Bernie Sanders Comments On Clintons Getting $1 Million From Deutsche Bank

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"The business model of the largest banking institutions around the world - from Wells Fargo To Deutsche Bank - is Fraud," exclaimed Bernie Sanders, after being asked whether Hillary Clinton should return the $1 million she received from Deutsche - ":a fraudulent business."

Sanders also added that The Clinton Foundation's donations "raised serious questions" with regard the relationship to the prospective president.

Yes he dodged the question, but still, not exactly vote-inspiring stuff.

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thesonandheir's picture

The business model of Wall St is fraud.

VD's picture

this geriatric commie is a fraud himself and should have Hitlery return his shill endorsement, after she returns the DB money and her GS monies too as well as release those speeches. dont hold your breath.

knukles's picture

So there ya go, Hill.  Gettin' the same rap from the Left and the Right.
Thought this was decided in 2008, didn't-cha?
I know, I know, Mr Diebold has yet to be heard from.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

The business model of the Clintons is also fraud. And corruption, murder, lies, theft, etc.  Natural allies always find each other.

Manthong's picture

Douche Bank gives to Douche bags.

Seems logical to me.

Latina Lover's picture

"The business model of the largest banking institutions around the world - from Wells Fargo To Deutsche Bank - is Fraud,"


Bernie for President 2016

Creative_Destruct's picture

Bernie has great diagnoses but LOUSEY perscriptions.

lance-a-lot's picture
lance-a-lot (not verified) Creative_Destruct Oct 3, 2016 9:55 PM

He mentioned private BANKS as FRAUDS. Why does he always overlook the BIGGEST FRAUD of them all?

Infocat's picture

Bernie is very far from being anything like a good candidate for president:

americanreality's picture

"… it is all fraudulent, all of it, everywhere, up and down, East and West. The movies, radio and state and books and TV — all of them are fraudulent; and the foundations and universities and scholars, they are all fraudulent too; and the executives and the financiers … and the Commissars and the Krushchevs and the Mao Tze-tungs, they are fraudulent equally; it is all a great game; and there are two dangers in this great game: first, the fraudulent people come to believe their own lies, they come to have faith in their fraud; and second, underneath it all, because people are fundamentally good, they come to realize that we live in lies and the people get angrier and angrier and they may explode.

The scenery of politics is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Yet I must report all this as serious. This is the strain on me. That I must be serious, and I must exhaust myself trying to find out what is true and what is fraud and yet, even after I know, I must take them both seriously and write of them both as if I did not know the true distinctions between them."

Theodore White

nmewn's picture

Speaking of...whats up wif this guy Danney Willams, who's mom was a prostitute, claiming to be Bubba's illegitimate "love child"?...

...another Clinton planted red herring or?...

chumbawamba's picture

He looks more like Leonardo di Caprio.  Still, if he doesn't chill out with this shit he's going to be found suicided by a cop in some BLM related nonsense.

I am Chumbawamba.

nmewn's picture

Hmmm, I've always suspected Leonardo of being another of his bastard sons yeah, if I were him I'd pipe down too...the Queen Biatch is getting really frustrated as hell that she's not up 85-15 on Trump so there's no telling what she might do ;-)

knukles's picture

That Chumbie, is nothing short of epic

WhackoWarner's picture

Likely he will become sad and die in a well documented suicide.

scaleindependent's picture

For a commie, he does call it right with regards to banksters.


VD's picture

sure, he does, but he endorsed the bankster crony Hitlery.. ..

nmewn's picture

Yeah...but he's horrible at maff.

VD's picture

well, he didnt haff to check maff on his paychecks until he was well past 40 holding down his first gig on the taxpayer's dime, so yeah, maff inconsequential and in his brand of commie it's all free shit anyhow so why bother adding or subtracting anythin..


& he just bought himself his THIRD home, a nice lakeside retreat so he got very special maff skills indeed, and Hitlery paying him off for his endorsement sure helped his bottom line... and where did Hitlery get the money to buy Bernie his 3rd property? why DB, GS, et al.

Paul Kersey's picture

Bernie Sanders, poor no more, did purchase a $600,000 lake house. Here are more photos of Bernie's new vacation home than you'll ever want to see. Bernie's Sandernistas are finally getting to feel the real Bern.

The Establishment: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Bernie's gone from 'socialist' to 'limousine liberal'.   He can now ride in back seat with Hill-n-Bill. 

Mr. Universe's picture

It was mentioned that they were able to buy this house because of an inheritance of another house that was too far away. If I wasn't a sheeple I might think that that the Clinton gang offed one of Bernie's relatives and told him, "leave the campaign, take the house."

WillyGroper's picture

financed by burlington college.

his wife's good at maff.

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

be very careful what you say, a story on brietbart has a lady who was committed 3 weeks against her will for venting her anger online.


see this, it will make you mad also:


NotApplicable's picture

Suuuuuuure he does, that's why he gutted Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill at the last minute.

