New Gallup Poll Shows 57% Of Americans Want A Major 3rd Party

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

There’s good news and bad news in the latest Gallup poll on Americans’ desire for a major 3rd Party.

The good news is that at 57%, this is the highest demand we’ve seen
during any recent Presidential election year. The bad news is that we’ve
seen levels this high before.
Additionally, this desire for a 3rd Party
doesn’t actually translate into massive third party support when it
comes time to actually voting.

Gallup reports:

PRINCETON, N.J. — A majority of Americans,
57%, continue to say that a third major U.S. political party is needed,
while 37% disagree, saying the two parties are doing an adequate job of
representing the American people.
These views are similar to
what Gallup has measured in each of the last three years. However, they
represent a departure from public opinion in 2008 and 2012 — the last
two presidential election years — when Americans were evenly divided on
the need for a third party.


These results are based on Gallup’s annual Governance poll. The poll was conducted Sept. 7-11, at a time when Americans’ views of the Republican and Democratic parties are near historical lows, and when Americans hold highly negative opinions of
both major-party presidential nominees. In 2008 and 2012, Americans’
favorable ratings of the parties were slightly more positive than today,
but their favorable ratings of the presidential candidates were far


In those years, third-party presidential candidates
received less than 2% of the popular vote for president. This year,
third-party candidates are getting about 10% of the vote combined in
presidential preference polls. Should that level of support hold between
now and Election Day, it would be the strongest performance for
third-party candidates since the 1992 and 1996 campaigns, when Ross
Perot ran for president.


As might be expected, independents have consistently been most
likely among the major political groups to believe a third party is
needed. Currently, 73% of independents, 51% of Republicans and 43% of
Democrats favor the formation of a third party. Republicans’ preference
for a third party today ranks among the highest Gallup has found for a
partisan group, along with a 52% reading among Republicans in 2013 and
50% for Democrats in 2006.


Americans’ usual preference for a third major political
party had subsided in the last two presidential election years, but that
pattern did not repeat itself this year.
In 2008 and 2012,
Americans’ general contentment with the major-party nominees may have
led them to believe the parties were doing an adequate job of
representing their views, and thus there was little appetite for a third
party. This was the case in 2012, even as the well-funded “Americans
Elect” movement aimed at providing the infrastructure for a credible
third-party candidate could not field a viable candidate.


The political environment is different this year, with Hillary Clinton’s favorable ratings struggling
to break 40%, while Trump’s have been stuck even lower at around 33%.
Four years ago, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined for just over 1% of
the national popular vote as the Libertarian and Green Party
presidential nominees, respectively. This year, with those two
third-party candidates nominated again, their support in pre-election
polls among likely voters is nearly 10%.


With 57% of Americans favoring a third major political
party, but only about one in 10 voters currently saying they will vote
for a third-party candidate, Americans’ appetite for a third party may
not be as great as they say it is.
The gap between preference
for a third party and support for third-party candidates in this year’s
election may also reflect the structural challenges third parties face,
Americans’ unfamiliarity with the third-party candidates and possibly Americans’ reluctance to cast their vote for a candidate with little chance of winning.

Here’s the chart of the trend over time. Still no breakout.


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Wow72's picture

Its the best news Ive heard.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

The peasants want something new.  If they keep this up, the powers that be will have to create a third corporatist/fascist party.

Cynic?  Yes.  If you see the brainwashed government worship ramblings on facebook that I see, you're one to.

InjectTheVenom's picture


38. MOAR. DAYS. 

until The Monster Vote comes out of hiding & Makes America Great Again.


TRUMP 2016. 

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Unfortunately, snappy like bumper slogan is mask of greater problem of statism. Somehow, Amerikansky is believe elect right man he is somehow make affect of all thing you are desire, when he is just another power organ that is generate word salad to win vote...

roxyNL's picture

that will work just for a while until the ((( globalists ))) take control of this third party, thanks to their parasitc talmud teachings.

In France for instance the Front National was a kind of independent third party until the b$tch Marine Le Pen threw out her father and kissed the a$$ of her masters in israel. Now she is just a kind of controlled opposition 

beemasters's picture

They should just limit total donation to a humble $5M per candidate; parties that can raise that much ought to be eligible to debates. There should be no limit to the number of parties.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



We do have a 3rd's called the Trump party.


BTW......Jeb not welcome at our party.


So sorry!

