Leaked Emails Expose Tight Link Between CNBC And Clinton Campaign

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The latest dump of the "Podesta Emails" exposed a very tight link between the "impartial" John Harwood of CNBC and the Clinton campaign.  In email after email, Harwood has been exposed constantly lavishing praise upon Hillary like a subservient puppy seeking his master's love and affection.

The first email came in July 2015 when Harwood alerted the Clinton campaign to a tweet he had just sent out defending Hillary in her email scandal.



Here is the original tweet:


A few days later, Hillary's Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri, wrote a letter to the New York Times editor blasting the paper for their coverage of the email scandal..which Harwood acknowledged in the following email with the subject "good letter."




Then there is the following email in which Harwood just felt compelled to let Podesta know how comfortable Hillary looked talking with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC.



Then a month later, just as Hillary was sinking in the polls and Joe Biden was getting pressure to enter the race, Harwood reached out just to see how everyone at camp Clinton was doing.  Isn't he so nice?



Apparently Podesta appreciated the gesture because a few days later Harwood reached out to schedule a lunch.



Then, a month later he reached out to ask "don't you think it's time...for HRC to talk economy with me?"  After seemingly getting a slightly colder response from Podesta than expected, Harwood put on the hard sale saying "With me, it will be the kind of substantive, deep, textured conversation about the economy she wants."



But apparently the Clinton campaign was not impressed with #HarDwood's ability to "go deep" as Nick Merrill summarized the interview to be "a little less substantive than promised."



Finally, apparently Clinton looked "good" in Newton...



...And "pretty strong" in the March forum with Bernie Sanders...



If there were any doubts at all as to CNBC's chosen candidate in the 2016 presidential race we suspect they've officially been squashed.  #HarDwoodForHillary.

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FatTony7915726's picture

Wow like that is someting new! Put the whole Clinton family in maximum security prison and erect the gallows for a hangin'

johngaltfla's picture

John Harwood a Hillary Clinton ass sniffer?

No fucking way.

Who would've thunk it. /sarc off

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"What is a CNBC?"


    G. Johnson

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DC insiders are buzzing that John Harwood, a CNBC Washington correspondent and political writer for the New York Times, has split with his wife, Frankie Blackburn, and has dated Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) According to well-placed sources, Harwood has kept it out of one DC paper by sobbing to a reporter until he agreed to kill the story. When asked repeatedly about the split, Harwood told Page Six, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about my family life.” But he did say the crying part “is absolutely not true.” A Cantwell spokesman in DC had no comment.


Harwood is known for having a hate-hate relationship with conservatives, which is illustrated in an article by The Federalist titled, “CNBC’s John Harwood Has No Business Moderating a GOP Presidential Debate.” Harwood has written many articles criticizing conservatives and is known for taking stances against Republicans, Vox reported. For example, he admitted that he and a producer made Rick Perry’s infamous “oops” moment worse when he moderated that debate, Fox reported.


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So tired of that wandering eyed homo

bdc63's picture

CNBC is certainly part of the Ministry of Disinformation.  Can't say I'm surprized, but disgusted nonetheless.

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I'm asking CNBC to immediately drop out of the "Financial News" business. Let's call this kind of favoritism what it is, pure propaganda. You have lost the trust of the american people to offer true journalism.

johngaltfla's picture

When the fuck was CNBS ever in the "financial news" business. Other than the 4 minutes per day given to Rick Santelli, it's one long AAPL infomercial with occasional interruptions of its hosts sucking Obama's or Warren Buffet's dick live on the air.

knukles's picture

But everything's OK so what does it matter anymore, anyhow, since you're not one of the party invitees?
Get back to work.

remain calm's picture

Hardwood is such a lickass he should be fired, but he will get a promotion and his pick of the most handsome intern to turn his wood hard.When the world goes Kaboom I will not cry for any of these fuckers who intentionally deceived, misled and brainwashed their viewers when they get punished, mutilated or kiled. It is called KARMA 

NoDebt's picture

I think of equal intrest is that Harwood has NOTHING TO OFFER HILLARY except ass-kissing.  The overwhelming emotion I feel behind these emails is desperation.  Like at any minute the Hillary Machine is going to ask him to do something specific for them like run some "exclusive story" for them.  "Please, please, let me do something for you!"  "Sorry, don't need you, John.  But keep licking, it feels good.  Good boy, John.  Good boy."

