France's Hollande Reveals "Tsipras Wanted To Print Drachmas In Russia"

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Confirming what we noted in 2015, French President Francois Hollande revealed that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wanted to print Drachmas in Russia.

As details, in a book “Presidents should not talk about such things” Hollande speaks about a conservation he had with Russian President Vladimir Putin in summer of 2015, the peak of the Greek crisis before the government surrendered to the European lenders.

Hollande received a phone call by Putin who said:

“I want to give you this information. Greece asked us to print Drachmas because they have no longer a printer for this. I want to tell you that this is something [ apparently the Grexit] that we do not want.”

The book author note that this Greek request was a proof that Greece was thinking to exit the eurozone.

Hollande wondered why Putin passed him over such an information.

“Probably he [Putin] didn’t want to be considered responsible for the Grexit and to say also that a Grexit was a danger that had to be avoided.”

According to the book, both Germany and the International Monetary Fund wanted Greece out of the eurozone.

Below a phone conversation between French Finance Minister Michel Sapin and President Hollande, referring to Germany wanting to have Greece out of the eurozone:

Sapin: “Germans are sticking to the argument that the Greek debt is not sustainable.”


Hollande: “They are able to do so. there is a statement by Merkel saying debt relief is out of discussion.”

A little later in the book

Hollande: “Lagarde is in favor of Grexit. She told me so with arguments that have some basis: she believes that with such debt Greece cannot be rescued and it is better off the eurozone. Lagarde is polite but she is under pressure by the US administration and the IMF.”

Authors of the book are two Le Monde journalists Davet and Llomme and is based on Hollande’s confessions to them.

Greek reaction

Speaking to Greek media, government sources confirmed that there were contacts with President Putin but that “at no time the Greek PM discussed such an issue.”

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As we noted when this rumor appeared in 2015, if confirmed, this will certainly be the biggest and most underreported story of the year, one which suggests that the perpetuation of Merkel's dream of a united Europe was only possible thanks to this man.

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nmb's picture
nmb (not verified) Oct 14, 2016 2:34 AM

Too good to be true.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If anyone thinks Putin is your friend -- you are mistaken.  He is an oligarch, just like ours.  Realize he, like our oligarchs cares about just a few things -- money, followed closely by power. 

I believe the only thing that sets Putin apart from our oligarchs, is Putin isn't willing to slit Russia's throat to advance his own desires. 

Hedge accordingly. 

walküre's picture

I'd go hunting with Putin before playing golf with Obama anytime.

rmopf2010's picture

Besides Putin does not have a folder "Pay to Play"

Where is MSM investigating killery "Pay to Play" only pussy tape probably the worst fait diver ever

beemasters's picture

It was actually a tender. The Chinese won. Putin was a spoilsport and spilled the beans. :)

back to basics's picture

It's a bullshit Hollande story. It's all made up.

Tsipras didn't ask Putin for anything, let alone printing drachmas. Tsipras NEVER considered leaving the euro. NEVER. 

Tsipras didn't capitulate. Tsipras was a fraud and a big lie foisted on the Greek people before he even got elected. 

The rape and pillage of Greece was agreeded to from when Tsipras was the leader of the opposition. Now he is delivering on his promises. 

I hope he is executed at Syndagma Square for high treason some day.

Sandmann's picture

There is a YouTube video of Putin stating he is not your friend; he is President of the Russian Federation and serves the interests of Russia.

It is only Western politicians that are your friends, nursemaids, lovers, teachers, doctors, priests, mothers, farthers, children, and who are the symbol of Western narcissism

L_Estasi_dell_Oro's picture


Putin: "I am not your friend, I am the President of Russia"

rmopf2010's picture

I have a good plan: The good people of USA and good people from EU unite we create a trust fund to KIDNAP Vlad Putin.

Then we will make Four clones of Putin:

one for POTUSA

one for German chancelor

the two remaining to substitute the socialists shifaces Juncker and Martin Schulz

And the world would get rid of SOROs kind of guys

Supafly's picture

I think one Putin would be enough.  Duterte, knock the dust off Ron Paul and throw in Bernie so they have somebody to pick on.

