"Liars For Hire" - Confessions Of A Former Journalist From The Media Establishment

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How to buy friends and shill for enemies


I doubt anyone needs to be reminded that the media is rotten to the core; even the most reluctant and closed-minded people are accepting this as a given now. But despite the media being widely condemned nowadays (my special thanks to Germans for bringing the word “Lügenpresse” back), few people know or understand what’s really going on in the journalistic kitchens, where the foul slop of lies that people are fed every day is cooked up. However, there is always a way in—through purposeful infiltration or, in my case, by accident.

I have an old friend—let’s call him Sven—whom I always knew as a kind-hearted and sincere man. However, these traits are also coupled with always assuming the best of people and being rather naive. Due to this, he keeps ending up in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations. One of them turned out to be a short stint as a journalist for a popular online newspaper. He barely maintained contact during his employment and eventually went completely off the grid. In about a month, he resurfaced a changed man, and not for the better. As he explained, he quit the job and then shut himself in for a while, armed with nothing but alcohol, to cope with the depression working as a journalist gave him.

Now, this probably sounds very soft to many of you, including myself. Men don’t sink into depressions or try to drink themselves out of problems. While I granted my friend the clemency of explaining his failures to him, I also recognized the usefulness of his experience and started questioning him about what he saw and heard at the job. I will relay his findings below; however, I will not disclose his true name or the name of his employer—given the “free” country we live in, this can land him in very hot water.

Whoever pays you, owns you


Just your regular journalists waiting for their paycheck.

Sven joined the ranks of journalists to tell people the truth. To his credit, he believed he would be doing exactly that. His first assignment sounded so simple, after all—talk to a person, record the conversation, write an article, publish it. The reality turned out to be diametrically different—after our fresh-baked journalist returned from his first interview, he was immediately ordered to transcribe the recording and email it to the content manager. Half an hour later Sven received a heavily edited version of the transcript, with the parts he considered most crucial replaced with meaningless buzzwords or removed completely. When he went to the manager to voice his indignation, the manager simply replied: “This man did not pay us for an article that would disparage him. Get back to your desk.”

This was far from the only case of Sven witnessing how much pull money has in journalism. His numerous colleagues almost never produced independent content—they were too busy publishing one paid article after another. When Sven asked whether these articles should be marked as sponsored, the only reply he got was a bitter laugh. Very often the content manager would come over to his desk and say something along the lines of “Do you know the guy you are writing about is a close friend of our boss? Do not screw this article up.” Sven was also surprised to see that many interviewees (usually politicians) would not even bother to talk to him, instead referring him to their secretaries or assistants. One of them even went as far as to hand him a pre-written speech, tell him to work with it and walk away.

However, our Sven also happens to possess a burning sense of justice, which has several times led him to ignore the “recommendations” his content manager gave him, deviate from the official story and allow small snippets of truth to make their way into public view. For each of such occurrences he was called to the manager’s room, given a strict admonishment and had his paycheck for the month reduced. Any “unsanctioned” things that he wrote were quickly edited away afterwards—even if the article had already been read by thousands of people. And his was supposed to be a “neutral and objective” media outlet!

Standards? Never heard of ’em.

Those who do not support sex with children are bigots, according to the media

It was a big shock for Sven when he finally realized that his employers were beings without conscience who whored themselves out to the highest bidder. It was an even bigger shock when he discovered how nonchalantly his colleagues treated their responsibilities. Investigative journalists relied on information they got from Google searches and Twitter posts, editors and sub-editors used rumors and hearsay to write scathing op-eds, website managers just posted any content that caught their fancy as long as they could come up with a flashy enough headline for it to attract people. Fact-checking was almost unheard of, unless someone specifically paid for it.

When it came to choosing topics and writing articles, the guideline for the entire establishment was simple: do not make the people angry. Not the regular people, mind you—those were not even considered human beings, just a faceless mass that one threw articles at and got pageviews and money in return. No, the label “people” was reserved for people who mattered. This included representatives of the powers that be, well-known public figures, moneybags with fingers in the political pie and, of course, personal buddies of the outlet’s owner.

