Russia Warns US Military "Aggression" In Syria Would Lead To "Terrible, Tectonic" Consequences

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As the drums of war beat louder, following last week's ultimatum by John Kerry that the US is contemplating a direct military intervention in Syria, including potentially sending US troops on the ground in the war-torn country for the first time, on Saturday Russia warned the US against carrying out any attacks on Syrian government forces, saying it would have repercussions across the Middle East. The warning comes as government forces captured a hill on the edge of the northern city of Aleppo under the cover of airstrikes.

It has been one year since Russia became officially involved in the Syria conflict. The maps below show zones controlled by different forces before Russian intervention in September 2015 and the situation now.

The most obvious change is the collapse in territory controlled by ISIS, as well as the expansion of territories held by the Syrian regime, which is the biggest concern to the US, whose main directive in the Syrian conflict has been less to crush the Islamic State as to minimize the influence and territory of Assad's regime, replacing it with US-controlled "rebel" forces.

And with Russia - long an ally to Assad as the conflict is fundamentally about Gazprom's loss of influence over Europe should a Qatari natgas pipelines cross under Syria  - having become the biggest hurdle to US strategy in Syria, there has been a notable shift in the US strategy, with western media slamming Russia's "barbarous airstrikes", focusing on recent bombing strikes of the rebel-held city of Aleppo, a repeat of US strategy from the summer of 2013 when a doctored "chemical attack" YouTube video was used to justify US presence in the local conflict.

In response, Russian news agencies quoted Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying that "U.S. aggression" against the Syrian army "will lead to terrible, tectonic consequences not only on the territory of this country but also in the region on the whole."

She said regime change in Syria would create a vacuum that would be "quickly filled" by "terrorists of all stripes."

As AP notes, U.S.-Russian tensions over Syria have escalated since the breakdown of a cease-fire last month, with each side blaming the other for its failure. Syrian government forces backed by Russian warplanes have launched a major onslaught on rebel-held parts of the northern city of Aleppo. Syrian troops pushed ahead in their offensive in Aleppo on Saturday capturing the strategic Um al-Shuqeef hill near the Palestinian refugee camp of Handarat that government forces captured from rebels earlier this week, according to state TV. The hill is on the northern edge of the Aleppo, Syria's largest city and former commercial center.

The al Qaeda-linked Ahrar al-Sham militant group said rebels regained control Saturday of several positions they lost in Aleppo in the Bustan al-Basha neighborhood. State media said 13 people were wounded when rebels shelled the central government-held neighborhood of Midan.

Adding to the propaganda, airstrikes on Aleppo struck a hospital in the eastern rebel-held neighborhood of Sakhour putting it out of service, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the same entity that created the infamous doctored 2013 YouTube video. 

Opposition activist Ahmad Alkhatib described the hospital, known as M10, as one of the largest in Aleppo. He posted photographs on his Twitter account showing the damage including beds covered with dust, a hole in its roof and debris covering the street outside. A doctor at the hospital told the Aleppo Media Center, an activist collective, that thousands of people were treated in the compound in the past adding that two people were killed in Saturday's airstrikes and several were wounded.

"A real catastrophe will hit medical institutions in Aleppo if the direct shelling continues to target hospitals and clinics," said the doctor whose name was not given. He said the whole hospital is out of service.

In a familiar repeat of the 2013 media narrative, opposition activists have blamed the President Bashar Assad's forces and Russia for airstrikes that hit Civil Defense units and clinics in the city where eastern rebel-held neighborhoods are besieged by government forces and pro-government militiamen.

On Friday, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders demanded that the Syrian government and its allies "halt the indiscriminate bombing that has killed and wounded hundreds of civilians_many of them children," over the past week in Aleppo. "Bombs are raining from Syria-led coalition planes and the whole of east Aleppo has become a giant kill box," said Xisco Villalonga, director of operations for the group. "The Syrian government must stop the indiscriminate bombing, and Russia as an indispensable political and military ally of Syria has the responsibility to exert the pressure to stop this."

It said from Sept. 21 to 26, hospitals still functioning in Aleppo reported receiving more than 822 wounded, including at least 221 children, and more than 278 dead bodies_including 96 children_according to the Directorate of Health in east Aleppo.  Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom criticized attacks on civilian targets writing on her Twitter account: "Unacceptable to bomb civilians, children and hospitals in #Aleppo. No humanity. Assad & Russia moving further away from peace."

