Time Magazine Goes Full Propagandist

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Submitted by Alice Salles via TheAntiMedia.org,

Time magazine’s parent company is a top donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — a factor that may help explain the publication’s obsession with blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin for “rigging” the U.S. presidential election.

This year, alone, Time Inc., the organization behind Time — one of the most prestigious American weekly news magazines in history — donated nearly $15,000 to the Clinton campaign. A second organization, Time Warner, which was deeply tied to Time until 2014, is also a major Clinton fan. The company gave her campaign $327,308 in individual contributions in 2016, alone.

But perhaps most telling of the organization’s preferences is the presence of Nancy Gibbs as Time’s managing editor. At the tender age of 53, she “shattered a glass ceiling” by taking over for Richard Stengel, who in 2013 “[stepped] down from his news magazine job to join the Obama administration at the Department of State,” Politico reported.

Gibbs is a competent writer, whose impressive resume includes writing for Time for 28 years. This makes her “one of the most published writers in the history of the magazine, having been an essayist and lead writer on virtually every major news event of the past two decades,” according to Magazine.org.

But Time’s praise for Clinton since Gibbs became managing editor, much like her former colleague Stengel’s dedication to President Obama as the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, is also part of her legacy. Gibbs, herself, has praised Clinton in her articles, and on one occasion, she participated in a Clinton Foundation annual meeting.

Keeping that in mind, it’s apparent the writers under her watch are likely steered toward writing pieces she would see fit, ignoring facts and reporting hearsay as truth despite a lack of evidence.

The magazine’s latest effort to paint Clinton and the DNC’s leadership as the victims of media bias comes in the form of a cover piece entitled “How Russia Wants to Undermine the U.S. Election.”

Amid reports of electoral fraud perpetrated by the Democratic Party, which places Clinton as the top beneficiary, the story suggests the Obama administration, along with U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, haveseen mounting evidence of an active Russian influence operation targeting the 2016 presidential election.” The article does not acknowledge the DNC’s own meddling and manipulation.

Admitting “the Russians” would have a hard time “[swaying] the actual vote count, because our election infrastructure is decentralized and voting machines are not accessible from the Internet,” Time’s Massimo Calabresi argues they may still “sow disruption and instability up to, and on, Election Day.”

Basing an entire report on testimonials given to Time by “a dozen senior U.S. officials” who were left unnamed, the piece mostly dwells in metaphysical “mumbo-jumbo,” claiming the dangerous Russians could “[undermine] faith in the result [of the elections] and in democracy itself.” [emphasis added]

Still, Calabresi adds that U.S. officials do not have evidence to support their allegations regarding Russia’s role in “rigging the election.” Instead, the article suggests that “while U.S. officials have ‘high confidence’ that Russia is behind what they describe as a major influence operation, senior U.S. officials tell TIME, their evidence would not yet stand up in court.” He added that the two main hacking groups, believed to be tied to Russian intelligence, prove Russia is involved in rigging the election.

Despite Time’s wishful thinking, the only three characteristics officials have used to connect the hackers to Russia are:

[E]xpensive digital tools, suggesting state sponsorship; an interest in pursuing sensitive, embarrassing or strategically significant information, rather than financially beneficial data; and a choice of targets that align with Russian political objectives.”

Further, Calabresi adds, “U.S. law-enforcement agencies are scrambling to uncover the extent of the Russian operation, counter it and harden the country’s election infrastructure.” This is all while “a murky network of Russian hackers and their associates” works to “[step] up the pace of leaks of stolen documents designed to affect public opinion and give the impression that the election is vulnerable, including emails from the computers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).” Here, he effectively but subtly ties Julian Assange, the Australian computer programmer, publisher, journalist, and editor-in-chief of the organization he founded, WikiLeaks, to “the Russians.”

In an August interview, Assange gave a compelling explanation as to why members of the mainstream U.S. media, who are often backers of Democratic presidential nominees, have repeatedly accused him of being a Russian intelligence plant.