These were to be protected, coddled and praised at all costs, while everyone else was fair game. Needless to say, politics held as much sway in the outlet as money did—whenever something noteworthy happened, “protectors of truth and objectivity” immediately went to work spinning the events in a way desirable for those holding their leashes. Hit pieces against political opponents and undesirables were churned out, smokescreens were cast, facts were omitted, denied and misinterpreted. Sven confessed to me later that the day his outlet covered the parliamentary elections was the first day in his life when he spent the entire evening drinking. Journalistic ethics, a term that the media loves throwing left and right, turned out to be nothing but hot air.

In the media omelet, you are an egg


Meet Peter Wolodarski, your new boss. He is here to make sure you keep writing articles about how your people should go extinct.

The title says it all. For top dogs in the media business, a rank-and-file worker is not just a pawn—he is a condom. Contrary to what many people think, a typical journalist’s existence is quite pathetic: underpaid, undervalued, thankless and constantly bossed around. Staff turnover in the “kitchen” is very high, and not because people are getting promoted. In this field, the term “veteran employee” frequently means a poor sod who has no alternatives and cannot quit.

According to Sven, plenty of his colleagues worked only for the sake of getting their paycheck, which explains their negligence. Grey faces, pinched mouths, shifty eyes and sour attitudes—whatever it takes to get through the day. In addition, the higher-ups avoided any responsibility for the published content: whenever an angry reader called the office and complained about an article, the guy who wrote it was immediately thrown under the bus, even if his work was reviewed and approved by the management before publication. After all, what does it take to find another office drone with half-decent writing skills?

However, Sven also describes those of his coworkers who enjoyed their job. They arrived at the office with a spring in their step, a smile snaking across their faces and a mischievous glint in their eyes. These were the “talented” favorites of the outlet’s boss—unfeeling, cold assholes who would sell their own mothers for a juicy piece of gossip that they would later smear all over the website. Whenever they got a chance to write a hit piece, spread a nasty rumor or ruin someone’s life, one could almost see them light up from within. Remember all these smug, holier-than-thou, oh-so-intellectual articles churned out by rags like Salon, Dagens Nyheter and Huffington Post? You can bet your pinky finger they were (and are) written by these people. Which brings us to the next topic.

No wrongthink allowed


The staff of Aftonbladet, one of the most vehemently anti-White newspapers in Sweden. Notice anything?

As you have probably noticed long ago, the media field is a huge and accommodating Petri dish for all varieties of Kulturbolschewismus. In Sven’s case, it wasn’t just a fear-based company policy of snitching and self-censorship, but an actual agenda at work. He told me there was a flowchart hanging in the newsroom explaining what to do when reporting crimes and incidents. It went something like this: “Was the perpetrator native (white)? Y = report in detail, amplify, N = gloss the details over, downplay.”

Sven wrote an article about a national holiday once, but his content manager refused to approve it for publishing due to it being “too patriotic,” advising him instead to “write more inclusively about minorities’ participation in the festival.” Anything praising the country and its indigenous inhabitants was undesirable and omitted whenever possible, while any piece that brimmed with self-hate, praised inhabitants of other (read: African and Muslim) countries or attacked the natives and their way of life was a big hit and flew through approval like a bird.

Needless to say, the outlet’s newsroom was crammed full of women, their pet cucks and, of course, Jews. The former enjoyed absolute power regardless of their position—a simple complaint to HR was enough to fire anyone, no proof required. The cucks, represented by twig-armed, piercing-laden, wispy-bearded creatures in Che Guevara shirts, were very pleased with the way things were going, sipping lattes and snitching to HR on those who expressed ideas incompatible with the narrative. Jews were in their native element in the newsroom, doing their usual “arrogant intellectual” schtick and getting promotions out of nowhere. The majority of articles bashing natives, their culture and values came from them, as later study of the newspaper’s website showed me.

Liars for hire

So, to sum it all up: the media is not composed of good but misguided people, as many still think. On the contrary, it is a very purposeful and self-aware entity that positions itself somewhere between an unscrupulous opportunist and a loyal lapdog of the state. At best, it is faux-patriotic (“such a wonderful country we have, let’s invite more immigrants!”), while at worst, it is openly hostile towards the indigenous population of the country it exists in.

Moreover, it allows for consolidation and self-affirmation of globalist forces—the traitorous governments, the world Jewry, the multinationals, the entertainment industry and the like—against the increasingly disenfranchised and declining native population. And last but not least, the media is complicit in crimes committed in the West by non-White immigrants due to purposeful obfuscation of them and, if that fails, rabble-rousing to pressure the courts into letting the criminals off scot-free. To me, the latter reason alone is enough to send all the journalists and their owners to the gibbet.