Surprisingly, few if any in the western media have complained about the thousands of civilians killed by the US-backed Saudi bombing campaign in neighboring Yemen.

* * *

Meanwhile, according to leaked closed-door comments by US Secretary of State John Kerry it was revealed how angry John Kerry is about being unable to topple President Bashar Assad by military means.

The New York Times previously acquired a taped conversation between the US
Secretary of State and two dozen Syrian civilians from education,
rescue, and medical groups working in rebel-held areas, during a meeting
on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. “I've argued for use of force. I stood up. I’m the guy who stood up and announced we’re going to attack Assad because of the weapons, and then you know things evolved into a different process,” the Secretary of State said in the tape.

He told the civilians that “you have nobody more frustrated than we are (the US)” that the Syrian issue is now being solved diplomatically. Kerry also warned the Syrians, who sounded clearly unhappy with Washington’s contribution, that attempts to intervene militarily or provide more support to the rebels by the US may have a reverse effect.

“The problem is that, you know, you get, quote, ‘enforcers’ in there and then everybody ups the ante, right? Russia puts in more, Iran puts in more; Hezbollah is there more and Nusra is more; and Saudi Arabia and Turkey put all their surrogate money in, and you all are destroyed,” the diplomat explained.

* * *

We expect the Syrian proxy war to continue to escalate until either Assad is removed, which however seems unlikely with Russian, and now Chinese backing, behind the Syrian president, or until the proxy war escalates into a full blown world war once US troops are sent to Syria, a move which would be met by a proportional response by Russia and, perhaps, China.

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IridiumRebel's picture

I never know if all of this is horseshit to play with the plebes or if there really is a war brewing. Economic or conflagration, the world is precarious.

strannick's picture

Alleppo is the fulcrum of middle East dominance.

US loses Alleppo to Russia Iran Syria Iraq and the Shiite, then the Shiite pipeline is a reality as it is connected from Russian Syria to Iranian Iraq and it's game over. No more oil price control, no more petro dollar. Thats why the MSM is working triple time vilifying Russia

America ruins the world to rule it,. God Bless Putin.

Pinto Currency's picture

Libya and Iraq are the measure.

Destroy government structures, destroy civilian infrastructure (power grid, water suppy, etc.), create power vacuum, arm and fund terrorists.

Declare terrorist problem.


greenskeeper carl's picture

This shit is beyond stupid. Absent US involvement thisnwouldnhave ended years ago. All we are doing is making is worse. Everything we touch turns to shit. the US military hasn't been able to defeat an enemy since Korea, can't put down a few thousand goat herders with rusty AKs, but now we think we should provoke a war against another first rate nuclear armed military, with our 1.5 trillion dollar F35 that can't even function. Just stop already. We are 4-6 trillion in the hole from Iraq already, and we thing we can get into another major war? The hubris of our rulers truly knows no bounds.

Allen_H's picture

That is putting it mildly, I wish them the worst of luck, I hope the reaper comes to claim its just reward.

eforce's picture

Aleppo is a lot like Stalingrad in regards to its importance...

HowdyDoody's picture

"potentially sending US troops on the ground in the war-torn country for the first time"

US troops have been on the ground in Syria for some considerable time. The numerous US proxy forces don't manage themselves. According to Ziad Fadel (Syrian Perspective) there are supposedly some in east Aleppo in the areas 'controlled' by the 'carefully vetted moderate headchoppers'.


zvzzt's picture

Non US person here. Just wondering, will US populace even remotely support/accept such a move?  


JoeJitsu's picture

US citizens don't know what an "Alleppo" is and don't care. They are too busy with sports, pron, and other diversions. Oh, and they will vote for Hillary! because vajajay!

lance-a-lot's picture
lance-a-lot (not verified) JoeJitsu Oct 1, 2016 8:23 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal.

WordSmith2013's picture

This is really why the war is being fought in Syria.

The true back story is much worse than anyone knows!

Killdo's picture

they have been brainwashed since birth to shut up, bend over and to fear invisible friends, love their enemy(psychopaths) and to turn another cheek. Forever ideology-seeking  (they cannot stand on their own feet it seems - hence yoga, buddism, jesus, scientology, celebrites...anything to spare them from their fear of freedom and resposibility).

