Mainstream Media Implodes Over Trump Sex Comments

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Caught on tape making shockingly crude comments about a married woman he tried to seduce, Donald Trump reeled under widespread condemnation Friday … Donald Trump declared in a midnight video, “I was wrong and I apologize.” Yet even as he did so, he claimed the astonishing recording was “nothing more than a distraction” and argued his words were not nearly as egregious as former President Bill Clinton’s marital affairs.  -ABC

On the Internet, a great deal of testimony exists regarding Bill Clinton’s cocaine dealing in Arkansas and his serial rapes attested to by numerous women, but sexual banter by Donald Trump that occurred in a private conversation more than a decade ago is front page news – and Trump is supposed to resign because of it.

Republican politicians are making the request, as we learn from this ABC article, and other mainstream media coverage as well. To the best of our knowledge neither the mainstream media or many top Republicans have focused on the panorama of accusations regarding Bill Clinton.

Nor are they emphasizing Hillary Clinton’s questionable statements and behavior as presented in numerous emails that have been leaked over the past week.

One can imagine that many in politics are intimidated by the Clintons, but that doesn’t explain the attacks on Trump. True, he made statements in terrible taste about sexual issues and women in general, but these are, nonetheless, words, not actions.


On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post and NBC News released a 2005 video on which Trump describes trying to have sex with a married woman. He also brags about women letting him kiss and grab them because he is famous. “When you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.” He adds seconds later, “Grab them by the p—-. You can do anything.”

Within hours, the shock of the video led to widespread condemnation from inside Trump’s own party. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was sickened by Trump’s comments, while a one-sentence response from GOP’s chairman was devastating. “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” said Reince Priebus, who had stood by Trump through his past provocative comments.

Ryan added tartly that Trump was “no longer attending” a joint campaign appearance set for Saturday in Wisconsin. Trump himself later said in a statement that he would be preparing for Sunday night’s debate instead. Other Republicans, painfully aware of Trump’s possible impact on their own political fates, were quick to chime in.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who is locked in a close race, called his comments “totally inappropriate and offensive.” Republican Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, facing a tight reelection campaign against Democrat and U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, condemned the remarks on Twitter. He also called from Trump to drop out of the race.

Trump didn’t bring up the Clinton’s sexual history during the first debate with Hillary, and said later he had decided to forego that kind of attack because the Clinton’s only child, Chelsea Clinton was in the audience. Ironically, there are rumors about Chelsea’s paternity as well.

But larger, sustained reports featuring drug-dealing and sexual abuse in Arkansas during Clinton’s governorship have long haunted Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton has been drawn into the reports as someone who defended  her husband and tried to intimidate the women that her husband reportedly attacked.

These reports are well known and yet have mostly gone uninvestigated by the mainstream. In evaluating reporting, one should recall that mainstream media publication Newsweek made a determination not to report on Monica Lewinsky, and her story was finally published at the alternative news site,

This pattern of selective reporting has existed for decades, throughout the 20th and 21st century, in fact. But with the advent of the Internet and now Donald Trump’s campaign, the contrasts are becoming increasingly marked.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, the polarization of this current presidential campaign means that over 50 percent or more of "conservative" American voters are increasingly aware of purposeful mis-reporting in the mainstream media. That’s probably up to 75 million who are noticing  the clear bias when it comes to reporting on this political campaign.

Again, this is a long-term bias, but it has never been so clearly presented as now. It constitutes a virtual implosion of mainstream media credibility, one unfortunately abetted by GOP participation.

The libertarian campaign of former congressman Ron Paul first exposed GOP hypocrisy and manipulation when it came political issues. Ron Paul was in many ways an ideal Republican candidate if one accepted GOP rhetoric about the primacy of the market and the benefits of private enterprise.

But Ron Paul was virtually driven from the presidential race, his followers attacked and his prospects dimmed by underhanded voting tactics that finally crowned the uninspiring Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee of choice.

Now, again, the same sort of pattern reoccurs, only this time on a much bigger stage. From reports going back to Clinton’s governorship to the FBI coverup of Hillary’s email manipulations, it is shockingly obvious how manipulated mainstream media reports have become.