Everyone accepts that the emails that we published, the 20,000 leaked DNC emails, are accurate. Nobody is saying that they did not say something that was listed in the emails,” he told RT.com. Over the past ten years, Assange added, “WikiLeaks has [had] a perfect … record of never getting it wrong — it is an impressive record and it is the reason why it takes a while before we publish information — because we want to keep that record.”

He continued:

Given that the real source is known, in this case it is the DNC, it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it is Luis Miranda the Communications Director — we know these are their emails so there’s quite a difficulty for the Clinton campaign to try to outmaneuver WikiLeaks. The content itself is unquestionable so instead you have to bring in another actor, so they had to bring in Russian intelligence agencies.”

Unfortunately for Time and its managing editor, these emails, which come from the DNC and its top-ranking officials, “show the DNC rigged and manipulated the Democratic primary in favor of Hillary Clinton,” and that is a problem for the Clinton campaign and its narrative.

Instead of discussing these matters — which would all be tied to the story’s main theme of “election rigging” — Time’s Calabresi chooses to slam Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for comments made after the DNC leak was publicized.

After being part of a classified intelligence briefing on the Russian “threat,” Calabresi admits, Trump said “nobody knows with definitive certainty that [the hackers behind the DNC leak were] in fact [from] Russia. It may be, but it may also be China, another country or individual.”

Ignoring the fact the presidential nominee had been part of a classified briefing on the matter, Time’s Calabresi still condemns the candidate for choosing not to blame Russia without evidence — again choosing to ignore facts and, instead, using solely speculative arguments to defend his story.

President Obama once mocked 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for claiming Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat facing America. At the time, Obama hit the candidate by saying:

The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Well President Obama, how about that? Ronald Reagan called and asked you to bring that wall down and wipe that smirk off your face. You’re now a cold war instigator, and your mouthpieces can’t wait for Mrs. Clinton to win. After all, her campaign has already promised to go full force against Syria, prompting the beginning of a conflicting period that could put the United States and Russia on a warpath.

Unless solid proof linking these hacks to Russian intelligence is produced, former National Security Administration (NSA) contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden once tweeted, it’s hard to believe Russia is behind all this. After all, if the Kremlin were behind it, the NSA would know. And if the NSA knows, why won’t it show us proof?

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Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Oct 9, 2016 3:02 PM

Time is a member of the CFR. Isn't that relevant to the story?

roxyNL's picture



US are bad loosers.

Putin is just doing what the US is doing in almost every country: media manipulation and inderect interference

and it looks like they he is pretty succesful !



38BWD22's picture



I am as suspicious of Putin as much as I am of $hillary and her bootlickers here in the USA.

Suspicious of everyone...

medium giraffe's picture

there with you DoChen.  predators and narcissists, none are worthy of trust.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

They know that Trump is way ahead and want to attribute his victory to Russian interference. It's what's for breakfast.

Keeping the polls close can be interpreted as them fixing for Hillary but I think my assertion is more likely.

Future Jim's picture

It is most likely that Putin works for the same people as Hillary.

Just because his role in this theatre is to play the "bad cop", don't fall for it.

Bay of Pigs's picture

And Central Banks and the BIS.

eatthebanksters's picture

Boy I hope our voting public is smarter than this and that they vote this shit out.  

WordSmith2013's picture

This is why TIME has gone batshit crazy!





Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’
Chupacabra-322's picture

Blaming Russia has always been the Swiss Army knife of excuses. "Gas Lighting" the Sheeple isn't as effective PsyOp as it used to be. Fucking Ameteurs.

38BWD22's picture



I always appreciate it when people bring up "Gaslighting", a new term for a range of despicable psychological warfare tricks.  It can have very nasty effects on some people.

