Wikileaks Releases Another 2,000 Podesta Emails In Part 6 Of Data Dump

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Just hours after wikileaks released the 5th part of the Podesta emails dump which in turn came shortly after part 4 which together amounted to some 1,866 new email, Wikileaks has unveiled the latest, 6th part in what now is a daily event, which released another 2,000 emails, bringing the total number of emails released to over 9,000 and assuring that at least one part of the media will be busy digging through hundreds of emails more, while much of the remaining part of the media will be doing all it can to ignore the latest release and instead focusing on the latest sexual allegations against Donald Trump.

Some initial observations:

The Soros Hamptons invite (link):

Dear Mr. Podesta,


I am writing to follow up on my message below. Please let me know if you are available to join Mr. and Mrs. Soros one weekend at their residence in Southampton. Weekends that would work well for a visit are August 7th-10th or August 28th-31st.

* * *

"Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them" - In November 2014, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook emailed Podesta about the urgency of pushing a bill to move the Illinois primary out of March, refers to a “lifeline to a moderate Republican candidate.”  Illinois was offered “a bonus of 10% extra delegates if they move to April and 20% if they move to May,” but didn’t change the date as it had already done so in 2008. (link)

“Our preference would be for them to move all the way to May, but if they at least move to April 12 or April 19 they will have the day to themselves and presumably garner a lot of coverage,” says Mook. “They will also be influencing a big northeast primary day on April 26.”


“They don't really care about being helpful and feel forgotten and neglected by POTUS,” Mook writes. “The key point is that this is not an Obama ask, but a Hillary ask. And the Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them."

* * *

More concerns about Hillary's emotional detachment, revealed in an email from Steve Hildebrand, former deputy national campaign director for Barack Obama, to Podesta (link)

Hillary has got to get away from Washington speak and begin immediately to find an emotional connection to regular Americans,”


“She needs to have a greater understanding of what people and families are going through every day. And, then she needs to find an emotional connection. This has to turn around now."

Podesta responds saying he is “aiming in the same direction” but would not mimic Bernie Sanders' tactics. “Bernie has gone decidedly negative and personal and like most things maybe he can get away with it. But we live with a double standard, so I think it's a mistake to follow him down that path.”

* * *

An email chain reveals debate prep for the January 14 debate, in which the need for a review of “the sensitive WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] related questions” is brought up (link).

“Is this accomplishable or will it be too weird?” Karen Dunn, lawyer and former counsel for Obama for America asks Huma Abedin. “Maybe the WJC stuff will come up during this session but if not, better done in a smaller group. Plus, our smaller group may want to meet after this anyhow?”


Huma Abedin suggests the small Bill Clinton team meet at Clinton’s house. “#2 small group agenda item could take a while....” she says.

* * *

Correspondence regarding a CNN request; including some mention of a purposefully leaked letter?  (link)

Worth remembering though that Gowdy last week on the record said his committee doesn’t have the authority to seek her server.

* * *

Joking about personal yoga emails, and several fake email exchanges from "JoeyBiden", Bushes, etc (link)

I like the “we still on for yoga part”

* * *

Jon Lovett wrote Terry's speech and came up with a new these tweets. See if HRC one seems okay. For our and Terry's politics I would not do Biden one.

* * *

He would have photos of printed out emails from HRC to others. > > Thinking from HRC to Jason Chafetz who took over from Issa, wants to subpoena HRC's server, and literally has his gmail address printed on his official business card. > > Maybe a chain between HRC and the Republican 2016ers that have personal email addresses like Jeb, Walker, Christie, etc.

* * *

Another admission of co-mingling of the purpose of meetings - CHAI board member and Long Pine Capital employee requesting a meeting, CVC suggesting it would be good for her mom's campaign (link)

for so many reasons - not least of which it would be good for my moms campaign - it would be great if john could meet with mala. how best to ensure that happens? Thanks

* * *

An email in which Laura Graham discusses CVC profit vs. foundation staff payments -- looks like McKenna wants more $, trying to split it 50/50% with CF vs. Chelseas "profit" work (link)

