Stocks Slammed Amid Bullion Bloodbath As Dollar Soars

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Well that escalated quickly...


While the underlying precious metals were monkey-hammered... erasing all post-Brexit gains


Miners and derivatives were an utter bloodbath...


Bonds took a beating too... (with the curve steepening notably 2Y +2.5bps, 30Y +7bps)...


Germany re-opened and DB was defended for its life from going red...


Even as CDS rose to record highs...


The USD Index soared to 3-month highs... (on Yen and Cable weakness - the latter crashing to new 31 year lows)

Cable crashed...


Catching up to surging Nov rate hike odds...


And PMs were pummeled as crude clung to gains...


Silver has some way to fall yet but gold is getting close to its 200DMA for the first time since Feb 2016...


Pushing Gold/Silver above 71x and Crude/Silver above 2.7x...


Finally... for a change... Stocks!

From the US Open to EU Close, the machines were utterly in charge - with stocks and VIX roller-coaster-ing like crazy...


With Institutional orders dominant as every ramp hit VWAP and was dumped...


All major indices were red on the day despite some ramp efforts in the last hour... stocks tumbled as EU closed


Post-FOMC, Gold is now the biggest loser with bonds, stocks, and EURUSD flat...



Charts: Bloomberg

Bonus Chart: Stocks don't like Hillary...

Bonus Bonus Chart: Equity-Bond Correlation remains extremely high...

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brada1013567's picture

Every meeting is live, Hillary is dead.

Bush Baby's picture

Who the hell is in charge of these Headlines?

"Slammed" of a 85 point DJIA drop?


brada1013567's picture

That would be Janet Yellen.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

$58 gold arb chasm yawns open between east and west


Squid Viscous's picture

the NUGT in my pants smells like shit..

even worse than the UVXY in my air sickness bag

Clock Crasher's picture

I second that emotion, in exactly those same words. 


Its going to be a looong Q4 2016.


Fuck my life.


Edit:  JNUG/NUGT did return trough to peak 1,400% and 800%  respectively.  We all knew the miners had it coming to them. 

Buckle up

HopefulCynical's picture

Stack, prep and wait.

I remain convinced that it's coming, but not for a couple more years.

Look for stocks to rebound and the monkey-hammer to continue.

Kabissa's picture

"We are leaving the yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine..."

any_mouse's picture

It's my fault. I have been out of the market since August and I went and bought around $1,000 of NUGT at the close yesterday. (True story. The only way not to lose is not to play the game.)

I should buy $1000 of DUST and a $1000 of NUGT at the same time and watch the market become a black hole event.

Clara Tardis's picture

Wow Mouse, you need a cocktail more than me, I've been told red is a good color for me.  I have decided to start a pm stox/miners support group for days like today (and yesterday, er going back to 9/21). 12-50-bottom then to the moon (maybe?). Saving the single malts for happier days.

A good morning analysis for what was to come:

kamikun's picture

That means nothing for now - Shanghai is closed until Monday and no one uses it to price physical in the market anyway... at least not yet. Maybe there will be some interesting moves come next week, but until then the ass raping will continue and PMs are gonna take it like a new pledge in the frat.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

yes - 1000 tonnes of paper gold in one day - 5 months of global annual mine supply - just as china goes for a 1 week holiday

can these guys let me know when they're going to auction their houses? You can get really good prices when folks auction their properties at 2am in the morning

ss123's picture

'Alleged' fraud at Wells and it got 'slammed' a whopping -0.18% today.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

Dollar "soars" 0.39%


Hype much?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Dollar hardly moved ... so what was the reason for this day?



auricle's picture

Lots of stop loss as gold/silver pushed below the 100DMA. 

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture


yes there is. you know it, i know it. They can just print. Sure , they now have to print exponentially, but what's it to 'em? The gloves have been off on sound money for years, and they will not stop on fear of hyperinflation alone - they will follow this path until ACTUAL hyperinflation forces their hand

Ludwig Van's picture


Bush Baby --

Who the hell is in charge of these Headlines?

"Slammed" of a 85 point DJIA drop?


I noticed when ZH switched its format earlier this year, the general quality of writing and content changed, i.e. incurred a schism. Same basic stuff in general, but delivered with less glib and authority. The real TD still posts mainly incisive features -- that is, not nearly as frequently as before. He's got another blog going out there; look him up. This ZH is not as recalcitrant in tone and substance, the headlines however are a little more defiant if a tad shrill.

But THIS IS the ZH for the times. Considered a "mainstream" voice now, it reflects the still dawning, simmering anger and outrage at the antics and theft of the incestuous cunts. (Two best gainers on the day, btw? GS and JPM.) The previous ZH drew an "underground" type. This is pop Zero Hedge (but ZH just the same), the ZH we will ride into the crash and coming recession.

It may warrant a complaint now and then (who doesn't?), but it's what we're taking forward -- or what'll take us forward.


MsCreant's picture

Happy 6th ZH birthday Ludwig Van

Member for
6 years 18 hours
Ludwig Van's picture


Thank you, ma'am.

The market's a gripe, but you're a delight.


RockyRacoon's picture

...and you've been here 2 weeks longer than I have, Missy!  It's been a real roller coaster but perhaps the end is nigh.

Silver Shield's picture

Huh I'm 5 years and 25 weeks.

Billy the Poet's picture

when ZH switched its format earlier this year


Maybe it has to do with the exit of Colin and the arrival of ?

