Global Elites Are Getting Ready To Blame You For The Coming Financial Crash

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

Those people that have any doubts about where the narrative is headed for global economic stability simply have not been paying attention lately.

As I pointed out in my pre-Brexit referendum article, Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?, the story being scripted by the globalists is one of the “failures and crimes" of conservative movements. I predicted that the Brexit would pass based on this language used by international financiers and elites leading up to the vote.

The vast majority of analysts in the mainstream and in the alternative media refused to acknowledge the possibility that a successful Brexit actually works in FAVOR of the globalists, because it provides them a perfect scapegoat for a financial crisis that has been broiling for years and is now ready to burst into flames. I find still that many people will not dare to consider the idea that a successful conservative resurgence is actually part of the plan for globalist institutions. Many argue that the elites just don’t have that kind of pervasive control over the system, or that I am attributing “too much power and ability” to them.

I find this argument rather naive but also interesting, because many of the people that claim the elites do not have such influence were also the same people that argued before the Brexit that the elites would “never allow” the U.K. referendum to pass. So, do they have extensive influence, or don’t they?  This kind of selective blindness to the game being played prevents a whole host of otherwise intelligent people from grasping reality.

These folks need to finally admit to themselves that they were half right; the globalists would not allow the passage of the Brexit, UNLESS, a successful Brexit actually works in their favor.

In my post-Brexit analysis I said that the meme of bumbling and destructive conservatives and “populists” would continue into the U.S. election, and so far it would seem this is exactly the case. In numerous mainstream articles globalists have been openly telling us exactly what is about to happen.

I find that the same naivety that developed during the Brexit campaign has also developed around the Trump campaign. Too many in the liberty movement will not entertain the idea that a Trump win is in the cards. Yet, the elites are using the same language in reference to the Trump campaign that they used before and after the Brexit.

Bloomberg’s latest report on the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank showcase numerous warnings by the elites:

The global economy has benefited tremendously from globalization and technological change,” the IMF’s top advisory panel said in a communique released on Saturday after meeting in Washington. “However, the outlook is increasingly threatened by inward-looking policies, including protectionism, and stalled reforms.”


The IMF warned in its latest economic outlook that rising political tensions over open markets and free trade could undermine a recovery already lacking a growth engine.”


In a rebuke to those advocating a turn away from trade, the members of the IMF panel redoubled their commitment to “maintain economic openness and reinvigorate global trade as a critical means to boost global growth.”

Barron’s reiterates the predictive programming, insinuating that a loss of faith in globalism and the financial elites will lead to disaster.

Leaders gathered at the International Monetary Fund/World Bank annual meeting didn’t mention Donald Trump by name this week, but they warned the anti-trade and populist movements fueling his presidential campaign, as well as Brexit, could further slow already anemic economic growth.”


“…Populist movements have not fallen on deaf ears, with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble noting during a panel on the global economy that: “More and more, people don’t trust their elites. They don’t trust their economic leaders, and they don’t trust their political leaders.”

Globalists are telling us what is about to happen.

I continue to hold to the position I always have — that Donald Trump is going to be ALLOWED into the White House, and that this will be a prelude to economic crisis. The stage is being set for a grand finale to our ongoing financial collapse. The great villain behind the whole disaster will be revealed, and we will be told that the villain is us.

By “us" I mean conservative movements in general, though, the mainstream media and globalist spokesmen refer to us more often today as “populists", or maybe "deplorables". Those people who think this brand of “conspiracy” is too far fetched because it requires an inordinate level of political and economic control have not really thought the situation through.

Fact - central banks and international financiers have already created the conditions necessary for economic instability. Fact - these same elites have staved off a larger or more immediate collapse over the past eight years through the use of fiat stimulus measures, market rigging and the manipulation of public perception. Fact - the elites can easily initiate an immediate collapse if they wish by simply refusing to prop up the system any longer. Fact - the elites have showcased the ability to stifle conservative movements in the past through interference and co-option (Tea Party, anyone?). Fact - they can also give conservative movements an opportunity to gain momentum by removing some of this interference.

The truth is, at this point globalists do not need expansive or intricate control over the system in order to cause a crisis or to place conservatives in the historical hot seat. All they have to do is step aside and let the train wreck happen. And, of course, they have to position themselves as prognosticators and saviors once the crisis event occurs.

The argument also arises that “people would never take the bait;” that the masses will not be fooled by the banking cabal into scapegoating conservatives for a crash the elites created. One can only hope. However, possession is nine-tenths of the law in the minds of many, and the mainstream has already conditioned the public with the notion that the mere presence of anti-globalist conservatives in positions of political authority will negatively affect market psychology.