I have no idea how they achieved what is a 50/50 split on his CVC work between her for profit and CF activities. I think it's more heavily weighted toward her for profit and would think it would be closer to a 75/25 split. I have pushed back on Matt via HR several times asking for written justification and job responsibilities. He has given me nothing but generic statements so he's being less than cooperative. He bitched to Bari who relayed to HR that he hasn't had an increase in his CF fee in 2 years. I don't know if that is true. I am checking. Regardless, his concern for not getting an increase for CF (if that's the case) in 2 years, as I have pointed out, is not a reason to arbitrarily just add costs to CF in the name of CVC. CVC has apparently approved this but I will double check with her directly. If we are going to increase him for CVC CF related work (and I agree that makes sense) it shouldn't be arbitrary. It should be based on the estimated time she expects for the duration of his 6 month contract incorporating her actual time to date, as we do with CESC employees, to arrive at a figure that has some basis. I have also insisted that any increase be accompanied by a time sheet outlining the hours he is spending on CF - CVC and non CVC to ensure that he is tracking and we are approving them.

* * *

Obama-Biden 501c4 never filed paperwork for a Social Welfare Organization (link):

As some of you know, we've never formally filed papers for our 501(c)(4). For a variety of reasons, we think it makes sense to finally do that after Election Day. We'll also rename it the "Obama-Biden Transition Project". John has suggested that the five people listed on the incorporation papers will be the five of you. There's nothing you need to do, but the press will obviously get a copy of the legal papers. I just wanted to give you a heads-up in case you have any concerns. (And if it makes any difference, we're getting directors and officers liability insurance for the transition.)

* * *

Here is Hillary preparing the script for Benghazi (Link):

Hello. I'm sure you are hearing a lot about my emails when I was Secretary of State. So I want to take some time to try and explain what's going on to you directly, in one place, at one time, as best as I can


I didn’t keep my email secret. Whenever I emailed, it was from my address. Whenever people emailed me, it was to ‎my account. Work, personal, whatever.


I also didn't do this to skirt rules. And I didn’t do it to avoid having my records preserved. When the State Department asked former Secretaries of State who served since email was widely used to help fill out the archival record, I did so, printing 55,000 pages of email including anything related to my work at the State Department. To get a sense of how outdated some of the government’s archiving practices are, we had to print all 55,000 pages because that's what the rules demand. Believe me, printing more than 30,000 email instead of handing them over electronically isn't something anyone does by choice.

* * *

The discussion of "wet works",  days before Scalia's deatrh: To:

I am all in


Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down

From:  John Podesta []
Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 4:36 PM

To: Steve Elmendorf <>

Subject: Thanks

Didn't think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

* * *

As usual, we request readers to send us any notable emails that they find in the latest dump.

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TeamDepends's picture

Commies in full panic mode, lovin' it!

Bush Baby's picture

It's the Russians - Bawawaaaaa

froze25's picture

Interesting interview with Danny Williams on Infowars yesterday. Danny claims to be the Half Black son of Bill Clinton.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Another vague and uneventful Wikileaks smear attempt. The Trump tap story made headline news on almost every major media outlet, and is still one of the most widely discussed topics on social media, as the moderators pointed out in the last debate. These smear attempts directed at Hillary continue to fade away with minimal impact, as reputable journalists continue to debunk and ignore them.

How Refugees Boost the Economy

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) MillionDollarBonus_ Oct 13, 2016 9:18 AM

Getting dangerous out there.

I have a big "Jail Hillary" sign on the back of my van.

I am driving on the SF Bay Bridge and this car changes lanes and gets in front of me and slams on the brakes.

I was within an inch of hitting this bastard!

They are in panic, careful out there Trumpers.

CheapBastard's picture

Corruption and evil at the highest levels of government......

Nothing comapred to calling some woman 'fat' years ago.

CuttingEdge's picture

Some are just downright hilarious:


Date: 2015-10-14 17:16 Subject:

DRAFT: Benghazi Hearing Opening Statement

I want to share a first draft of HRC's opening statement for 10/22 with this small group and see if you think it's in the right direction. The structure and substance reflect conversations I've already had with many of you, but flagging a few notes: --

Length. This is about 10 minutes, which is a bit shorter than we did in Jan 2013 but still fairly long. I'm not sure there's any reason to obsess over this, but keep it in mind. And, as Phil reminded me, we have the option for a longer statement for the record. --

Tone. I aimed for high minded but it's possible this will come off as fairly pugilistic. Maybe that's just fine, but see what you think. --

No Emails. You'll see there's nothing in here about emails. I think that's the right call, but if we decide that its impossible to ignore the elephant in the room, she could say this near the top: "I am also ready to answer questions about my email use as Secretary of State. As I have said many times, I should have used two separate accounts, one for work and one for personal matters. It was a mistake to use just one. It is up to you and ultimately to the American people to decide if it’s wise and appropriate for a committee charged with investigating and learning from a national tragedy to spend its time focused on something like that."