What a fucking loser.


philipat's picture

Completely agree with all about Harwood and CNBS. However, in fairness it is a bit of a stretch to say that this email proves close ties between the Clinton campaign and CNBS (although we do suspect that to be the case from their general content bias, not that I watch much CNBS). Note that Harwood was using a personal email account not his CNBS account so it could be legitimately interpreted that he was corresponding as a private person not as a representative of CNBS.

jeff montanye's picture

that's a pretty fine hair you're splitting there.  one could as well argue that he didn't use his corporate account to give the corporation plausible deniability.

in any event is shows a total lack of the adversarial stance that gave rise to the concept of freedom of the press. 

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FreezeThese (not verified) jeff montanye Oct 10, 2016 9:12 PM

All those emails ... and this is the best dirt they can find

Loftie's picture
Loftie (not verified) FreezeThese Oct 10, 2016 9:41 PM

Leaked Emails or NOT, Trump has no chance against Hillary.

philipat's picture

Hey Loftie, previously known as mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot and others. Lance-a-lot got banned very quickly so time to re-use another old persona (non grata)?

You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.


philipat's picture

I completely agree with you. What I am saying here is that we can't have it both ways and need to remain focused on facts. This "evidence" in and of itself would not be adequate to prove "close links" between CNBS and the Clinton campaign, in fact it doesn't prove ANY links to the Clinton campaign. Everyone is entitled to his/her political views, including journalists, providing they don't let it cloud their objectivity and whether intentionally to be able to claim plausible deniability or not, this was NOT CNBS communicating with the Clintonn campaign but a journalist working for CNBS using his personal email account. Must be the Lawyer in me.....

NeedtoSecede's picture

I wonder who the serial junker is on this thread? Lots single red arrows on virtually every comment. Reading ZH this morning Dickwood? Feeling a little sad that so many people see you for the shit eating ass lacking lap dog that you are. Go kill yourself already and save us the rope. Fucking traitorous douche. Put this fucker on the list too!

nope-1004's picture

+1 John.  CNBC is one hell of a vacuous channel.  Nothing on there of any use whatsoever.  I stopped watching years ago when they kept bringing on Buffet.  It's a glorified US govvy policy channel with the Fed as producer.  It's a propaganda space for .gov and is losing viewers bad, mainly because people intuitively know when they're being lied to.

CNBC won't die though because it has federal funding.  How else to keep the propaganda rolling?  .GOV needs some of these out-of-date media outlets to stay alive until .gov implodes.


sunnyside's picture

I quit watching when Trish Regan left.  I would do her right in front of my wife and her divorce attorney.

PTR's picture

"Busty" Sue Herrara.  Yeah, I'm that old.

juangrande's picture

BREAKING NEWS!!!   Critical thinking skills reveal anything on TV since 1950 is complete bullshit!!!  Details at 11...

Count Ayjin de le Verage's picture



Not sure if it's been posted already but on Drudge a link to a Daily Caller article, re:Wikileaks exposing how "the women of Facebook unite" where executives share Facebook research data info will Hillary campaign, has been posted.




So the predictive research will show Clinton her vulnerabilities with Trump supporters via comments, news articles, and various other links.

And probably how much lefties hate her, too.



Ironically, Facebook has been censoring these same Trump-supporter users since forever.



johngaltfla's picture

And if anyone thinks CNBS did not coordinate Buffett's BS interview with Hitlery, you're a fool.

On the Trump Tax Issue, Warren Buffett is Full of Crap
Rodders75's picture

It just doesn't matter. I am *massively* pro-Trump and I loathe the Devil Bitch with every ounce of my being. But she's going to win, and win big. She rolled over when Trump attacked her rapist husband, because she wants to keep Trump, a losing candidate, on the Republican ticket. If Pence replaced Trump he'd win so she can't let that happen. Sorry to say this but we're heading for the Whore being in the White House, her dying of Parkinsons and being replaced by Creepy Kaine, war with Russia, etc etc. It pains me to write this but it's gonna happen. 