The bottom line is to always remember that the media is not your friend in any way, shape or form, even if its lowest tier operatives fit the description of hapless victims rather than nation-wrecking enemies. The media must be opposed, exposed and boycotted at every turn until it starts bleeding money and choking on its own venom.


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balz's picture

Journalism is a dying job. Who needs anyone to tell them how to think when information is everywhere now? I'll take 1 ZH over 1,000,000 NYT.

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It took a long long time for me to let my negative feelings for Carl Q. and John Har(d)wood at CNBC to overcome what I thought was superior coverage of the markets in the AM vs. Bloomberg and Fox Business.

But, I have switched to Fox Business, as I cannot take CNBC lies and bias anymore.

May their audience (all 50 left?) go to ZERO!  I know, I know, took me long enough...


Crawdaddy's picture

If it is on television, it is only there to perpetuate the fraud against the world. Otherwise it would never make the news unless via occasional mistake. If you can clicky-click to it on the telly, you can bet it is edited pablum from fraudulent financial channel reporting fraudulent events about fraudulent markets. Whats the problem?

Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

I forsee lots of blood in the streets of Europe in the not to distance future.

Loftie's picture

Everywhere, Lies Galore. http://wp.me/p4OZ4v-3BS

booboo's picture

EVERY show on teevee has some message wolven into it on what they want you to think. When was the last time you seen a middle eastern looking terrorist portrayed? never happens, always some right wing white "clinging to his guns and bible", my wife watches these friggin shows CSI and she won't allow me in the room because I will tell her the script before she gets 5 minutes into it and if they do drag a muslim into it you know damn well he is just as innocent as a lamb, "just our biases getting in the way" and sure as shit here comes the rednecked white guy and bam, yep, "thats your bomber honey"

juangrande's picture

Is ZH part of the "media" ?  If making money is the obvious goal ( which it is certainly here), isn't that reason for suspicion?

Ace006's picture

No. Money insulates you from pressure as well.  ZH makes money because it provides a forum for wild west contention. Readers find it entertaining.

Do you read ZH and think to yourself this is distortion, manipulation, and conceament?

Crawdaddy's picture

Is ZH part of the "media" ?

Yes because the comments form a crude panopticon, a Stockholmn Syndrome effect that has a side benefit (for the evil ficks) of turning the inmates into gaurds. 

Fortunately for us, ZH is still in "collect all the data" mode rather than "kill the unbeliever" mode.

His name was Francis Sawyer.

PureLove's picture

Yes, it does.  I hardly call ZH "mainstream," though.  You've got to judge by the content.

Ace006's picture

I can't stand CSI. It's distilled sanctimony and it's the rare judge who's not a female, black, or both. It's wall-to-wall overwrought females and smug prosecutors.

monk27's picture

Who the hell is watching/reading mass-media anymore ? You have to be in a pretty deep denial to pay those whores any attention whatsoever, much less money...

Barney Fife's picture

CNBC and "excellent business coverage"? 

Old Fight Club woulda run you out on a rail for even putting those words together in one sentence. 

Tall Tom's picture





Are you going to tell a man who has been here for at least the four years that I have been here that Old Fight Club would run him out on a rail?


You disrespect DoChen?


Who are you? You do not even know what "old" Fight Club was about.

Barney Fife's picture

I WAS part of old Fight Club, and no one from that era would have taken a damn thing that CNBC seriously. I am surprised at your short memory Tom. We used to have weeks on end pointing out the BS that network would spew. 

My comment was both an observation and a scolding. If one is fool enough to tune into CNBC as a perceived "credible" source of information then that is a major red flag to one's judgement in assessing information. 

sgt_doom's picture

This post/article left out the fact that the Bonnier family of Sweden is the owner of that newspaper, and one of the 10th top media moguls on the planet, the Rupert Murdochs of Scandinavia.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, in Sweden connected with the attempt to extradite WikiLeaks' Julian Assange there, is financially connected to the Bonnier family, the two shysters, one a former Justice Minister, Bodstrom & Borgstrom, as well as the present Justice Minster and numerous others, including the former accuser but never filer of an official police complaint, which no one in Sweden actually has (Anna Ardin, who accused him of experiencing a broken condom during consensual sex).

