Wars and Rumors of Wars Abound

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This article by David Haggith was first published on The Great Recession Blog:

Wars and Rumors of Wars Title Photo - US Navy Jets against background of storm clouds

Wars and rumors of wars are now filling the headlines as listed below with the most immediate top-level rumors of war being created by Russia among its own citizens.






Rumors of wars directly from the Kremlin


As tensions between the US and Russia have reached their highest since the Cold War, Russia denounced American duplicity last week and asked its own citizens whether they are ready for a nuclear attack. The Russian government cautioned people to know where their nearest bomb/fallout shelters are and know where their gas masks are in a drill that involved 40 million Russians. The Russia defense ministry explained to the public how the government would run under military control in the event of war. Russia deployed additional nuclear missiles in response to the US missile shield in Eastern Europe and tested new intercontinental ballistic missiles. Not bad for a week’s news. (ABC News)

Yet, that was just one small part of the many rumors of war in the past week because the US government also issued top-level rumors of war.


Rumors of war directly from the White House


The Obama administration made formal accusations that Russia is engaged in cyber war with the US by interfering directly in US elections as more of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails went public.  Russia slammed unprecedented US threats of retaliation against such cyber attacks, pointing out that the US has never demonstrated any evidence that the hacking came from Russia. Russia vowed to respond to what it said are false accusations but did not say what kind of response it meant.

After US Vice President Joe Biden’s formal complaint against Russia, NBC reported that the CIA is planning a retaliatory cyber attack. Sources said the CIA has already begun selecting targets that will harass and embarrass the Russian government. The US has made such plans and then backed away in the past because such a move could launch an all-out cyber war in which Russia could be expected to retaliate with even worse measures, such as a shut down of the US electrical grid, rather than just exposure of embarrassing emails.


The Kremlin’s spokesman replied, “The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of the US vice president. To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect (our) interests.” Russia’s foreign minister said the claims were “flattering” but baseless. (Yahoo News)


Russian rumors of permanent military presence in Middle East


On Friday, the Kremlin announced that Putin just ratified an agreement with Syria that allows Russia to use one of its air bases indefinitely, creating a more permanent Russian presence in the Middle East. Russia also announced last week plans to build a permanent naval base in the Syrian port town of Tartus. (The Jerusalem Post)

As mentioned in my previous article, Russia also announced during the prior week that it would start shooting down any unidentified jets flying over Syria. These would most likely be US stealth bombers. In response, the UK ordered Royal Air Force pilots to shoot down any Russian jets flying over Syria and Iraq if they feel endangered by them — pilot’s discretion. “We now have a situation where a single pilot, irrespective of nationality, can have a strategic impact on future events.” (Zero Hedge)


Other rumors of wars from the US


My article last week also reported that Russia had terminated cooperation with the US on one of its key nuclear disarmament agreements with the US on the basis that the US was not following through with anything it had promised. This after the Obama Admin. said it would (on Friday) be considering direct air attacks against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria — the first direct moves being considered by the US to overthrow Assad’s regime. Previous moves were against ISIS in Syria. (Reuters)

Turkey’s deputy prime minister said, “If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, America and Russia will come to a point of war,” adding that the world was “on the brink of the beginning of a large regional or global war.” (RT)


US proxy war with Iran in Yemen



Rumors of wars grow common as US ships increasingly deploy in such places as the Arabian Sea and Red Sea.

Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (left) and the guided-missile cruiser USS Vicksburg (right) being replenished and resupplied by the fast combat logistics ship USNS Supply in the Arabian Sea.



These wars are now more than just rumors from the top, though it is quite something to be living through a time when there are so many rumors of war that do come directly from the top. We are seeing an expansion of real, hot wars.

Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen fired repeatedly on American ships last week, and Americans returned fire with cruise missiles against the radar towers that targeted them. No US ships were hit, but the attacks and reprisal launched a real two-sided hot war in Yemen that quickly became more than just a US strike against Yemeni terrorists.

Iran deployed war ships in Yemen in response, flexing its own muscles against the US. Iran’s moves were seen as being essentially Iranian harassment of the US over control of the Red Sea. Fox News went a step further in calling the war in Yemen a proxy war between the US and Iran since the stations the US struck are backed by Iranian support.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said President Barack Obama authorized the strikes at the recommendation of Defense Secretary Ash Carter and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford.

