Visualizing America's $18 Trillion Economy (In 3 Stunning Maps)

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The United States has a $18 trillion economy, which makes it the world’s largest by GDP.

To show its tremendous size, we previously published a visualization of the global economy that carved the world’s economic production into slices based on each country’s contribution to GDP. While this visualization helps to show how large the U.S. economy is in comparison to other nations, it still doesn’t seem to tell the full story.

After all, the United States is geographically vast and diverse, and population is spread out and unevenly distributed. This means production and innovation are both concentrated in some areas of the country, while other parts are clearly more rural.

How can we account for these differences to get a more accurate view of the U.S. economic engine?


Luckily, Mark J. Perry from AEI’s Carpe Diem blog has done some heavy lifting here to help us better understand the size and scope of America’s economy activity.

Here’s three maps that will make you think:

The first map redraws state borders to make seven “mega-states” that each have individual economies the size of major countries. California, for example, has an economy the size of France. The whole Northeast has an economy the size of Japan, and so on.

But even states are very diverse in geography – for example, Arizona has 6.7 million people, but more than two-thirds of those people live in the Phoenix metro area.

The second map compares the economies of metropolitan areas with entire countries. As you can see, the aforementioned Phoenix metro area has similar economic output to Portugal.

Meanwhile, the whole corridor from New York through to Washington, D.C. is as big as Canada, Iran, Czech Republic, and Sweden combined.

The final map builds on this idea, showing that half of America’s economic output comes just from a selection of metropolitan areas. The other half of America’s $18 trillion economy is based in the large swaths of land in between, including thousands of rural areas, villages, towns, and cities.

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Furthest from all that appears to be Montana.  GPS waypoint set.


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there is a huge demand for dental floss tycoons.

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Sadly 'value' cannot be measured solely by its contribution to GDP. Unfortunately that is the central lie promoted by the money meme.

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lol...DC and its environs is the size of Sweden.

What a coincidink! ;-)

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Goddammit!  It's bad enough being from California, but now comparing me to a Frenchman?
Nu uh... nope... ain't gonna work.

Nope, no guilt trips about that, pardner. 

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At least we don't have to save you from invasion.

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3rd map Light Blue FTW... even though I live in a dark blue.  But not far from light blue.

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And Tyler(s) - you should superimpose the actual comparison nation against their economic equivalent nation.  For example, TX is about 2x the size of Germany.... that sorta thing.  Heh.

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Loftie (not verified) ThaBigPerm Oct 14, 2016 9:39 PM

VISUALIZING America's enslavement in ONE artwork.

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This asshole needs to be banned.

It's like a speck on your monitor. Always the same thing.

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Hell yes....I'm Germany.....and I'm not paying those damn Greeks a freakin penny!

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Artwork ? a montage of grotesque things is more of a Documented objection than an art work.

Traditional art works reside in peoples homes, pleasant to behold, there was a guy that made artwork in new yuk city, (before he died of Aids)

A jar of piss with a crucifix in it was his kind of art work, a great investment in some quarters, so they say.

No matter how much such an art work might appreciated, would you Invest? 1000% in 10 years !

Jar of piss, famous name, certificate of authenticity. Very trendy !

Lets not forget that the Art market was hijacked long ago. Art is Art, Money is Money, get my drift ?

Images used for political purposes are propaganda, bust of Julius Caesar, Sistine chapel ceiling, art or propaganda ?

Art really exists separately from the political realm and must, as it loses it's innocence on a Bishops bedroom wall.

I have a picture of Elvis, painted on black velvet by some Mexican genius in Tijuana, that, my friend is Art ! and it glows in the dark too !

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Glow in the dark Elvis. Si amigo, it did happen.

I'm curious. Is Minneapolis still Somalia?

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Yes indeed.  Don't forget St. Paul, St. Cloud area, and Rochester either.

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Most of Texas is just a big sand box, driving across a thin section Hwy 10 takes two days at normal legal speeds, almost 900 miles of nothing much, pull over in El Paso fro a nice beer ! good luck with that, further North is much nicer but the South is hungry cows and drug dealers, some oil and gas I guess.

Not exactly comparible to Germany by the square meter. Texas is high on my list of places to drive around if their is ever a next time.

 They say Oklahoma is nice and the people are charming, I have never been there.

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what's going on in southern arizona?

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Nothing much, other than the frequent incursions of the mexican army as they protect the drug lords shipments.

Otherwise, it's all peace and quiet.

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filmmaker (not verified) HedgeJunkie Oct 15, 2016 4:35 PM

My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do...

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The most populated areas in Texas are hardly a 'sandbox'.  You've got the Houston-Sugarland-Katy-Woodlands area, the Dallas-Ft Worth area, San Antonio, Corpus Christi-Aransas Pass-Rockport area, Texas city/Galveston Island, Beaumont-Nederland....

Many of these are the frontlines for the Reconquista, albeit many of the Mexicans are actually Texicans and are second/third generation citizens/residents. Plus, they actually work real jobs.

For industrial/energy/chemical related investment Texas and Louisiana are booming right now. I can think of probably 10 large construction projects off the top that are ongoing across Texas.

There are numerous Combined cycle power plants being built, the Freeport LNG project, Methanol plants, Ethane Crackers, PDH Units(Propane DeHydrogenation), and the list goes on...

More cancer for Texas and Louisiana ofc.

But it beats having hordes of unemployed urban dwellers who at best can earn minimum wage ( if you can get them to goto work).

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The invasion is over. The Mexicans won.

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Not yet anyway. 

As the movies show us, everything important happens in New York or Los Angeles.

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At least you weren't born in Japan and raised in Mexico! 

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Will do a visual on that one and get back to you.  

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Spot on. Fiat distortion - over-weighting state currency and under weighting human capital.

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Right...I'd rather own Iowa than Bhaston.

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The cities, especially the coastal ones, are really just middle men/tax collection centers for the government. GDP should be measured in real production NOT money changing.


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Washington. Versailles on the Potomac.
( Got a nephew. Great kid, did well in a good skool. He's all happy with first office job in District of Corruption. He writes Googled econ reports for inside other gov trough feeders "to make plans".

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Purchasing power parity doesn´t mean a fuck to the excepcional nation... only

absolute numbers...

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Indeed Cog Sir,

Composition per capita is off.

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100% of the discord that has fractured America comes from the metro areas.

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Not to mention the postal ZIP of corporate headquarters, or that boiler room in Nebraska that all the payroll checks are mailed from. Or convenience stores where employees live (in India). Likker and beer runs?

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