Wikileaks Releases Another 1,100 Emails From John Podesta In Third Data Dump

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Moments ago, Wikileaks just released its third data dump from the hacked email account of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chair, John Podesta, which is becoming a true headache for Hillary Clinton and her supporter base.

There are as many as 1,190 new emails in the latest release, adding to the more than 4,000 emails from Podesta already released by the whistleblowing website, and bringing the total to 5,336. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has claimed he is sitting on as much as 50,000 messages.


Among the email chains included in in the release is an email chain from February 15, 2016 titled ‘Pushback on immigration,’ which shows a request for Ken Salazar, who was the US secretary of the interior from 2009 to 2013, to write an op-ed to smear Bernie Sanders' "professed support for immigration."

The emails also reveal frustration from Clinton’s camp over President Obama’s reluctance to show support for her. Dated March 12, 2016, over a month after primaries began, advisor Neera Tanden asks Podesta “Can Obama even hint of support of Hillary before Tuesday? Really, just a directional nod would be helpful.”

“Maybe they don't want to do this, but the stakes are pretty damn high in this election for him," Tanden says. Podesta asks “Why don't you push Valerie a little bit,” possibly referencing Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to Obama.

* * *

In December 2013, Bloomberg reporter Mike Dorning contacted Jake Siewert, former White House press secretary who became head of corporate communications for Goldman Sachs. Dorning was asking about the role Podesta played during Bill Clinton’s second term “push to use executive actions to further agenda.”

“Guidance?” Siewert wrote to Podesta and Palmieri, attaching Dorning’s inquiry. “I can make stuff up but happy to emphasize whatever you'd like. Was thinking of stressing the deep knowledge and expertise around executive power and what can be done independent of congressional action.”

* * *

In the previous release, we learned that some Hillary advisers pushed for Bill’s role in his wife’s campaign for presidency to be reduced, as his “sex life could be damaging to her”.

Clinton has confirmed the authenticity of the hacked emails, clarifying comments exposed by the leak during Sunday’s second presidential debate. Her admission to the National Multi-Housing Council in 2013 that politicians have “both a private position and a public position” was explained as being a discussion she had regarding the film ‘Lincoln’.

While we are going through the latest document dump, as usual, we urge readers to flag and point us to any of the more notable emails, starting with yet another beauty from CNBC's own "unbiased" political commentator John Harwood emailed to Hillary's campaign chairman, John Podesta.

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Just more info the MSM will ignore.

EscapeKey's picture

watch the Democrats disown him in the event something truly damaging is uncovered

Arnold's picture

You mean like the last "Demos do Debbie".

Promote him to what?

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Don't be delusioned, Clinton already won.

She has the support of ((( wall street ))), the ((( media ))) and even the GOP.

80% of americans ar just sheep following MSM and looking to pay the next batch of bills and debts.

You sold your soul to the (((usurers))) ... you have to bend !


MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

What about Trump's already leaked tape documenting his appalling treatment of womyn!! And what's the controversy here? Is Hillary not allowed to have a professional relationship with the media? Surely that's part of your responsibility as a high level politician?

Why Undocumented Immigrants Should be Allowed to Vote

EscapeKey's picture

yeah i think the "professional relationship" here is akin to that between a prostitute and a punter

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Why you always gotta hack on the kicker?Last man back, often makes the play if the return coverage is blown, and a specialized skill set. He wants to relax after the game, it's consensual, as long as everyone is of age I am not into moraly judging athletes for everything they do. Oh wait.... never mind.

lastdance's picture

Bingo, Don't like it?  Don't watch their shows read their "reporting" and as much as possible, byucot, their sponsors.  Time we shared the pain.


Mroex's picture

Still calling ILLEGALS undocumented I see, now they should vote? 

How much cock have you sucked? I think drinking all that cum has affected your brain

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clinton killed a million people in the middle east, if you support her you are as evil as her. who cares about pussy talk, it's the way men and women  lived for 2000 years, you simply have to watch sex in the city to learn. 

Bastiat's picture

How can you not expect good things from someone who hates you, thinks your deplorable and beyond redemption?