As an indication that the fight is about more than terror operations in Yemen, but also over control of access to the Red Sea, a Chinese war ship and Russian intelligence ship were also seen in the same region last week. (Fox News)


Rumors of war in the south pacific tear apart old alliances and forge new ones


Relations in the South Pacific are also going sour for the Obama Administration as the new president of long-time US ally, the Philippines, began boisterously deriding Obama as loudly as if he were Donald Trump. Rodrigo Duterte told Barrack Obama, “You can go to hell” while he also lashed out agains the EU, saying that purgatory would be a better place to be.


Duterte said he was realigning his foreign policy because the United States had failed the Philippines and added that at some point, “I will break up with America.” Duterte further suggested he would realign with Russia.  (Zero Hedge)


Duterte has also begun realigning with long-time rival China:


China confirmed on Wednesday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will visit China next week, as the Southeast Asian leader’s relationship with its traditional ally the United States frays.


Under Duterte, Manila’s relations with Washington have come under strain and the recently elected president has opted to put aside years of hostility with China, especially over the disputed South China Sea, to form a new partnership. (Reuters)


This, at a time when President Obama has been ordering US military ships to maintain a strong presence in the South China Sea, ostensibly in support of Philippine rights to operate in that same area and in support of open international waters. China has been engaging those ships with warnings by fly overs and by bringing other ships close alongside US ships, and now the Philippines turn to China, instead of to the US because of US criticism of Duterte’s war on drugs.


Pentagon video gives apocalyptic view of new world order


In the face of such increase of so many real wars and rumors of wars that may begin, is it any wonder the pentagon created the following apocalyptic video about our economic and militant future:



The Pentagon makes the following statements in the video about a rapidly changing world order that is decaying into social chaos and is increasingly vulnerable to anarchist and terrorist attacks in highly populated areas.


The urban environment will be the locus where drivers of instability will converge…. By the year 2030 … resources become constrained and illicit networks fill the gaps left by overextended and undercapitalized government…. Growth will magnify the increasing separation between rich and poor. Religious and ethnic tensions will be a defining element of the social landscape. Stagnation will coexist with unprecedented development as impoverishment, slums and shanty towns rapidly expand alongside modern high-rises, technological advances and ever-increasing levels of prosperity.


This is the world of our future. It is one we [the military] are not prepared to operate effectively within, and it is unavoidable…. It is an ecosystem that demands a highly agile and adaptive force to successfully operate within….


Living habitats will extend from the high-rise … to subterranean labyrinths, each defined by its own social code and rule of law. Social structures will be equally challenged if not dysfunctional as historic ways of life clash with modern living, ethnic and racial differences are forced to live together, and criminal networks offer opportunity for the growing mass of unemployed. This becomes the nervous system of non-nation-state unaligned individuals and organizations that live and work in the shadows of national rule….


Digital security and trade will be increasingly threatened by sophisticated illicit economies and centralized syndicates of crime to give adversaries global reach at an unprecedented level. This will add to the complexities of human targeting…. Alternate forms of governance have taken control….


Urban conflict is written deep into the army’s histories, but in tomorrow’s conflicts these megacities are orders of magnitude greater in complexity…. Our soldiers will have to operate within these ecosystems with minimal disruption in flow. Our current and past strategies can no longer hold…. The future army will encounter a highly sophisticated urban-centric threat…. The threat is clear. Our direction remains to be defined.


This is the future that the US government and European governments envision and are, for some reason, knowingly creating with their push for more rapid immigration from regions unfriendly to the US. On the one hand the Pentagon knowing warns that immigration is rapidly creating serious social pressures and even disorder. On the other hand, the White House continually announces thatPresident Obama is making executive orders that will expand immigration. So, immigration is both known by the government to be creating social pressures that are a huge military risk and is intentional policy at the same time!


