Professor Slams "Special Snowflakes" Living In "Fantasy World"

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‘People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying’

The political correctness movement that has swept college campuses, corporate America and mainstream life can be traced back to a few psychological trends.

Howard Schwartz, professor emeritus of Oakland University, has for years studied the psychology underlying political correctness, and in his new book Political Correctness and the Destruction of Social Order: Chronicling the Rise of the Pristine Self, he offers some clarity on why the term “snowflakes” is now synonymous with college students today.

Schwartz, who taught classes in social and behavioral science within its business school, said the term stems from what he calls “the rise of the pristine self.”

Schwartz writes in the book that “this is a self that is touched by nothing but love. The problem is that nobody is touched by nothing but love, and so if a person has this as an expectation, if they have built their sense of themselves around this premise, the inevitable appearance of the something other than love blows this structure apart.”


He added in his interview that “the oversensitivity of individuals today, including political correctness and microaggressions, all stem from this idea that people operating under the notion of the pristine self view you as evil because you are showing them something other than love.”

Schwartz points to the rise of helicopter parents and capitulating campus administrations as contributing to this phenomenon.

“People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying. The helicopter parent protects the children from real dangers but also fantasy dangers. These precious snowflakes are the children of political correctness, their parents and schools lead them to believe that the world is perfectly moralistic — they don’t live in the real world, it is a fantasy,” he said.

Schwartz said the pristine self is a sort of narcissism – individuals who regard themselves as pristine selves cannot handle the unlovingness of the world, even if it manifests itself in indifference rather than malice.

To them, everything is an act of offense.


“The university is the setting in which this narcissism is nurtured and the university becomes a sort of protective figure. Universities have become maternal institutions in which the patriarchy, embodied within any authority, is hated,” he said. “This phenomenon is developing at corporations as well.”

Schwartz said political correctness issues will pose great difficulty for organizations in the future.

“Weber famously discussed the impersonality of organizations, and people have to know that organizations are places where they are not necessarily outwardly loved. Their jobs are where they are going to have a hard time,” he said.

“The one exception is certain social justice jobs, because they give you work that insists in hating the patriarchy and perpetuate political correctness as right and good,” he said, but added “we can’t have an economy based off of these, though.”

At the end of the book’s introduction, Schwartz sums up his project by noting “there is clearly an element of irrationality in political correctness. It is a form of censorship without a censor; we impose it on ourselves. Yet, it keeps us away from the reasoned discussion of social issues which everybody can see are important, consequential, and desperately in need of wide-ranging analysis. It does so through an emotional power that is rarely gainsaid and which anyone can see is ultimately against everyone’s interest.”

He told The Fix he does believe the tide is turning away from political correctness, however, and points to the presidential election campaigns as evidence.

“The fact that we have Trump campaigning as the ‘anti-political correctness’ candidate is really interesting,” Schwartz said. “It shows how far we have come and that this movement has lost control of itself.”

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As we explained previously..

Your Feelings Are Largely Irrelevant


Seriously, nobody who has already graduated college cares about your feelings. That means that when you complain to your boss because your co-worker mis-gendered you, he’s probably not going to bend over backwards to bandage your wounds. Given feelings are entirely subjective in nature, it’s completely unreasonable to demand everyone tip-toe around you to prevent yours from being hurt. The reality is that people will offend you and hurt your feelings, and they won’t stop to mop up your tears because they shouldn’t have to. Learning to accept criticism, alternative viewpoints, and even outright insults will make you happier in the long run than routinely playing the victim card.

The Only Safe Space Is Your Home


No matter where you go in life, someone will be there to offend you. Maybe it’s a joke you overheard on vacation, a spat at the office, or a difference of opinion with someone in line at the grocery store. Inevitably, someone will offend you and your values. If you cannot handle that without losing control of your emotions and reverting back to your “safe space” away from the harmful words of others, then you’re best to just stay put at home. Remember, though: if people in the outside world scare you, people on the internet will downright terrify you. It’s probably best to just accept these harsh realities of life and go out into the world prepared to confront them wherever they may be waiting.

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This world needs Tyler Durden to rise again

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Victimhood is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation, and not just among college students.

After reading the book, I am able to better recognize when I and others are playing the victim, and most importantly, I now have more and better tools to effectively address these behaviors in a healthier way, and not just be a smartass.  

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Come here snowflake......suck it up bitch!


See out that window.....that's Fightclub man.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


People playing the victim need people to play the abuser.

They are very good at creating abusers where there are none.