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My idea of a good night out:
1.) Groped in the pussy by Trump:

2.) Fucked in the ass by Hillary:

williambanzai7's picture

What's a womyn pilgrim? Some kind of stupid assed troll?

cayman's picture

Thanks MDB.  Somebody grab him by the pussy.

And here is altar boy Paul Ryan, revealing to everyone that he is composed of feces.

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"professional relationship with the media"

lol, that is classic liberalspeak, which in the near future will transition to "newspeak"

PT's picture

1.  Is there a link I can click on that will allow me to download the whole haystack in one hit?
2.  How big is the hay stack?
3.  Apologies for my laziness, but believe it or not, I also have other things that need doing.  Has anyone extracted all the needles yet?  Is there a link to just all the needles?

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Don't be delusioned, Clinton already won.

She has the support of ((( wall street ))), the ((( media ))) and even the GOP.

and Israel MIC ?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Flyover country can take them.....please don't make us.

The Merovingian's picture

No such luck. The fly over states are our best and last hope. Let the great grain rebellion begin.

NumNutt's picture

found this in the emails, everyone give her a call and let her know how we feel about the email scandal, and anything else of concern:


Justice Ginsburg 202 479 2946, returning your call

HalinCA's picture

No biggie ...


Drew Days, Professor of Law, Yale Law School, (203) 432-4948.


Owen Fiss, Professor of Law, Yale Law School, (203) 432-4963.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, (202) 479-2946.


Michael Graetz, Professor of Law, Yale Law School, (203) 432-4828.


David Tatel, Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, (202) 216-7160.


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Keep saying that and it will be true.

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Libtards have a mental disorder that causes them to leap off the cliff to their utopia of self destruction.

RiverRoad's picture

Propelled by self-loathing.

HalinCA's picture

When I registered to vote I could see the worker bees counting absentee ballots ... and to me at least thowing some away ... gee ... I wonder which ones were getting tossed ...

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And thus will enter into the popular lexicon: "He was Wassermaned."

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You know, the guy that owns a grocery store in Stockton CA

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There's the UFO emails from the Blink 182 idiot for a nice distraction. It'll be easy for the MSM to do no real work and keep busy with that BS all day. 

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They've got to learn that the only thing that can stop Wikileaks... is Lemmiwinks.

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Meanwhile, the libtards are pooing themselves over that fat cuck Ken Bone for his global warming spew.

This will be ignored.

Too much info. for the dumbed down.

ALSO - they re simply choking their chickens over Cankles drawing....wait for it...10,000 at an Ohio rally.

...while Trump has 10,000 + show up night after night.....

joego1's picture

Wow, that's 100k in bribes alone. Expensive rally!

The Management's picture

1100 EMAILS ?



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10,000???  I had no idea Labor Ready could organize that many temporary workers!

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BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CLOWNS?!  *throws distraction frag*

VinceFostersGhost's picture



......yells fire in the theater house!


In 500 days we're all gonna be dead from Global who cares!!!

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Yeah CLOWN distractions ah right...

Arnold's picture

I think I can safely resume my locker room talk now, after a two day moratorium.

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Heck, that was fun.  Trump makes us smile and laugh.  Haven't done that since Reagan.  It would be nice to have an actually likeable president for a change instead of the self-hating racist one we've got now.

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"Yup, Feeling good" (about this) John you sorry fuck

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If Wikileaks keeps dumping or Hillary has a serious medical event, Trump still has a chance.  Also, don't forget about the monster vote like Brexit that doesn't show up in the polls, which are being used to demoralize Trump's voters into not showing up on Nov. 8.

Pausebreak's picture

Trump supporters don't appear to be demoralized.  Looking at his rallies that turn away thousands due to full capacity.  Also Trump is setting records for donations under $200.  Trump will trounce Hillary.

remain calm's picture

Agree, the media is trying to demoralize the Trump supporters to diminish the turnout. I think trump counters that by pointing out the only way we get justice on Hilary is if he wins so he can appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and then convict the criminal.I think 60% of Americans want justice