Pentagon’s apocalyptic vision of urban dystopias is already happening


Do you think the dystopian future presented in the video seems imaginary? Well, it appears Paris is the first first-world city to openly exhibit this Pentagon-prophesied future precisely because ethnic and racial differences have been “forced to live together” by the EU’s immigration laws — just as the Pentagon video describes. When you watch the following linked video, bear in mind that fifteen years ago Paris boasted that it washed the streets twice a day to keep itself looking as pretty and inviting to its French citizens and its touring guests as possible:


The streets of Paris today (2016)


The city you visited or once hoped to visit no longer resembles the city you imagine in your mind. It is the city of the past that is imaginary, not the dystopian vision of cities that was described above by the US army. The City of Paris you envision in your mind ended when Paris became the capital of immigration from Syria and Africa, made dysfunctional by multiple acts of terror leading to governance by marshal law in a city filled with social tensions from forced immigration. The French are becoming a minority in their own capital:


If it weren’t for the somewhat working infrastructure, the scene might as well have been the setting of movie shooting – or a slum in Mogadishu. The streets are littered in garbage, the sidewalks are blocked with trash, junk and mattresses, thousands of African men claim the streets as their own – they sleep and live in tents like homeless people. If no portable toilets are in reach, open urination and defecation are commonplace. Tens of thousands of homeless Illegal immigrants, undocumented or waiting for a decision of their asylum application, waste away trying to pass the time in the city…. They’re hoping for a decision that would grant them an apartment, welfare and make France their new home. The conditions are absolutely devastating. The police have given up trying to control these areas, the remaining French people avoid the areas at all cost, crime and rape is rampant, just recently mass brawls and riots made the news as fights broke out near the Stalingrad metro station. (Facebook/Generation Europa)


The future described by the Pentagon is now, and it is not relegated to some decrepit third-world city like Mogadishu. It’s in modern France’s showcase capital — La Ville-Lumière, the City of Light — where it appears they are no longer leaving the light on for us. Too bad if you didn’t visit Paris last year or sometime before that when the now imaginary city you remembered existed. This is the real Paris, the new Paris under marshal law.

And this is an image of the years of Epocalypse that I have been saying lie ahead — a time of socio-economic breakdown that is spreading unstoppably around the world — apparently, by design because the Pentagon knows it is coming, knows it is bad, and, yet, the White House keeps pushing to create it. Europe has seen that is is not just coming, but is here, and it still keeps pushing it. So, this is an intended future that is now.


US military photo to go with "wars and rumors of wars"


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I cannot envision a future in which I'd beg to be "kept safe" by some cunt in an Army' uniform.

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Obozo the Crazy War Clown.

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In a war between US millenials and Russian millenials, who would you bet on as willing to fight on the longest?

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"No US ships were hit, but the attacks and reprisal launched a real two-sided hot war in Yemen that quickly became more than just a US strike against Yemeni terrorists."

I stopped reading after this line!

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Well: Here should be a prediction by the Pentagon for the Pentagon: By 2030, there is no Pentagon.

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All the more reason to start listening to this guy ..


Why doesn't someone just dispatch him to have ..

A couple of shots of Tovaritch with his buddy?

That would be Putin ..

Better than WW3!

He did prevent the last outing ..

That would be with -- Gorbachev ..






Got any ideas disputing any of this?


Go ahead, make my day ..



Kina's picture

All these fancy bits of military hardware, make good pictures but are worthless when the real war starts.

All the navy and airforce of the USA will not be able to stop it and the rest of us being reduced to ashes if it stars a Russia war.

The guys at the Pentagon masturbating over their little toys here and there, when in the end only one toy matters.

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All this war talk could be one big PSYOP engineered by AI AL.

Who would benefit?


The anti-Brexit crowd?

Banksters Inc,?


Live Hard, If I Were To Plan A Nuclear War I Don't Think I'd Hype It First, But Then Again, Nukes Are For Knuckleheads, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

GreatUncle's picture

They hype it so that when say a Russian fighter gets shot down they will hesitate and then not use the nuclear option.

Change it, give the abilitiy to launch on the ground in Syria so then you pull in the emotion, is no hesitancy then you launch in rage at losing comrades.

That just effectively neutralised the US psyops.

Now for all you lot out their, if you are running a wordpress blocg I would put it on a seperate server if I were you. Since cyberwar started system got whacked, so split it now, the blog goes on its own server figuring IF THE CIA WANTED TO PULL ALL ALT RIGHT WORDPRESS BLOGS LIKE I GOT THEN THAT WOULD GIVE YOU AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO TAKE IT DOWN.

