Obama Tells CIA To Prepare For Cyber War With Russia

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In what is looking more and more like a season finale of the HBO series "House of Cards" with each passing day, the Obama administration is now literally threatening a cyber war with Russia over allegations it was behind the hacking of Clinton's emails.  According to an exclusive NBC report, the Obama administration "is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action" (though it's unclear how exactly it's covert if Biden is announcing it to the world via an interview with Chuck Todd)  against Russia, in "retaliation for alleged" interference in the American presidential election, and has asked the CIA to draft plans for a "wide-ranging "clandestine" cyber operation designed to harass and "embarrass" the Kremlin leadership."

So now the Obama administration is overtly leveraging the full power of the United States to intimidate foreign governments, and most likely Julian Assange, in order to maintain control of the Executive Branch of the government.  Does anyone within the mainstream media see any problems with this?  Certainly Chuck Todd and NBC do not.  And notice that even the NBC article refers to "alleged" Russian interference because not a shred of evidence has been presented to prove that senior Russian officials were actually behind the hacking of Hillary's emails...but who needs facts when you have a complicit media eager to advance whatever propaganda is necessary to maintain power?   

The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.


Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the situation say the CIA has been asked to deliver options to the White House for a wide-ranging "clandestine" cyber operation designed to harass and "embarrass" the Kremlin leadership.


The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. Former intelligence officers told NBC News that the agency had gathered reams of documents that could expose unsavory tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Vice President Joe Biden told "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd on Friday that "we're sending a message" to Putin and that "it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact."


When asked if the American public will know a message was sent, the vice president replied, "Hope not."

Former CIA officers interviewed by NBC said that there is a long history of the White House plotting potential cyber attacks against Russia.  That said, none of them were ultimately carried out because "none of the options were particularly good, nor did we think that any of them would be particularly effective."

Two former CIA officers who worked on Russia told NBC News that there is a long history of the White House asking the CIA to come up with options for covert action against Russia, including cyber options — only to abandon the idea.


A second former officer, who helped run intelligence operations against Russia, said he was asked several times in recent years to work on covert action plans, but "none of the options were particularly good, nor did we think that any of them would be particularly effective," he said.

Putin Obama


Others warned that the White House has always caved on plans to follow through with cyber attacks because anything the U.S. can do against Russia, they can also do in response.  As one of the former CIA officers said, "if you are looking to mess with their networks, we can do that, but then the issue becomes, they can do worse things to us in other places."

"We've always hesitated to use a lot of stuff we've had, but that's a political decision," one former officer said. "If someone has decided, `We've had enough of the Russians,' there is a lot we can do. Step one is to remind them that two can play at this game and we have a lot of stuff. Step two, if you are looking to mess with their networks, we can do that, but then the issue becomes, they can do worse things to us in other places."


Putin is almost beyond embarrassing, he said, and anything the U.S. can do against, for example, Russian bank accounts, the Russian can do in response.


"Do you want to have Barack Obama bouncing checks?" he asked.


Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell expressed skepticism that the U.S. would go so far as to attack Russian networks.


"Physical attacks on networks is not something the U.S. wants to do because we don't want to set a precedent for other countries to do it as well, including against us," he said. "My own view is that our response shouldn't be covert -- it should overt, for everybody to see."

Here is a brieg clip of Biden discussing the "covert" planning with NBC's Chuck Todd.


If the Obama administration is willing to go to such great lengths, literally escalating tensions with another superpower, to protect their candidate from whatever it is that she's hiding then we suspect whatever WikiLeaks has yet to release could be really good.

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_SILENCER's picture

The CIA won't step up and erase Obama.

They can not be trusted about anything.

I'd pay money to watch Putin beat Obama's ass with a pipe wrench.

847328_3527's picture

Cyberwar makes my head hurt. However, as long as Netflix and Amazon streaming are not interrupted, and Popeye's drive-thru is open, and the tribes people are not interrupted throwing the little brown ball around and kneeling at half time ... 90% of Americans will not even notice a nukle war is going on.

Occident Mortal's picture

US strategy: Attack Russia but only in theatres where Russia is vastly stronger than we are. Like Ukraine, Syria and Cyber.

What is the real motive here? They want a material defeat at the hands of the Russians so they have the political capital to escalate to a war footing and assert the kind of military superiority that GW Bush enjoyed.

US is being marched into another Vietnam.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

They're worried that Trump may win and not start a war with Russia.  So they'll start it now to make sure it happens.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Yeah announcing cyberwar is like announcing murder before the act.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Ha Ha. They want to start a cyberwar and all we have on our side are H1B visa contractors.They lost that war before they even started it. What are they going to call it ? I suggest Operation Yes We Really Are That Stupid. Or maybe Operation Would You Like A Slurpee With That.