Someone playing the victim can justify absolutely any of their own behaviors, which is incredibly destructive behavior for all parties.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Just wait, a good dose of Global warming will sort out those special snowflakes.  Or is it Climate change nowsees?

Erek's picture

It may just melt them, too!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Where do I even begin here ... OMG. This professor is exactly what is wrong with America today. He repeatedly denies that there is even such a thing as hate speech, or that historically oppressed groups are offended by the many reminders of our racist  and sexist past, like confederate flags and statues of our slave-owning founding fathers. America is distressing for people of color, womyn, Muslim Americans and trans-people, and these issues need to be addressed! Hate speech is not free speech. People have a right not to be offended. This is the 21st century - this professor needs to get with the times, and put down those dusty text books written by bigoted white men.

Why we Need Women in the Military

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Good one, MBD, you once again get my upvote to counter the (so far) two downvoters, who don't get your schtick.

And as for women in the military, the truth, of course, is that neither women nor men should be in it, as the nation was founded on no standing army and certainly not the imperial monstrosity that the US "Defense" Department has become.

JRobby's picture

As I recall, university and grad school was a competetive atmosphere where you worked hard and and moved on to the next stage of life which was the same way. Notice I left out "rewarded".

But there are not a large number of jobs now so I do not see why universities and colleges should continue to be rewarded with economic support in the form of student loans. It would seem that many of them should shut down.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

We now live in a world where they want the women to be men, and the men to be fags.

de3de8's picture

When it all comes crashing down they will learn the hard way.

Victor von Doom's picture

+1 Well read YC. You hit it right on the head.

PTR's picture

I do not see why universities and colleges should continue to be rewarded with economic support in the form of student loans.


It's called "near-guaranteed income" for banks, via loans.  They even get their buck from the governement loans, because even they are giving you money that they themselves borrow.

Everyman's picture


Syrin's picture

There is no schtick.  It's just apologists who let this gov't disinformation troll stay here.  

Dick Buttkiss's picture

By schtick, I simply mean the equivalent of Stephen Colbert presenting himself as a neoconservative jerk (but I repeat myself).

MDB is playing you, in other words, and everyone else (I'm sorry to say) too dimwitted to get it.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Dick Buttkiss Oct 12, 2016 3:29 PM

Most comes from "Black Baby" many are mixed race.

Recall the screeching Yale mixed girl. Her mother is white the father is missing and black.

She said "You're supposed to be creating a HOME here"

"Whah...Mommy, a microagression on imagined Halloween costumes."

They are mentally ill, created by progressives with feminist parent alone where everything is female, and no male presence.

After deep maternal bonding the child, but that didn't happen because they were dumped in daycare becaues the mother has to work. Then ventures out to bond with the father first, who later shows them the  world.

None of this happened with these kooks.

Its why blacks shoot other black men, they start running and they are trigged "You runnin from me, you might be my done runned off Daddy."  Pow Pow Pow Pow

Coke and Hookers's picture

You should write a book MDB. Half of the population or more wouldn't even figure out you're trolling them.

JRobby's picture

It would rise up the best seller list like a rocket!

Paul Kersey's picture

MDB, I may ridicule you, when I see you out in your pink leotard, but I will defend your right to wear it. I found this photo of you on your blog:

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I give him credit for great fashion sense and a nice neat home.

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I score this troll piece an 8

Whitmore's picture

I'm relatively new to ZH, but I'm having trouble figuring out why these posts get down-voted. They're brilliant.

Everyman's picture

Another Correct the Record Troll?????

MalteseFalcon's picture

I never read MDB's shit.

I didn't read this one.

His "schtick" is tiresome.

He has zero sense of comedy.

He always jumps the queue.

He is literally sitting on the ZH website hitting refresh all day.


MalteseFalcon's picture

Oh look MDB down arrowed me and he got his momma to do the same.



PTR's picture

I never read MDB's shit.

I didn't read this one.

His "schtick" is tiresome.

He has zero sense of comedy.

He always jumps the queue.

He is literally sitting on the ZH website hitting refresh all day.



Worth repeating because of how tired I get of him sidetracking practically EVERY SINGLE comment thread.

Don't feed the troll, dammit.

zvzzt's picture

not sad, it's his (.gov) job

OverTheHedge's picture

Give it three or four years, and the shine will wear off, I promise.

Everyman's picture

Right MDB.  I do HATE YOU.  You are too stupid and issue distracted to know reality.  LIFE IS DISCRIMINATION!  Every day.  "Discriminating" with what is "good" and "bad"; "beneficial" vs. "detrimental".  You asshats have made a war on words, and have politicized, sexualized, genderized, gentrified everything so a man can't be a man and a woman can't be a woman.