Team Klinton will be doing more and more gaslighting in the coming weeks.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

They are so desperate to believe they haven't lost control, they'll believe millions of White Americans are now agents of Russia.

espirit's picture

Who is Lauri Love?

hint: Not Russian.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Time magazine’s parent company is a top donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — a factor that may help explain the publication’s obsession with blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin for “rigging” the U.S. presidential election."

  1. This is a ridiculous meme that no one is buying.  It was DOA.
  2. Time should live it up right now, because between rapidly declining readership and President Trump pulling their subsidies, it's game over at Time.
Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Time has passed. Their feeble efforts at such primitive propaganda are unlikely to convince either of their remaining subscribers.

It doesn't even make adequate compost.

Loftie's picture

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

Librarian's picture


THE LEADERS OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, including the President and his top national-security advisers, face an unprecedented dilemma. Since the spring, U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have seen mounting evidence of an active Russian influence operation targeting the 2016 presidential election.  It is very unlikely the Russians could sway the actual vote count, because our election infrastructure is decentralized and voting machines are not accessible from the Internet. But they can sow disruption and instability up to, and on, Election Day, more than a dozen senior U.S. officials tell TIME, undermining faith in the result and in democracy itself.


Dear READERS, did you all get that?  ...that's MORE than a dozen...  (Maybe it's still a bakers dozen if your local baker hasn't sold out to the main purveyor of cheap Chinese Crap -- Walmart)  But this is very scary stuff.  If that doesn't make all of you quake to the very bottom of your very soles, let me share a horrifying tale with you about Little Johnny Green and the pussy that he grabbed.


Chupacabra-322's picture

Exactly! And, this will be the premise of tonight's Scripted False Narrative PsyOp by TPTB & the Pressitute Criminal Media.

It's Weaponized Media.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Most, if not all of the Pentagram / MIC & Pure Evil War Criminals at the CIA Military Operations are based of Psychological Operations / Psyche Warefare.

I doubt the MK Ultra Projects ever ended. Even after the Church Comm. of the 70's revealed these Sinister Operations.

Thing is, now there're Gas Lighing / Socially Engineering the masses.

CheapBastard's picture

Hillary and the media underestimate the American people. True, they have been dumbed down but even the dumbest American now realizes Obama and Hillary + the media have been playing them and they are MADD.

No jobs, a crumbling infrastructure, Obama's bombing hopsitals and weddings, Obamacare, and on and on.....

Even the strongest camels back will finally be broken by the loadof crap Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and the entire DC Establishment have been piling on Americans.

Americans want a change, a businessman, an outsider NOT from DC and NOT a long-long parasitic politician.

Plus, most Americans realize CNN, NPR, TIME, etc are merely propganda misinformation outlets for the DC Establishment and Elites.

Chupacabra-322's picture

I hope your analysis is correct for mankinds sake. However, its obvious these Pure Evil Psychopaths are going "all in." The Chilli g part is they actually believe their own Psychological Warefare PsyOps.

bh2's picture

Who actually reads TIME Magazine?

They have a circulation of 3 million. The US has a population of 319 million.

Not exactly huge mindshare.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Perhaps but when Trump wins, they may seek to void the results due to Russian involvement.

So far, we've seen no proof of Russian involvement in anything. Just propaganda.

adanata's picture


Don't believe it. Putin has a long memory and he knows it was the Roths who unleashed the Bolsheviks on Russia and stole Russia's gold from the Czar; they wanted to bring Russia to its knees or worse. That's part of the reason the Roths are so pathological in their ongoing and genuine hatred/fear of Putin. In a sense he's their 'Trump'...albeit more competent. You are probably correct relative to China however. I see much to suggest the 'east vs west' meme is the same as the demorat vs repulsives theater for the masses. They all suck.

oncemore's picture

u got it totally wrong.

Under your scenario BAD COP is Obama and Clinton. At least from the perspective of the free world (free world=countries outside zionist circles).

