ouster in 2014 and her being criminally charged in the same manner that saw Rousseff charged in Brazil.


Before Hillary: Tunisia was one of the most secular nations in the Arab and Islamic world. A top destination for European tourists, the country was more European in its outlook than North African.

After Hillary: After Clinton’s 2011 “Jasmine Revolution,” a textbook themed revolution crafted by Clinton’s friend George Soros, Tunisia descended into Islamist rule and violence. Today, Tunisia is the top country for recruits to the Islamic State.


Before Hillary: Turkey was moving steadily closer to European standards on human rights and democracy. Even under the Islamist-oriented Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country remained committed to pluralism.

After Hillary: Clinton authorized the shipment of Libyan weapons captured from Qaddafi’s arms caches to Turkish middlemen in the employment of Erdogan’s government for transfer to the jihadist rebels in Syria. A complication in this arrangement resulted in the September 11, 2012 jihadist attack on the CIA warehouse facility in Benghazi, which killed U.S. envoy Chris Stevens and other State Department personnel. Turkey’s dalliance with jihadist rebels in Syria was mirrored by increasing Islamization of Turkey. The events of 2011 and 2012 resulted in Turkey today being ruled by an Islamist strongman, Erdogan, with open political opposition being stamped out.


Before Hillary: Ukraine was a stable and neutral country that neither aligned itself with the West and NATO nor with Russia under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, elected in 2009 and inaugurated in 2010.

After Hillary: Clinton tried everything possible to ensure the 2009 defeat of Viktor Yanukovych. The State Department and its friends in the George Soros camp provided assistance to Clinton’s favorite candidate Yulia Tymoshenko to defeat Yanokovych. It was this early interference in the 2009 election that ultimately led to the “Euromaidan” themed revolution in 2014 against the government, resulting in civil war, the retrocession of Crimea back to Russia, and secessionist states in eastern Ukraine. Clinton’s policies directly led to a failed state in Europe.


Before Hillary: Under Hugo Chavez, the country provided basic social services to its poorest of citizens. Venezuela also provided discounted gasoline to several Caribbean and Central American countries through the PetroCaribe consortium.

After Hillary: After Clinton allowed the U.S. embassy in Caracas to foment anti-Chavez labor and political protests, the country began to falter economically. After Chavez’s 2012 diagnosis of terminal cancer, the State Department stepped up pressure on Venezuela, crippling the nation’s economy and political system.

Western Sahara

Before Hillary: Recognized by the African Union and several nations around the world as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Western Sahara saw some hope for an evacuation of illegal Moroccan occupation troops from its territory.

After Hillary: In 2010, Moroccan troops began entering Sahrawi refugee camps and attacking residents, even in UN-protected exclusion zones, where Moroccan troops were prohibited from entering. Clinton ensured that UN talks and a proposed popular referendum on the future of Western Sahara were stalled. Clinton pressured a number of states to withdraw their recognition of the SADR, including St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Paraguay, Haiti, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Malawi, Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Panama, and Burundi. The Clinton Foundation received a 2011 donation of $1 million from a Moroccan phosphate company owned by the Moroccan government and which has mining operations in Western Sahara.


Before Hillary: Yemen was a largely secular state that was transforming into a federation where the rights of South Yemen and the Zaidi Houthis of north Yemen were being recognized.

After Hillary: Clinton’s “Arab Spring” of 2011 and the fall of Abdullah Saleh from power saw Yemen become a failed state. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State gained control over several areas of North and South Yemen. The fall of Saleh permitted Saudi Arabia to conduct a genocidal war in the country with Mrs. Clinton’s full support.


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America not at the top of the list?

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oops (not verified) wisehiney Sep 30, 2016 8:34 PM

It will soon be after Congress's stupid Sept 11 Bill, the DEATH KNELL for America.

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Looks like that makes her about the most experienced person ever to serve as US hegemon president and benefactor of murderers and war criminals in the global corporatist military/industrial/complex   

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That list is so skewed it's not even funny. Take Haiti. That's all BS. Aristide was elected, HW Bush gave him a coup d'etat, Clinton invaded Haiti to put Aristide back in power, then W gave him another coup d'etat. Aristide is now back in Haiti campaigning for his party.

That article is all BS to malign Hillary. Keep in mind I don't like her. If you want to rip her apart, tell the truth.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) oops Sep 30, 2016 8:57 PM

i fight with her supporters, they better hide if she wins because all hell is going to break loose.

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Everything Obozo touches turns to shit.

Update and addition...

Everything Hitlery touches turns to shit.

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capital_one (not verified) wee-weed up Oct 1, 2016 4:08 AM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

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You are correct about that, but some things on this list are stupid. I can't fucking stand killery, but this author goes out of his way to admiringly describe bunch of tinpot socialist dictators who failed miserably at their jobs. I agree 100% that it is absolutely inexcusable for us to infer free in foreign countries like that, but describing people like the leaders of most of those Central American countries as 'progressives who were making important environmental reforms and striving for equality and student rights' and all that nonsense is flat out BS. You can make the point about the millions of lives ruined by this woman without heaping praise on people who don't deserve it.

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Killary belongs in prison, but lots of the list is bogus, the description of Thailand during her time for example.

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so the leader of a country wants to rid it of corrupt banks to create their own money and wealth and they're tinpot socialist dictators? sounds like perfect mainstream propaganda has named them socialist and it sticks.

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Update: Hillary and Obama are pieces of shit. 

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Your handle suggest to me that you are another recently unemployed "journalist".

Nobody wants to read that BS for free either.

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She was polluting with burnt jet fuel 128 countries. So what if she crashed and burned 40? That leaves the other 80 unfuked. Ding ding ding, a winner!


