Florida Residents Urged To Start Preparations For "Serious And Life Threatening" Hurricane Matthew

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Earlier this morning Florida Governor, Rick Scott, issued an emergency advisory warning to Florida residents regarding the very powerful Hurricane Matthew that could reach Florida as early as Wednesday.  The storm is currently located just south of Jamaica where it is set to make landfall tomorrow morning.  As of right now, according to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew is a major category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour making it one of the strongest hurricanes in the Atlantic basin in 10 years.   

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a hurricane warning for Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba where the storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow morning.   

Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew



Haiti residents have been issued a severe flood warning as Hurricane Matthew is expected to dump as much as 40 inches of rain on parts of the island in a very short period of time.  NOAA also warns that the storm is bringing "the combination of a dangerous storm surge and large and destructive waves that could raise water levels by as much as 7 to 11 feet." 

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew


Meanwhile, the projected path of the storm currently calls for it to reach the eastern coast of Florida as early as Wednesday.  No evacuations have been ordered for Florida residents at this point though Governor Scott warned that this "catastrophic" storm could change paths very quickly resulting in evacuation orders to be issued on short notice

Earlier this morning Florida Governor, Rick Scott, issued the following emergency advisory warning to Florida residents:

"This is a serious and life threatening storm. I was just briefed on the developments of Hurricane Matthew as it moves through the Caribbean Sea. I also just spoke with county emergency management officials who are working in our local communities to ensure our state is prepared for the potential impacts of this major hurricane. This storm is catastrophic, and if it hits our state, we could see impacts that we have not seen in many years. Even though the storm’s projected path is just east of our state, no one should take this lightly. Storms change fast and Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida as early as Wednesday. At this time, there have been no evacuations ordered in Florida, but that could change quickly. Please stay alert and watch your local news and listen to your local officials for protective actions and emergency messages. I urge everyone to visit FLGetAPlan.com to get prepared before the weekend is over. Make sure to have three days of food and water, flashlights, batteries and a battery powered radio.”

Hurricane Matthew


As mentioned above, most computer models predict the center of the storm to bypass the east coast of Florida though meteorologists warn that models are much less accurate at predicting storm paths several days out.

Hurricane Matthew

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knukles's picture

Know how long it's been since a hurricane landfall?
Climate Change!
Man Made Climate Change
Just you wait for it.
On National News and Weather.
Betcha betcha betcha

beemasters's picture

And the Clintons are all excited by the prospect of another Haitian disaster.

Creative_Destruct's picture

Money-siphon READY for that reconstruction money!

greenskeeper carl's picture

Whew. Looks like I moved just in time....this will likely be much ado about nothing, at least for Florida. Some rain and maybe a little beach erosion with some unusually high tides, that's about it. If you wait until a hurricane is boring down on you to make preparations then you probably deserve what happens next.

Sucks for Haiti though, I hear tents don't hold up very well to this kind of stuff. But don't worry, I'm sure the Clinton Foundation is standing by to help out...

Captain Chlamydia's picture
  • Make sure you have three days of water and food.... What an IDIOT! 
SomebodySpecial's picture

No worries to all you Hatians...the Clintion foundiation will be here to help you!

swmnguy's picture

Gala fundraiser benefit dinner coming right up, with all the stars on the red carpet and the hottest rock stars to fly in to do a couple songs and have some hors d'oeuvres.  Lots of expenses to deduct, including one's own travel, care and lodging.  Including personal staff, of course.

Calmyourself's picture

Clintons are going to make out like bandits think how much gold is washed out of those bare Haitian hills by 40" of rain.. Sluices, we dont need no sluices..

Offthebeach's picture

( insert Bill 'AwShucks' Clinton voice here ) " Dahyou know how many fine fine houses Hilliary and I built in Hati? Nows all all gone. Every last one. The pools and tiki bars each one had too! All that money spent and now gone gone gone! I guess Hillary and I, as old and beat as we are, but because of who we are, will raise another 10 billion to rebuild each and every Hatian home. And with bigger pools too!"

Omen IV's picture

empty out Haiti - send 100% to the USA - Florida - grant citizenship / register everyone / by Haloween / declare victory!

813kml's picture

Dibs on the no-bid contract for a state-of-the-art mudcake factory.

neidermeyer's picture

The new disaster will help distance the $2B theft from the first hit... and they can skim a few hundred million again ... no problem.

Katos's picture

The truly horrendous tragedy of this Hurricane will be the fact that Bill and Hillary used all the last hurricane relief money to Haiti to line their own pockets. No new housing was built,  even though Bill paid developers hundreds of millions of dollars to build houses, they just took the money and ran.  Part of the Clinyon foundation money sucking machine! So most Haitians are still living in flimsy tents or corrugated metal homes, that will be shredded with the first gusts from Matthew! Look to see tens of thousands of lives lost due directly to the Clinton's!

max2205's picture

Are they using the Fed model....of tracking?

nmewn's picture


They extrapolate and take action on known-knowns now then, as the known-knowns don't pan out later according to their modeling, they fire the experts they hired to do the extrapolation and hire some different experts that advise them on the current known knowns and they make a different action plan.

Its like a make work project thingy-thing for geeky nerds who are always wrong.

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) knukles Oct 2, 2016 4:36 PM

Hurricanes= The Weather Channel goes Full Retard

Tiwin's picture

apparently so does Tyler.

Not a single indication that Fl will be hit. 28-yr storm chaser here.