That is the problem with you asshats on the liberal side, you do not have a penis a pussy or balls, but you are decadent as hell for some bizarre reason.  You are not in tune with reality enough to even be taken seriously.  For instance, the Liberal world goes crazy about Donald saying grab them by the pussy, however you are fine with Islam circumcising their little girls through genital mutilation, and sanction subservience of women.  Additionally you are allowing the Islam faith to change child rape to OK???  You are fine with Bill Clinton raping and assaulting women, you are fine with judges that pardon or give lite sentences to child molesters.  And NOW you have a problem with what Trump said among other "guys"???  TALK ABOUT SELECTIVE OUTRAGE!


Here is a Carl Denniger link to read:

So until you libs and the RINOs get a pair of balls, STOP BEING JEALOUS OF THOSE OF US THAT DO SPORT THEM!


Oh, and by the way, I checked your ISP and it goes through a Correct the Record Server.  YOU HAVE BEEN BUSTED YOU FUCK!


JRobby's picture

MDB's mission is to fill the first pages of comments with attacks on MDB. Useful comments and links to related stories get buried further back and are not seen. Mission accomplished every day.

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He must be a Tyler. How else has he not been banned? He derails every thread he shows up in - which is every. single. one.

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I cannot hate MDB_. THe more I ready his/her comments, the more I become resolute in my own (100% contra) views. Actually he /she is a source of inspiration and I am very certain I'm not the only one here. 

It is, howver, not very likely that this was the purpose of his/her writings... Or maybe it is...? As far as I am concerned, his/her writings are the biggest reason never to look to the left (whatever that means) ever again. 

Cloud9.5's picture

The crash will sort this out rather quickly.  Till then, I will continue to ignore these people.  None of us are special sweet heart.  We will all be dead soon enough.

SaintInix's picture

We're all dead, just some of us don't know it yet.

Our lives are a flash in the pan, a mote of dust in the wind. Fleeting as smoke we dissipate before most anyone notices we were here.

BrownCoat's picture

"historically oppressed groups"


So you identify more with a group than an individual. OK. Classic America was all about the community enabling the individual. Chinese/Japanese societies are about the individual sacrificing everything for the group.

BUT, I still can't follow your logic. It sounds like you think two wrongs make a right. So, because the US had institutional slavery over 150 years ago, the decendents of slaves now get preferential treatment over other decendents or people whose ancestors may not have even been in this country back then. Example, stiffer penalties for 'hate crimes.' Example, the politically correct assumption that ethnic minorities can never be racist. Example, that skin, ethnicity, or genitalia get preferential employment opportunities rather than the ability to do a job.

Libtard's picture

Last I saw it was climate-warming...

Bollixed's picture

Your continued use of the word 'victm' is triggering me. Stop it with the microaggression before I have ISIS come over and make you a film star.

pods's picture

Life is going to reach out and grab them by the pussy sooner than they think.

It is a fantasyland they live in. A dream.

The wake up is coming though. You think you are going to get a fucking job when you spend 4 years playing the victim to everything and anything?  Especially if that has been recorded and distributed to anyone who wants to see it. 

Good luck snowflakes.  You are gonna need it.


Chupacabra-322's picture

@ pods,

No worries, there's a quick cure for the Pussfication of the Snowflakes. The WWIII draft should cure them of their sick, perverted preconceived notions.

"To them, everything is offense."

We'll see if that attitude changes once they have to shoot some Sand Niggers to save their fag lives.

Welcome to Fight Club darlings. Enjoy your stay.

pods's picture

I remember like 5 years ago when everyone was clamoring about bullying.  People wanted to be able to go online and never be challenged or have a bad thing said about them.  This is what we have sown.  Reap it, bitchez!

Real life is going to pop you in the jaw from time to time. Sorry, they have to learn to take a punch and get back to life.

Pussification was probably the goal all along. I do think that these snowflakes have it in them to deal. People are much stronger than they think.  And when people realize they were made to act that way, the pendulum will swing back hard.


gladih8r's picture

The snowflakes may have it in them to deal with it but as it is, they prefer to live in their mommy's basement after they graduate from their "victim school".  The real world is just too scary, too expensive, too far away, too something or other for them to tackle it.  Some may take up the challenge, but a lot don't even know where to begin. 

insanelysane's picture

We need to bully the bullies so they stop bullying.

pods's picture

Well, being that rents are off the charts, there is an another about to pop housing bubble, employment is in the shitter, and wages are not keeping up with inflation I would say that staying home (if one can) is actually the smarter decision.