GOP credibility is in tatters; mainstream media provides evidence on a daily basis of its not-so-secret bias. The result is a nation-state with tens of millions who believe little or nothing about politics or the news (except perhaps what can be viewed on certain ‘Net websites).

Equally disturbing, one can speculate that this destruction of credibility is no coincidence. It is very clear that powerful forces want global governance to substitute for the influence of nation states as soon as possible. Throughout the West, cultures are under attack. Since the US has little in the way of tribal culture (absent the AmerIndians), the best way to degrade the American state is to destroy the credibility of its institutions.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that those who make up the behind-the-scenes American leadership were unaware of Hillary’s health issues and ensured her candidacy nonetheless. This is only feasible if there was an intention to degrade the viability of the political process itself.

Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, millions of Americans watch the political and media process unfolding around them with growing astonishment. The nation itself likely will not recover from this spectacle, nor is it supposed to in our view. No matter who wins the election, underlying elite goals have likely been accomplished.

Interestingly, as we were approaching deadline, we noticed an article in the American Thinker, entitled “Trump’s dirty talk versus Hillary’s corruption.” This report made some of the points we’ve made above. In fact, the writer observes, “I have never seen a media so in the tank. The media show every day their bias by what they report, how they report, and especially what they choose not to report. Our freedoms are in danger.”

This is a true and acute observation. We’d only re-emphasize that the destruction of freedom is a deliberate one, not meant to be hidden anymore. As a result, millions now believe neither in “America,” nor its mainstream news or political process.

Conclusion: This is part of a larger destruction of Western culture and values and it is ongoing. What’s taking place is not happenstance, not in Europe, nor in the US. Freedom is being destroyed, but in a deliberate manner, to send a message and increase polarization. Many currents are swirling beneath the surface that make this presidential campaign an epochal one. 

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The gist of the problem is a basic application of Bayes’ rule: If true positives are rare and false positives are not uncommon, most published positives will be false positives. If in addition most published studies are positive, a high fraction of the published literature will be false......

SMC's picture

"Mainstream" media is irrelevant today, nothing more than sewer pipes of propaganda.

Hitlary and the DNC for Prison 2016

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the big club in DC..there are no parties, just those who are IN and those who are not..all of US and it seems the Donald.  some of the progessive posters might want to think about that a bit, and season it with Hillary's " public and private postions" statement..we are all being played.

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Everything In The World Is About Sex

Apart From Sex





Oscar Wilde

ebworthen's picture

The Hive Mind never quite knows what is actually going on or how to react.

8th Estate's picture

Malia Obama.

Al Sharpton.

Just sayin'.

whatamaroon's picture

An interesting point from the AT article, when hitlery mentions that she was there during Bin Ladins demise. Trump's prefect response could/should be ' You were there as a participant watching our Navy seals take him out. Where were you the night when Ambassador Stevens and 3 others were murdered by radical muslims extremists in Bengazhi? They were you and obamas direct responsibility!'

jcdenton's picture

So Hillary, was in the hospital ..


In Bahrain ..


On December 13, 2001?


That is the kind of cojones Trump needs to muster ..


To take out Hillary in a one-two punch ..


(He'll probably take out most Americans with it)


Dude, Navy SEALs did NOT take out Col. Tim Osman ..

truthalwayswinsout's picture

"They" know that if Trump is elected the game is over.  No more lobbyists, no more fat consulting contracts or kushy jobs, no more "boys club benefits."

This is a very big deal because if he wins there will be no need for a vicious and bloody civil war.

If he does not win there will be a civil war and those who will suffer are the ones who are coming out against Trump. It will be an unusual civil war because it will be 200 million Americans against 10,000 elites who have been sucking America dry.

As for the likes of McCain, he was not a war hero, he was given royal treatment because of his father and grandfather being high up Navy Admirals. He graduated near the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy which means he was there because his father and grandfather were high up Navy Admirals.

As for the rest of the "traitors" in the GOP, they never liked Trump and most likely they published the pieces because Hillary is not that stupid to start a fight she cannot possibly win; locker room talk is no where near as serious as witness tampering and rape by Billy Boy.