Mr. Putin definitely does not take bribes and commands from Soros, as do Obama and Clinton (and 500 ccongressmen & senators) in USA.

38BWD22's picture



10-4.  Some things are so obvious they need little or no debate.

And we can be civil about the rest.


larz's picture

If you look at it as a series of maneuvers on a global stage team Hillbama is being taken to the woodshed, schooled  etc made to look like the corrupt lying douchebags they are with the face being Kerry the condiment  it's embarrassing and dangerous  we are backed into a corner with China Russia and Iran looking on and all these weasels do is blame Russia for rigging our rigged elections and hollow hypocritical war crimes accusations. Sophomoric at best with everything at stake. Lord help us all

38BWD22's picture



"God helps those who help themselves."

Purported to be an old saying from our Revolutionary War.  I believe the thought behind the saying is that each of us must do the work, and He will do the rest.

Trump is no saint, but not running for Pope either.  IMO he is far preferable to the lying scumbags you so nicely describe.  So he gets my vote, however little it might mean.

CheapBastard's picture

Americans know Russia has beena long time enemey but they do not beleive the present hype from DC. In fact, recent polls show Americans have more respect for Putin, a real man and a leader, rather then for Bath House Soweto Hussein.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Larz,

Exactly! How the Fuck does Russia rig an election process that's already, irrefutably been proven to be Rigged?

Can someone answer that?

Rik Haines's picture

Election Rig War. It's FAN-TASTIC!

I bet they'll really be shitting their pants when Stein or Johnson wins.

Both Trump and Hillary will be like HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN???

otschelnik's picture

Hey useful idiots which would you prefer: the Russians manipulating elections and undermining American democracy, or the DNC / diabolical Debbie manipulating and undermining American democracy? 

Omen IV's picture

"as much as" ...means you haven't done your homework and therefore come up with false equivalency.

she is a documented criminal with the keys for murder and mayhem world wide nothing compares to that

Nexus789's picture

Watch out for your shadow it could be up to something.

TheReplacement's picture

There is absolutely no reason to be suspicious of Putin.  Here is why.  He is Russian.  We are not.  As such, it is to be expected that Putin will act in the best interests of himself and Russia.  We have no reason to think he will act in our best interests.  Hence, we know where he is coming from and can trust in the motivation, if not the man.  As such, it should be fairly hard for him to trick us unless we are willing to be tricked.

Contrast this to Hillary and my purport should be clear as day.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

What's completely stupid about it is that such meddling is bragged about, laughed about, not not really denied. Hillary crowed and cackled about manslaighter her handiwork. The villains are in our government, the US government. There is a log in the American eye, all the while the killers strain at the gnat in the eye of Russian politics.

AViewFromDublin's picture

Great post, she really is like an arch villain from some crappy super hero movie with her frenzied, maniacal laugh.

That is the manifestation of some demonic entity that resides inside her.

She is a Satanist and her daughter Chelsea likes to wear an inverted cross around her neck in its honour.




GreatUncle's picture

Putin is not successful ... give some credit where credit is due to the ordinary population has had enough of entitled little shits running around destroying and killing everything for their own pleasure.

Putin just has to sit there and watch, smile too knowing he has to do "not-a-lot".

lechiffre10's picture

I was just about to post this. So funny!

AViewFromDublin's picture

Maybe Putin has an absolute blockbuster of an email from Hillary that is going to be leaked very soon hence the Time hit piece and media scare mongering. Seriously folks, this is all going to backfire. My wife actually felt sorry for Trump, thought that his apology was very sincere and heartfelt - it really was. You could see the  man was genuinely hurt and betrayed, it was etched all across his face. Trump is a good man, not perfect by any means but he REALLY LOVES YOUR COUNTRY. The despicable MSM along with the ziocon dual citizen scum that hate yourt country and couldn't care less if it is turned into a nuclear ash cloud are behind this..mark my words!