Of course, this notion relies on the admission of certain truths. For example, the globalists would have to admit that the fiscal system they have held together is so tenuous and fraudulent that it depends solely on false public perception and false investor assumptions. In order to blame conservatives for the destruction of the global economy, the elites will have to tell the truth about the frailty of the system before they can lie about who broke it.

This may not matter. When people are facing national or international calamity with the potential to hurt them personally, critical thinking and logic tend to go out the window.

There is also the power of distraction to occupy the minds of the masses while a crisis is taking shape, and what could be more distracting than the Trump vs. Clinton U.S. election? I have to say, I don’t think I have ever witnessed or seen a historical accounting of an election more psychotic than the election of 2016. It is truly the most divisive event in over a century, and this is why I consistently compare it to the Brexit referendum.

The tone is very much the same, with citizens on the Left side of the political spectrum being lured into rallying in support of globalism as if it is a prerequisite to peace and harmony, while citizens on the Right side of the spectrum are portrayed as knuckle dragging isolationist barbarians hell-bent on urinating in the punch bowl and ruining everyone’s global prosperity party.

Brexit supporters were painted as older, selfish, potentially racist and out of touch with the changing times. Brexit opponents were painted as young, educated and victimized by older generations taking away the supposed future benefits of globalism.

Trump supporters are labeled as older, mostly white-centric, uneducated and fearful of the changing times. They just “don’t get” that it’s 2016. Trump opponents are elevated as the academic and worldly class battling to prevent another Hitler.

During the lead up to the U.K. referendum, polls indicated a wide margin in favor of the anti-Brexit crowd and the assumption by almost everyone was that the Brexit would fail.

The lead up to the U.S. election is also rife with polls indicating in most cases a margin of victory for Clinton over Trump. Of course, only a complete idiot would take polling numbers seriously in light of what happened during the Brexit.

The Brexit campaign witnessed what appeared to some to be an unrecoverable black swan event - the killing of British MP Jo Cox. Almost everyone claimed that the murder of Cox by an apparently pro-Brexit assailant meant that the Brexit was doomed (I actually argued that the murder would be forgotten in a week and that the Brexit would pass anyway).

The Trump campaign has witnessed its own kind of “black swan” event with the release of recordings from eleven years ago in which Trump is heard making “lewd remarks” about women. It is surprising to me how many conservatives (let alone liberals) have been declaring Trump’s candidacy effectively “over” due to the scandal. These people are dupes.

Once again, I argue that the Trump tapes will be forgotten in a week and that they have no bearing whatsoever on the election. They are nothing more than bread and circus. Beyond the fact that really, almost no one cares what Trump said a decade ago, I argue that this election has already been decided. I argue that the globalists want Trump in office, just as they wanted the passage of the Brexit. I argue that they need conservative movements to feel as though we have won, so that they can pull the rug out from under us in the near future. I argue that we are being set up.

Again, the elites are openly telling us what is about to happen. They are telling us that if “populists” (conservatives) gain political power, the system will effectively collapse. To what extent is hard to say, but let’s assume that the situation will be ugly enough to influence the masses to reconsider the ideal of globalism as a possible solution. The elites are fond of the Hegelian dialectic and the philosophy of “order out of chaos,” after all.

The only way to counter this developing lie is for liberty champions to first accept the idea that our political victories might be ultimately meaningless and that we are being allowed to take charge of a ship that is already sinking. Only then can we distance ourselves from an exponential fiscal disaster by distancing ourselves from the narrative.

Perhaps I am wrong, and in November we see a dismal Trump performance and a Clinton victory. But if we see a “surprise” Trump election win, just as we saw a surprise Brexit win, then it may be time to consider that the surface of this situation is not what it appears.

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Grandad Grumps's picture

Brandon always writes such greatly inciteful articles. Why did they allow Brexit and why will Trump be elected? So, they, who hold the real power and control of world events, will be able to blame all of their criminally corrupt enterprises and world destruction on the uninformed will of the people.

Simply another lie by the parasite cabal. There are no black swans. There are no free markets. There is no republic or democracy.

erkme73's picture

In your rush to be the first poster, did you bother to read the article? Thanks for answering the question about why. I mean, it's not like that's what the whole thing is about.. 

Mr. Fix's picture

The only problem with this theory, Trump would have the opportunity to have all of the elites lined up in front of a firing squad.

That's why it's not going to happen.

