Russia key player US Democrat War on Intelligence for Election

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The war on intelligence is in full swing.  It's game time.  They've been planning this for years.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies, the world isn't as it seems, in fact - the world is a great big illusion to many.

In case you're not following this trend, since the 1980's the Elite in America have invested heavily in what one expert calls the "Dumbing Down" of Americans, basically, a coordinated effort to make Americans stupid.  To get the gist of this program, you'll want to checkout this book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  It lays the groundwork for what decades later will become full scale intelligence warfare - it's the war for your mind.  You see, the Elite, as rich and powerful as they are - they don't force anyone to do anything, physically.  There's this pesky thing now, called "FREE WILL" and sadly, few choose to follow this (they prefer, to do what is told to them on TV, or have their opinions formed for them).

Being covered here on Zero Hedge in an unprecedented fashion, never before have we seen the inner workings of how the Elite manipulate elections in America.  During previous presidential elections, there wasn't such internet penetration.  Also, the majority of people now carry smartphones, able to capture odd moments, or record 'secret' conversations, like this election official admitting to busing voters around to vote again and again.

There's two issues high level planners are using to manipulate the vote.  But let's give credit where credit is due.  They're doing a great job, but at the consent of voters - and most of this 'manipulation' is actually legal.  They are preying on the general stupidity and laziness of people.  The first issue, is the artificial 'race war' that's being created - that's a topic for another article.  The second issue, is the perceived threat of Russia.  Russia never was a threat and never will be, economically, militarily, or otherwise.  But it has throughout history, from time to time, served as a convenient enemy (such as during the 'Cold War').  Where to begin?  

Wall Street has long had a unique and fascinating relationship with Russia.  Currently, Wall St. dominated by Russian programmers (physically that is, they live and work in NY).  This relationship was most interesting however, when a group of Wall St. Bankers saw opportunity in revolution, and provided needed financing to a group of rag tag intellectuals known as the Bolsheviks.  If you're not up to date on this situation, this book is a MUST READ: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.  Not only does this book tell the tale of how Wall St. financed what would later become the Soviet Union, it also serves as a good example of 'how the world really works.'

Today's topic is more artificial - there's no situation with Russia.  It's completely contrived.  The Democratic party, in collusion with the entire establishment against Trump, has created a situation where "Russia is Bad" playing on the fears of older boomers who remember sitting under their desks in school during bomb raid drills.  Even though many have grown up to realize it was all lies during the Cold War - not all have.  And even those smarter boomers have deep seeded mistrust of Russians in the back of their subconscious planted long ago, by the social control mechanism.

Point 1.  Russia didn't hack the DNC.  Listen to Putin's response here.  Or ask Guccifer - the admitted hacker of many such data hacks.

Point 2.  It's impossible for Russia to 'hack' the election and fix the results.  But, this is a meme that needs to be implanted because it's actually the DNC that's planning to fix the elections, with their establishement friends at Diebold.

Point 3.  Trump has no business with Russia.  The threads they weave to build this link are so weak they are almost silly.  Trump sold a property to a Russian oligarch in Palm Beach.  He has sold thousands of properties, in New York and South Florida, statistically, any number of those properties could be Russian owned.  There are 3.3 MILLION RUSSIAN-AMERICANS this is not a small number.  Unlike previous generations of immigrants, modern Russian-Americans may keep ties to Russia especially with family.  It's actually surprising that Trump hasn't done MORE business with Russians in America, especially regarding properties, as this has been one demographic that's been naive to the real estate bubble, snapping up high end properties in NYC, Miami, and LA.  It looks as though, journalists were 'told' to make a connection, and then it was regurgitated throughout the establishment controlled media.

So what is their game?  Problem-reaction-solution.  What's the problem?  Russia wants to take over the world (or something like that, but since Soviet Union collapsed this argument is very weak).  What is mostly people's reaction?  Fear, confusion, and flight to safety - or at least, perceived safety.  What's the solution?  An establishment character, a 'Clinton.'  Bill Clinton was in office at a time when the Soviet Union collapsed, and was highly disorganized.  Of course, just like we said in previous articles, Bill Clinton was not responsible for the boom of the 90s, and he wasn't responsible for a weak Russia.  But the way this social control paradigm works, it works on subtle references, subliminal messages, deeply implanted subconscious memes - and when you hear a 'bell' you raise your right hand and say "I pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands.."

Trump is being painted as a traitor - an anti-American, Pro-Russia (which means, pro-Criminal in their programming speak).

Russia Slams "Unprecedented, Insolent" US Cyber Threats, Vows Retaliation  This is perhaps the most embarrasing, ridiculous moment for a Vice President who is helping the democratic party get another one of their own elected, by being a key player in this anti-Trump/Russia meme.  WARNING - TO THOSE READERS WHO HAVE CHILDREN, YOU MAY WANT TO CENSOR THIS CONTENT AS IT CAN LEAD TO ADULT-STUPIDITY.

