Undercover Footage Shows Clinton Operatives Admit To Inciting "Anarchy" At Trump Rallies

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Update: It appears James O'Keefe's findings have upset the establishment...


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As we detailed earlier:

In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign.


The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called "bird-dogging."


A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed.


A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker." 

Submitted by Joseph Jankowski via PlanetFreeWill.com,

An undercover video produced by James O’Keeffe’s Project Veritas shows Hillary Clinton campaign operatives admitting to starting the violence that occurred back in March during a Trump rally in Chicago which lead to the event being completely shut down over security concerns.

Project Veritas was able to infiltrate the private political consulting company Democracy Partners and its contractor the Foval Group which have ties to the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

According to Foval Group founder Scott Foval, “The campaign (Hillary Clinton campaign) pays the DNC, DNC pays Democracy partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval group, Foval Group goes and executes the shit on the ground.”

What Scott Foval means by “shit on the ground” is the agitation that starts disruptions and places bad press on whichever Trump or Pence event they decided to hit.

An operative by the name of Aaron Minter, who goes by the alias Aaron Black, told project Project Veritas that the disruption in Chicago during Trump’s rally in March was an operation of Democracy Partners.

“So the Chicago Protest when they shut all that, that was us. It was more him (Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners) than me,” said Aaron Minter, “but none of this was suppose to come back to us, because we want it coming from people, we don’t want it to come from the party.”

It is not totally clear why Minter, a full-time employee of Democracy Partners uses an alias, but one can assume that it is to shield his true identity from being tied into the violence he helps stir.

According to Project Veritas, Minter’s job is to direct the “spontaneous” protests at Trump and Pence rallies.

“So if we do a protest and if its branded a DNC protest, right away the press is going to say partisan,” Minter went on. “But if I’m in there coordinating with all the groups on the ground and sort of playing field general but they are the ones talking to the cameras, then its actually people. But if we send out press advisories with DNC on them and Clinton campaign doesn’t have that same effect.”

Zulema Rodriguez, who works in the office of the Foval Group, appears on the video to also claim credit for the violent protest that prevented the Chicago Trump rally from taking place.

“So B and I did the Chicago Trump Event where we shut it down like all the yeah..” Zulema said before being interrupted.

Project Veritas’ video makes it clear that the disruption coordinated by Democracy Partners and the Foval Group is indeed that, coordinated and planned out disruption.

“We have to be careful because what we don’t need is for it to show up on CNN that the DNC paid ‘X’ people to..that’s not going to happen,” Scott Foval was caught saying on undercover video.

According to the founder of Democracy Partners Bob Creamer, his group has “a call with the campaign every day to go over the focuses that need to be undertaken.”

Zulema Rodriguez also admitted to having daily calls with the Clinton Campaign.

*  *  *

This was not the first time (as Breitbart exposes).

Wikileaks reveals that at least one “bird-dogging” operation was approved directly by Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. In an email dated July 4, 2015, Mook approved a plan “to bird dog” Donald Trump, meaning specifically to infiltrate volunteers into his campaign events and ask him questions about immigration.


Mook e-mail (Wikileaks)


Trump supporters have frequently been the victims of real, as opposed to staged, violence.

While the mainstream media has tried to paint Trump supporters as violent and over the top, it turns out that it was actually the other side of the aisle who was being just that.

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nonclaim's picture

The Clinton Foundation keeps posting "12h a week online" ads on ZH. They have no shame... Anyway, only brainless idiots need apply; social sciences and arts majors is a plus.

duo's picture

FEC records show that Zulema Rodriguez, chief instigator, was paid $1600 by the Clinton campaign to organize and start the Chicago violence.  Smoke, fire, and paper trail.

Bank_sters's picture

Jesus H. Christ.  


The clinton campaign credo:  Plausible deniability.   

NoPension's picture

What gives you that idea?

Snark off.

The motherfuckers in that video should not have another peaceful night on this planet.

Don't brag about your exploits. And don't hold your breath waiting fo "justice". That ship has sailed. Our government is one, big, corrupt shitshow.

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42 USCS § 1985 provides that an action for damages where two or more persons have conspired to:

  • deprive any person or class of persons of the equal protection of the laws, or of equal privileges and immunities under the laws;
  • prevent or hinder the constituted authorities of any state or territory from giving or securing to all persons within such state or territory the equal protection of the laws; or
  • prevent by force, intimidation, or threat any citizen who is lawfully entitled to vote from giving his or her support or advocacy in a legal manner toward or in favor of the election of any lawfully qualified person as an elector for President or Vice President, or as a member of Congress, or to injure any citizen in person or property on account of such support or advocacy.

In any case of conspiracy as set forth above, if one or more persons engaged therein do, or cause to be done, any act in furtherance of the object of such conspiracy, whereby another is injured in his or her person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right or privilege of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

NoPension's picture

Uh, one question....... what court do you plan on using for this peice of legal justice?

Kidbuck's picture

What court did Gary Cooper use in High Noon?

Freddie's picture

Most white American males cheer on these NBA, NCAA and NFL Trayvon thugs and rapists.  They support them 100% with their fandom.  Whites in America are stupid.  Thank God the Russians are not stupid fools like these American white male sheep.

Krungle's picture

Wait, so there are no white players in the NBA or NFL? And none of those white players are thugs and rapists? Indeed, thank God the Russians don't have the advanced logic of Americans....

Billy the Poet's picture

No reasonable prosecutor blah, blah, blah.

Crash Overide's picture

So, this was video #1, it gets way worse than what we have just seen...

Truth above all else.

Billy the Poet's picture

We live in a country where you can cut up babies and sell their body parts for quick cash. What more needs to be said?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) El Vaquero Oct 17, 2016 7:15 PM

One signature of color revolutions are always flags, new flags.

