Wholesale Inventories Contract For First Time In 6 Years, GDP Hockey-Stick 'Guesses' At Risk

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While GDP forecasts are being dragged lower from exuberant hockey-stick levels already, today's weakness in wholesale inventories will do nothing to help. A 0.1% decline YoY is the first since June 2010 and has always coincided with US economic recessions.

Inventories continue to slide...


The hockey stick of hope in Q3 estimates may need to be shaded...

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SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Not mah Sticks, bruh!  Que the "we're not doing enough" bobble head gnashing..

froze25's picture

They will doctor the numbers till Obama is gone, if Hillary wins (God help us) they will continue to. If Trump wins welcome back to reality with a negative bias. Trump 2016

cognitive dissident's picture

the "R" word, is simply not allowed anymore, they do not occur on the brown clown's watch, nor on coconut head's... no, that just won't do at all.

FrankieGoesToHollywood's picture

Bullish.  Refill the punch bowl.

ajkreider's picture

What does a YoY increase in wholesale sales portend?  That recessionary too?

Rich Stoehner's picture

This was not a fun hockey stick.