Al Bendova's picture

Trump doesn't have the balls to line up the criminals.  And, in reality, he will probably not have the time.  Things would be allowed to crash around him soon after he takes office.  The perfect scapegoat for the inevitable disaster that awaits us.

strannick's picture

If his campaign proved anything, its that Trump has the balls.

God bless Donald Trump

Loftie's picture
Loftie (not verified) strannick Oct 13, 2016 9:29 PM

And who are they? These elusive "elites"?

monk27's picture

I'll give you one name: Soros ! You find the others, now...

stacking12321's picture

here's one more: colonel sanders

rbianco3's picture

And his strong-men Clinton, Bush, Romney, Ryan who recently failed to unseat Trump by releasing a video held until the precise moment... well not precise enough.

Now the few "good media" know what the strong-men did and they are calling on people to rally behind Trump - it's a beautiful thing.

jefferson32's picture

Brandon Smith has not fully understood why the queen of England (and other PTBs) favored Brexit.

jefferson32's picture

"The only way to counter this developing lie is for liberty champions to first accept the idea that our political victories might be ultimately meaningless and that we are being allowed to take charge of a ship that is already sinking. Only then can we distance ourselves from an exponential fiscal disaster by distancing ourselves from the narrative."

Or, otherwise said, the trials and hangings need to happen before we make America great again.

TBT or not TBT's picture

In 2008 Obama successfully  campaigned on the meme where Republicans and Bush had caused the crisis...a crisis whose timing was chosen to some degree, as to who to allow to extend and pretend/bailout and who to let implode and WHEN.  The roles of Dem led machines of financial destruction Fannie and Freddie and the Clinton DOJ's weaponsing the CRA disappeared behind brain smog about Republicans not getting the car keys back and getting busy regulating the fuck out everything, ruining our health care system, tripling down on the good war in Afghanistan, and abandonning swaths of the mjddle east to islamic nutters well worse than what we.had...

Curiously_Crazy's picture

The thing the author misses when he says people may rush to reconsider globalism as the crash unfolds is that a lot of us are already barely scaping by as it is.

I agree with your comment of "The perfect scapegoat for the inevitable disaster that awaits us." but the fact remains that joe blogs doesn't give a fuck if the markets collapse.. that is to say if the market crashes and a few people lose a lot of money on paper promises well it means jack shit to most of us.

Yes, my superannuation fund may go to almost zero if I wern't on the lowest risk portfolio available, but I'm not concerned about that since I know I'll never get to see it anyway. In 20 years it will all be up in smoke no matter what.

runningman18's picture

You might be surprised how people change their priorties when their families are starving.  They start looking for someone to save them.  A stock crash has a psychological effect on people even if they don't play in equities.  It doesn't matter much if joe blogs doesn't have a 401K, he still sees Dow in the red everyday on MSNBC or Fox and associates it with his own plight.  This isn't about the stocks my man, it's about mass psychology. 

Bemused Observer's picture

The 'mass psychology' thing isn't working as it used to...and it will work less going forward.

And though you're right about people under threat seeking someone to save them, the ones they end up picking are rarely the ones who think they'll be picked.

When things go bad, people do NOT double-down on the status quo, they seek CHANGE, and the bigger the problem, the more drastic the change they seek. So the idea that globalists cause carnage so that we'll seek globalists to save us is absurd to me. It has simply never worked that way ever in history. If the globalists truly fuck this up, it's over for them...this is their last shot to get it right, if we are actually on the precipice of a financial collapse. The 'end of empire' reek is very familiar to those who study history. When is the last time an empire in its death throes has ever sought salvation from their current ruling elites? And where are all those 'current elites' now?

Should things go as badly as many think, the current crop of elites will NOT be empowered. They will be cast out of power, probably violently, and replaced by something very different. Something no one has planned for, or seen coming.

outsider9's picture

how bad was unemployment during the 1929 crash?

NidStyles's picture

Yes, how dare I as a White man simply not forfeit my country and give a sub-Saharan Muslim all my children...

Mr. Bones's picture

You know... You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan." Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan." But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds! Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair! - Joker, the Dark Knight

booboo's picture

Yes, we should assume in the fetal position and be afraid to actually change direction.


blargg's picture

Well, he did say inciteful rather than insightful.

Nemontel's picture

Nothing is certain. And the global elites are not in favor of Trump being elected, they oppose him full force.

GracchusBrothers's picture

The global elite can kiss my ass and smell the gas!

larz's picture

.......and they can blow me and feel the gag

Ignatius's picture

I always wondered if it was me.