This is an interesting take on that case, although never is the Bonnier name mentioned:




NiggaPleeze's picture

Shyster just means someone who is unscrupulous.

I take it what you meant to convey (or in any event, it is the case) that the Bonnier family are not Swedes or Nordic, but belong to a certain supremely ethnocentric tribe that owns and/or controls almost all of the media in the "West".

Kobe Beef's picture

Judeo-Swedish, I presume.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

This story sounds like the resumé of any MSM correspondent. 

Radical Marijuana's picture

Regarding the article above:

"I have an old friend—let’s call him Sven—whom I always knew as a kind-hearted and sincere man. However, these traits are also coupled with always assuming the best of people and being rather naive. Due to this, he keeps ending up in awkward and sometimes dangerous situations. One of them turned out to be a short stint as a journalist for a popular online newspaper. He barely maintained contact during his employment and eventually went completely off the grid. In about a month, he resurfaced a changed man, and not for the better. As he explained, he quit the job and then shut himself in for a while, armed with nothing but alcohol, to cope with the depression working as a journalist gave him."

That reminds me of the psychological consequences to an assistant, Katherine Casey, who was given the job, through a Congressional investigation, the Reece Committee, back in the early 1950s, to review the transcripts of the meetings of big foundations, from their start at about the beginning of the 20th Century.


Ed Griffin interview with Norman Dodd in 1982:

"I might tell you, this experience, as far as its impact on Katherine Casey was concerned, was she never was able to return to her law practice. If it hadn't been for Carol Reece's ability to tuck her away into a job in the Federal Trade Commission, I don't know what would have happened to Katherine. Ultimately, she lost her mind as a result of it. It was a terrible shock. It's a very rough experience to encounter proof of these kinds."

Congress has NOT had any real investigations into anything that really MATTERED since the Church Committee back in the 1970s:






Congressman Oscar Callaway's report to Congress in 1917 on JP Morgan's master plan:

"In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached. The policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month, an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers."

President Theodore Roosevelt, who died in 1919, was quoted in the March 27th, 1922, edition of the New York Times with the following statement, "These International bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these newspapers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government." The reason the New York Times ran this article, was due to the Mayor of New York, John Hylan, who had been reported in the same paper the previous day, March 26th, with the following statement, "The warning of Theodore Roosevelt has much timeliness today, for the real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state, and nation...It seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection... To depart from mere generalizations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. This little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States Government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make cat's paws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business...these International Bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country."



After the international bankers were able to successfully privatize the public "money" supplies, they were then able to reinvest the profits from frauds in more frauds, which became feedback loops that became exponentially more fraudulent. That the mainstream mass media are participating inside those enforced frauds should be presented in the bigger picture perspective that Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become totally dominated by ENFORCED FRAUDS. 


In general, there is almost nothing but the central core of triumphant organized crime, which are public governments dominated by private banks, surrounded by layers of various controlled opposition groups. Given those social FACTS, not only are almost ALL of our collective political problems presented in absurdly backward ways, but also, almost ALL of the publicly presented "solutions" to those problems similarly based upon absurdly backward perceptions.

Since the entrenched sociopolitical systems are more than 99% based upon enforcing frauds, the only socially successful people are those who adapt to living inside those ENFORCED FRAUDS, which demands that they become the best available professional hypocrites, in order to be hired, and continue to be employed, working inside systems based upon enforcing frauds, in ways which never admit and address those FACTS that almost everything they are doing manifests through integrated systems of leglized lies, backed by legalized violence, whose most important forms are the ways that public governments enforce frauds by private banks, which then CONTINUE to spin through exponentially worse vicious spirals of political funding enabling bigger frauds to be backed up by more force ...

The increasingly blatant deterioration of the mainstream mass media is merely one of the facets of those overall political problems: there is nothing but the dynamic equilibria between different systems of more or less organized lies operating robberies. However, those who became the biggest and best groups which were doing that then became able to more and more get away with publicly presenting themselves as NOT doing that. The essential political problems flow from the deeper reasons for how and why civilization necessarily operates according to the principles and methods of organized crime, which has the necessary corollaries that the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals are able to publicly present themselves as NOT doing that ... but that ONLY smaller groups are doing that ...