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Vlad will appear to be your friend as long as your interests and his line up.  As soon as they diverge I imagine it won't be nearly as friendly. 

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

you are too retarded to understand anything. Watch your video again, maybe  a few times and try to understand the words being spoken. Idiot.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

And an enemy of my enemy is what??


My friend....

jefferson32's picture

Putin understands the Greek "crisis" was contrived to provoke European fiscal integration. It is only with European debt, i.e. Portuguese debt backed by the Germans (and conversely), that the European state could be considered to exist (and would become extremely difficult to dissolve). Similarly the modern US superstate would not exist had Hamilton not done to US states what the elites are planning for EU countries.

The attack on DB as well as Brexit are meant for that same, principal goal to be achieved: EU fiscal integration and the building of a EU superstate.

Russia doesn't want that as that superstate would be a US vassal, and artificially isolated from Russia. It would greatly prevent Eurasian collaboration, and would render impossible a strong Berlin-Moscow-Beijing axis.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

I believe the only thing that sets Putin apart from our oligarchs, is Putin isn't willing to slit Russia's throat to advance his own desires.

And also has the full russian 007 BALLsy trainings with plenty of languages, chess, vodka and shit... not like the snowflake mermaids we get from the College of Europe.

oncemore's picture

Am I missing something?

When did Putin say, that he is your friend?

Putin is not EU friend or Germany's frind or your friend. He says always, that he is president of Russia and for him are the russian interests first.

With your IM Erika he is not even a partner. I belive presidnt Putin never met den infromellen Mitarbeiter Larve, ergo STASI Spitzel Gauck.

He is not a partner (und schon gar nicht ein Freund) to any traitor.

back to basics's picture

You are not missing anything. 

Someone posted some nonsense about not to think Putin is our friend and 20 posts biting on that false assertion followed.

Putin is a patriot and a statesman. He acts in the best interests of Russia and its people. He will be a friend if his friendship with you serves those best interests. He will be a foe if it doesn't. 

It's that simple. 

GreatUncle's picture

But if your own government would willingly slit your throat would you choose Putin then?

The only thing Putin probably realises is do not get pulled into a fight with the US if you can avoid it and if you do make sure it is their fault first.

US painting up mock Mig fighters suggests they would do the same.

doctor10's picture

BS I call. Questions is "Why" does Hollande say such things? And right now.

In that , grasshopper, is a very interesting answer somewhere.

My own suspicion is it is Hollande telling Tsipras to not even THINK about asking Putin for such assistance

In any event it would appear to confirm how necessary a Drachma really is to Greece's independent future

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

I don't know. I think Putin was playing the game in 2015. He was still arranging the pieces on the board. Now that some of the pawns have started to fall, it is time to engage some of the bigger players, aka knights, rooks, queen even?

I have forgotten that Greece ran to Russia but the flames of friendship were doused and the Greeks crawled back to the EU group.

But, I see this as being part of the game too. As soon as something really bad happens, I think Russia will allow the Greeks what they wanted....out of the EU. This could spark a huge tide of others wanting to leave basically ruining the EU making them unable to help the American's in the Syrian/Ukrainian conflicts.

Putin is the gamemaster....and trying to figure out his ending game plan is going to be interesting.

nightwish's picture

Man Of The Decade

AVmaster's picture

Doesn't sound right.

How would a greece exiting/not exiting the EU harm/help russia or putin?

Doubt it would hurt, in fact, it would help russia by opening up another market to take a shot at.

I could agree with him not wanting to print drachmas, but him caring whether greece leaves the EU I highly doubt....

asteroids's picture

The story is probably bullshit. (1) There are plenty of companies that can print currency for you if you don't have your own "printers". Lots of countries do this. (2) I've never heard of Vlad calling another head of state to "gossip" EVER. In general its stupid and dangerous. In this specific case, I don't see the advantage to Russia.

datura's picture

It is nonsence. Tsipras never wanted to leave EU, he is too ideologically connected to it and he spoke about Putin with derision. As for printing, it is theoretically possible, because Russia is now doing this for the unrecognized parallel Central Bank in Libya (i.e. Russia prints Libyan dinars for them). But I don't believe Greeks would ask Russia to do this, because Tsipras simply is not the person, who would dare to do this. He kept blabbering how EU is great and it only needs some changes. 