No more wordpress here .... wordpress.XXX easy to spot on the url then slaughter that point.

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Russian naval organisation now scrapping their version of plan z and engaging in a crash programme of diesel sub and missile corvette production.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Another possibility is a sort of limited general war for a short period.

The controllers are having difficulty imposing monopoly pricing of energy.

It's not above London to divorce itself from England's interests.

A Guerre de course war involving the destruction of North Sea platforms would remove the massive legacy costs of this now historic development.

Outside jurisdictions could then easily impose monopoly pricing in Europe via either American LNG imports or Russian land based supply.

Perhaps there is a hidden deal to divide Europe as some sort of larger 1939 like Poland. 


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2016 Presidential Outcome Poll: Clinton, Giant Meteor, Giant Solar Kill Shot?

Poll open now, check it out.

After you vote results are shown immediately



The CIA Hollywood Producers want to instill a fear of dystopia in the population so that their jobs in the future are assured, but the CIA is wrong , and they have no future in the future, I assure you. Once thermonuclear hot war manifests there will be nuclear winter, and not even the CIA can endure that and come out alive afterwards. The CIA is full of shit about a hypothesized future even if one actually did exist for them when in fact it does not. Re-read the article and ask yourself if the perspective of the future comes from a bureaucrat in the CIA that wants the article to conform to policy that the CIA bureaucracy wants to disseminate in the population for propagandistic purposes. Nuclear winter provides no future whatsoever for any societies at all. Roaches will have a future, and possibly rats, but pretty much everything else is going to become extinct. What is manifesting in terms of world war preparations should be indicator enough that thermonuclear fallout and nuclear winter is most probable give that every economy in the world is presently dead without enough of a profit generator to keep the derivatives universe inflated. When Deutsche goes so too does civilization and life itself via thermonuclear hot war & nuclear winter.



THE DORK OF CORK's picture

The nuclear winter hypothesis was a political movement of the 80s engaged by scientists cooncerned by the possibility of Nuclear war.

The neoconservative s were correct in stating this was unscientific. 

In short it was part of the political movement to end the cold war.

With the stated drop in nuclear yield and numbers it now looks even less possible.

So nuclear weapons today will end our civilisation but not their control over the remains.

That isall that matters to true capitalists

Concentration of power. 


Knave Dave's picture

Ah, but the CIA probably is in the same denial with respect to things going nuclear that Hillary was in with respect to the Russians not responding in Syria. Oops. Turns out they did!


You know more about this stuff than I do so I'll take your word for it on CIA denial. Moreover, if the CIA were not in denial they would not be so nutty, methinks, so you must be right.

Setarcos's picture

Nuclear Winter?

I was born in 1943 in war-torn England, which I somewhat remember because I recall events back to when I was about two years old, such as visitting Canterbury and seeing the Cathedral across bombed buildings - which also exposed Roman, Saxon and Norman foundations, whilst the Cathedral memorialized and implicitly glorified centuries of war - though I didn't come to that realization for many years.

Anyhow the point is that, looking back, any number of local apocalypses (for the locals) have happened on a more or less unbroken path to the present when global nuclear apocalypse ... gives a whole new twist to, "Act local.Think global."

In any case I lived through the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and worked in Civil Defence (via being in a fire brigade), so I learned a lot about the effects of nuclear weapons which, for greatest effect and least long-term damage, are delivered as air-bursts (as with Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and do not leave much fall-out, dust, smoke and general contamination.

Lately I have got to thinking that if the US goes directly to war with Russia (Iran and China) a subsequent Nuclear Winter probably would not ensue to any great extent, considering that targets are relatively small - even very large cities occupy only a fraction of the land masse.  (I'm leaving aside nuclear power station melt downs.)

I've quite surprized myself by coming to conclude that, though billions would die, quite large numbers would survive, especially in the Southern Hemisphere were I've lived for 45 years.

Just musing.


Twee Surgeon's picture

I like your Musing very much, I'm old enough to have played in the ruins of buildings that "Got bombed in the war " Very much the tail end of that crowd though.

My dear old Mum lost her teeth by the age of 18 due to Malnutrition caused by rationing and poverty and (Radium Treatments for Malnutrition, Completely free.)