At the present time, I am NOT aware of any genuine opposition to the established systems, NOR can I imagine how any such genuine opposition could possibly be able to function within those established systems. In my opinion, any genuine opposition would have to stop being dominated by professional hypocrites. However, it is politically impossible to imagine any feasible scenarios in which that would actually become possible.

Rather, even on Zero Hedge, one almost always observes content which presents relatively good, albeit superficial, analysis of the problems, followed by collapsing back to bullshit "solutions" based upon the same old-fashioned impossible ideals. In my view, deeper analysis ALWAYS results in revealing that sociopolitical systems are necessarily operating according to the principles and methods of organized crime, BUT, the degree to which that is so then results in there being almost nothing but various forms of controlled "opposition" groups, which stay inside the same frame of reference, which professional liars and immaculate hypocrites originally developed in order to enable them to be better able to maintain systems which were based upon enforcing frauds.

Theoretically, genuine opposition would have to present realistic resolutions of the real problems, and then continue to do so when discussing whatever the genuine solutions to those problems could be. However, that almost never happens in any publicly significant ways. Rather, the "alternative" media are almost totally dominated by professional hypocrites in the same ways as the more mainstream mass media are, because of the degree to which civilization is ALREADY almost totally dominated by enforced frauds, and therefore, the public spaces are almost totally dominated by the best available professional hypocrites, which includes all of the publicly significant "alternative" news media, just as much as it does the more mainstream mass media.

It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which this statement is correct:

"The absolute best controlled opposition is
one that doesn't know they are controlled."

-- Cognitive Dissonance, as published on Zero Hedge.

The article above spoke about "Sven" originally being  

"a kind-hearted and sincere man...being rather naive."

The same could be said about Katherine Casey.

Encountering REALITIES forced them through such profound states of cognitive dissonance that they became extremely depressed and suffered some degree of nervous breakdowns. In my view, everyone who comes to terms with the degree to which the civilization that they were born into is actually almost totally based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS tends to suffer through some significant degrees of cognitive dissonance. Indeed, it appears to be that large numbers of people would rather not face social FACTS, because of the degree to which they are not willing and able to suffer through the degree of cognitive dissonance that they would have go through if they did not remain willfully blind to those FACTS. 

Furthermore, I would generalize that to include the ways that almost all of the publicly significant "alternative" media only engage in superficially correct analysis (which the more mainstream mass media more and more obviously do NOT do), while then the "alternative" media collapse back to promoting bullshit-based, bogus "solutions," which continue to operate through proposing and promoting impossible ideals, because of the degree to which such impossible ideals are far more popular, and therefore, the "alternatives" are proportionately popular to the degree that those "alternatives" are also still dominated by professional hypocrites. 

While it is becoming more and more painfully obvious that those who work for the mainstream mass media are "Liars For Hire," almost everyone is almost totally LYING TO THEMSELVES, in ways which they continue to almost totally take for granted, because they are so used to using the dominate natural languages, and philosophy of science. However, since more radical truths, which are more critical of the basic world views that almost everyone takes for granted, the so-called "alternative" news media tend to be driven by their own sorts of popularity feedback loops, in tandem with their own audiences, to continue to take for granted thinking using the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals.

Hence, it is still pretty well universal that the "alternative" news media are not remotely close to being "alternative" enough. Furthermore, it is not possible to imagine how that could be changed, since the more one engages radical truths, the less popular those become. We are living inside of Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways, since the established political economy is almost totally based upon public governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by private banks, while the schools and mass media continue to tend to deliberately ignore and misrepresent those social FACTS.

For generation after generation, systems based upon enforcing frauds were operated by the best available professional hypocrites. Those systems include the various layers of controlled opposition groups just as much as includes those towards the more central core of triumphant organized crime, currently manifesting as banker dominated governments. There has developed a Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which has been based on thousands of years of being able to back up lies with violence. That has resulted in the biggest bullies' bullshit world views being built into the basic structure of the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science. Therefore, the only publicly significant "alternative" media tend to stay inside the same overall frame of reference as the more mainstream mass media do.

It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which human beings and civilization have developed in ways whereby they LIE TO THEMSELVES in the most profound ways, which is the overall context in which there have developed the professional "Liars For Hire" working for the mass media. Due to the degree to which people who use the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science are LYING TO THEMSELVES, the "alternative" news tends to be also liars, who have proportionately less popularity, which tends to correspond with them making proportionately less money from telling lesser lies. The clear Catch 22 is that the only ways that apparent "alternatives" become relatively popular is by presenting stories that enough of their own audiences can understand and agree with, which requires that they operate within the context where almost everyone has been taught in ways whereby they came to almost totally take for granted the degree to which they are LYING TO THEMSELVES. 

