Philippine President Tells Obama "You Can Go To Hell, I Will Buy Weapons From Russia"

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After comparing himself to Hitler last week, only to apologize to the Jewish community shortly after, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte found it impossible to keep his foot out of his mouth again, and told US president Barack Obama "you can go to hell" in a speech Tuesday that was his latest tirade against the U.S. over its criticism of his deadly anti-drug campaign; the president also said the United States had refused to sell some weapons to his country but he did not care because Russia and China were willing suppliers.

Duterte also lashed out once again at the European Union, which has also criticized his brutal crackdown: "EU, better choose purgatory. Hell is full already. Why should I be afraid of you?"

In a speech quoted by AP before a local convention attended by officials and business executives, Duterte "outlined his disappointments with the U.S., which has asked his government to stop the widespread killings under his anti-drug campaign and has questioned whether human rights are being violated. He also described Washington as an unreliable ally, saying Filipino forces have not benefited from joint combat exercises with U.S. troops."

"Instead of helping us, the first to criticize is this State Department, so you can go to hell, Mr. Obama, you can go to hell," Duterte said. Then addressing the EU, he said: "Better choose purgatory, hell is filled up."

He wasn't finished. As Reuters adds, in his latest salvo, Duterte said he was realigning his foreign policy because the United States had failed the Philippines and added that at some point, "I will break up with America". It was not clear what he meant by "break up".

During three tangential and fiercely worded speeches in Manila, Duterte said the United States did not want to sell missiles and other weapons, but Russia and China had told him they could provide them easily.

"Although it may sound shit to you, it is my sacred duty to keep the integrity of this republic and the people healthy," Duterte said. "If you don't want to sell arms, I'll go to Russia. I sent the generals to Russia and Russia said 'do not worry we have everything you need, we'll give it to you'.

At a later speech he said he was emotional because the United States had not been a friend of the Philippines since his election in May.

"They just ... reprimand another president in front of the international community," he told the Jewish community at a synagogue. "This is what happens now, I will be reconfiguring my foreign policy. Eventually, I might in my time I will break up with America."

Several of Duterte's allies on Monday suggested he act more like a statesman because his comments had created a stir. On Tuesday, he said his outbursts were because he was provoked by criticism of his crackdown on drugs.

"When you are already at the receiving end of an uncontrollable rush, the only way out is to insult," he said. "That is my retaliation."

His comments were the latest in a near-daily barrage of hostility toward the United States, during which Duterte has started to contrast the former colonial power with its geopolitical rivals Russia and China. On Sunday, he said he had got support from Russia and China when he complained to them about the United States. He also said he would review a U.S.-Philippines Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement.

* * *

Despite his sharp rhetoric, Duterte said he will not abrogate a 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty with the U.S. and will maintain the long alliance with America, one of his country's largest trading partners and provider of development and military aid and defense equipment.

Duterte last week said the joint U.S.-Philippine combat exercises to be held this week, the first of his presidency, would also be the last of his tenure. The exercises, centering on amphibious landing drills, started Tuesday under some uncertainty because of those remarks. Marine commanders from both sides said at the opening ceremony that the exercises, involving 1,100 American and 400 Filipino military personnel, are aimed at improving readiness by the two countries to respond to a range of crises while deepening their historic ties.

Still, for now there appears to be no official escalation:

U.S. Embassy officials said Washington has not been formally notified by the Philippine government of any move to scrap other planned drills. Such a move by the Philippines would impede Washington's plans to expand the footprint of U.S. forces in Southeast Asia to counter China.


A Philippine military spokesman for the ongoing exercises, Capt. Ryan Lacuesta, sidestepped the question of whether Duterte's remarks have affected the troops and the atmosphere of the drills, partly staged to improve camaraderie between the two combat forces.


"As much as I would like to answer that question, I would leave that to higher authorities," Lacuesta said Tuesday.

While Duterte's stark rhetoric has so far not lead to any greater diplomatic fallout, the market has noticed the rising tensions and as the chart below shows, the Philippines of the CDS has surged in recent weeks.

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MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

History is very clear about the disastrous impact of fascists like Duterte. Pinochet took a similar approach to drugs in Chile, and now look at them! They have serious inequality problems! Countries like Venezuela and Colombia may have their own problems, but at least they have compassion and a strong social welfare state!

The Heart Warming Side of Bill and Hillary


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Back to multipolar world !




StackShinyStuff's picture

ISIS soon to be named ISISP.  Invasion to come...

NoDebt's picture

Obama has taken perhaps our greatest ally in the Pacific (aside from Japan) and destroyed our relationship with them.  We don't care about the head-choppers in Saudi Arabia yet we suddenly get all sanctimonious about the Phillipies shooting some drug dealers???

Obama's doing this ON PURPOSE.  We won't have a single ally left by Jan 21st.


Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Damn right he knows exactly what he is doing.  Don't forget about the military leadership purge that "The Savior" also engineered.  My guess is that he got rid of all leadership that did not agree with his vision concerning the Middle East.  Nothing like pissing away any semblance of world peace in te name of "Social Justice"  And just WTF is Social Justice?

philipat's picture

Good for him, it's about time some "Leaders" grew a pair, I wish it would happen in Europe. But if I were him, I would be careful of nail guns, driving cars myself or standing too long in open spaces?

The financial response from Washington has already commenced, just like in Russia, so expect the Peso to collpase in short order and interest rates to go through the roof. But you know what, so what? Which was precisely Russia's response.

Manthong's picture

Hey Rodrigo, try to get some of those SU-35’s and maybe you could score a few S-400’s.

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Obama and Hillary’s misguided and disastrous foreign policy ended up with Russians or Chinese at Subic and Clark?


philipat's picture

Ah Subic and Del Pilar. The good old days...

Manthong's picture

A walk across Shit River and down memory lane.


Things that go bump's picture

With the young girls in boats diving for the coins you toss as you cross the bridge over Shit River into Olongapo where any vice can be bought.  

The central planners's picture

The Ruusians are very reluctant to give away their precious S400. If they are lucky they could get S300.

Manthong's picture

Well, maybe after the S500 in development comes out.

Iran has some S300's now.

philipat's picture

Yup, Iran has the S300. So maybe after the next "Product Development Cycle" is complete. It's a business after all.  But the S300 is already pretty damn good against most US jet defences? Even assuming normal electronics operations and satellite communications? If you catch my drift.

HowdyDoody's picture

The EU told him it disapproved of the way he was dealing with drug smugglers.

His response:

A picture speaks a thousand words.



nuubee's picture

Why would Russia arm the Phillipines? The only reason the Phillipines would need weapons was to counter China. Why would Russia risk upsetting one of it's closest allies by selling weapons to one of their competitors in the south china sea? This makes no sense.

DjangoCat's picture

If Phillipines leave US orbit, then they become neutral or pro Russia, all to the Chinese good.

Son of Loki's picture

They have no respeck for the No Bell Prize winner?!


swamp's picture

Wake up
Because China and Russia are tight.
What do you think that stands for?
Recent G20 regal rollout by China for Putin
While China made Obama use the service entrance LOL
Go back to sleep

Crush the cube's picture

If Brazil continues to fall off the map, maybe they can replace it with the Phil, than refer to themselves as the PRICS.  They're going to need the weapons to keep the old landlords out.

cheech_wizard's picture

You obviously know nothing about "Arms sales"... Go back and watch "The Lord of War" repeatedly until you catch a clue.

BlindMonkey's picture

Rodrigo has said he has no need for high speed zoomie planes since they are not trying to protect themselves from air invasion.  He wants insurgent killing cheap planes. It sounds to me like he has his head screwed on tight.

Clara Tardis's picture

I was getting some "tech support" a couple weeks ago and "john" said he was in the Phillipines. I started asking about politics, he said at least 90% of the people love and support their prez, their media is as corrupt as ours and they hate obomb, he was shocked an American might even be able to locate the Phillipines on a map and assumed we knew nothing about their politics. They're told that Trump is scary, they want the US out of their country and we did solve my tech issue.

king leon's picture

Has he offered Russia/China airbase and naval docking facilities 

s2man's picture

ME?  I thought obama (no cap on purpose) got rid of any military brass who refused to fire on US citizens...

My thought exactly on US gov supporting nasty folks when it is to their advantage and calling them out,  often falsly,  when it is not.

FGH's picture

May I point out that the Phillipines is a majority Christian country and a democracy, while the Saudi's are 100% muslim and a totalitarian kingdom.

Surely anyone named Barack Hussein Obama is aware of this...

Things that go bump's picture

The southern islands of the Philippines have a sizable Muslin population. I was always told not to go into Olongapo alone, as I might get hit in the head with a sock full of sand and wake up in a harem in Mindanao. 

FGH's picture

That is fucking funny bump!

Waking up in a harem in Mindanao might be kinda fun, unless they make you the eunuch guard...

Things that go bump's picture

I thought it might be fun for a long weekend, but it wasn't something I wanted for my life's work.

Justin Case's picture

It's a typical smear campaign. When merica doesn't get it's way like a little boy start calling him names. The state dept. offered him $32 million to play ball, but he sent them home without looking at the cash. He is truly on the peoples side to fix that country.

The Saudi's are the barbarians. I know a friend in the Philippines that her mother went to Saudi Arabia as a nanny, but they never ever heard back from her and no one can locate her. The Saudi's are know to take the phone and lock up the Nannies when they go out. They also sexually abuse them. Many horror stories. Also the TFWs are stranded there b/c the Saudi's refuse to pay them. A real shit hole, but no bad news about it from MSM.

karzai_luver's picture

saudi are the devil on earth - the barbarism and atrocity they perform would need to be seen by most to be believed.