Not to mention they are avoiding more debt that way, which helps us all.

I speak about them having the guts to achieve from the view that they can only do that if things collapse.  And collapse they will if they continue to do as they are.

If they were to do as us dumb older people did, namely join the rat race and increase the aggregate debt, then they would be aiding in the survival of the system that is on it's deathbed. 

I would say they are actually helping by not joining the system.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Starve the beast.  Tell em, pods.

Arnold's picture




Paul Kersey's picture

Our two major presidential candidates are starting to resemble land manatees. If they had to debate, one wearing a string bikini, and the other in nothing but a Speedo grape smuggler, it would be hard to take either of them seriously. However, if anyone ridiculed them for their appearances, one of them would call for the lynching of the body shamer, while the other would just say, "I know you are, but what am I?" In this fake PC atmosphere, the second response would be a lot more genuine than the first.

NumberNone's picture

These are not snowflakes...they are Stalin, they are Mao Zedong.  They just lack the ability to imprison or put a bullet in the brain of everyone that disagrees with them at this time.     

Radical Marijuana's picture

Given that the world operates through apparently infinite tunnels of deceits, one of the resulting ironies is that it was BECAUSE “the entire world" DOES MANIFEST "as a form of bullying," that so-called "political correctness" developed as yet another reflection of that bullying.

Since impossible ideals actually cause the opposite to happen in the real world, "political correctness" is promoted by professional hypocrites, who have adapted to live inside the biggest bullies' bullshit world views, and the resulting sociopolitical systems, in ways which have recuited legions of useful idiots to promote attitudes which will actually cause the opposite to what those attitudes were supposed to do.

In general, slavery never stopped, but only became more sophisticated, while relatively few have a clue regarding how sophisticated that kind of scientific brainwashing has become. Therefore, the rise of bullshit-based "political correctness," which effectively advances the agenda of the biggest bullies, since they were originally the ones who developed the sets of impossible ideals, which enabled them to better operate systems of enforced frauds, through becoming better professional hypocrites.

It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which we are living inside Wonderland Matrix, Bizarro Worlds, where everything manifests in absurdly backward ways, where the reflections of those become apparently infinite tunnels of deceits. Therefore, it is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which superficial notions regarding "political correctness" are guaranteed to backfire badly in spectacular ways!

I believe it is an obviously correct statement of basic social facts that:

“People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying.

The entire world DOES operate as a form of bullying, since the FACTS are that public governments enforce frauds by private banks. Within that overall context, the biggest bullies' bullshit has become the banksters' bullshit, which almost totally dominates the political economy of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, which was always based upon being able to back up lies with violence, which became integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which systems were operated by the best available professional hypocrites, which developed their notions of "political correctness" because doing so would end up advancing their overall agenda.

In my view, human beings and civilization have become so alienated from their underlying realities, that it is politically impossible to more realistically think through how basic FACTS were the sources of slavery, that people can NOT create air, water, food or shelter, etc., out of nothing, and therefore, their lives are controlled by having to do what they have to do in order to survive within that context, which is the real source of slavery.

Such slavery has become too overwhelmingly perceived as solely a social thing, without reference to the relatively objective facts about the natural world, which drove the development of that social slavery, it has become politically impossible to have any more realistic, & rational, public debates about the real problems: such at that the public "money" supplies are being created out of nothing as debts, and then that "money" is being used to "pay" for food, and fuel, etc.. The world of "economics" has been deliberately divorced from the natural environment, and therefore, the ways that most people think about "bullying" has become as absurdly backward and disconnected from relatively objective realities as it could possibly become.

In general, since the vast majority of people take for granted perceiving everything in absurdly backward ways, they also then propose and promote bogus "solutions" which are absurdly backwards, such as the ways that so-called "political correctness" developed as integrated sets of impossible ideals, which actually cause the opposite to happen in the real world. The social world IS based upon a long history of being dominated by the biggest bullies, and therefore, that social world is dominated by stories which are the biggest bullies' bullshit, which publicly present everything in the most absurdly backward ways possible, because everything is dominated by the ways that frauds are enforced.

Since being able to enforce frauds never stops those from still being fundamentally fraudulent, the realm of social stories constantly becomes more psychotically separated from relatively objective realities, in direct proportion to the degree that frauds continue to be able to be enforced. Hence, the overall "IRONIES" that the entire world DOES manifest as forms of bullying, while "political correctness" is just another expression of that actually happening.