Obama Tells CIA To Prepare For Cyber War With Russia 

Russia in this case is a bystander, they're just again a convenient enemy.  But are they really?  As we've seen in the complex black hole Syria, the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.  It wouldn't be surprising if Democrats had a deal with the Kremlin, 'look mean - wave your arms around, speak in large words with a loud voice' and the translator inserts in English "I will destroy American Culture, burn your villages and steal your potatoes!"

To clarify, Russia is not a threat to US democracy.  Russia has severe problems of its own.  Russia is not going to hack the elections.  Russia is being used as a 'proxy issue' in order to confuse voters into voting for Clinton, the establishment candidate. 

To learn more about the way the world really works, checkout Splitting Pennies - or get a 'reality' education from Fortress Capital Trading Academy.

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2016 Presidential Outcome Poll: Clinton, Giant Meteor, Giant Solar Kill Shot?

Poll open now, check it out.

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Nothing new.  I was hoping for more.

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What's all the shit being pumped into peoples bodies via "vaccinnes" and the crap spewed from jets criscrossing the skies that lingers; covering the skies for half a day.


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I don't know why you were down voted on that because there is no doubt whatsoever regarding the clear and present danger we face from all 'vaccines' after even a cursory investigation. 'Vaccines' are part of a genocidal program against humanity itself. Besides the mountain of damning evidence against vaccines, Baxter International was caught red handed delivering thousands of 'vaccines' to Europe that were actually bio-war vs humanity; i.e. a combination of two deadly and live flu viruses. They tried to say the vaccines were 'contaminated' but in order for that to be true you would first need to have a 'vaccine'. Anyone who understands the manufacture of vaccines knows it is impossible to turn a vaccine into live virus by accident. This is one small example. Ft Detrick chem weapons lab demanded Germany turn over their most deadly pathogen specimens to them years ago. No one familiar with this has any doubts about these pathogens having been weaponized including the Zaire Ebola virus. Depopulation is a huge and ongoing process. GMO and glysophate are not just deadly as they already exist, they are also 'delivery systems'. It is not as if this is a big secret; i.e. the globalists have been quite forthcoming in their stated documented desire to wipe out most of humanity and their methods for doing so; control/poison water/food, medicine turned into a death industry and more.

The other responses display deep ignorance of available factual and documented evidence. For instance, the CDC declared ebola incurable and horrendous; bleeding from every orifice... and .gov fanning the flames of hysteria over Ebola in the U.S. Obummer announced a 'Czar of Ebola' and military ebola swat teams. Every headline every day. If you track the Zaire Ebola from Germany to Ft. Detrick to Africa you can see the possibilities. Then, overnight... gone. Not a word or a whisper about ebola anywhere. Americans have a very short memory loop. They appeared to be ready to release it here and then pulled it back. I don't know why however I did notice something. The U.S. Threat Assessment Agency had already proven colloidal silver could cure ebola and all the hemmorphagic viruses. This information was showing up on social media. It suggested the possibility the knowledge about colloidal silver might be extremely damaging to the pharmaceutical industry.... maybe they decided on plan b.

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Dingbat, you destroyed your credibility in one sentence.  

Don't forget ding dong, whatever is "spewed in the skies", everybody is exposed to.  See and now your web of lies and paranoia has to expand and get bigger all the time.  The elites are exposed to "chemtrails" too.  Now you have to invent how they have a special vaccine for their protection.  But then you have to explain why the spraying never stops.  Is that because the effects are only good for a day, and that's why they have to spray daily?  

I can't believe that ANYBODY ever mentions chemtrails - EVER.  It is diabolical in its pure paranoia form.  There is no better embodiment of being freakin' crazy than believing in chemtrails.  Congratulations goofball.  The worst part of it, you aren't even embarassed about it.  You will continue to spread that horseshit until your dying day. 

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I tell people to forget the news. If they want to know what's going on they have to think for themselves.  They have to research it on the internet.

They say: "But how do I know which sites to trust."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


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Critical thinking is lacking.  Expecting a single site to be the arbiter of truth is naieve at best.  I keep saying to friends, "go read the f'in emails on wikileaks, then compare to what you are seeing in the MSM."  They are too wrapped up in simple answers that they are not interested in learning the truth.  Queue Jack Nicholson.

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Absolutely, they cannot think, reason, connect the dots. I hear the same thing; 'who will tell me what to do?' and I think you just have to keep it simple. I tell people whatever you see or hear on the MSM is almost always lies/propaganda and assume the opposite of what is being said is probably closer to the truth.

P.S. I really don't think the majority are actually going for the MSM line of BS.

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