Russian Foreign Minister Trolls US Elections: "So Many Pussies On Both Sides"

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Presented with little it appears Russian Foreign Minister Segey Lavrov nails it...

Lavrov has trolled Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during a CNN interview, telling host Christiane Amanpour that the US presidential campaign was full of “pussies”.

“There are so many pussies around your presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment,” Lavrov answered when Amanpour asked him about Trump’s “Pussy Riot moment.”

Lavrov pre-empted his answer by saying “I don’t know if I would sound indecent” before the comment left Amanpour laughing hysterically...


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Easily the funniest / most poignant thing I've seen today

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Anyone who would grab Shillary by the pussy, is more of a man than I am. I'd be afraid it was trying to grab me. 

Erek's picture

Grab it and it might rip your arm off.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

What about Paul Ryan? He's no wimp! And Barrack Obama! We have a lot seriously tough politicians, and are not to be messed with. Russia better watch their next move, because we are very close to just nuking the hell out of them.

Why we Need Women in the Military

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MDB for Minister of Propaganda!

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Let's see if Lavrov is still laughing when Dear Leader Hillary drops a 5 megaton molotov cocktail on his doorstep. Perhaps Sergey will reconsider his "pussy" comment as he scavenges through the radioactive rubble to find what is left of his charred testes. All Hail Dear Leader Hillary! The hour which Dagon foretold is at hand!

roxyNL's picture


So bombing hospitals is courage for lavrov !

I still remember russian forces fleeing stone age afghanistan ... like real pussies !

francis scott falseflag's picture


But do you remember the US blanketing Vietnamese women and children with napalm, retreating back to the States and telling everyone they won the war?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

It wasn't a retreat, the US bravely ran away.

And Afghanistan... I wonder if the Soviets pulling out had anything to do with the US arming 'moderate rebels' known then as Mujihadeen (now known as Taliban) with Stinger missiles, that could shoot down helicopters, easily swinging the risk/reward ratio of the conflict in the subsidized 'moderate rebels' favor?

fx's picture

I have to correct you an that one. The Taliban were initially armed and set in motion by Pakistan's military intelligence (ISI) to replace the Mujaheddin-led Kabul government with a supposedly pakistan-controlled puppet govt. They virtually overran most of the former Mujaheddin after some time. The original US-sponsored Mujaheddin have been wiped out to a large extent, some of them now fight along with other islamist terrorists in Ukraine, Kashmir, Syria - you name it. Of course, the Pakistani idiots have learnt the hard way that it is way easier to let the genie out of the bottle than to put it back in. They have lost any control now over them as did the USA over all the various terrorists that they armed and trained in all parts of the world.

Donald J. Trump's picture

I wonder is Lavrov means actual pussies.  That would make a lot of sense.

Bastiat's picture

I'm pretty sure he meant Paul Ryan for one.

jeff montanye's picture

speaking of a pussy that will rip your arm off (and another that would get a rise from the dead or the living):

after the second debate, a friend of mine who is a hard core obama/hillary supporter and a 9-11 truth denier summed it up: he kicked her ass and i guess the bastard's going to be elected president.


Loftie's picture

The PUSSIES are also driving the conflict with Russia.

booboo's picture

Israli Secret Intelligence Service or I.S.I.S.

Does radical islam use acronyms?  mmmmm...No

11b40's picture

Tell me again where exactly Pakistan gets it weapons, and the money to buy them?

East Indian's picture

mujahideen -> taliban -> al qaeda -> ISIS -> al Nusra -> God knows what or where

RiverRoad's picture

Well, well, well.  Guess why MDB is spotlighting "Women in the Military:  It's all about our war-mongering Hillary.

What young women need to know about is that the the new Selective Service bill which was scheduled for a vote in Congress last summer and which was quickly tabled until after Hillary's election, is requiring women 18-30 to register with Selective  Service just as men must now.

 Hello gals!!  She gets're gun fodder.  You can  kiss your neatly laid career plans goodbye.  Still want to vote for her NOW? 

11b40's picture

Fastest way to end the war(s)......bring back the draft.  Even a half way credible effort to re-instate the draft would be enough to fill the streets with young people and shut the wars down.  Can you say "hell no, we won't go!"?

RiverRoad's picture

Said that once... 

However did you notice that the same time the draft was ended, the US started to look the other way as illegals began to pour over our southern border, joining our military to get citizenship?  Convenient arrangement, and it has served our purposes thus far with the low numbers guerilla-type warfare we've been conducting. 

However now when the BIG one comes (to get the banksters/Wall St. out of their mess) they will only have to call up everyone who is registered, using as usual some really heinous false flag to get the young people to "buy" into it.  Can you say "Pearl Harbor"?  9/11?  Only THIS time they plan to force women as well as men into this war.  Ironically the same (unwitting) young women whose vote Hillary is counting on. 

It was reported in the news last spring that this bill was on the docket to be voted into law last summer by Congress.   Then it was suddenly and quietly tabled until after Nov. 8th.....

Hillary is preparing to have her War all up and ready to GO folks.

StychoKiller's picture

"When danger reared its ugly head, Sir Sammy turned his tail and fled..." :>D

fx's picture

Sergej, you made my day!! priceless by Lavrov. Now THAT's a foreign secretary. Not clueless idiots without brains like kerry, Killary and co.