JRobby's picture

CNBC, influencing the election 100 people per day. The same 100 people every day.

philipat's picture

100? So their audience has increased again?

balolalo's picture

you are right CNBC is a corporate mouthpiece. 

GIVE THANKS TO REAGAN.  He started us down this shithole.

Clinton put in the final nail, ONLY 3% of CONGRESS AT THE TIME VOTED AGAINST IT, so 97% blame is shared all around.  

BUT ALL YOU REAGANITES/WHTE DUMBFUCKS built the coffin, murdered the victim, ordered the wreath, and hired the pallbearers.

Reagan and Nixon also took us all OFF the GOLD STANDARD and Sold ALL OF US TO WALL STREET.   GOOD JOB REPUBLICANS. 

JUST WATCH WHAT YOUR NEW GOD TRUMP WILL DO.    GOD HELP US.   Dumb ass white people voting has quite a historical record.


1981    [Reagan Presidency]

Reagan Administration deregulation under the leadership of FCC Chairman Mark Fowler. Deregulatory moves, some made by Congress, others by the FCC included extending television licenses to five years from three in 1981. The number of television stations any single entity could own grew from seven in 1981 to 12 in 1985.

1985    [Reagan Presidency]

Guidelines for minimal amounts of non-entertainment programming are abolished. FCC guidelines on how much advertising can be carried per hour are eliminated.

1987    [Reagan Presidency]

"Fairness Doctrine" eliminated. At its founding the FCC viewed the stations to which it granted licenses as "public trustee" — and required that they made every reasonable attempt to cover contrasting points of views.


1996    [Clinton Presidency]

President Clinton signs the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It is generally regarded as the most important legislation regulating media ownership in over a decade. The radio industry experiences unprecedented consolidation after the 40-station ownership cap is lifted.

piliage's picture

Well, we can see the overwhelming success a black administration has delivered for the last 8 years... so much for an affirmative action president.

Whilst I'm no fan of Regan due to his violations of the US constitution, he did win the Cold War.

balolalo's picture

moron.  I forgot, stupidity passes for genius around these parts lately.  And you know what they say.... you can't fix stupid.

ZH, is rapidly devolving into a circle jerk of idiots, racsists, and irrelevant dribble. 

Jubal Early's picture

"moron" says someone posting links to dailykos.  How Hillaryesque.  Paid shill maybe?

"ZH, is rapidly devolving into a circle jerk"  Don't let the door knob slide up your reamed out asshole on the way out.

balolalo's picture


How pathetic, any dissent is a paid shill.   The epitome of GROUP THINK is on full display.  

No one can say shit to what i posted, just deflection and ignorance.  


Trump is the shill, and the charlatan OLIGARCH who is using your strupidity and misplaced hate for his own end.  


John_Coltrane's picture

Then why are you here wasting our time? Get back to the HuffPo. You're taking up valuable commenting space.

Anyone who is not a racist lacks discrimination which is an evolutionary adaptive survival trait.  Discrimination is the essence of intelligence.  Consider an entire continent of people (Africa) who could not conceive of the wheel as a transportation aid and who would still be chucking spears at each other if not for our mistake of seeking slave labor and then not returning them when they served our purposes?  And this continent to this day consists of a collection of kleptocracies, squandering their natural resources just as we observe in paradises composed of other brown people like Mexico, Brazil, Venzuela, and Argentina.  It takes shit people to make shit countries.  Importing shit cultures and ethnicities into this country will make it just as bad as those countries from which they came.  That is what this election is all about.

Your model of the world is fundamentally flawed and you will pay the price for it.  I hope my deplorable comment drives you from this site.


balolalo's picture

hahaha!    fat chance.    i love kicking you dumb fuck hill billies in the nuts.  

The wheel!   that's all you have in this argument?!  Remember, Africans invented fire, tools, language, religion, astronomy, physics, metallurgy, chemistry, etc...