Escrava Isaura's picture

2020 3rd Party Candidate: Ivanka Trump


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

For some reason I have a hard time taking serious any poll that shows that the same voters that elected Obama not once but twice is capable of creating anything that has substance.

Being unhappy with the current choices has done little to change the majority of slates before the American voter. Spare me the third party talk until you rid yourselves of the likes of Paul Ryan.

Escrava Isaura's picture

First, if you believe there’s some guy out there that can solve any of our (employment, diminishing GDP returns, deficit) problems you would be the one lacking substance.


Second, “If you go back to the record of the Constitutional Convention, which took place in 1787, almost immediately after the end of the war, you see that they are already moving in another direction. James Madison — who was the main framer, and one of the founding fathers who was most libertarian — makes it very clear that the new constitutional system must be designed so as to insure that the government will, in his words “protect the minority of the opulent against the majority” and bar the way to anything like agrarian reform. The determination was made that America could not allow functioning democracy, since people would use their political power to attack the wealth of the minority of the opulent. Therefore, Madison argues, the country should be placed in the hands of the wealthier set of men, as he put it.” —Noam Chomsky



Save_America1st's picture

This is what the TEA party (stands for Taxed Enough Already) was all about originally and they made huge changes in getting more conservative-minded, fiscally responsible, Constitutional people into CON-gress in the 2010 and 2014 cycles, did they not? 

But because of thier success they seem to have been co-opted and pretty much destroyed or at least seriously marginalized by the establishment.  The true grass-roots part of what built the TEA Party seems to have been totally shut out now. 

And quite a few of the scumbags who got elected due to TEA Party backing turned out to be lying scum like Paul Ryan for example. 

A third party, true Libertarian/Constiutional party would be great.  But not with idiots like Gary Johnson.  He's a fucking douchebag. 

The establishment would never allow Ron Paul or those like him to gain power through a serious 3rd party ever.  I'm sure both sides of this criminal mafia organization are going to do everything they can to ensure someone like Trump or Ron Paul ever gain this much political power ever again after Trump runs his course.  

I think the only reason Trump got so far was partly because the establishment severly underestimated the discontent of the base and how we have observed the establishment corrupting the TEA Party and disregarding those of us who helped put many of those fuckers into office.  And they seriously overestimated their own power over Trump thinking they could just throw billions against him and wipe him out with one or another of their many candidates in the primary regardless of what we the voters wanted.

I also don't think they understood how much we hate all of them at this point.  We feel they are all serious traitors on both sides of the bullshit fake Right/Left paradigm and we'll do whatever we can to continue to get people in there who aren't part of their corrupted system. 

The fight will continue.  But more and more people are finally figuring out that there really is no Right/Left.  They're all the same behind the scenes.  They're just play opposites in order to divide the people and get us fighting with each other.  That has all been exposed now and it's beginning to wake up millions more people all the time.

They will probably drive us into either a civil war or a world war before they allow the people to overthrow this gang mafia stronghold that they've built around us. 

So keep preparing and stacking as always, bitchez.  ;-)

capital_one's picture
capital_one (not verified) Save_America1st Oct 1, 2016 11:28 AM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

RiverRoad's picture

Any time you have 3 parties, you will always end up with 2 aligned against the third.  So back to 2 parties....

MalteseFalcon's picture

Third party?

Trump just gave you a second party.

The first choice you've had in decades.

But both Hitlery and Trump are displeasing.

Hitlery sold this country for personal profit, committed treason, hates America and Americans, is seriously ill, has the temperment of a psycopath, and is covered in blood.

But Trump is annoying.

So both Hitlery and Trump are displeasing?

Wake the fuck up.

auricle's picture

Now sample the same 57% about the qualities and positions on key issues you want them to suppport. Don't confuse third party with libertarian. The freakish monster they might come up may have you screaming you only want a two party system. 

robertsgt40's picture

Any 3rd party will be in name only. Remember Tea Party? It was infiltrated and defused by the likes of Palin and neutered before it got off the ground. This is a closed shop folks.

Money Boo Boo's picture

There will never be an endless shortage of morons in the UKKKA. IT's a fools paradise filled with fools ready to slurp up anything the Orange Horror will say. Trump needs to be POTUS because thats what a fool deserves. And if not, you get the Blue Horror. Either way you're all a bunch of fucktards.

RiverRoad's picture

AKA the Grand New Party.  No globalist elites allowed.