Without a doubt this was published with the consent and at the insistence of the GOP people who immediately came out against Trump. They are trying to derail Trump and this is the best they can come up with.

The problem they have is that it is turning against them and if Trump has a good debate; the election will go by landslide to Trump and those who did this will be hiding and hoping they survive the wrath of the Deplorables, and mistifts (200 Million Americans).

optimator's picture

"They" are not afraid of Trump being President.  But they sure are in a panic with Trey Gowdy being A.G.   Clank, clank is the sound they rear.

newworldorder's picture

You are entirely correct.

If the GOP fails to support Trump, there really is no need for the GOP or any need for Republicans being elected to Congress.

At that point the GOP needs to face extreme Political defeat, so that a new Political Party can emerge from its ashes.

No Trump on the ballot with full support from the GOP = A FULL VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT PARTY CANDIDATE.


monad's picture

Debate foreplay.

Posa's picture

Yeah. But the MSMS didn't make Trump spend the night tweeting about Miss Universe; or attack a Federal judge, the parents of a dead soldier, or a bunch of reporters etc... There's been very little from Trump about the imploding US and global economy; nothing about the careening confrontation with nuclear armed Russia; nothing about imploding Obamacare... so really, he's the ringmaster in this circus...

I feel like I'm sipping Champagne Cocktails on the deck of the Titanic.

economichitman's picture

it's all about the supreme court... and you very well know that Hillary won't help with the global economy, nuclear arms or Obamacare...


Posa's picture

Hell. I'm not voting for Clinton... just pointing out the Trump was damaged goods from the start and hardly a viable or serious candidate

conraddobler's picture

You can feel their anxiety they want anything to stop him at all costs.

They are starting to become hysterical.

Fun with the Fifth Column's picture

We have watched the MSM play this game for years; they are just more 'out of the closet' now with their total commitment to far left ideals. The people who surprise me are the conservatives jumping ship acting like they've never heard banter like Trump's before. C'mon, this is commonplace stuff with guys and yet they puff up their chests with faked mortification - "I'm shocked, shocked to find there is gambling going on."

They have lived so long in the unnatural Washington air that they can't stand up against the ill wind of the MSM and Clinton machine. Grow a pair people. You let Hilldog in the WH and it's going to be hard to breathe anywhere. 

Sparkey's picture

Trump talks like Daddy talked, when Momma or the Preacher, were out of range, this is just the locker room chatter of manly men, men who kow which washroom they belong in, Pay no attention Donald we love you for your manly ways. That is why real men will be voting Trump! (some women are fat and need to be told so!)

Calgirl's picture

The destruction of Western culture by the six MSM and the "elites", is all being orchestrated. The destruction of Eastern nations by false flag war and the predictable mass immigration into Western nations is just another method.  Either we all stand up and refuse to allow these "NWO elites" to conquer us or we continue to turn a blind eye while they steal our liberties, and amass military control.  I will not be at all surprised to see a major war or martial law prior to the U.S. presidential election.  They will fight till the end and nothing is beyond their need for control and power.  Trump may be a quasi devil but he's our only hope IMO.

Handful of Dust's picture

... but he called her fat.....

konadog's picture

The MSM is fine with Bill Clinton raping women and Hillary obstructing justice for them, but not with Trump being a braggart. Deep down I think they simply resent Trump's success while knowing they're nothing more than leeches.

brokesville's picture

“Trump’s dirty talk versus Hillary’s corruption.”


Trump 2016 fuck yea

Berspankme's picture

I hope they never report that said Obama is an aids infested faggot

Kidbuck's picture

Ambassador Stevens is still dead and Obama is still a faggot. Neither of these more significant and recent events has been reported in the MSM this year.

Oboneterm's picture

FUCK MMM......


TRUMP 2016!!!





worbsid's picture

Poor Donald, but not unexpected.   I am certainly glad there are not hundreds of people with unlimited budgets trying to find out all the crap that I have said and done.  "There was this little ......." Oh, forget it.   

Stu Elsample's picture

I fully support any straight male who likes hot babes.