They were doing it for hundreds of thousands of years before you inbred mutants which originally came from Africa, started fucking other species (neanderthals) because you all were so desperate for some pussy. 

Remember what white people are.... recessive mutations suited for a useless frozen wasteland with no resources called Europe.  

And your only way out was genocide and slavery.  Instead of ingenuity, diplomacy, and self reliance. 

First genocide and slavery on your own kind = serfdom and when the serfs had enough and were revolting, the powers that be made a fools bargain with the devil.   A bargain with the devil to postpone the inevitable return of europe to a useless wasteland full of angry and untrusting people who would murder and enslave eachother for the few crumbs they could find.

So they chose and still continue to choose to try the only method they know, by destroying everyone else on the planet to get a leg up. 

And the powers that be invented racism to imprison your mind, and convince you all that those other people deserve genocide and so you would focus on them and not the oligarchs on their backs. 


Too bad they don't teach this shit in school.   We could rehabilitate you all back into humanity if you actually faced your past.



rmopf2010's picture

You are missing the "Fascists" adjective to the "Right People" here on ZeroEdge

JRobby's picture

All part of a well coordinated plan.

The rise of internet news from uncontrolled sources (real news and exposure of surpressed news) was met with increased cover ups and police state.

rmopf2010's picture

MSM is pretty much the same here in Europe also, When Greece had a right wing government EVERY SINGLE DAY in the news there was an humanitarian crisis in Greece.

Now that they have a radical left party at the Government all Humanitarian crisis ended in Greece, new protests are hidden we know that they exists but they simply don't have air time at MSM.

As an advice to USA citizens when MSM sugests one thing you should JUST DO the oposite.

You can't imagine how MSM here is burning Trump,

Clinton emails NOTHING, "Can't we just drone that Guy" NOTHING, DNC/Bernie Sanders NOTHING et all

El Oregonian's picture

Popcorn Time! I absolutely LOVE IT when the masks have been ripped off! LOVE IT!!! Your sins will find you out! hahahaha!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Bilderberg Member Oct 10, 2016 7:39 PM

Who was it who said the masks are  all coming down when Pluto is at 15* Capricorn.

Oh yeah, it was me.....never mind...lol

The bad part is USA progressed Sun is in Pisces, transit Neptune on that Sun in Pisces=A nation under a spell, in a trance.

vs Uranus in Aries eyes wide open, electronic warriors, internet exposing, organizing, attacking the powers that be.

jeff montanye's picture

so what is the upshot of that tension?  and go slow, i am not versed in this stuff.

PTR's picture

It moves people to action; gets people unstuck from situations that they might have been mired in.  Now extrapolate that into an awakening population of people.  *popcorn*

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) jeff montanye Oct 10, 2016 9:46 PM

Well it is what you are seeing, hacked emails exposing the powers that be.

The tension is what was going on in 1933 the run up to WWll, 1933 Pluto was

in Cancer, those that went to war had their natal Pluto's conjunct the US Venus/Jupiter conjunction

they gave the USA great power, wealth, expansion of territory, hegemony.

The upshot is change, real change.

But your going to have to red pill some people, because so many are sleeping. Im sure you see that

all around you every day. That is my job, its what I do, and sometimes it is very frustrating but I just keep going

because I have a fabulous Mars in Capricorn, the war of attrition.

Mr. Universe's picture

The networks are telling me right now it's O_V_E_R. No candidate has ever come back from the current 5 points behind he is right now. The GOP couldn't dump him fast enough and they might just lose the congress as well. Idiots. Yet the people fail to see what's going on, or do they?  I guess we shall see.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Mr. Universe Oct 10, 2016 10:00 PM

Trump at his rally in PA today, 10,000 people chanting 'CNN SUCKS, CNN SUCKS!'

Dickweed Wang's picture

Redacted . . . (I could tell you what I originally wrote but then I'd have to kill you).

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Bilderberg Member Oct 10, 2016 8:04 PM

Did anyone else notice Trump was not wearing his wedding ring at the debate?

Oliver Klozoff's picture


I was wondering when somone would see that the real victim is Melania.