More radical truths become more unpopular, because those could only be appreciated to the degree to which more people understood the degree to which they had been taking for granted the degree to which they were LYING TO THEMSELVES. The overall social facts are not merely that the combined monetary and taxation systems are actually State Religions, based upon enforcing frauds, which publicly presented in the most absurdly backwards ways possible, and yet, those more than 99% dominate the currently existing political economy, but rather, that there are effectively infinite tunnels of deceits, which are irreducible results of the ways that human beings live by making mental models of their world, with mental models of themselves within their mental models of the world.  Human beings are necessarily LYING TO THEMSELVES when they tell themselves any possible stories.

There is no doubt that, as the established systems based upon enforced frauds are driven to become exponentially more fraudulent, the people who work for the mainstream mass media are more and more obviously "Liars For Hire." However, the "alternative" media like to continue to indulge in the delusions that they are presenting "the truth," in ways which continue to take for granted the presumptions of the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals, and hence, it tends to be the case that the relatively more popular "alternative" media are actually also professional hypocrites.

Dot dot. Dot's picture

I concur.  Logically, in turn the top 25 MSM information outlets by type or sort of propaganda attacks they engage in need to accidentally have infrastructure problems due to being razed to the ground by fire, tornado, frog plague (insert BS statement here.) to make conducting business al fresco the only (bankrupting) option available except for closing up shop completely. Rattling the cages of the many hundreds of the blackhats, and their leadership, at home, loudly, then razing the edifice, should be commensing at any time. Assuming the world is logical.



Odin McHaggis's picture

The comment section is the only thing worth reading on most sites. you can quickly identify the fascist sites by the fact they won't allow comments. Thank you ZH.

East Indian's picture

I classify the online news outlets as follows:

1. Those who do not allow any commenting at all.

2. Thos who allow comments but you have to register - anonymous / pseudonymous registration allowed.

3. Thos who allow you to  comment / register through disqus or facebook, thus allowing these spying tools a chance to see your activities.

4. Thos who allow anonymous comments - perfect freedom of expression. 


Funny how all the American MSM is either type 1 or 3. Type 4 has almost become extinct in the west. So much for the "freedom" of expression.

BBC allows comments in some articles, but not in others. And you must register, clearly and openly identifying yourself.

RT allows anonymous comments, though it takes down comments not to its liking. 

NiggaPleeze's picture

"Type 4 has almost become extinct in the west. So much for the "freedom" of expression."  The problem was the extreme abuse used by a lot of commenters.  Many sites don't have the funds to moderate the comments.  That said, I do leave comments on a lot of sites (including WashingtonPost.com, evil as it is) that only require an email address to register, which is nearly anonymous (I use a unique email address only for registring on sites for purposes of commenting).

"RT allows anonymous comments".  Huh?   I don't seem to get the options to leave or see comments, but maybe it's because I use Firefox on Linux.  RT's recent news article shows they use an Israeli company for their comments, Spot.IM, though I cannot find them when I view the site.

Most importantly, do not be fooled into believing you are anonymous just because you need not leave an email address.  Your combination of IP address and browser ID (user agent) string is a "signature" largely sufficient to identify you but if you have JavaScript enabled (which is required for virtually all comment systems) they can detect your screen size, color depth, browser plugins, time zone and system fonts, and if you have Flash enabled, much much more - together they suffice to uniquely identify you (in many cases, even without the IP address).  All they need to do is cross-reference your "signature" with a site where you are registered and you are not anonymous at all.  It seems to me in the deep state this type of signature sharing is customary.

By the way this interesting site shows you how much information your Javascript-enabled browser reveals about your system.

Ace006's picture

I used to enjoy the WSJ immensely. Then I noticed their fanatic devotion to open borders. Now I loath it.


I know some Journalists and this article is apt when describing them.

sTls7's picture

How's that go... believe half of what you hear and less than half of what you read? 

THE SOLUTION IS DEBT FREE MONEY CREATION (not verified) Oct 11, 2016 5:18 PM

I'm very surprised that mentioning any nefarious Zionist influence on white chrstian European cultures is even allowed on Zerohedge...