Sandmann's picture

nonsense, would be a better form.  Who knows what Tsipras believes, he seems to be a model of flexibility and devoid of any firm convictions ?

Dr. Spin's picture

I think the operative term is "situational ethics"...

...and we don't speak about that nearly enough.


synthetically derived's picture

datura wrote: "It is nonsense."

Who'da thunk it?  ... a politician who can't be trusted not to lie. 


OverTheHedge's picture

We will never know the truth of this,but it is fun to consider who might be lying, and why:

Hollande is a politician, therefore he is lying. He needs to sell his crappy book BEFORE he leaves office, as no-one will give a shit afterwards. It will be full of innuendo and unsubstantiated rumours, because that's what politicians do. Therefore, his statement could be true, partially true, or a bag of shite.

Putin is also a politician, and therefore is lying. However, these are not his words, but attributed to him. More fun is to decide why he would make this statement, and if it was a true or false statement when he allegedly made it. Wheels within wheels.

Tsipras is just full of shit. Hardly even a politician. (My autotype turns Tsipras into "railroad"; "you have been Tsiprassed" ought to be a verb).

So, to sum up: we have no idea, about any of it. Do we care?

quasi_verbatim's picture

So with Quitaly upcoming you run a Grexit red-herring?

Brexit is a dead duck, by the way.

iClaudius's picture

Brexit is a dead duck - certainly, with a lame duck as Prime Minister it is.

Sandmann's picture

May is as "lame-duck" as W S Churchill in May 1940.  Actually less so in fact, this Government was elected in 2015 whereas the Government where Churchill took over in May 1940 was elected in 1935 and the next election was in 1945 and Churchill LOST.

So by that token, Churchill had ZERO MANDATE to wage war against Germany and Italy and Japan - Chamberlain was not elected either. He took over in 1937 when Baldwin stepped down. The 1935 Election had NO MANDATE for war just the opposite......see the Manifesto


The League of Nations

The League of Nations will remain, as heretofore, the keystone of British foreign policy. The prevention of war and the establishment of settled peace in the world must always be the most vital interest of the British people, and the League is the instrument which has been framed and to which we look for the attainment of these objects. We shall therefore continue to do all in our power to uphold the Covenant and to maintain and increase the efficiency of the League. In the present unhappy dispute between Italy and Abyssinia where will be no wavering in the policy we have hitherto pursued. We shall take no action in isolation, but we shall be prepared faithfully to take our part in any collective action decided upon by the League and shared in by its Members. We shall endeavour to further any discussion which may offer the hope of a just and fair settlement, provided that it be within the framework of the League and acceptable to the three parties to the dispute - Italy, Abyssinia and the League itself.

Peace and Defence

Peace is not only the first interest of the British people; it is the object to which all their hopes and efforts are diverted. Our attitude to the League is dictated by the conviction that collective security by collective action can alone save us from a return to the old system which resulted in the Great War. The Covenant itself requires that national armaments should be measured both by the needs of national defence and by the duty of fulfilling international obligations. A Commonwealth which holds the positino in the world occupied by the United Kingdom and its partners in the British Empire must always take an influential part in League discussions. But our influence can be fully exerted only if we are recognised to be strong enough to fulfil any obligations which, jointly with others, we may undertake. The fact is that the actual condition of our defence forces is not satisfactory. We have made it clear that we must in the course of the next few years do what is necessary to repair the gaps in our defences, which have accumulated over the past decade, and we shall in due course present to Parliament our proposals, which will include provisions to ensure that the programme, is carried out without either waste or unreasonable profit to contractors.