The last line in itallics (mine) may just come back and fuck her up the ass.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) CuttingEdge Oct 13, 2016 9:33 AM

It seems the MSM has decided NOT to report on the email leaks.  CNN even banned any mention of Bill Clinton's black son on their channel.

And, liberals are starting to get more violent. 

We should drive them into the sea!



CuttingEdge's picture

The MSM can go fuck themselves.

Here's an absolute peach on the mindset of Hillary's team in Jan this year.

This one should be framed.


Date: 2016-01-21 20:36

Subject: Hillary almost 100% negative

Almost every message being projected outward from her campaign is negative, and a candidate with high distrust ratings should not be doing this, and my phone has been ringing and my email box has been full with Democrats who like me who support her but who, like me, are appalled and losing confidence.

I have never seen anything like this.

This campaign is devoid of positive messages, uplifting appeal, and coherent rationale.

And bluntly, it is getting to the point where every word she utters, there are more young people and first time participants in politics who support Bernie who would not support her in a general election no matter how hard I and others try to persuade them.....and whoever persuaded her that running for Obama's third term is the way to win a general election is far removed from American politics in 2016, and if they think she can constantly shift her position they do not understand the depth of distrust of her and the damage it does.... and they do not understand in the modern communications environment she cannot be a centrist one day and a liberal the next day because images and impressions are formed and locked in far earlier than in the 1970's to 1990's.

This is a campaign that has never had a compelling rationale and now has lost its way into a sea of negativity.....the way for her to be elected is to solve the first problem, and develop some uplifting reason for voters to support her, and not to create a second problem, running a negative campaign without a positive message and vision.....

8 point programs, no matter how worthy, do not create a purpose or a rationale or an inspiration......negative politics from a candidate with high negative ratings attacking a candidate with positive high ratings is the political road to hell.

I strongly suspect she has been sold a bill of goods from Obama consultants who became Hillary consultants, but whoever is the cause, and whatever is the motive, something is horribly and terribly wrong with this campaign.....and when Dan Pfeiffer says on CNN that this is not a change election he has his head nine feet up his ass.....this is a change election, dammit, and Hillary Clinton is running as the candidate of the status quo and that is the worst possible place to be.....and her sycophantic adoration of Obamacare is absurd and totally out of touch with the reality of general election politics....

This campaign is in very, very big trouble and I see zero evidence that Hillary Clinton either understands this, or understands why....

I hope others are being as candid with you, and the Clintons, as I am. I assure you my view expressed here is very widely shared among people who consider themselves her friends.....Brent

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) CuttingEdge Oct 13, 2016 10:20 AM

Rasmussen has Trump in the lead nationally.  I didn't see if they oversampled Republicans but the breakout looks honest.


I am a Man I am Forty's picture

he didn't know she had DNC rigged with DWS

Blankenstein's picture

The author of that email:


"Brent Budowsky is an American political opinion writer and blogger for publications including The Hill,[2] the LA Progressive,[3] and The Huffington Post."

Bastiat's picture

"she needs to find an emotional connecton to everyday Americans" 

She did:  she hates them.

Got The Wrong No's picture

A 16 year old girl is now claiming that Bill is her father. This Clown just could not keep his pants on.

Croesus's picture


Not sure if this one's been covered yet:

"Date: 2015-10-01 21:13 Subject: Benghazi - paid media update

Just wanted to send a quick update on where we are following today’s HRC call: Ø All three TV firms are script writing, we’ll review drafts tomorrow afternoon. Research had pulled for us some of our best news clips. The trick, of course, is to connect Benghazi to emails in a way that’s credible. But we discussed different ways to do it. Ø The difficult part here is testing – if we want to ship something early next week, our testing options are very limited, and I feel like we really need to understand whether voters will believe that we can credibly conflate Benghazi and emails. But we do have groups tonight and tomorrow afternoon – so tonight, we’re testing some video clips tonight in the groups and this spot that the digital team mocked up: Ø GMMB is working on a more polished spot for tomorrow afternoon’s groups. Looking ahead to next week, I think we still need to resolve whether this is limited to a national cable buy or whether we’re really going into IA and NH with this (currently mixed opinions on team). To do the latter, we’d be pulling other spots off the air before otherwise planned. Please let me know if you’d like to further discuss any of this. Oren"
Croesus's picture