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Not sure about all the article, but regarding B ra S il...made me wonder what might be the percentage of flawed ANALysis like that replicated @ ZH on average !

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I am staggered to learn that Hillary Clinton is responsible for the Greek financial crisis! I thought it took 10 years of corruption, misguided Europe policies and excessively loose lending policies, but what do I know?

Hillary has single-handedly brought down all these nations - she is clearly a danger to herself and others.

It seems to  me that you don't need to make stuff up; Hilary is more than culpable for enough death,  violence and destruction to keep The Hague in business for a century,without pretending that there are no other idiots in the world doing the same.

Bollocks article, even for a weekend Tyler. Sorry.

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This should be Donald Trump's go to cheat sheet.


Peter Comey, who is FBI head James Comey's brother, works for DLA Piper the firm that did the "independent" audit of the Clinton Foundation last year. DLA Piper is #5 on Hillary Clinton's all time top contributors list, just ahead of Goldman Sachs. They and other big contributors finance politicians who in turn nominate their guys into powerful positions who in turn protect the whole lot of them when they get in trouble. James Comey gave Hillary a pass over her unsecured email server.

DLA Piper is the same firm that does the Clinton Foundation's taxes. After reporters found errors on the Clinton foundation tax returns, only then did DLA Piper find the errors and amend the returns. Overall, the refiled tax returns revealed $20.1 million in government grants that were kept off the original versions of the forms.

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She should have been a signatory of PNAC, no wonder the Neo-cons throw their support behind her. That should tell you all you need to know.

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The neocons support Trump as well.

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oops (not verified) Manthong Sep 30, 2016 8:51 PM

O boy

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oopsie are over-taking MillionDicksinaBag's place as the ZH downarrow fucktard.

Stop drinking out of the Clinton toilet, Mr. Partisan Pantload.

I defy you to ask ANY Haitian about the Clintons - then tell them you are "for" them.

Won't see you around here after that - dick head.

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If Hillary becomes The First Woman President that'll make her The Eve of Destruction.

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Excellent tune but he looks/sounds like Steve McQueen: The Constipated Haight-Ashbury Years.

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No way!

The King Of Cool was a flower child?

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Clever twist! But if the biatch does win, this one's a way better glimpse into the future. 

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Too bad trump has to flap his jaw about fat women rather than all the crimes the lying cheating corrupt cunt has committed against the US, other nations, and oh yea, some old piece of paper called the Constitution.  Wake the fuk up trump. Wake the fuk up cuz you're fukn blowing it & letting your supporters down. And you're sure as sht not impressing the undecided.

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No shit. And stop trying to convince us you're really rich. We don't care. Destroy Hillary cunt Clinton. There's more dirt on her that any pres candidate in history. Quit fucking around


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And that is what the debates are for.

To expose the opposition for their fraud, corruption, bribery, etc. all criminality.

Then to address her contempt for ordinary American citizens everywhere.

In effect is is Trump's national duty to expose Clinton for what she is and thereby PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

This one kind of good ... even this basic information is effective


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Fuck that bitch. All the way to HELL.

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She's sort of like Midas only with fecal matter isn't she?

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wisehiney said:  "America not at the top of the list?"

Yes, was looking under "U" for "U.S.A."; maybe it is under "N" for "New Rome"?

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Now I am confused. I have been learning from these pages that we are the new Israel?

Very intriguing it all is.

This old dog learns so much new stuff here.

Still trying to reconcile it all.


How and why these ZH'ers had  time and inclination is a wonder to me.

And I pride myself on reading through and between the lines.

Still a pup I guess!

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I scanned this list, but really the truth is nothing at all compairs to the triple disasters of Libya / Ukraine / Syria, overthrowing 2 democratic regimes and assassination of a world leader.

Uklraine and Syria also being potential world war III starters. 

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Yeah, but Trump once said something mean to a girl in 1996 so, clearly, Clinton is the only candidate that is qualified to be our next president.


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A spade is a spade


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Exactly. Trump immediately recognized that wicked bitch for what she was.

Trump is a true gentleman who respects honorable people.

And for the good of absolutely everyone involved and around,

calls out the erroneous.

That is reflected in the excellence of four billionaire children.

Try that at home with any four kids.

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Yeah, a girl named Alicia Moo-chacho... who fucked a guy live on tv for a check... I guess compared to Hyena Rodent Clinton she is like Mother Mary or Mother Teresa....

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Fucking for money on live TV only gets your brownie points.  If she had an abortion of live TV for money then she would have been canonized.


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Abkhazia?  Holy shit, she has been screwing with countries that I didn't even know existed.  I bet she didn't know either.  She just signed something... "yeah, whatever... just kill them if they disagree".

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I can't believe it.

Surely she has done something dastardly in Zimbabwe or Zambia as well, no?

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Somalis are on the move like crazy too.  Everybody is on the move because of their destabilizations.  When the economy goes it's going to be a tidal wave of... well, all of them.

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I don't think we should blame her for Germany, Merkel if perfectly capable by herself.

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I think they missed some..

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How about Canada? A boy is now running the country. Surely that's Hitlerly's fault, right?

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Dear Trump,

Take this list and study it until your brain bleeds!

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Fat fukn chance. Fat fukn chance.

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I copied and pasted this on here last week, and got to "E" - and the copy was too much.


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The Clintons started with the us of a

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It's fun playing these games, but yet another article gives a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress a pass.

If you think that's irrelevant, ask yourself who -- persons with names and a small organization, expertly designed to represent the will of the people -- could've swiftly shut the Clinton 'family' down a long, long time ago... and then ask yourself why the focus is consistently anywhere but...