Sorry, guys, I guess I just couldn't help myself.

Coldfire's picture

Quietly, across the globe, rope is slowly being boiled for these "elites" and their Mussolini Moment...

Pumpkin's picture

Man, this sucks.  You'd think I'd have more shit.

nmewn's picture

"You worthless ungrateful consumers! You are simply not spending enough to keep our asset prices inflated with your $2,500 savings from ObamaCare, that money is really ours! You are basically thieves who have stolen from our good intentions and you will pay dearly." - MIT professor Jonathan Gruber 

Hey, if they can lie so can I, its not immoral to lie to the devil.


Wut...can't take it? ;-)

TBT or not TBT's picture

When the shit truly splatters off the fan, there may a lot of anger out there, but few will understand to direct it at the Grubers and Gorelicks, Nudgers and Lerners and Franklin Raines types.   

philipat's picture

Sorry, I don't agree. Brexit passed in the UK because the UK uses a paper ballot system and has an electoral role with each person being required to vote at a designated polling station where, against production of photo ID the voters name is then checked off. No double voting and the paper ballots are retained so that a recount can be done as necessary. In view of this system, the only way that fraud can take place is by "ballot stuffing" but with observers at all polling stations and counting floors, it was impossible to stuff enough ballots to change the result. Period.

Until the very last day, the "elites", including the PM and the Central Bank, were preaching armaggedon if the vote to Brexit was passed and were placing large bets on remain so as to make the book overwhelmingly stacked against the more numerous small bets placed by ordinary folks.

So, sorry, the proposition of this piece just does not hold up to scrutiny.


RayKu's picture

There you go inserting facts and common sense. What's the matter with you?

French Bloke's picture


Ah, but what isn't apparent are the following faults with the British system:

  • The ballot boxes are cardboard sealed with a sticky strip. There are numerous accounts of tampering. In many UK elections the boxes have been stored overnight and tampered with
  • There have been instances where the count is going in favour of an unfavorable party and at the last minute 10,000 postal votes have appeared and saved the day for the status quo. Postal voting is the biggest fraud going
  • In voting booth's people are given pencils, not pens to mark their vote. Surely safe, no?

The elctoral system is as open to fraud in the UK as anywhere else


And David Cameron, who has a nice big house in London which he'd rented out, had to take on a mortgage to buy another house in London in which to reside as his kids schooled a Westminster. Why did he do this? Because he knew his days in No. 10 were very limited. This was 6 weeks before the Brexit vote. It was allowed to happen. They could have stiopped it. How come UKIP, who got as many votes as the SNP, got only 1 seat when SNP got 56? (Yes, I know it's a tighter demographic) And more votes than the Lib Dems who got 8 seats. You think it's not rigged - think again.

runningman18's picture

The premise is pretty sound.  If you think that a breakdown isn't coming and will not be blamed on Brexit, then you might be a useful idiot.  Look at the falling Pound.  Look at Deutsche Bank.  These things take time.  People stupidly believed the carnage would hit right after the vote passed.  When it didn't, they stupidly beleieved that nothing was going to happen at all.  That's not how financial earthquakes shake, my friend.  There are tremors leading up to the big finale.   

1980XLS's picture

Do as I Say, not as I do

SgtShaftoe's picture

Oh, that would end well... /sarc 

If they want to get the 80 year old blue haired grandmothers to turn into force recon snipers, THAT would be an excellent course of action. 

It would not end well.  This isn't the fucking 50s any longer. 

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Trump will pull a loss out of his Rump.

After this campaign he will not be allowed into the WH, even in the public tours.....

WS'ers are lining everything up...

Yen Cross's picture

  Does this mean we're getting mushroom clouds instead of helicopter money?  Ha---

SgtShaftoe's picture

Not funny.  But what else can we do but laugh and try to organize our houses to the listing ship? 