...let's just hope that the Benghazi Kunt has a massive stroke and dies before November

konadog's picture

and I don't hear the hot babes complaining either. Just the MSM, holier than thou, phony intellectual, libtards. Deep down they know they’re pathetic leeches, paid to read lies and propaganda off the elitist teleprompter, and they are extremely envious of Trump's success and his courage.

TemporarySecurity's picture

Right because real men grab the pussy of married women and kiss them if they want it not.


My god we are a sick country if we condone this type of behavior, I got it that this is just smack talk but the women who say this is typical behavior are coming forward.  Trump has irked Hispanic, Blacks, Muslim's and now his arrogance will piss off close to 50% of the American people.


Time for Trump to resign. Let a man who does not need to force women into bed with them.

northern vigor's picture

Yeah "right"...putting Slick Willy back in the WH should fix the problem. Are you always this unbalanced? 

bkboy's picture

" My god we are a sick country if we condone this type of behavior"

We crossed that Rubicon when the country found nothing wrong with Bill Clinton doing Lewinsky in the Whitehouse.  And obviously Hillary did not conclude from that "horrific" behavior that her husband was less capable of doing the job of President or even the job of continuing to be her husband.  

But sure, let's not condone Trump's talk even though we condoned much worse actual conduct.  And let's demand that he resign, even though we let Bill and Hillary stay in the Whitehouse for the remaining term.  That way, we can teach our children that its okay to do these things, just don't ever get caught talking about it.


economichitman's picture

you are just jealous that you will never bang the babes that the don scored ...

Stu Elsample's picture

the country's future is at stake....get off the high horse, you fucking idiot

PT's picture

In case you didn't watch the vid, Trump said he did NOT score.  And he said it to a bunch of blokes in a supposedly "private" session, i.e. where the supposed ego had every reason to say he scored, whether he did or not.

But since you brought up the subject, consider Billy boy ...

Tall Tom's picture

Go ahead. Condemn yourself. Junk the Bible.


Matthew 5:27-28


27You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


It is just as evil as the act and will condemn you to Hell fire.

PT's picture

Tom:  I did not say Trump was innocent.  I said he did not score.  Many don't seem to notice that.

northern vigor's picture

What does the Bible say about judging a man after he has asked for forgiveness, Tom?  


Tall Tom's picture




Thise words are from Christ Jesus. You kinow that. So go ahead. Junk the Bible. Nine others did.


Without Christ there is no forgiveness. But not once have I heard the candidates utter, "May God bless America." They know not Christ.

Walt's picture

Yeah, right tom. I'm sure your shit doesn't stink.

Tall Tom's picture





Never claimed it did not. But those are Jesus' words.


If you read condemnation in those words then that is YOUR problem. I read words of SALVATION.

El Oregonian's picture

Hitlary doesn't have to campaign in the month of October leading up to the November election (which is unheard of in modern Politics) Because the MSM has been campaigning for her...

stiler's picture

The mainstream media is dead.

konadog's picture

Don't I wish?  Unfortunately many of the voting zombies still believe the elitist propaganda machine.

SafelyGraze's picture

this is terrible news for DT

the RNC is withdrawing the broad support is has thus far provided the candidate

and now the media are withdrawing the broad support they have thus far provided the candidate

there is every possibility that women will withdraw their broad support that the candidate has been enjoying thus far

DT's popularity has been completely based on these demographic groups

his campaign must be hoping that there are no leaks regarding his opposition to non-citizens, because that would remove the largest and most critical pillar of support he has been relying on


Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

All of this changes nothing. Hillary and Bill are up to their eyeballs in criminal activity. The MSM is complicit in their crimes. So is the Obama administration, the DOJ, the FBI and the State Department, to name the biggest, but not the only, (EPA, HUD, Interior).

Not changing either are the Trumpists. They get the whole "crooked Hillary" bit and are squarely behind their leader, despite all of his foilables. In the balance hangs the country, its constitution and the rights and liberties Americans have so cherished for over 200 years. Come November, the country will elect a new leader. If it does so legally and without fraud, we may survive. If it does not, we will descend into civil war.