Since the vast majority of people have been more and more scientifically brainwashed to believe in bullshit for generation after generation (because there were previously thousands of years of history based upon being able to back up deceits with destruction, which more and more became, in relatively recent times, the ways that public governments enforce frauds by private banks), it is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which that is CORRECT when: “People now experience the entire world as a form of bullying."

However, because the vast majority of people continue to believe, and want to believe, in the bullshit that they were originally conditioned and taught to believe in, their notions of "solutions" to various real problems tend to be just as absurdly backwards as their perception of those problems were. Hence, so-called "political correctness" is an absurdly backward set of bogus "solutions," which arise due to the ways that people perceive their real problems in absurdly backward ways.

Since sociopolitical systems based upon the excessive successfulness of enforcing frauds (which amount to deliberately ignoring and misunderstanding the laws of nature as much as humanly possible), civilization is manifesting runaway criminal insanities, while, of course, that includes the ways that the public promotion of sets of over-the-top sets of impossible ideals, such as so-called "political correctness" actually manifest as over-the-top professional hypocrisies based upon impossible ideals, which must backfire badly in the real world, and which were originally designed in order to do so, although the lower levels of useful political idiots, of course, do not recognize that to be the case.

Indeed, one of the most standard patterns of human history, through generation after generation, is that those who were abused become the abusers. Rarely do enough people develop enough higher levels of consciousness in order to overcome those vicious spirals. Even the few who relatively do end up still stuck within the overall deepening ruts driven by triumphantly enforced frauds having waged war against consciousness, for generation after generation.

Since the entire political economy IS based upon enforcing frauds, and that can only work when the vast majority of people do not undertstand that, because they have been conditioned to not want to understand that, so far, the few who somewhat superficially recognize the degrees to which it is CORRECT that “people now experience the entire world as a form of bullying," they mostly still continue to stay within the same frame of reference, which takes for granted perceiving everything in the most absurdly backwards ways, and hence, promote absurdly backward, bogus "solutions," such as those based upon so-called "political correctness," which could barely become more INCORRECT on every deeper level, while only somewhat correct on some of the more superficial levels.

Thousands of years of civilization based upon slavery has primarily become more sophisticated systems of slavery, within which systems the ways that people are mentally enslaved by believing in bullshit, which became triumphant through bullying, is barely possible to exaggerate. Therefore, the article above was another typical example of the standard fare published on Zero Hedge, which is superficially correct analysis, which does not go through deeper levels of analysis, in order to better appreciate the degree to which civilization has developed to operate through almost infinite tunnels of deceits, where the lies are different at every level.

The rise of so-called "political correctness" is actually another expression of the degree to which civilization is collectively becoming more and more insane, at about an exponential rate, due to progress in physical science having pretty well nothing like that happening in political science. While some human beings are better and better understanding various other manifestations of general energy systems, and hence, that enables awesome technological progress, human beings and civilization do NOT better understand themselves as manifestations of general energy systems. Rather, human beings, within the overwhelmingly dominate Globalized Neolithic Civilization, are being driven towards becoming more and more criminally insane, at about an exponential rate, that matches the rate of progress in physical science, while political science goes nowhere, but rather, digs itself deeper and deeper into the vicious spirals of better enforcing frauds, through an oxymoronic scientific dictatorship, which deliberately refuses to become any more genuinely scientific about itself.

So-called "political correctness" is deeply anti-scientific, in proportion to the degree that it is based upon sets of impossible ideals which can NOT be reconciled with the physical world, but rather, were driven to develop through thousands of years of bullying making bullshit become overwhelming dominate social stories. So-called "political correctness" would NOT have become so socially dominant unless it served the interests of professional hypocrites, whose goals are always the opposite of what they say are their goals.

The overall tragic trajectory that civilization is now on is towards series of psychotic breakdowns. Of course, the laws of nature are NOT going to stop working, and nothing that depends upon the laws of nature is going to stop working. But nevertheless, natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest about themselvs as they could previously become, and moreover, those dishonesties are actually becoming exponentially more dishonest, as the Grand Canyon Chasms between progress in physical science, versus NO progress in political science, continue to get wider and WIDER.

The existing political economy has become about 99% based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, and those are automatically becoming exponentially more fraudulent. There is almost nothing but that central core of triumphant organized crime, surrounded by layers of controlled opposition groups. The promotion the publicly significant forms of "political correctness" is being done by various of those controlled opposition groups, in ways which therefore will surely actually cause the opposite of what they say they intend to be what really happens, because their senses of reality are almost totally based upon social realities, which are diverging further and further away from relatively more objective physical realities.