Bush Baby's picture

3rd parties could only be viable if each party received representation in the Government based on the votes received, otherwise you are just throwing your vote away.

nuubee's picture

We just discovered that 57% of Americans are too stupid to vote for 3rd parties in local elections.

boattrash's picture

"while 37% disagree, saying the two parties are doing an adequate job of
representing the American people."

Can somebody tell me who the fuck these 37% are?

I don't know 37 people that would say this, let alone 37%.

Ballin D's picture

to be fair, the largest third parties have fallen too.  The Libertarian (big L) candidate Johnson is basically an establishment democrat.  He wants to control language and thought crimes.. not libertarian.  And the green party candidate is an idiot and just plain nuts.

Arnold's picture

Sure, let's adopt a European Parliamentary System so the commies, the Sosos and the TreeHuggers and the gender confused can all belly up to the same trough that the Repubs and Demorats do now.

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Bush Baby Oct 1, 2016 11:35 AM

"3rd parties could only be viable if each party received representation in the Government based on the votes received"

Many types of "proportional representation" have been tried, with varying success:

tricorn teacup's picture

Proportionate representation would help in Congress for States with a large enough delegation.  It doesn't help for executive offices which are a single seat.  Instant Runoff, approval voting, and a few other options could break 2 party dominance in those cases.  2 party dominance is very much an outcome of plurality voting, the worst of the simple and "fair" election methods.

But the alternate parties would still have to present quality candidates.  I look at the presidential slate this year and Trump, warts and all, is still the best option.  I see a showman (Trump), a career criminal, a Libertine, a watermellon, a rabble rouser, and a lawyer in the field.

True Blue's picture

Screw that. In the era of the FCC and C-Span, simply make it mandatory that any television or radio station seeking an FCC license give free advertising time to any and all candidates; then do entirely away with this fraud of bribery euphemistically called 'campaign donations'. C-Span can give 12+ hours per day to it during the election cycle.

The fact that one candidate has $516,791,763 (half a billion dollars) to spend trying to garner a position is unconscionable, and makes a mockery of the entire system.

Antifaschistische's picture


3rd party A.  Goes to Libertarian small gov advocates

3rd party B.  Goes to full blown socialist public ownership of all property crew

3rd party C.  Goes to the Mexicans who will be joined by the Chinese for rubber stamp immigration causes

Blacks will always be tools of the Democrats and are too stupid to realize it

The Christians, who could have organized and fixed all this decades ago will continue to sit at home doing absolutely nothing and are too stupid and disorganized to realize it

Escrava Isaura's picture

The Christians are too busy putting food on the table to research these issues. Labor is the one that has to organize but US labor is demoralized and fragmented by powerful propaganda to confuse them.


The first four paragraphs will never happen.




rockstone's picture

Bullshit. If they truly believed in their God, they would have stopped playing the game years ago. Most of their money is spent on golden calves.

putaipan's picture

sent last night to: robert steele, cynthia mk, catherine fitts, nader, naomi's klien and prins, corbett, dr.hudson, paul craig roberts, max and stacy, brother west:



please let me start saying that you are one of my favorite americans. i have very good taste, and you are in very good company.


i write to you with a certain sense of urgency and a valid notion to turn this election around and claim victory for all americans.


"the great american voter strike"- everyone heads to the polls, registered(and unregistered), vote for mayor sheriff etc, but when it comes


the presidential selection .... NO CONFIDENCE 2016! .  this can happen without the self immolation of a hot soccer mom......


the feeling is in the air. no lesser evils. this can happen without any further revelation of the inadequacies of either of the candidates.


all that is required is the right "ice bucket challenge" meme- selfies, signs, and occupy the polling stations. i think it is possible to get


the percentage of registered voter participation into the teens.  i am writing to you because i believe that it is more than a good idea.


thanks- putaipan.



Slomotrainwreck's picture

A majority of Americans, 57%, continue to say that a third major U.S. political party is needed,

This just in: 25% of third party supporters were recently found to have committed suicide by stab wounds to the back.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

If Amerikansky is really understand underlying evil of statism and violent force of government, yet another party is probably not desire of heart. Rather, Amerikansky is maybe wish for well constituted republic, simple rule of law, well defended border, and free unfettered market of commerce. Ooops, that was what Amerikansky had 100 year ago, What is hell happen!?

gmrpeabody's picture

We let people vote that have no skin in the game..., so to speak.

Then we let politicians who have no spine in back, make false promises to people who have no skin in game,

.., and the Free Shit Party was born.