Ignatius's picture

Wait, are you saying that people like the honorable Senator Lindsay Graham is a pussy?

Sages wife's picture

Mr. Sergei Lavrov is a statesman of the highest class. He and his counterparts have done a masterful job of checking their egos, and patiently allowing the West to debase itself. Their honesty and eagerness to co-operate indiscriminately has earned them the world leadership role that they deserve. The american empire is finished; and not a moment too soon.

Erek's picture

Didn't Shrub say that about Iraq?

roadhazard's picture

I was there and I never heard anyone say we won the war. But you keep making it up as you go along.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The troops thank you for your servicing, Ming Lee.

francis scott falseflag's picture

And I never heard it either.  Until I read it here on ZH.  Written by one of your cohorts.

On a thread a month or two ago.  I guess you mssed it. You snooze you lose.


Or maybe it was a Pentagon spokesman.  Anyway, it's time to end this shit show.





Calmyourself's picture

I see the Billary Bot army is up and running today.


Billary is paying good money for these bots be sure to starve these trolls, no response, no feeding at all..

fx's picture

you mean, that  (doctors without frontiers) hospital in afghanistan that was bombed by the US air force last year?

You see, the Russians were up against US-armed Afghan rebels and lost.

The US was once again ignorant enough not to learn anything from others' mistakes (no news, I know) and are now beaten to the punch in  Afghanistan by rebels not armed by anyone but the US and their allies themselves. who is the bigger moron? The Russians who learnt their lesson or the US who still have no clue? And who fight the very people they had earlier financed and armed Talk about maximum idiocy.

Volkodav's picture

Better learn real facts of Soviet in Afghanistan

before outside interferences



fx's picture

The facts about Afghanistan? how about that one: No foreign army has ever been able to really conquer and occupy that country, no matter how superior they looked. Not the British, not the Soviet (and I know, they didn't want to occupy the country, they were called in by the Afghan government to help defend it against US-led aggression. Still, they were also fought by local tribes, criminals, rebels of all shades) and sure as hell not by USA/NATO.

karzai_luver's picture

THE whole debate was a sham.


That place is not and NEVER was a "country".


That is why you can't "bring" anything to them, there are a 100 thems.

The terms of the western debate showed failure if anyone would have cared to look and was a prop war against the west.

That is all.


gatorengineer's picture

you can't hold any territory that has no rule of law or sense of morality.... The Romans had the best approach and hence the term decimate.

cheech_wizard's picture

And after the bombing, they drove a tank over the rubble to destroy any remaining evidence.


Volkodav's picture

Soviet, not Russian...

Soviet forces withdrew in order

You know nothing about Afghanistan


fx's picture

Of course. I wanted to simplify things a bit. Rest assured I know lots about Afghanistan and the various factions and groups operating there. no need to spill beans on that one.

fx's picture

No need to make things up. It was a terrible mistake and miscalculation by breshnev and his people back then and it cost more than 20.000 young soviet lifes. Yes they orderly withdrew, sort of. Which was a good decision, after all. That doesn't make the whole thing less of a tragedy.

And the local party funcionaries and people's party members stayed and so many of them were immediately killed by the Mujaheddin. Not everyone could "orderly withdraw"

11b40's picture

And the Soviet Union fell apart soon afterward.  And we are still there after 15 years - our longest war.  And America is on the ropes.  And the clock is ticking.  Tock toc, tick toc.

What's your point?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

roxyNoLife bleated:

So bombing hospitals is courage for lavrov !

No, but arming and paying terrorists to bomb hospitals and then blaming it on the Russians is American cowardice.

11b40's picture

Not to mention using chemical weapons on civillians.  We have a long history of supplying those.  Just ask the Iraqi Kurds.

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

They did not run like pussies. They just lost a propaganda war and ISIS 0.0, but as a result your children die from opium overdose. I don't actually know who won and who lost in that war, the fact is that bad Soviet Union tried to stop production of opium for your children by good Britain/US coalition. You tell me.

East Indian's picture

Opium spread in Afghanistan mainly after the mujahideen 'conquered' it; during the monarchy or the communist rule it was not a large scale cultivation; it was like the rest of the sub-continent: sporadic, local and mostly discouraged. It was the mujahideen who spread it to pay for their operations against the Soviets. 

And the Soviets retreated orderly and at their own pace. The Afghan Communist government survived for a few weeks after the Soviet withdrawal. The fate of its leader, Najibullah, should have warned the west what sort of people they were encouraging. His brother took refuge in India.

It was not what happened to the British - Indian army in 1841, when a force of 16,000 left Kabul, and only one British - a Dr Bryden - and a handful of Indians reached Jalalabad a week later. "The retreat became a rout".

11b40's picture

Befroe we arrived to whip up on the Taliban, they had laid waste to the poppy fields, and almost had the entire crop eradicated.  We couldn't have that.  Way too muuch dark money to lose.

Like so many other things, this is not an accident.

The_Prisoner's picture

Tell us about the glorious Dutch victories, you nazi cunt. You can't find a murderous regime to collaborate with quick enough. Leading from behind.

Not everyone is oblivious to the fact the Netherlands acted as a haven for post wwii nazis to this day, along with Sweden.

You won't be spared in the next clean up.

Erek's picture

Why don't you just eat shit and bark at the moon? Your drivel is becoming annoyingly pussified.