Another great experiment of the British government. Dear old Dad was spotting the skies for Luftwaffe aircraft on industrial rooftops when he was 15 years old.

They starved and were bombed and had such a brutal early life. My Auntie was a Nurse during the Blitz in London, I was walking down the street with her long ago when a Volkswagen Beetle with a broken muffler passed by, She Hit the Deck ! I think she was in her 60's, I did not know what to think, she stood up and dusted herself off, and then she apologized to me "I'm sorry Twee Surgeon" (not my real name) she said, "I thought it was a Doodlebug!" She was a bit weepy.

I asked her what a Doodlebug is and I know now that it was one of Hitlers V1 ramjet, semi-guided by fuel and direction only,terror weapons that made a very weird noise (like Hillary Clinton.)

My point is, the USA has not been hit by anything serious since 1942 when the Japanese or Aliens dropped a few shells on Los Angeles, and there is no social cohesiveness in the United States, (where I have resided for 40 years or more.) You and I both know that a Social agreement existed during WWII.

Be strong and carry on, that is what people did, if the house got bombed, the workers still went to work in the morning for the War effort and the not workers looked through the rubble for the corpses and the half dozen eggs. Our generations grew up with these stories and these parents.

If the USA gets hit with 5 Stukas over Hollywood, it would to turn into Pants Pissing Riots ! The Mexicans will be off to Guadalajara, lickety split, the Black folk will blame whitey, the entire picture will make the French Revolution look like a College Boy panty raid.

The USA is the most Fragile place on Earth now, FRAGILE. A few bombs and it is all gone, everything is Crooked here, there is no Government, just Tit hangers, no Law, just Cops in League with local judges grabbing milk from Fleas, even the FBI diluted, nothing from within but a few comments.

You and I Sir, and many others, are aware of these things, but in Juvenile America, the fun just begins. But people Do survive and they will.

Then Sir, it shall be a grand market in boiled rope, too late for us though, but always....Hope.



Great post, but you are failing to factor in Mutually Assured Destruction-MAD. And China & the Russian Federation will literally slaughter America if the USA Military steps out of line even an inch. Moreover, you are likely kinsmen given that my ancestry is from England so cheers, but this is not going to play out like the Second World War did with America in victory to call all the shots on war reparations in world courts. America is about to get completely slaughtered if they opt for thermonuclear hot war instead of a new cold war. The cold war will kill them too, but they would last longer before Deutsche Bank implodes, and the fallout ends up imploding Wall Street. We are pretty much at the end of civilization as we have known it I'm pretty sure. You are lucky to be where you are, methinks, Setarcos. And keep posting because you have a lifetime of experince that younger folks can benefit from and you are a good communicator/writer I've noticed. cheers, eh.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It is not going to be the End of Civiliztion as we have known it, only the End of Civilization as 'YOU' have known it.

People in America (The USA.) Weirdly think themselves somehow INSULATED from tens of thousands of years of world history.

That is not the case, there is no insulation, half the people on the planet would gladly knife you, right now, and you would never know why.

Russian Submarines are sitting off the coast, for the last 50 years, tired of bullshit, small but tough, ready to fight, they have a lot of supporters,

Sane though, for now, not one Mad Captain ever pushed the big red button.

Civilization, as you know it, is your secret girlfriend, eventually secret girlfriends always call the wife.

Emergency Ward's picture

Obozo the nuclear war clown:  "Make no mistake.  I'm in it for the laughs."

GreatUncle's picture

Oh just love it ... first thing that comes to mind is Obama as a clown pressing the nuclear trigger :-)

You can even see the spoilt brat Clinton trying to outdo Obama to press it "my turn", "no its my turn","fuck off n£%%^" it's mine and even that statement would not be unusual for the racial bigot she is. Actually she is a wealth bigot, happens to elites who steal everything calling it theirs.

JailBanksters's picture

With Cyber Attackes ...

Thing is, different US Spy agencies are saying different things, like the CIA saying I don't think ....

Which basically says there is no physical proof, if there was, it would Black and White and everybody would either agree or disagree.

it's just a personal interpretation of the event.

And it is exactly like Iraq, go to war all based on a "I think"


Knave Dave's picture

Indeed. The US is blaming Russia and saying that the US will launch its own counter-attack (saying it at the Vice Presidential level no less) without presenting any proof that Russia is hacking the DNC's emails. Sounds exactly like the phoney baloney that used as an argument for going to war with Iraq.