Nothing could prepare one to spend a year or so in that hell on earth.


Bay Area Guy's picture

Okinawans would disagree that they're the US's greatest ally. They want the US bases out of there.

As for Obama's goals, I have no idea why he would be pissing off the Phillipines. If they're serious about hemming in China's expansion plans, sending a country with such strategic value into the arms of China seems stupid at best. But then when has Obama ever acted consistently in his foreign policy?

quadraspleen's picture

It likely has nothing to do with drug dealers. It's more likely to do with stolen gold and a certain gold mining company and its mines in that part of the world. And some stolen bond certificates. And China. Or something.

Tall Tom's picture





Let's see...


Let's play connect the dots.


This Duarte guy kills Drug Traffickers. Okay. 


THe US State Department is upset at this. Okay. 


The CIA is directly involved in the US State Department operations, placing their agents throughout the US Embassies across the globe and including within the Phillipines.


And the CIA has been demonstrated to be trafficking in...Drugs??? Ollie North??? Mena, Arkansas, George HW Bush (former CIA Director), Hillarity and Bill Clinton? Who was recently Secretary of State until Mr. Ed took Hillarity? Drug Trafficking Hillarity?


Gee. I will place heavy odds that Duarte has killed some CIA Agents of the US Government in this purge of Drug Traffickers. Just why do you think that the State Department is so pissed off?


My prognostication...


ISIS will attack a Phillipine Embassy soon and kill off a bunch of Fillipino Spooks in retaliation.


Spook Wars...coming soon internationally to a theater...perhaps near you.

FGH's picture

Nice one Tom! Classic form.

A Nanny Moose's picture

ISISF. F says P.


Difference vs. Differences in Philipines: Difference it de son op de King, and Differences it de daughter op de Queen

Quantum Bunk's picture

People are PISSED is the Phills. What have they got out of this relationship with the US in the last 10 years ? nothing. Its not just rehtoric. This is real

SilverRhino's picture

Lots of new single mothers with Perm Green Cards in the US.  

PrayingMantis's picture



>>> "... What have they got out of this relationship with the US in the last 10 years ? nothing. ..."


yes, absolutely nothing, that's right ... and they've been around more than 10 years ... "... The islands were ceded by Spain to the United States as a result of the latter's victory in the Spanish–American War.[112] A compensation of 20 million US dollars was paid to Spain according to the terms of the 1898 Treaty of Paris.[113] As it became increasingly clear the United States would not recognize the nascent First Philippine Republic, the Philippine–American War broke out, the First Republic was defeated, and the archipelago was administered under an Insular Government.[114 ..."

"... On October 24, 1945,[140] the Philippines became one of the founding members of the United Nations and the following year, on July 4, 1946, it became recognized by the United States as independent, during the presidency of Manuel Roxas.[4] ..."



... however, the US never left the country ... they maintained their US bases and controlled corrupt politicians, (Marcos,, the media, some major corporations and a number of military leaders in their pockets until Duterte showed up and won the Presidency last June.

Justin Case's picture

The last organized resistance to U.S. power took place on Samar from 1904 to 1906. There the rebels’ tactic of burning pacified villages contributed to their own defeat. Although an unconnected insurgency campaign by Moro bands on Mindanao continued sporadically until 1913, the United States had gained undisputed control of the Philippines and retained possession of the islands until 1946.

The human cost of the war was significant. An estimated 20,000 Filipino troops were killed, and more than 200,000 civilians perished as a result of combat, hunger, or disease. Of the 4,300 Americans lost, some 1,500 were killed in action, while nearly twice that number succumbed to disease.

They think they saved the country, my a$$. It's called colonization.

Nexus789's picture

Bigger question is what does any nation get out of a realitionship with the Washington degenerates. Use of a debased currency, crappy weapons, loss of sovereignty, assets stolen by US banks/corporations. What's not to like.

samjam7's picture

I bet the CIA is already busy conspiring against him.


3, 2, 1, removed....

Hobbleknee's picture

Why would they do that? Now they have another boogeyman.

Nexus789's picture

Even if he were friendly they would be conspiring against him.

karzai_luver's picture

It is done , only waiting for KILLERY the Munificent to take power.


A Nanny Moose's picture

Savages. We need to bring them we did after the Spanish bailed.

Tall Tom's picture




Duarte killed some CIA Agents that were dealing in Drugs.


Conspiring? Well planning a retaliatory strike is the terminology that I would use.


What would you expect?

y3maxx's picture

--It will only take one other country's leader to follow Duerte's stance vs the USA and then the stampede uprising will begin.

It's called the stampede dance party effect...

Bill of Rights's picture

You are so right MDB thankfully we have Welfare, people don't need to work or succeed when we can all have it for free...agreed.


Another fine post, and that Clinton post almost brought tears to my eyes, plus 1000

BabaLooey's picture

I quickly learned to ignore it's posts, and not even down-arrow them.

I simply keep scrolling.

Ignore it.