He's a fuckin' low-life, like all the rest of the pretend "representatives of the people."

Paul Kersey's picture

Here are some other TBTF bank contributors and what they contributed to Hillary's campaign:

JPMorgan Chase & Co $993,398
Citigroup Inc $985,975
Goldman Sachs $946,445

Bernie, you are backing the ultimate enemies of those small contributors who believed in you.
Bernie, you talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk.

Miss Expectations's picture

Those amounts indicate that they fear getting themselves on some million dollar clinton donor list.

bigkahuna's picture

Too bad that he is now and always has been full of it. He dropped RP audit the fed like a bad habit, he bullshitted his supporters and turned on them too.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sanders is a DNC turncoat and gutless sellout. End.Of.Story.

His supporters and defenders are some of the dumbest fucking people around too.

thinkmoretalkless's picture

Geezer better be careful or he'll have a swimming accident at the new lake house.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

They bought him off with a vacation house by the lake.

He wants that vacation house.

Really, really badly.

Clinton, Inc. has given him a very narrow band within which to speak. That band allows him a minuscule amount of wiggle room to try to act like he is still his own man, but not enough to turn any voter away from Hillary, especially those who supported him.

Because he really, really wants that vacation house.

Nothing surprising about this, though. Some of the biggest, greediest little-c capitalists are communists and socialists.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

It's the original Ponzi scheme before the Tribe went and found a goy dago to name it after.

Also: My new favorite thing is to say "I know moar about ____ than the generals do.  Believe me."

If we're talking about potato chips, "I know moar about potato chips than the executives at Pringles do.  Believe me."

I pissed a black chick off cause after that guy got killed by the cops in Charlotte, I said "I know moar about getting shot by poeleece than, than Keith Lamont Scott does.  Believe me." in my best Donald Trump voice.


WTFUD's picture

Fraud with a mass killing spree thrown in for fun! War Baby!

CJgipper's picture

Uh oh!   Better get Bernie another lake house; he's going off the reservation.

sapioplex's picture

With fiends like that, who needs enemas?

south40_dreams's picture

The whole centralized banking paradigm is the problem.  The more it can be deconstructed, the better.  And borders need to mean something again, in all ways.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

That's one of the truths that pisses me off about Rickards. He knows monetary science and policy. He knows currency wars. Yet his solution to these problems always, always, always involves some sort of central management and a currency that largely fiat. It makes me wonder if he is controlled opposition and he's just setting himself up for a huge payout in SDRs if he manages to help transition the world to adopt the SDR as the global reserve currency.

To paraphrase Reagan, central banking is not the solution to our currency problems, central banking is the problem.

Ron Paul had a good start: End the Fed.

But that is not enough.

Our goal should be: End Central Banking.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

The political circus of "renationalisation " begins.

The international money monopoly must engage in false nationalism so as to sustain their claims on us. 

nmewn's picture

Financial genius Bernie Marx commenting on Hillary Crony's propensity to accept cash from fucking anyone without a second look, I enjoy kidding around but at some point we have to get serious...don't we? ;-)

jcaz's picture

Yes, I wonder which beach house he commuted from for this interview- where did THAT money come from, Bern?

nmewn's picture

I'm positive the NYT's will dispatch one of their top notch investigative financial reporters to find out ;-)

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Maybe the WashingtonCompost can free up one of the 24 investigators they got investigating Trump's legal taxes to investigate the beach houses.  I doubt it.

Savyindallas's picture

That's peanuts compared to the payoff bernie got for selling out and endorsing the witch. Remember, bernie's a jew. He's been upper middle class all of this life supporting his principles  -this payoff will allow him to buy a flat in the hampton's.  Hillary sold her soul and will burn in Hell  -Bernia only sold out his principles  for a big payoff  - there is still a chance for redemption for him before he dies. 

chunga's picture

I think Burnie happens to be correct about fraud being the business model for practically everything. Does tRump say anything about this?

nmewn's picture

Well the Faaarrreee! education & healthcare model he campaigned on was either going to lead to massive fraud or even moar massiver (is that even a debt.

chunga's picture

The complete and utter lack of honesty and integrity from the political class is most discouraging. tRump not talking about this as a major plank is remarkable. Maybe he has but lately confess to tuning politics back out.

nmewn's picture

Meh, they're both yankee's with everything that entails...he brought up that garden gnome Mr.Yellen front running the stawk market in the last debate so he knows the power of illusion it represents...he just wants it on his side.

With no change.

Choose wisely, there's a lot more at stake this time and I kinda like the idea of crocodiles, with freakin laser beams attached to their heads, patrolling the Rio Grande ;-)

wren's picture

And here comes the media blackout on anything Bernie says that could hurt Hillary!

WillyGroper's picture

media blackout

yup, comin' big time.

thank earache schitt.

guess the helliary for prison bumper stickers i saw this weekend getcha a laser pointer from space.

Blankenstein's picture

So Bernie were you in on it all along or are you afraid of the Clinton Kill Team?