Ignorance is bliss's picture

Anyone thinking that the next 4 years wont be a disaster for the nation has not been paying attention. I wonder why Trump wants such a shitty job.. If nothing else I hope he shoots down the Federal Reserve and brings it back into the Tresury, Re-institutes Glass Stegal, and puts Killary in Prison.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Most people in my circle of dealings across the country may not be fully up to speed, but are pretty damn close.  They won't blame Trump.  They know they've been farmed like cattle for the last several decades.  Most will put blame on the previous admins.  If I were a member of those previous guilty parties, I'd be pretty damn worried about now.  Any agression toward the people or their populist leaders will likely be taken as an act of war and acted upon.  They are stuck.  They are in check. 

floomby's picture

Glass Stegal... We ought to take a serious look at the premises of fractional reserve banking. The whole regulating the banks is a crazy gymnastics routine to eliminate risk created by debt, and the debt starts in the bank with fractional lending where the bank pretends that it has more money than it does.

floomby's picture

Glass Stegal... We ought to take a serious look at the premises of fractional reserve banking. The whole regulating the banks is a crazy gymnastics routine to eliminate risk created by debt, and the debt starts in the bank with fractional lending where the bank pretends that it has more money than it does.

fwupow's picture

What fine little propaganda artists they are. Anybody who has paid any attention knows that they whole system has been buckled since 1971 and was at least morbidly unsound since 1913, but the people of NOW are going to blamed for the collapse of what had been a sound and  "rebuilding economy"! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (catches breath), HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (vomits). I've also wet my pants. This 100+ year excercise in stupidity needs to collapsed so it can be carted away and tossed into the dumpster of history - the dumpster where they put all the buck stupid stuff. Sad thing is that plenty of ignoramouses will actually buy this propaganda and think they're to blame.

Things that go bump's picture

The trouble is, it's never carted away and tossed into the dumpster of history. It's always reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes and starts up for the next naive generation. My grandparents never bought into the whole bank thing and kept most of their money outside the banking system all of their lives (we had to open the hems of the curtains, check between the pages of books and magazines and pull up the carpeting and loose floor boards to find their stashes - I hope we got it all - there was a bucket of silver dollars at the back of a passage behind a closet). They were young adults during the Great Depression and never forgot the lessons learned. My parents were children during the Great Depression and believed in Roosevelt and his FDIC. My grandchildren are young adults now, and I don't think they even know about the Great Depression. So the lessions learned by my grandparents were forgotten by the 4th generation. Nobody wants to hear gloom and doom from an old lady so I find it better to keep my mouth shut. 

Ms No's picture

This is a possibility.  The fact that they let Brexit win that election was surprising.  They didn't have to let anything happen and we all know it.  They either chose to allow it or the vote was so one sided that they just couldn't hide it.  We know they will pull the rug out from under us if Trump gets in as well.  This is why it might be best if it's Hillary because at least then people will finally figure it out.  We are screwed either way at this point.  Trump can't fight off the entire system.  All he can do is make people aware.  Hillary can do that as well, just by being the demon that she is. 


TrumpO the AssClown does not have the skillset to be in office. He is a sad sack of shit pretending to be a 'successful' business man. When the victory goes to Clinton TrumpO the AssClown will disappear into all out bankruptcy, oblivion, and death. He is a social outcast now, and will never be asked to go on prime time ever again. Enjoy the remaining time you have until the election date because TrumpO will not be on tv after that. When Corporatism decides on a candidate for office that spells the end for the competition for another four years. Hitler-y will only get into office before America is destroyed by thermonuclear war. The Russians & Chinese will pounce on America and invade to take over within months from now.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

Since the 'Master of Uranus' seem's to have all the answers, the only answers to his answers undeniably are:

(1) He (or it) is a Khazarian Jew; one who more than likely worships Baal (wether he knows it or not...).

(2) He (or it) more than likely stands to profit in the short term immensely from the coming chaos.

(3) He (or it) is eventually doomed to fail immeasurably in the coming collapse due to the size of it's ego, selfishness & arrogance.

(4) He (or it) is presently in a 'top' financial position, but in due time will end up on the streets or dead on the side of the road due to poor long term planning as a result of desertion by it's paid servants, once the fiat currency completely collapses.

(5) Good luck, 'Master of Uranus', because most people will not be inclined to save your ass in the end as their own personal survival along w/ their families on the material level will be worth more to them than yours.

chindit13's picture

Whatever Trump's faults, it's not really 'pretending' when you have dozens of buildings with your name on them and a net worth of a few billion.  Employing upwards of 25,000 people is also tough to pretend.  Perhaps you've tried that?  I'd be interested in the story.

Hillary, on the other hand, is running on her resume, not accomplishments.  Libya and Syria are not really anything worth bragging about, and being an early and ardent supporter of the Iraq War looks pretty bad.

I have to admit, however, that her one accomplishment as a Senator is pretty damn impressive.  She got that one Post Office in NY State renamed when she introduced her one Bill in Congress.

If that doesn't qualify one for the Oval Office, well, probably nothing does.

Simple J. Malarky's picture

About time to head back to the huffpo, eh master of uranus?