Here's another interesting one:

IRS was hacked. I think the State Department was hacked. Sony hacked. Banks hacked. As we try and close the Benghazi Chapter and the email drip drip. Is there ever a moment in TiMe not to Defend the decision but layout the fact....HRC servers were not hacked. Know this is s naive thought but just thinking. Sent from my iPhone"

jus_lite_reading's picture

Democrats calling their own party members "weasels"

Election fraud 101

They REALLY FUCKED OVER BERNIE SANDERS and the poor dude had not a single fucking chance! It was all rigged against him!

Rigging CNN polls (wow we never knew LOL)

Hillary's debate book all scripted

Oh and my fav of the day!!! Hillary's "doesn't need liberals. She only needs blacks!" (yeah, they need your vote!)


So much corruption! ITS MADNESS!


BabaLooey's picture

You should have rammed him/her and pushed them off the bridge.

mountain99889's picture
mountain99889 (not verified) Chris Dakota Oct 13, 2016 9:45 AM

Was he wearing a dress ?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) mountain99889 Oct 13, 2016 10:09 AM

I didn't see him or her, I was afraid to catch up that they might turn into me on the side.

These people are fucking nuts.

The reason why this comes to their mind is because they are always looking for "my case, my case"

I hear it daily.

fuck them

Mr. Bones's picture

Get a dash cam.  Whether it be insurance fraud or bog standard douchebaggery, there's nothing so satisfying as turning it around on them.

BlackSun59's picture

Doesn't work in every state. In Taxachusetts, if you hit someone from behind for any reason it is automatically your fault. Brake checks, full panic stops, glare ice, fog... makes no difference. Hitting someone from behind is an automatic 25% boost to insurance premiums for 3 years, demerit points to your license, and you'll be cited for failing to keep a proper distance between vehicles.

That's what happened to the lawyer who rear-ended us at a stoplight while on his cell phone.

Countrybunkererd's picture

unless they clip your bumper on their way back in...

still kicking's picture

why the fuck does anyone with any sense still live there?

edotabin's picture

Once again they prove to be subversive.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Don't put yourself out there like that. It's too dangerous.

I've lived on my block since the 70s and had a sign shredded on my lawn. Wasn't for Trump. It was for a state senate race.

Larry the Cabel Guy is right. It's getting dangerous out there to stand for any candidate.

HardAssets's picture

I haven't seen one Clinton sign or bumper sticker in the conservative eastern half of my state. I see lots of Trump signs. There are many Clinton signs over on the western 'liberal' side of the state. I would not put a Trump bumper sticker on my car and drive over there. It is absolutely guaranteed that said car would be keyed & have the windows broken. Their idea of 'free speech'. And as pure cowards they'll do it when you're parked and not around.
I did see one Trump sign in this area that had been destroyed. It was close to a trailer park that is well known for housing illegals from Mexico. Coincidence ?

wahrheit's picture

controversial bumper stickers require dashcams

doesn't cover parking lot vandalism tho

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Get a GoPro & dashboard mount STAT.

Hokie007's picture

Agreed.  Be careful.  I have a TRUMP 2016 sign in my bay window and my mailbox was targeted by a baseball bat yesterday.  Additionally, my fiance was at the local Staples (strip mall) came out to find two "youths" attempting to scrape the "Hillary for Prison" and "TRUMP 2016" bumper stickers from the back of our vehicle.  These people, if you can call them that, are unhinged.  They believe that they are fully within their right to destroy your property, if they don't agree with your political views, or you don't agree with theirs.  Beware the Brownshirts! 

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"They believe that they are fully within their right to destroy your property..."

This is true. I believe it has been ingrained into their psyche. After all, they are entitled to free food, free housing, free medical care, free health insurance, free lunch, free breakfast, free after school care and free everything else at your expense - why shouldn't they be entitled to your sign or bumpersticker?

dakl0's picture

such a complete inversion of reality your post reads well as sarcasm

yogibear's picture

When Hillary bungles Syria, like she did with Libya and pisses off Putin only 4 Russian SS18s are required to vaporize the east coast cities.

Russia has many more nuke, at least 1,500 of them. Hillary will do a good of destroying her liberal supporters.