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FUCK YES. You called it man, and you were VERY descriptive. For the record I beleived you at face value.

Unfortunately most of America will still vote for this cunt no matter what.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Unfortunately most of America will still vote for this cunt no matter what."

is that really true?

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Check this out - guy puts a bait car with Trump stickers in the hood and sets up a camera. Hilarity ensues. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/10/17/_youtuber_test_car_with_trump_stickers_looted_destroyed_by_black_youth.html


Kidbuck's picture

The possibilites are endless. Start putting Trump stickers and signs on random parked cars. Preferably over Hillary stickers.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

It is indeed dangerous. But is also was with Bernie stickers. Try Bermie stickers in Wyoming.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

I'm fucking doing that right now!
I'm not for Trump but these people are downright bad guys straight outta 'Atlas Shrugged '!!

Crash Overide's picture

What is it with ghetto trash and never having a belt to hold your pants up?


Tiwin's picture

Speaking of black and yellow, and false flag violence at rallies, check out the pictures here


...And  know that this police tactic is used in this country as well at most all protests, Seattle wto comes to mind, and more recently BLM.

The police and media would always have you think its about broken windows rather than what ever the issue at hand is.

thamnosma's picture

Orwell nailed it via Emmanuel Goldstein's treatise on "Oligarchical Collectivism", which pretty much embraces crony capitialism for the top and marxism for everyone else

KickIce's picture

The only thing Orwell missed was 1971.

Freddie's picture

Stupid white American males support ALL of this and BLM with their NCAA, NFL, NBA fanboidom.    Whote American males especially dumb souther white males love their Trayvon thug rapist ball players.  Dumb white sheep.

Krungle's picture

What is a whote souther? Dumb white sheep indeed....maybe you ought to worry about white dysgenic breeding instead.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Seems to be going that way more and more these days. Who'd a thunk it?

ZHers, that's who.

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As a journeyman tinfoil hat model, I'm pleased to say I am validated / apologized to much more these days than I am called looney.



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“So the Chicago Protest when they shut all that, that was us. It was more him (Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners) than me,” said Aaron Minter, “but none of this was suppose to come back to us, because we want it coming from people, we don’t want it to come from the party.”

As FBI chief Comey, Low-Renta Lynch at the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission swing into high gear searching for "no intent".

RiverRoad's picture

Bob Creamer.  What a name.  Like something right out of Dickens.

nmewn's picture

Creamer is a thief, an embezeller and A CONVICT, married to "pro-gressive" Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illionois...lol...shocking right?...lmao!!!

RiverRoad's picture

A cluster fuck of bottom feeders.

nmewn's picture

And his ole lady "the dear, pro-gressive, community organizing, congresswoman from Illinois Jan Schakowsky" sat on the board of the now bankrupt, defunct, whatthefuckever...Illinois Public Action Committee...lol.

ShitKawgo, say Hillary Crony's from ShitKawgo ain't she? ;-)

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"Bob Creamer"

sound kind of kinky

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Canadian Dirtlump Oct 17, 2016 7:16 PM

me too

One of We's picture

Conspiracy fact to be more specific....no tinfoil required.....

con•spir•a•cy (k?n-spîr??-s?)
  • n. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
  • n. A group of conspirators.
  • n. Law An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
VD's picture

how are these Democrats NOT in prison? this is worse than Watergate level crimes, and far more of them. Hitlery should be rotting in a cell many times over if we have scintilla of justice. (Disclaimer: I am neither dem nor repub.)

mccvilb's picture

This is some pretty heavy shit. After watching the hearings and Jason Chaffettz and Trey Gowdy in action grilling Hillary and Comey et al these guys won't hesitate to round  this crew up and lock them up forever. I'm really impressed with Gowdy. Where has this fellow been hiding? So Carolina? My opinion of the Republican Party has done a complete 180 in the last two weeks... with the exception of the asshats like Ryan of course. 

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

If one person jay walks, that is a misdemeanor.

If two individuals happen to jay walk together, that comprises two separate misdemeanors.

If those two individuals plan to jay walk together, that is conspiring to commit a crime, which is a felony.

How are not half of these tyrannical bastards in the DNC NOT in jail for felonious criminal activity?

This is all planned, conspired, enacted.

SilverSphinx's picture

Conspiring to jay walk?


Next up: Conspiracy to fart together in a movie theatre!


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Interview by Paul Joseph Watson of Chef who worked for the Clinton's, maintains that Hillary OFTEN used the 'N' word in reference to Black Folks who worked as servers for them at events!
Here's the youtube link to the video interview; PASS OT ON! THIS WILL DESTROY HILLARY'S CAMPAIGN IF ENOUGH PEOPLE SEE IT!

Budnacho's picture

Maybe Trump supporters should show up at some of the DNC meetings....you know, to "educate".....

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Kinda tough when they don't have any. lol

Ive been waiting for one of those sign stealers to come down my road so I would have a good excuse to launch a few boat tails and let em hear a bumble bee wizz about 8 feet from their coconut. Or get to chase him down backroads in my truck. Not one taker. I even keep moving the sign baits closer to the bar ditch, hoping.

Dang, I miss all the fun. Kinda takes the fun out of it when you live in a state where Trump is winning every single county.

RiverRoad's picture

Don't know where you are but it's the same here in CT.  Those ol' Dem sign stealers of yesteryears' elections have disappeared this year.  Now I see more and more red folks tiptoeing out with their Trump signs.     A SIGN OF THE TIMES?

Billy the Poet's picture

Saw a dozen or more Trump signs on a drive through the country today. Not one Hillary, of course.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

In Santa Fe, there are very few election signs. Used to be some Bernie though

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Oh cawdidly, where is that?