Also Trump must really be scoring extremely high in the real polls for them to go all panic mode with their smears and character assassinations. Will the MSM print this?..of course not.

Below is an extract from Trans-Formation Of America  a book by MK Ultra victim Cathy O'Brien  where she describes in graphic detail an alleged sexual assault from the Hildabeast.


Hall’s wife led me away and locked me in a back bedroom. After an indeterminate period of time, I heard her telephone Hillary at the guest villa. She then drove me up the mountain through the dark to meet with Hillary. Although I had previously met Hillary we had very little to say to each other - particularity since I was still dazed and tranced from the tortures I had endured at the CIA Near Death Trauma Center in Lampe.


Hillary knew I was a mind-controlled slave, and, like Bill Clinton, just took it in stride as a "normal" part of life in politics. Hillary was fully clothed and stretched out on the bed sleeping when Hall’s wife and I arrived.

"Hillary, I brought you something you’ll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I look her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two-faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch," "Hmm?"

Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself "Show me." 

Hall’s wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched.

"Is she clean?" Hillary asked, meaning disease free.


"Of course, she’s Byrd’s," she responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there, "Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean."

"It means she’s clean," Hillary said matter-of-factly as she stood up.

I was not capable of giving thought to such things back then, but I am aware in retrospect that all Presidential Model slaves I knew seemed to have an immunity to social diseases. It was a well known fact in the circles I was sexually passed around in that government level mind-controlled sex slaves were "clean" to the degree that none of my abusers took precautions such as wearing condoms. 

Hall’s wife patted the bed and instructed me to display the mutilation ( a carved image of Baphomet). Hillary exclaimed, "God!" and immediately began performing oral sex on me.

Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina, Hillary stood up and quickly peeled out of her matronly nylon panties and pantyhose. Uninhibited despite a long day in the hot sun, she gasped, "Eat me, oh, god, eat me now". I had no choice but to comply with her orders, and Bill Hall’s wife made no move to join me in my distasteful task.



Hillary had resumed examining my hideous mutilation and performing oral sex on me when Bill Clinton walked in. Hillary lifted her head to ask, "How’d it go?" Clinton appeared totally unaffected by what he walked into, tossed his jacket on a chair and said, "It’s official. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed." 



Malvern Joe's picture

I will bet $1,000,000 that Hillary will be Time's Person of the Year.  

Heterodox economics's picture

Yeah, if Hillary wins.  I can think of a couple of more derving: Nigel Farage, Viktor Orban, Marie LePen, Geert Wilders. 

Mine Is Bigger's picture

This is a magazine that gave Hitler the "Man of the Year" title.

Apparently, nothing has changed.


nightwish's picture

Wrongo. They were right about hitler for pulling off an economic miracle but now very wrong about putin for obvious reasons. They also gave Merkel woman of the year. Who was running time magazine in the 30's? Time has devolved into nothing but a sick liberal mouthpiece. 

Crash Overide's picture

Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Hillary is a lying criminal.

Time magazine is is propaganda.

Russia is not the enemy of the people of the United States...


P.S. Some of the people serving in our government are involved in illegal activities that undermine the Constitution and represent treason. I will continue to call on able bodied law enforcement agencies and protectors of America to enforce the rule of law equally and put an end to this circus. It has gone too far, everyday that passes that allows these criminals to continue their mafia operation masquerading as government is a continuous stream of piss in our faces.

We need to all man/women up and start holding people responsible for their actions, don't be afraid to call the Nobel peace prize president a drone strike murderer, don't be afraid to call Bill Clinton a rapist, Hillary a criminal cunt...

Don't feel weird when you tell your friends that Comey Bubba and Lynch conspired to let Killary moveon past the investigation all the way back to Soros headquarters to push some globalist agenda.

The emails, the lies, the truth, it's all fucking there...

Burn this muthafucker down!

robertsgt40's picture

Who knows, maybe Russians bought Diebold.