DeathingerStar's picture

I'm no expert on ZH, but could this change you write about have taken place about the time three Tyler Durdens were outed? I heard that one of them left immediately. The other two might be a little gun shy as well, if they are still around. I'm not certain of the timing, so I'm really just curious if this might have caused the shift to a more mainstream voice???

DeathingerStar's picture

I'm no expert on ZH, but could this change you write about have taken place about the time three Tyler Durdens were outed? I heard that one of them left immediately. The other two might be a little gun shy as well, if they are still around. I'm not certain of the timing, so I'm really just curious if this might have caused the shift to a more mainstream voice???

BabaLooey's picture

It's Click Bait 101 stuff.

Better yet, tune in to the carnage!

Buy this newspaper!

The old volatility two step.

Old investor joke

"I don't want to get into that elevator!"

"Why not?"

"It has two buttons; "SOAR" and "PLUMMET""

Arnold's picture

Stock piling hyperbole before the 'Hurricane of the Century' comes ashore.

But, I don't read all the financial articles either.

pathosattrition's picture

Just some loss-harvesting in my NUGT position - rebought JNUG immediately. 

Clock Crasher's picture

If  I didnt run out of ammo I'd be adding next week myself

But I have a feeling that we will be bumping around this level and lower for a good minute


I am sure there are still hold-outs who are yet to be destroyed/capitulate .. there are always hold-outs.

Raffie's picture


Everyone to the magical unkillable dollar. We will be safe there since the USD never dies but magically raises up after every attack.

Your country going broke? Just push the QE button and magically money appears in your bank to keep yuour country running.




Seriously, its like "QUICK, let's hide in that burning building for safety."

Fooking morons...

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

can anyone - this isnt rhetorical, id really like to know - can anyone post any economic rationale why the investment community - on the brink of global banking collapse - would sell rather than buy gold. Anyone? 

I mean, even the lamestream media when they report this shie, what 'excuse' are they gonna cite? that makes any sense to anyone with a modicum of economic knowledge

Kaiser Sousa's picture

nobodys selling REAL PHYSICAL GOLD...

the history of Gold operations conducted by Central banks and Goverments in concert is replete...

Especially the operation of the Fed & the Exchange Stablization Fund created by the Gold Reserve Act of 1933....

its all out there...


Peak Finance's picture

DB emptiied their gold vaults today to stay solvent for another 2 weeks.

Raffie's picture


Rinse and repeat for a very long time.

Clock Crasher's picture

Everyone to the magical unkillable dollar

The life boats are to be sunk only when they are filled to capacity.  Patience my friend. 

Kaiser Sousa's picture

when i awoke this morning the Dow Jones Propaganda Index was up 60 points…
i then ventured to the bathroom, returned to my Mac Air only to find that the DJPI had reversed downward 100 points in no more than 3 minutes…

and then as i opened up another tab just to see what kind of non-sensical, completely manipulative bullshit the Londone & New Dork cartels were perpetrating against the only 2 forms of REAL MONEY, the DJPI completely erased loses that had just been registered a few minutes before…

I then said to myself, “Self, lets conduct a quick review of the Marco-Economic news and data being disseminated by both ZeroHedge, precious metal resource sites, and most of the putrid Lamestream Financial Propaganda outlets to see whats going on.” before i could get thru the 1st headline story the DJPI reversed again another 100 points within a few minutes to the downside while the phony paper prices of Gold & Silver continued to be assaulted.

well, i then discovered that like every other day for the last 7 years the GENUINE macro-economic news and data for "stawks” was horrid but completely positive for the only 2 forms of REAL Money. However, almost immediately the DJPI reversed off the lows of only a few minutes before to turn positive in the LAST 30 minutes of trading in (drum roll) Londone…

I’m not smart like this trader guy who was supposed to stop posting on ZH a while back but instead continues to hang around attempting to antagonizing me and other inferior, broke, and “clueless” self sufficient individuals for pointing out on a daily basis that there are no “markets” just fucking fraud and manipulation…and I’m sure by remaining steadfast in my conviction to Physical Gold & Silver "SAVING” - NEVER "TRADING”, I’m missing out on millions of debt coupon dollar profits from not taking part in this grand “wealth” creating machine like that super rich genius trader…

oh well…let them who play “paper” games continue to count their paper profits…
while we the “clueless” fret not…

"By your wisdom and understanding You have acquired riches for yourself And have acquired gold and silver for your treasuries…”
- Ezekiel 28:4 -


King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Kaiser Sousa Oct 4, 2016 4:15 PM

"Forget your lust for the rich man's gold

All that you need is in your soul..." -Lynyrd Skynyrd-

Billy the Poet's picture

Can you eat filet of soul?

Traderone's picture

Credit where credit is due, you are a funny fucker and i do have to laugh. 

brada1013567's picture

I am surprised he is a Mac guy.

Traderone's picture

I didn't even know what that was, thought it was a hairdryer or something. 

brada1013567's picture

I have heard Shrillary uses a con air.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

I'm still recovering from the shock of that time he quoted Hall & Oates . . .

Traderone's picture

Do anymore trading today young man? I bought it again (ES ,as always) when it made a new low and rode it back up, it couldn't make it back to VWAP but I got enough out of it.

brada1013567's picture

KCS definitly had a good bead on the market earlier.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

That's kind of you, but I need to get to the point where my indisputable genius [:)] in predicting intraday action better translates into profits.  Horsed around with scale-ins, re-buys and waiting periods, spooked by the action, got a percent when it shoulda been at least 3.