Tylers!! how about a nice article on Black police killing a 6 year old White kid? No? Why the fuck not? Are you in bed with NBCABCNNFOX?

I am not a shill , I simply hate the police , who now kill 1200 americans a year and ruin the lives of countless others.

Off topic post because Tyler , just like the rest of the jew owned media , dosent seem to think it is newsworthy when a perfectly innocent white kid gets murdered by a govt costume wearing thug.

They only like promoting black deaths especially if the black guy was less than a choirboy. Then racist whites can say its all about niggers and not say its all about our own government killing us like its El Salvador in the 1980's


ShrNfr's picture

We are in the longest period of written history between cat 3 and higher landfalls in the US. Cat 3 and higher is designated as M on the NHC maps. Right now, this storm is a M, after it goes over Cuba it will cease to be. Even if it makes landfall, that longest period will continue.

LadiesLoveCoolJames's picture

Giant hurricane orgy tonight at Hedonism! BYOL(bring your own lube). 7pm until every dick and pussy is rubbed raw.

Tiwin's picture

As a sick individual who actually loves hurricanes....yeah I feel ya, It makes the warmistas cry even more annoying

Too bad I wont see the teevee, I quit watching the JewTube 18 years ago

ConnectingTheDots's picture

It is the oceans that are absorbing most of the heat from climate change. It is a well documented fact that it is water temperature that feeds the development of hurricanes, so it is not a big leap to assume that as the oceans warm, we will have more and stronger hurricanes.

pc_babe's picture

If global warming is man-made, maybe some LIBTARD-man-genius turn off the Hurricane things or tell us where its going ... tomorrow, for example.

LIBTARDS ... ya gotta luv 'em

Sudden Debt's picture

I guess that will solve the pension shortfall problems :)

Creative_Destruct's picture

Hurricanes are Keynesians ready to provide MUCHO broken window (non) stimulation.

...and they can take out some pensioners.

Cluster_Frak's picture

Expect crude to rally.

Katos's picture

I'm kinda hoping that Hurricane Matthew grows into the most powerful hurricane on record. That it March's right up the coast to Washington and just wipes it's.ass right off the face of the earth! Flooding bunkers and underground installations while swirling like a whirling dervish decimating everything in site. Cleaning America of the filth and corruption,  leaving behind a clean slate! Oh damn, I just woke up?

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Oct 2, 2016 4:33 PM

Haha- my moron neighbors just left for Diz-knee-Land

I am not Not Sure's picture

You do know Disneyland is in California, right?

Skeero's picture

People call Disney world Disneyland all the time. Most of us on the east go to Orlando.

Woodrox's picture

Nothing like a rainy season discount at diz nee :)

sister tika's picture

A friend of mine storm-hardened his condo ON THE east coast of Florida a few years ago. Total package of CAT IV ballistic storm windows and special hardened patio screen cost him almost 10K US clown-bucks. Everybody laughed at him for wasting his money. The projected path of this storm is runs right over his condo community next week.

Maybe he wasn't so dumb after all. We will know for sure by next Thursday.

shovelhead's picture

Someone in S. Carolina will be grateful for his foresight when they pick that shit up from their lawn.

sister tika's picture

If a 70-pound ballistic storm window from Florida ends up in South Carolina, nobody will be picking up anything in Charleston or Myrtle Beach except their ass. LOL!!

Antifaschistische's picture

yes...and if it hits, the neighbors will get FEMA dollars and your buddy will get nothing.  That's the way it works in Parasite Nation.

sister tika's picture

Yep. You are most correct about FEMA, Antifaschistische. My friend even called his insurance company and requested a premium discount on his homeowners insurance. They said "No discount for you, numb-nuts".

Imagine that.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

Anybody who thinks ahead and plans for personal responsibility is a threat and must be eliminated. 

seataka's picture

That would be true if they really are trying to kill us all.


Tiwin's picture

Ummm....no it dosent sis.

kuwa mzuri's picture

The lowly el-ites love this kind of thing.  They say, "Hurry, Cain!  We've futures, shorts, and a herd to cull."

azusgm's picture

Lehman happened the same week that Hurricane Ike hit.

Sudden Debt's picture

Now that what I calll a financial forecast!

And how was the solar activity back then? 

azusgm's picture

Lest we forget, AIG was a bigger story than Lehman. They were assumed to be at risk for billions for damage caused by Hurricane Ike. Although I tried a quick search, I couldn't locate a solid number for what they had in Ike payouts and administrative expenses.

Certainly made for some interesting C-SPAN watching.

Atomizer's picture

It won't hit Florida. Tropical rain storm in South Carolina. Perhaps. 

Complete bullshit, false alert. 

Electric EarthNo Dark Matter? | S0 News Oct.2.2016 - YouTube

CoolHandLuke's picture

Just in time for the elections. Anyone heard of HAARP? I'd expect it to rake FL East coast and create a 'national emergency' w/ Illary getting a photo shoot of her in her jet looking over the destruction and talking about how she's qualified to handle such emergencies.

Two Feet Studs Up's picture

I recall (Hurricane) Sandy hitting around the time of the 2012 elections... I feel like I remember seeing Chris Christie giving Obama a big fat hug.   I wonder what happens this time?   

MsCreant's picture

It's all about the churn. Skim the cream off the top.

mary mary's picture

Amen.  The scum rises to the top, where they can skim the cream off the top.

RawPawg's picture

How Biblical Is That...hmmm?