Limitation of armaments

The defence programme will be strictly confined to what is required to make the country and the Empire safe, and to fulfil our obligations towards the League. All the world knows that Britain will never use her forces for any aggressive purpose. And we shall not for one moment relax our efforts to attain, by international agreement, a general limitation of armaments by every possible means, whether by restriction of numbers or by prohibition of weapons and methods of warfare. Already we have summoned a new Naval Conference to meet in London this year, at which we earnestly hope it may be possible to continue the good work done in this direction at the previous Naval Conferences of Washington and London.

Billybullshit's picture

And who knows what to believe. What is clear that ALL of them need sweeping away.

Sandmann's picture

Harry Dexter White transferred printing plates for US Occupation banknotes to his friends in NKVD so they could fund themselves with US Treasury funds

walküre's picture

EU will implode because nobody does business anymore. Too many layers of bureaucracy everywhere. Big jobs not getting bids because the bidding is too tiresome and expensive. That's how they run Europe into the ground. Just a matter of time. Defaults or not.

damicol's picture

Oh come on, Fuck Off

This shit was written by two fucking self confessed so called journalists.
We all know what journalists do don't we.

They f-a-b-r-i-c-a-t-e shit.

They always f-a-b-r-i-c-a-t-e their shit, its what propaganda is.

Aussiekiwi's picture

Hollande making up stories for his book that can't be disproved because otherwise his book would be dead boring and would only sell about a dozen copies....yawn.

caesium's picture

Under pressure from the US and the IMF? Did Nuland make Tspiras an offer he couldn't refuse?

Joe A's picture

The US appointed its former ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt as new ambassador to Greece. He had this telephone call with Nuland where she said "fuck the EU". Pyatt very much involved in Ukraine's post coup government formation.

caesium's picture

Yes and is this really Merkel's "dream" anyway? I suspect that the US threatened both the Greeks and Germans. The ZH meme that somehow Merkel is exercising autonomy doesn't stack up.

Joe A's picture

Pa, this is all mere speculation. Perhaps it was a plan by Tspiras as a conveiled threat to the EU to default and step out of the Euro. Remember, back then a Greek default would have put the Eurozone under threat. Perhaps the Troika then made Tsprias an offer he could not refuse.

If this is true then Putin could have blown up the Euro. If he is so evil then why didn't he do that? Because he wanted to keep good relations with Europe.

Also a curious news: The US appointed its former ambassador to Ukraine (Pyatt, famous because of that infamous phone call with Nuland where she said "fuck the EU") as its new ambassador to Greece.

Also on keeptalkinggreece: the Podesta emails leaked by wikileaks indicating the Bill Clinton contacted Tspiras to convince him to accept the Eurolenders' offer and to keep Greece in the Eurozone:

How about that!

oncemore's picture

Clinton's activity is probably linked to the husband of "his" daugther Chelsea. This guy was running the Greece HF.

As reported one month ago here on ZH, he closed down the shop with 90% loss.... So Clinton's engagement could be a desperate attempt to do something for the zionist scum, married to "his" daughter.

Latitude25's picture

This fits neatly with my theory that all this ww3 saber rattling is collusion to terrorise everyone while economic destruction is implemented.  We have always been at war with eastasia.  Lets review the facts.

Mh17 flight recorder falls into rebel hands but ends up in holland


Russia can win this shitshow any time by refusing to use USD and removing western central bank control of Russian central bank.

Now this



Got gold?

illuminatus's picture

Isn't it great? The EU gets to print money and the greeks get to pay for it. Same shit new shovel.

soniii's picture

Our french president is an dumb puppet totally sold to the US and their friends ... i mean giving the medal of honor to a f**ckin saudi ?? pls ... i would'nt be surprised if this story fits the storyline of the US and is thus fabricated ... this president has no balls such a disgrace for our country ... 

oobilly's picture

complaining about the foreign fighters...meanwhile te French Foreign Legion is doing what exactly?

Mistral deal...pfft.


messystateofaffairs's picture

Tsipras has pussy written all over his face.