Diatom's picture



Now we are talking...


Diatom's picture


Chinese bumper stickers for sale

Buy 1 get 1 for free



Up-To-Nothing's picture

You can whine that Locker Room conversation to me WHEN YOU STOP LISTENING TO RAP!

Dormouse's picture

Exactly! Michael Robinson was rocked to it's core by the words Donald said, but when Jeh Z or Bey Once says it, it's art.

PrayingMantis's picture



...  CNN & the Clintons coordinated a "story" re: Gowdy ...

... "From: Frates, Chris Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 12:52 PM To: '<mailto:'>' Subject: CNN deadline question Importance: High  Hey Nick, I’m writing a story about the formal request Chairman’s Gowdy office sent to David Kendall today asking that Sec. Clinton hand over her email server to the State Dept IG or another independent third party. I’d like to know whether the secretary plans to do so and if she has any response to the letter. I’m on deadline now. Thanks, Chris Frates CNN Investigative Correspondent 202.630.0191<tel:202.630.0191> | @frates "

..." ... From: Philippe Reines <<>> Date: Friday, March 20, 2015 at 2:32 PM To: Cheryl Mills <<>>, NSM <<>> Cc: John Podesta <<>>, Huma Abedin <<>>, Jacob Sullivan <<>>, David Kendall <<>>, Jennifer Palmieri <<>>, Kristina Schake <<>>, Heather Samuelson <<>> Subject: Re: CNN | Gowdy's Server Request  Worth remembering though that Gowdy last week on the record said his committee doesn’t have the authority to seek her server. "

..."... Off the record: Rep Cummings' statement makes some important points about standards that I hope you’d point out in your reporting. "

... "... Cheryl’s feedback was that the last line ("This goes far beyond normal practice, and anything further is simply playing politics") was too much, particularly based on the teachings of the vulnerability meeting today, so I’ve revised and she asked me to put the question to you all. Revised version below. "

email transcript : >>> 


... hey FBI Distractor Comey Chameleon, tell us again why Cheryl Mills got her immunity?


CuttingEdge's picture

Chris Frates CNN Investigative Correspondent

Now I know that is a joke email.

TeamDepends's picture

It is tragic they again found Comeystein night putting. Putting at night.

Kayman's picture

With luck, Wikileaks is holding the Comey/Podesta e-mails for the last dump.


RiverRoad's picture

Goldwater A-Bombs are definitely planned for the finale here.  America is never putting this toothpaste back in the tube.

jus_lite_reading's picture

I know but the best is for last. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this.

I think the “radical jihadism” language works well. As you know, I > wouldn’t have picked the fight over “radical islam” to begin with. I’m > always happy to just concede that it’s a real thing and define it as a > marginalized strain, which she did do today. I told Reid this, and I > suggest it to you as well: you just don't want to be on the slippery slope > of sounding like an imam who is defining what true islam is. From a policy > perspective, there's a radical strain. Moreover, I like making the Muslim > world feel like they need to activate to separate themselves and define > themselves (which is happening). By the way, every time Reid has spoken out > in defense of Muslims, it has our most popular messaging of anything we do. > > >

Really appreciated the Saudi hit on feeding radical ideology. I wish we > could have a project on building a progressive Islam. Would require > advocating for and lifting up progressive leaders in that nation to speak > about it/ to do online campaigning around it/etc. We tend to be overly > focused on the violent strains of the radicalism. But even if there weren’t > violence, the fact that too many who are for subjugation of women, against > gays, against Jews and Christians, etc – is a serious problem for our > future. Unfortunately, if you sounded progressive in the Middle > East/Pakistan, you'd be putting yourself at security risk.


That last line is fucking PRICELESS!

drendebe10's picture

Turd MSM casts a blind eye to anything negative re the cuntons. Fukemall

RiverRoad's picture

"Danny Williams claims to be the half black son of Bill Clinton..."

Who isn't?

nyse's picture

Sweet, but when is the vid of Billy Boy raping the 13 year old coming out? Not trying to watch it or anything, I just will feel better once it has been released to the public.

CuttingEdge's picture

I can just imagine the defence:

Having non-consensual sexual relations with a minor over international waters is not an offence.

And the age on the island is set to 12 by the owner in agreement with the local authorities.

Jethro's picture

Hopefully, he will wag his finger at us again....LOL! Fuck him!