Sheeplez here fear their own government more than anything else. They mindlessly and irrationally compete against their friends and family and everyone else (because they are the most insecure people you can find anywhere). There is an ongoing popularity context (like in a high school but  here it lasts the whole life). they have been trained (through Hollywood) to value populatity more than anything (hence the obsession with celebrities who are often dumb idiots but appear interesting once filtered through TV)

They are generally scared of everything and socially disconnected (more than any other country I have ever seen - by far). So basically you have a bunch of fearful, obese pussies/zombies ruled by worst Anglo - Zionist bunch of (dumb, hoarding) psychopaths the world has ever seen.

Americans are good at hiding from reality, getting drunk/self-medicated and pretending there is nothing to see/do - so to answer your question (as a Serb living  in the USSA) they will not do shit (and even if they wanted to they have no clue how to do it or how to meaningfully aggregate or interpret objective reality). And their Anglo-Zionist overlords love it that way.

they are kind of like Greeks in many ways

shovelhead's picture


Why aren't you in Serbia fixing up paradise instead of that shitty ol USA.

You sound very confused. No wonder you got lost.

Killdo's picture

I am doing that too.

I did not go to Serbia for about 20 years  (my family and old friends used to visit me all the time here and in London where I lived previously) - then a few years ago I went back and was very surprised how much happier people are there and how much more socially engaged, healthier and better looking, how much better food they eat, how many more friends they have. Everyone I know has a beautiful wife and 2-3 kids (children play soccer outside until 10 pm in Belgrade - nobody is affraid of child mollesters etc). All my cousins make more money than I do and have better jobs. Nobody has to borrow money to buy a house (most people inherit houses). Women are great - they love men, know how to cook and they have good careers (my sister in law is a good example - a project manger for Microsoft - very sweet and pretty, can cook really well, does not feel she has to punish/humiliate men to prove women are better - she thinks $hitlery is an idiot, etc she is also very happy and a mother of 3 - she breast fed all of them - the oposite of American women I know here)

It gives me no joy to see what is happening here in the USSA- but it's important to face reality.

I am about to move either to Australia or Canada - had enough of Uncle Satan after a decade.

I spend a few months in Serbia every year (and will probably end up spending at least 4-6 months there - still have lots of family, cousins (half of them look like Putin). When I go there I hang out with best friends from my primary school/high school - it feels as if I never left.

Serbs have a great sense of humor - we laugh and joke all the time, go swimming in a very fast river (where I learned to swim when I was 5), smoke cigars - everyone's house is always full of friends and family.

I feel that way in Japan and Australia. Every time I return to the USSA after a day or 2 I feel I am half dead - this is the most passive place I have ever seen

UndergroundPost's picture

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day

Jack Burtan's picture

@ zvzzt, Most Americans here do not even know are involvment there.

russian world's picture
russian world (not verified) Jack Burtan Oct 1, 2016 5:14 PM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

carlnpa's picture

When the administartion was going after Syria the first time over the "red line" chemical attack, the public put a lot of pressure on Senators/Congressmen to NOT open another war in Syria.

This was also fine with Obama, he backed off the "red line" rhetroric, and frankly Putin saved this new war by negotiating the removal and destruction of Syrian chemical weapons.

The neocons here were furious.

Many Americans want no more of these foreign entanglements.  It will be a tough sell to get us onboard with another BS war.

Son of Loki's picture

Did he mean "Teutonic" consequences?


Namely, millions more rapefugees flooding into the Rhineland?

Vullsain's picture

If the Euro victims keep backing the chaos we unleash, they will have to deal with the refugees. Fair enough as far as I am concerned. It's their call. I suggest grow a pair and tell the USA to fuck off.

Max Hunter's picture

Is the ISIS held territory an exact tracing of the pipeline proposal? Probably nothing.. That's what we need in the US.. a war in Syria.. with Russia... Over a pipeline... really?  

Lorca's Novena's picture

When a presidential candidate doesnt even know what Aleppo is, do you think the majority of 'murricans do? I am saddened to be american these days. Well the past 8 years anyway. If our gubbmint starts a war with russia, there are so many ignorant mexicans here that will be drafted and not give a shit. That is why the borders were allowed to remain open for so many years, coddling them, feeding them. You dumb fuck immigrants are nothing more than cannon fodder...


Make 'murrica white again.




and i dont give a shit.

The Ram's picture

Unfortunately, the US populace will more than support a war aginst Russia.  First, the very few Americans who read and post on ZH are fundamentally different than the average American.  The average American is a dufuss who has little awareness about what is happening outside their own street or neighborhood.  We have not had a war on American soil since the US Civil War, so few Americans have any clue what the stench of rotting and burning flesh would smell like.  When you have spent your life fat, dumb, and generally with a full belly and decent quality drinking water, it's hard for most Americans to imagine the ravages of war. Remember, most Americans actually supported the Vietnam War in the early years of the war.  Sadly, Americans will follow their government into any stupid war the main stream media will support with its phony coverage.