I suggest Russia call their side of the conflict Nyet EBT.

Loftie's picture
Loftie (not verified) Whoa Dammit Oct 14, 2016 9:44 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Loftie Oct 14, 2016 9:47 PM

Ron Paul Revolution

Nov, 2007


your gonna like this one


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Chris Dakota Oct 15, 2016 9:27 AM

Trump is right.  Obama can't do anything without blabbering it to the world before hand so the enemy can prepare.

Obama is one stupid oaf.  I'll be so glad to see the moron gone.


French Bloke's picture

The Americans have nothing more than hot air IMO. The western axis of evil have all but lost in Syria and they're shouting and cursing and making threats they can't follow through with because they have no shred of credibility anymore. Each govt supporting the axis is now asking itself whether they can convince their own people to make sacrifices and go to war. They are realising, that as this whole charade unravels, people are learning the truth so the govts are losing any foundaton to take forward the fight. They never had the moral high ground and people are starting to know it. It's either one last final fling at all out war this year or not at all because the political landscape in Europe is about to change altogether. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

clymer's picture

Yeah announcing cyberwar is like announcing murder before the act...

or like announcing the free-fall implosion of building 7 before it actually happened.

philipat's picture

Hey Loftie, previously known as mofio then santafe then Aristotle of Greece then Gargoyle then bleu then oops then lance-a-lot and others. Lance-a-lot got banned very quickly so time to re-use another old persona (non grata)?

You are a serial spammer and a serial pain in the ass. Might I politely suggest that you go fuck yourself? And get a life.

PS. You might have noticed that my attempt to expose you for what you are is always the same. That’s because your Spam is always the same (Using fake links to your BS site which has no connection to your comment) so it seems only fair that my exposure of your crap should also always be the same. Like for Like.


Fed Supporter's picture

I believe like the article suggests Obummer is going to use the full force of the CIA to hack Assange, or shut him down before the real embarrassing shit hits the net.  Assange needs to drop it all now.


It could be Obummer uses it as a pretext to say the Ruskies hacked the election in case the donald wins and nullify the results.


It could be an internal NSA and CIA war.  NSA is actually behind email dumps to make sure hillary does not win and expect to drop the juiciest emails from CLinton herself and possibly the 18 obummer emails as well right before the election.  Maybe the CIA is working for obummer and NSA has gone rogue.  I hope some real americans still work for the NSA and the CIA and rescue this country from 4 more progressive socialist marxist cultural degredation years that are a certainty under hillary the shape shifting candidate that would sell out america for a case of beer and another 250 million dollars.


the mofos may actually be crazy as batshit and want to turn us all to ashes and glass.

hongdo's picture

All these senior government twerps are either life-long political suck-ups or ivory-tower dwelling posers.  They have lived their whole lives in a virtual world of talking with absolutely no consequences to them or responsibility for their actions.  They are confident that they can talk/lie/cheat or bluff their way out of any situation they get into - or force it off to someone else like the military and then blame them for the fallout.  Their objective is to appear important, further their career, and gain power to look more important.  They are supported by junior suck-ups that are kept in terror over losing their cushy jobs in government or contracting who are paid over twice what anyone else would pay their sorry ass and justify their sellout by complaining how they have to "pay the mortgage". They have never been slapped side the head like they deserve.  Absolute foolish arrogance. 

any_mouse's picture

Yes, let's all blame someone for exposing the evil going on. Never think of slapping the evildoers around.


JohninMK's picture

Yup, classic shoot the messanger stuff.

beemasters's picture

There really is no reason to hack DNC. Hacking Hillary's major sponsors should do. Bringing them down would affect all politicians under their payroll.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) any_mouse Oct 15, 2016 8:54 AM

She left us wide open with that shitty little basement server the whole world was in there.

And they think this sick evil clown should be president?

filmmaker's picture
filmmaker (not verified) adanata Oct 15, 2016 4:32 PM

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Donald J. Trump's picture

Haha, cut off EBT and America will destroy itself.

munched55's picture

They want to distract fromHillary's WikiLeak fiasco.

booboo's picture

So exposing corruption is messing with our elections? If the media can't do their assigned task than the vacuum gets filled, that's nature baby.

nmewn's picture

I find it remarkable to note, that if it was the RNC being hacked and exposed as the corrupt bastards they are .gov and their press, the prostituting, pandering, patronage seeking acolytes that they are would be calling it freedom of speech & press!