Kidbuck's picture

And your evidence for this comment is what?

TheReplacement's picture

His name was Francis.


TheReplacement's picture

I was going to downvote you but it is possible you were not around for the days when ZH used the banhammer like a masterbaiting monkey against people who blamed the juice.  Francis was probably the most outspoken of all.

ZH blows zionist dick that way.

Tall Tom's picture





Free  Francis_Sawyer

SuperRay's picture

Clearly you haven't been here very long. I've posted this link regularly on ZH. Read it and you'll understand that we're in the final push for world domination by the Zionists. Destroy all borders, mix all the goyim races together


dlfield's picture

"...openly hostile towards the indigenous population of the country it exists in."

Okay, knowing this is very naive, but:  To what end?

JohnG's picture

The chaos and mayhem as society, morals and families are destroyed keeps the attention off (((the destroyers))) who have been ejected from countless societies over the millennia that (((they))) have been at war with the rest of normal humanity.

dlfield's picture

I'm seeing a pattern to these responses, thanks.  (((They))) are psychopaths.  I just don't get why there are so many "feeble-mindeds" that follow them?  But...I, too, fall under the influences of Fear and Greed, and it is hard to escape the grasp of those who control both the stick, and the carrot.  dl

Minack's picture

It is difficult, if not impossible, for an alien culture or sub-group to take advantage, subvert, or destroy a nation when the host culture is homogenous, certain, confident and content. What we call western media is nothing less than a battering ram used to break down cultural norms and barriers in order to subvert each and every western nation into submission. We are at war with a parasitic culture that is hell-bent on destroying the West. The fact that it is socially unacceptable to even discuss these matters shows just how powerful the parasite has become. Zerohedge is brave to even post something like this.

monk27's picture

Back in the good old days of the USSR and Mao, the commies used to have a very special category of enemies which they loved to exhibit in public trials and condemn to less public executions: the so called "Enemies of The People". I have the sinking feeling that the term is about to make a big time comeback, and soon... The talking heads and the droning scribes in our media would qualify hands down for a front spot along the (executions) wall...

IS BE's picture

Isaac Asimov used to take what he called  a "Human bath." I guess Isaac, who was a very intelligent man, felt uncomfortable if he stuck out as the only Jew amongst the Goyim.

"It would be far better", thought the Jew, " if we mixed all these Goyim together.Then I wouldn't feel so  exposed."

Was it coincidence that Isaac did not live in say, Japan?

I, on the other hand, as an honerable descendant of Cro-Magnons and Neanderthal, would feel no threat from the Japanese. My biggest concern would be some social gaffe. 

You see, both the Asians and I understand the importance of honour.

Caveat: I distance myself from anyone with a nose piercing. Just too gross. 

dlfield's picture

And those damned Bozo-plastic-earlobe things...

Chupacabra-322's picture

What we are witnessing is the beginning of the demise of the vertically integrated centrally controlled Prestitute Media.

No longer are their Gas Lighting methods effective to an awaken mass populace.

Burticus's picture

Perhaps watching the media masters ride the Mare of Steel will improve their cheerleading parrots' integrity and objectivity.

Lumberjack's picture

De-fund NPR and close their facilities.

sgt_doom's picture

that would put you on the bad side of the Koch brothers, since they fund most of its content through the WGBH Education Foundation in Boston.

Lumberjack's picture

Too fucking bad. NPR, like VOA is Barack Diane Goebbels on roids. WGBH is funded by senile leftover free shit hippies.

Ace006's picture

I used to think they were patriots but that's laughable now.

Crawdaddy's picture

Or double their funding and make them win annual budget approval through steel cage death matches.

"Dianne Reem swings her barbed-microphone hard but misses Garrison Keeler's forehead by a centimeter. That was the opening he was waiting for. Blammo! Keeler retaliates with a viscous impale from his vintage 1929 Couderay fiddle bow. This fight may be over ladies and gentlemen. Wait...what is that? It is the Car Guys climbing into the ring...and oh my God! BOOM GOES THE VEGEMITE! Ray takes them both out with a carbide razor edged Holly 4 BBL Carb from a 1969 Mustang. Looks like Click and Clack are back again next year."

"Its all over folks. See you again next year. Now its time for closing words from President Camacho."

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That was creative indeed.

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...if you rip a hole in a net there's actually fewer holes in it than it was before ...........