Freddie's picture

Ziad Fadel and his son have done great work along with Syrian girl in trying to get the word out on Syria.  I have great admiration for the Syrian people for having the guts to stand up to the ZWO and ZATO.

God - Syrian girl is some high school aged girl in Australia and she is far more intelligent, articulate and much prettier than the US shit like Hillary, Samantha Powers or scum Nudelman-stein.

America is pathetic.  American white males drool over and cheer their Trayvon rapist thugs like fan boys.  Pathetic.

anyone dumb enough to join the US military and support this insanely corrupt US govt is a moron.   And no election with Trump will change that,  The GOP-e is as evil and pathetic as the Democrats.

F the New World ORder/NeoCons and anyone who supports it including The Pentagram.

SyriaL Stowlker's picture

I'm no history buff or anything  But didn't  Stalingrad last only 2 years ? . . . As of last July Aleppo entered its 5th year as a divided city between the Axis if Evil : US , NATO , AlQaeda , Turkey  etc  - VS - The forces of Good : Russia , Syria & Allies . . . 

 And I'm watching as I'm writing this from Downtown Aleppo the Syrian / Russian jets are pounding Jihadi US Thuggs' positions in the Bostan al Basha neighborhood controlled mostly by the Turkey Subordinated  Sultan Mohammad the Conquerer who're  attempting to shoot down these jets with Anti Aircraft ...  all this while Artillery shells are flying right over my head  being shot from South Aleppo to the Sqayyef / Gondol Roundabout neighborhood  in North Aleppo .... Phewwe ????



DjangoCat's picture

Good luck friend, keep your head down.

Jballsquared's picture

You clearly are not invested in the military industrial complex. That is !4-6 trillion in revenues that would not exist if not for the perpetual war on emotions.

That's America. If you don't like it, get the fuck out!

But consider the investment opportunity before doing so, it's a goddam mint.

August's picture

And the made-for-TeeVee movies are gonna be great:  America's Flying Heroes take out diabolical Rooskies at 30,000 feet; down below, hardscrabble Heartland kids bond with tough disadvantaged minority youths, as they take our fight for justice directly to Raqqa... door-to-door!  Heart-breaking losses!  Thrilling rescues!   And the girls/boys they left behind!

It will all make you so proud to be a fucking American.

BeansMcGreens's picture

Where can I turn in my Chinese made pots and pans for the war effort?

My family wants to do its part!

dark pools of soros's picture

you forgot the tranny brigade screaming at putin for safe spaces in war zones

Huckleberry Pie's picture

Call me crazy, but I am long military contractors and prepper supply's.

ACES FULL's picture

I am long water,land,productive assets{businesses and various equipment and tools},gardens,farm animals and traps for catching fish and game. Used to go the PM and lead projectile route but kept loosing everything in boating accidents. Oh yeah,books,lots of books and magazines. This Google thingy will not be available when you need info the most. Still have things to add{ham radio,more meds and med training,continue to search out like minded people,etc}.

Patriot Eke's picture

Beyond stupid is actually a gross understatement.  There are CIA backed rebels fighting US State Department backed rebels.  That's how badly TPTB want global war.  Multiple Syrian sources just last week reported US troops on the ground in Western Aleppo.  They are embedded with "moderate" rebels.  This is all happening at the same time that the US withdrew its military cooperation agreement with the Russians.  There are Russian forces embedded with SAA in Eastern Aleppo with US forces embedded with rebels in Western Aleppo.  All it takes is one errant bomb, and an ancient prophecy will be fulfilled.  Don't get me wrong though.  When prophecies are fulfilled, they happen because men made them happen.

HowdyDoody's picture

The US has threatened to send MANPADS to the al Qaeda franchise network in Syria. Russia has sent more SU-25 ground attack aircraft to Syria. A double seat trainer Su-25 was filmed flying in Syria a while back. Maybe the Rooskies are training the Syrians to fly SU-25s in place of their old Migs. Maybe the plan is to sell some Su-25s to Syria, as was done with the Iraqis. There would then be Russian and Syrian pilots flying them. So will the first Su-25 shot down be flown by a Syrian pilot or by a Russian pilot? How will the US proxies from Dumbasfuckistan be able to tell the difference?  If a Russian is shot down, then the US has set itself up for a load of grief.