Along with the "public's right to know" all of these things for the good of...deeemokrcsee ;-)

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) nmewn Oct 14, 2016 9:39 PM

Most of republicans are too old school to have anything that can be hacked. 

Alohakid's picture

Or at least smart enough to change their passwords once a year and not use Yahoo or G-Mail.

A Nanny Moose's picture

<---The group that supposedly hacked our erections

<--The Group that took 4 years to build a heavilty flawed health exchange website

au_bayitch's picture

And i haven't had my erection hacked in a very long time  ........someday....Olga Kobzar, oh yeah.

Disc Jockey's picture

Wow dude...after a Google search...damn.

Kayman's picture

Look up Google is Criminal.

Propaganda that would embarass Goebels.

nmewn's picture


"Most of republicans are too old school to have anything that can be hacked."

lmao!...your point is well taken but it certainly seems to me they're "old school" enough not to just sling shit out into the ether-verse with their legal birth names attached to it.

The dims & the Deep State "security forces" would have everyone believe we prefer to use names like, Podesta and Vlad ;-) 

K_BX's picture

unfortunately it is very assymetric with US having much more to lose..

DanDaley's picture

The FBI found digital bombs in NASDAQ computers in 2014 that had apparently been there for years.



If the FBI found at least 1, then how many more are there in other systems? Obama has to know this and that any stupid actions on his part could bring down the whole house of cards...but maybe that's what he wants.

Maghreb's picture

Probably something Bernie Madoff left there.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Donald J. Trump Oct 14, 2016 7:59 PM

Bucking OBronco is afraid his brokeback mountain tapes are coming out, Hillary had them last time he saw them.

RafterManFMJ's picture

It's sure as hell an act, that's for sure.

Knob Creek's picture

Putin wouldn't need a wrench........................

tarsubil's picture

This is what I think of when I see Obama trying to stare down Putin.


Occident Mortal's picture


Truth is: Russians are shit hot at code and stuff and we are concerned about triggering something we quickly lose control of... unlike Syria where we totally have control and are on the right side of history.... so yeah!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Occident Mortal Oct 15, 2016 8:57 AM

True I have met this in SF and they say they are brought here to do that kind of work Americans don't or can't do.

I'd rather be killed by Putin defending his country then by Obola and Hillary Rodent.

Caught_Fish's picture

Knew a russian speaking Ukrainian from Yalta on the Crimean peninsular, moved to Australia with his mother whom married a friend of mine. Took a job doing IT at a medium sized company and complained to me on numerous occasions about finishing all his work before lunch whilst the previous IT bloke worked one day every weekend to keep up. This kid knew his stuff and was extremely efficient and focused.

SHRAGS's picture

Michael Lewis backs up your theory:

Why Russian programmers are valued so highly on the Street:


He'd been surprised to find that in at least one way he fit in: more than half the programmers at Goldman were Russians. Russians had a reputation for being the best programmers on Wall Street, and Serge thought he knew why: they had been forced to learn programming without the luxury of endless computer time. "In Russia, time on the computer was measured in minutes," he says. "When you write a program, you are given a tiny time slot to make it work. Consequently we learned to write the code in a way that minimized the amount of debugging. And so you had to think about it a lot before you committed it to paper... The ready availability of computer time creates this mode of working where you just have an idea and type it and maybe erase it 10 times. Good Russian programmers, they tend to have had that one experience at some time in the past: the experience of limited access to computer time."


cowdiddly's picture

All I know is it was Kapersky Labs, a Russian anti-Spyware firm that was the only company able to determine that malicious code had been installed in the boot up or bios section of every hard drive being produced Western Digital, Seagate all of them,

It was at that time Russia and China started to write their own operating systems and produce their own more secure computers. They even made it illegal to do most govt work on Windows based systems but you could still use it for personal use. That was a few years back and I have not heard much about it since but of I was a betting man, I would say Zero will lose this battle too. i can just imagine all the goodies they find in the cloud, that thing is probably like a giant smorgasbord. Three moves behind playing checkers.

But Obama thinks you are this stupid and believe they are just now going to start a cyber attacks. LOL what a clown he truly is.

Bomb their computers with Microsoft Windoze, that virus will shut their asses down and teach them not to fuck with our computers..

SubjectivObject's picture

And Agnitum.  But too bad Outpost is shutting down.

It'l be Kapersky for me then.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) _SILENCER Oct 14, 2016 7:57 PM

Trying to stop the 33K emails from coming out where Hillary and Obama plan Chris Stevens death to shut him up about arms dealing, prolly drug dealing too.