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) gmrpeabody Oct 1, 2016 11:41 AM

The "free shit party" has two wings: the top 5% and the bottom 70%. The minority in the middle pays for both, and has no effective representation in the current political system.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

1916 for President 2016!

Or 1912 if you no longer wish to be part of "Red Team" "Blue Team".

Investment Grade's picture

Where's Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?? Bull Moose party, baby!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Where's Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?? Bull Moose party, baby!!!

Excellent point you make.  Which is only more proof that the leaders in our Republic were always on a "quest for more".

Roosevelt was allegedly anti Federal Reserve but ironically ended up facilitating the same course that the CB ended up following as well?...

Teddy was a closet Zionist and didn't even know it!!!


Uzda Farce's picture

"To enact the Federal Reserve Act...the bankers elected Woodrow Wilson president of the U.S. in 1912 by splitting the Republican Party, defeating the popular William Howard Taft by financing Theodore Roosevelt's malicious Bull Moose third party candidacy.

Wilson's academic career at Princeton had been financed by gifts from Cleveland H. Dodge, director of Citibank, and Moses Taylor Pyne, grandson and heir of the founder of National City Bank... After the Federal Reserve Act had been passed by Congress and signed into law by President Wilson, six New York banks controlled by the Morgan-Rockefeller group bought controlling interest of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which they have held ever since."

From "The World Order" by Eustace Mullins

rockstone's picture

Woodrow Wilson much there Nemo? He pledged during that whole '16 campaign he wouldn't get us into WW I and oooops....there we were! That League of Nations thing was a great idea too. He didn't get that done but set the course for our lovely UN. And that treaty of Versailles, now that was a hoot!! And don't forget the depression of '20 and the influenza of '19.

Yeah, let's bring back those elections! Go 1912 & 1916!!

Raffie's picture

I got friends who hate Hillery and Trump.

They LOL at me saying "I got suckered and that is why I am voting Trump. An Obama should do a 3rd term because he is doing a great job."

I just can not argue with such stupidity.

Trump is the ONLY logical answer to this mess.


Her name is Hillery Cunton for the record.

putaipan's picture

no confidence is the only logical answer to this mess. no confidence is the only peaceful revolutionary tactic we may ever have.

RiverRoad's picture

Obama should do a 3rd term in prison.

vulcanraven's picture

Come on, polls are such utter bullshit. "57% of Americans?" So all 320 million people in the US took this poll? Ridiculous

Kidbuck's picture

Why is it good news? 28.5 percent would want more free shit and 28.5 percent would want to quit providing that free shit.

Au Member's picture

The imperative right now is to prevent Clinton from gaining control of the US executive branch.

She will absolutely use that platform for self-enrichment for her cartel, insert her corrupted people into positions of influence and pardon those people who have committed crimes on their behalf. The likelihood of a major global conflict is significantly elevated with her in office.

The Clintons have corrupted the FBI and Judiciary (plus countless other arms of the US Govt) and in doing so, weakened the national security of the United States.

Her unsecure email server contained information regarding special access programs. In doing so she has potentially endangered US operatives and again weakened national security.

Very interesting Judicial Watch program from 29th Sept describing the actions of the Clintons:

Skip to minute 23:00 to hear from an intelligence officer describing how Clinton has endangered the United States and that Comey was categorically lying.

It is absolutely crystal clear to me that the Clintons have managed to utterly corrupt everyone they have come into contact with and I am amazed that millions of US citizens cannot see this.

nevertheless's picture

Clinton, just Clinton, she is the only problem, not most of Congress, the Senate, the media, Wall Street, Hollywood, its just Clinton.

Forget that Trump has been a NY (the financial backbone of the Zionist monster) businessmen for decades and is a product of them...

 FBI like DHS, and other US internal security agencies are totally Israelized. Comey is on record of telling Jewish groups that many of his top agents were trained by Israeli military officials. He also said, that he had made it mandatoryfor the new recruits to visit Holocaust museums.

US-Israel law enforcement collaboration helps Israeli Mossad the desired opportunities to sponsor terror on American soil which with the help of Jewish-controlled mainstream media are blames on Muslims.

This will not change electing either of these immoral assholes. Change will come when we take back our governemnt and stop buying into the media manipulation. 

putaipan's picture

i'd like to see her try to do what she wants with percentage of voter participation brought to below the teens, and the memory of all those people occupying the polling stations and the world wide media coverage of it reverberating for four years.