Freddie's picture

One of the Russian sites like Fort Russ or Saker had a good article on how the Russians turned dumb bombs into smart bombs for peanuts.    They used math, physics and some cheap cheap retrofits,

The USA and The Pentagram shit their pants because these Russian dumb bombs are really accurate.  They can easily drop them from high altitudes as well.   The Russians are able to find cheap solutions.  The Pentagram/MIC are just out to rape US taxpayers.

Killdo's picture

Meanwhile the American MBAs just try to throw more money and people at the problem - they have no clue what actually needs to be done

Erek's picture

Any average High School dropout knows what needs to be done.

The US needs to GET THE FUCK OUT of all those irreparably damaged, war-torn countries.

Just go home and take care of urgent business such as rebuilding the piss-poor infrastructure and providing free education for all instead of blowing billions on distruction and anarchy.

Lorca's Novena's picture

Well, yaeh... Unfortunately the dual citizen american leaders dont give a hoot about the citizens or infrastructure... unless its Tel Aviv.


East Indian's picture

There was this Cold War joke about how the Americans spent a lot of money and invented the ball pen, to overcome the lack of gravity in space during their manned missions, and the Russians simply used a pencil.

After I read about how, rather than converting each bomb into a smartbomb, the Russians converted their planes into smart launching platforms, I started believing the old joke!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Disagree with your last sentence.  If someone shoots down a US plane, TSHTF.  If someone shoots down a Russian plane, fuck all will happen, except more "talk and posturing" by the Russians.  So remind me again who has the man-balls in this proxy war.

Put another way, imagine if Russia started flying missions on Iraq, because of "humanitarian" reasons and started to threaten the US. The US would tell them to fuck off.

Although I think that we have become the Evil Empire, I am objective enough to know that Russians talk a good story, but that's about it. It's all about showboating to sell arms to their usual clients, while doing the minimal required to maintain Assad tand prevent a hostile pipeline.

spyware-free's picture

NATO trained Georgians and Ukrainian Nazi's would beg to differ with you. When Russia decides the risks of not fighting outweigh the risks of fighting you will get your show. Russia realizes the U.S. has psychopaths running the MIC and must tread carefully. Pray it doesn't come to direct conflict with them.

Erek's picture

The Russians probably are keeping a cool head because they don't want a war that would most-likely blow civilisation back to the stone-age.

But then, there are limits to how much poking with a sharp stick the bear will put up with.

When the bear decides to turn and attack ... well, hang on to your ass!

effendi's picture

It will get interesting when one or more of these US embeds get captured by a pro Syrian faction. They won't have any protection under the Geneva Convention so they can be used to make propaganda videos under duress. Then America will have to beg Putin to use his influence to ask Assad to ask the militia holding him to turn the prisoner over to the Syrian army. Will make for great footage as the prisoner is escorted out by Assad to a Red Cross plane. The difference between the Russian embeds and US embeds is that one was invited and the other is an invader.

dogismycopilot's picture

You are correct. The First American Spec Ops guy who gets captured by the Syrian Army....that will be some good TV. Any US Spec Op in Syria is guilty of a war crime. This is a fact. You are operating illegally in a foreign country as an uninvited terrorist. 

Bay Area Guy's picture

Technically, we didn't defeat North Korea.  And what about Greneda, huh?  We kicked their asses!

Other than just making a little levity about Korea and Greneda, I have just one nit to pick with your post.  It's not only beyond stupid, what the US has, is and will continue to do is criminal.

Ofelas's picture

Yeah Grenada, after a long battle with 6 locals and half a dozen of Cuban construction workers armed with dangerously sharpened sticks...we got them

Mazzy's picture

"can't put down a few thousand goat herders with rusty AKs"

You think the goal was to actually accomplish that mission?

If the conclusion seems implausible, check your premises.

Which way to the beach's picture

The Afghan show IN 2001 was to get the heroin flowing for the CIA so they could continue to fund peace and democracy around the world. Just like they have done for the last 70 years or so. The Taliban had shut down heroin production. NATO ramped it up again. Oh God I hope Trump wins and seriously sticks a wrench in the gears of US foreign policy and treats anyone who doesn't obey orders from the civil government as treason.


OverTheHedge's picture

They only had rusty AKs when they started: look at all the shiny, expensive toys they are using now. THAT is the reason for all this death. $$$$$