Exactly, the article reads like a CENTCOM memorandum.


Love your writing style, Knave Dave. cheers, eh.

Bob's picture

I especially like your thinking style, Dave.  I was so hooked by your series on Trump that I was hanging on the publication of the final piece.

Unfortunately, I had an extremely busy week and missed it on the top of the page when you finally put it out. 

I was so disappointed that I searched past posts, web and finally tracked down your site . . . only to find it had been at ZH after all.  I had been wondering how you were getting away with such radical stuff, so I was surmising that it had been excluded from ZH by popular demand. 

Not so, though.  Man, it takes a real deft touch to pull that off!  

And you got the right stuff, KD.  Thanks.

mary mary's picture

God wills it.

God must love war, since all his Jewish, Christian, and Islamic countries devote all their time to war.

koan's picture

Or maybe you just have a fucked up outlook.

piceridu's picture

God owns: United Technologies, L-3 Communications, Finmeccanica, EADS, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, BAE Systems,  Boeing 

Knave Dave's picture

Why do you think God wills all this junk? Seems to me, people are willing it -- leaders who are nuts and who don't look anything to me like someone that I'd think God would want as a leader. I haven't heard God saying anything in support of it or in support of the people who are doing it. God clearly is allowing it to happen, but that's because God allows people to be people and to do what they want even when God hates it.

The US is a Christian country? I suspect lot of Christians would beg to differ.

GreatUncle's picture

What you have got is those hotspots of failed US regime change around the world spreading subliminally greater disfunctionality of societies and alot of inbred anger and hatred.

50 years ago in the UK nobody carried a knife to attack or defend and now it is common and that came from those who came here even before the failed states were created. The indigenous population then has to adopt these new methods or be slaughtered.

At the same time as that the funding for police falls, brother-in-law is one but sometimes he finds himself THE ONLY ONE ON DUTY covering thousands. There will not be a response as the funding falls so once the outbreak starts will be no going back.

On the first it is an escalation factor and on the latter 2 it is how it will look after the bloodbath will emerge.

Now if UK soldiers wish to war in foreign lands for elites, just know all that you care will be going up in flames here.

Popcorn here no interest one way or the other it is for those with everything to lose to fight for a change but are they good enough? I don't think so.


mary mary's picture

I should have added a   /sarc tag.

It's a quote from the movie "Kingdom of Heaven".  It's what the Knights Templar lord said when he was starting a war, and what one of his Islamic opponents said when going to that war.

Twee Surgeon's picture

God said a long time ago that he will no longer be talking to people on Earth because he is something like, 'Quite pissed off.'

He did say that in the end times, he was going to let a bunch of Children rule over us and here we have it, a clown show.

I'm paraphrasing most certainly here and not doing Bible quotes, if you really want to know what God Sez', You might want to do a bit of independent research.

If you ever see a Prophet on the Tee Vee, he is full of shit, God is not Saying Anything, he has already said it, all you have to do is balls up and go and look for it. Best approach is to ask him to guide you, ask him in private, not at some whack-job pseudo church, Just ask him for some info.

God, has actually Promised that he will give information, for free, to ANYONE that Sincerely asks.

He is not going to send you anything in the mail, no Preacher is going to be authentic, God has made actual promises, but you have to talk to him .

(No special equipment required.)  Ask him ! He will put something in your head, IF you are not a too clever intellectual snob and can shut the fuck up and listen for a minute. St Paul wrote most of the new Testament, he was kind of a Gangster until Jesus had a word with him.

There is a lot going on, open your mind and ask privately of your creator, he promises blessings for those who will Ask of him and hear, So Brothers, some snobby, Ask him, quietly.

Seb's picture

You are contradicting yourself. I know, normal state for believers. Just had to point it out.

big-data's picture
A Synthesis of the World's Most Dangerous Systemic Risks.  An executive summary of the world's clear and present dangers that describes the inter-relationships of the systemic risks we face today. It answers the questions: What are the most dangerous real?--?not merely theoretically possible?--?threats we face right now that can blindside us? Cutting through the hype and clutter, what truly matters?